Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Left Is Falling Apart

There's an article you should all check out: Resistance Report: As Trump Wins Praise, Activists Try Not To Get Discouraged. This thing is mucho fascinating for a number of reasons.

This article is written by a leftist for Yahoo and it's basically an attempt to cheerlead the left to keep them from collapsing in light of everything going wrong for them. The problem is that it's ridiculous. Here are my thoughts.
● My first thought is that this article confirms what I'm seeing: the left has fallen apart. For all their anger and marches and vague ideas of what they wanted at first, reality has sunk in they aren't realizing they won't get the instant gratification they wanted. So they're quitting. Compare this with the Tea Party people who were busy organizing and plotting at this point as the establishment mocked them and wrote them off.

● The article says this:
“They have the House. They have the Senate. The [sic] have state legislatures. They have the governorships. They have Fox News. They have Russian hackers. They have the Oval Office,” he said. “Not for long!” someone in the crowd cried out. He continued: “But not for long! Because we have three things that make all those things seem this small. We have the truth. We have the Constitution. And we have the large majority of the American people.”
Wow. First, when the public gives your enemies every lever of power at the state and federal level, that's not insignificant. That means something about you. Secondly, when did Fox News become the only news source? Wouldn't having CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the BBC, all the newspapers, Hollywood, almost all magazines and all colleges outweigh Fox News? Third, the left wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the ass. They don't care about the Constitution either -- in fact, they've been openly trying to violate it. Finally, the idea they have a large majority of the American people is laughable. Any voter gap is less than 1/3 of 1%.

● Later in the article, they look for solace in the idea that the ratings for Trump's speech were lower than Obama's. I can't imagine a more pathetic basis to conclude that the public is with you... "Gee, not as many people watched him as did Obama's first speech! We're winners!"

● Then they looked for solace in two elections. They lost in a Connecticut state Senate race 56-44. But hey, this 12% loss is the best they've done there in a long time. Really? Or how's this, a Democrat in Minnesota lost by only 500 votes in a Republican district in a state house race. I would be embarrassed even to mention these. Two blue states. Following an overkill Republican sweep. Supposedly energized liberals. And they score two loses, one a blowout, and yet these are supposed to shoe growing Democratic strength? Ha!

● Then they crow that leftists annoyed Marco Rubio's landlord and got his month-to-month lease terminated. Gee. That's going to shift the balance... of something. Next they might order pizzas to his house! Take that fascist pig!

● Finally, it's interesting to me that there seems to be no actually purpose here. Try as I might, all I can find as a reason for the Trump Resistance is to resist Trump. There's nothing that specifically bothers them except the man himself. Basically, they didn't like losing and that's all this is about... a tantrum.
Even beyond this, consider the following.
● The Oscars are the heart of the anti-Trump movement: Hollywood. They were political. They were nasty. They were smug. They bragged about being able to bait Trump. Yet, Trump blew them off and acted presidential. Even worse, at the same time, the Oscars came to look like a clusterfudge. They invited a guest to show how "every man" Hollywood really is and he went viral... until it came out he's a convicted rapist. Meryl Streep feuded with a fashion designer. They couldn't get the biggest award of the night right, and they're still pointing fingers over this. Part of the stage even collapsed.

● Then Trump gave his speech. A handful of Democrats showed up in white, covered in pins and ribbons, to show their support for anything they could think of. The problem was the white was hardly universal and it made them look like a tiny minority even within the Democrats. Then when Trump praised the dead navy Seal, a moment Obama agitator Van Jones said "made him President," the Democrats acted rudely... insulting her. They then went out and whined about the widow being a prop. Sour grapes galore. What's more, the speech was inclusive, widely popular (some polls say 70%+) and yet the Democrats are trying to sell it as "out of touch," even as their own people say they liked it. So who's out of touch?

● With nothing else to smear, the left is again going after Melina and Ivanka. Specifically, they are attacking their clothes and style. This is both catty and nasty, and comes across that way. And is that really what political movements are based on.. catty sniping at the First Lady?
Things just aren't going well for the left. I predicted that they would run out of steam by June, but it looks like it's happening a couple months early.


AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I'll take the article tonight. Sorry for not posting before. It's been hectic around here.

BevfromNYC said...

Thanks! I am still working on a few things, but can't seem to get them done. Also am going to post late tomorrow...about a March4Trump rally on Saturday with the details if anyone is interested.

AndrewPrice said...

I look forward to it, Bev! :)

tryanmax said...

I'll get to the linked article in the morning. For now, it seems the Dems have set sights on Jeff Sessions.

Anthony said...

Wave governments aren't doomed by clever or steady opposition, they dig their own graves through policy choices and scandals.

Once the next wave hits, opposition becomes retroactively important. Obama was a fringe, unknown Congressman when he opposed the then popular Iraq War (as did many of the hard left) and his opposition did not register with the public. However, it became a thing which enabled him to ride the next wave years later.

Historically speaking, the next wave views anyone who collaborated with the prior wave with intense suspicion.

Of course, that doesn't meant opposition guarantees future success. A lot of the most fanatical opponents of wave governments burn out long before the government falls and even many of those who survive fail to achieve positions of power under the next government.

Anthony said...

Sessions secretly meeting with Russia is very strange. Trump has openly embraced the Russians, why have so many of his people feel a need for secrecy?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think you will enjoy it. Talk about pathetic.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, today there are a bunch of articles telling people to ignore Trump's speech and to look at how evil he must really be. "Everything he wants to do will fall on those least able to afford it." Oh, so he's a liberal?

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, As a general rule, I would agree with you. But I'm not sure we're in a wave government situation here. I think we may be in a re-allignment government.

The separation of whites (other than the 1% and single professional women) from minorities into separate parties means that (1) the GOP will continue to dominate the states except for California and a couple other coastal states, (2) the GOP should continue to dominate the House for the foreseeable future, and (3) the GOP is likely to maintain a slight lead in the senate. The White House is not secure for either party because it's all about turnout. But I don't see a lot of people changing sides.

In terms of this White House, right now the left is so angry that I think they will cause the right to turn out no matter what. So they may have undercut whatever problems Trump causes himself with voters.

Also, Trump doesn't really represent the GOP, so it's hard for me to see what the effect of his actions will ultimately be.

tryanmax said...

Wow, that article is just...really sad.

AndrewPrice said...

Isn't it? And the fact that this is what passes for activism on the left, makes it hilarious to me. What a bunch of losers!

BevfromNYC said...

It's not so much sad as childish. These kids need a better hobby. But then it appearss they are passing through the denial and anger phases, and are moving onto the bargaining. Let's hope that the depression phase goes quickly, so that hopefully, they will reach acceptance before 2020. Because if they don't, they may actually nominate Clinton again without really understanding why she lost in the first place...

tryanmax said...

Sessions recused himself from the Russia inquiry. Guilty as charged! Win or lose, Democrats get their way.

ArgentGale said...

Ha, it seems like the Negaduck pic from the last article would be more appropriate on this one... Good summary of the article and what they're telling us without even meaning to. It also struck me as odd that they'd take pride in the protest being more organized with printed signs rather than handmade as well... That's always been considered a sign of astroturf instead of a truly organic movement. Either way, the left had something like this coming for a long time... Glad it finally caught up to them.

- Daniel

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