Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reality Sucks... Liberal Style

With Kathy Griffin trying to explain her crapulence by obliviously doubling down on it, the weekend apparently became open season for liberals whining that reality sucks. Enjoy!

● Crime and Punishment 1: Interesting article this weekend about the 230 rioters ("Black Bloc Anarchists") who were arrested in DC for "protesting Trump" during his inauguration. This is a group who thought they could burn cars, shatter windows and engage in a running fight with cops and pro-Trump protesters. Apparently, these moronic "anarchists" (read: socialists) thought this was acceptable, and that all they would get would be a slap on the wrist if caught. But now they are facing up to 80 years in prison for felony rioting and other charges... and the government is serious about sentencing them too. Whined one:
"I am wondering if my 24th birthday next week will be my last as a free person. [ed. boo hoo hoo] I've never in my life had such a painful and stressful experience. There are no words to convey the severity of this. ... I'm pretty shocked by the impact it's had on my personal life. It seems that innocent until proven guilty is a falsehood - all the way from the prosecution and police to the people who had previously supported me in my activism. It's hanging over my head the entire time, which makes it really challenging. It hinders your ability to plan your life."
Maybe you shouldn't have set out to "Make Racists Afraid Again"? Maybe you shouldn't have started fires, damaged buildings, attacked people? See, idiots, this was all avoidable if you hadn't chosen to act like Nazis. The funny part is that it never occurred to her that they would get punished. Even funnier, she never expected her friends to abandon her because of her "activism." Reality sucks.

● Crime and Punishment 2: A Bernie Sanders supporter with the world's most stupid name "Reality Winner" was arrested this weekend because she got a job with a contractor who worked for the NSA and she decided to leak classified material to her friends in the media to "Resist Trump." Now she's facing at least 10 years in prison. Of course, having done this and filled her social media with vile hate for America and Americans, her parents are now claiming that she meant no wrong. Naturally, the parents of such a turd are also suggesting a conspiracy... and that is why your kid is going to prison, shitheads. Reality strikes again.

● Colin Kaepernick: The leftist media is really going into a tizzy that no one will sign Colin Kaepernick. The reason is obvious: they don't want to believe that they can actually suffer sanction for their fringe views, and the fact no one wants Kaepernick shows them the truth. They aren't giving in to reality yet though. One idiot wrote this on the weekend:
"Owners may be shying away from signing Colin Kaepernick because they fear a fan backlash, but it’s also worth considering how many fans a team will gain if it signs Kaepernick."
Uh, that would be none. Kaepernick's support in the NFL was about 40 players out of 1,900. The NFL suffered a huge fall in ratings. Articles supporting him are generally shouted down at a 10-1 rate. The owner of the Giants said they get mail from people demanding that he not be signed, even though they've never considered it. What proof do you have that he isn't poison? Oh but wait...
"Kaepernick revealed on social media today that he’s been inundated with fan mail. 'I want to thank the people for the support! My parents sent me these photos yesterday and continue to receive dollies full of mail in support! I couldn’t do this without the people, I love you,' Kaepernick wrote."
See! See! Kaepernick self reported that he gets fan mail, which proves the public really loved him! Wee! What? There's more? Oh, I can't wait.
"That’s not the first piece of data that shows Kaepernick has a big fan base: NFL Shop revealed in September, shortly after Kaepernick began his national anthem protest, that Kaepernick’s jersey was the league’s top-selling piece of merchandise."
Uh, yeah. That was for one weekend and could have been as little as a couple hundred jerseys. Since that time, he doesn't even appear on the list anymore of players worth noting for their sales. So that idea is wishful thinking. But wait, there's more...
"Kaepernick is a polarizing figure, but being polarizing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By definition, a polarizing figure has a lot of people who support him, and in Kaepernick’s case those people will be eager to cheer for his team this season."
Wow. First, that's a tautology. You defined him in a way that caused your conclusion. Secondly, the modern definition of polarizing does not imply that anyone supports him, it now means controversial. Third, Hitler was polarizing. Does that mean he was popular too? Idiot. Accept the truth, dude. Your buddy is fringe of the fringe, and his fringe is unpalatable.

● Gaying Kids 1: I’ve come to realize that Yahoo is essentially staffed with fat women with low self-esteem, who think that if they can just put out enough articles about fat women responding to trolls on instagram or gay couples getting married that their own miserable lives will suddenly have meaning. Staff meetings must be a joy. Anyways, one article Yahoo featured prominently this weekend was about a rotten mother who is taking pictures of her “son” in dresses because it gets her off... uh, to show she brainwashed her kid into thinking gender stereotypes don’t matter. She claims all she wants is tolerance and to not be accused of abusing her son. Of course, she is abusing her son, but that’s a matter for another day. What I found interesting was that Yahoo pimped this story as "important" and tried to sell the idea that this woman's sick view was now widely accepted, yet they made it impossible to comment on the story. Every other article on Yahoo’s page was open to comments, but not this one. Why not? Because despite trying to push sh*t like this as normal, the fat leftist chicks at Yahoo know it is not normal and they don’t want the public bursting their bubbles.

● Gaying Kids 2: Today, there is a bunch of whining over an ad by Benetton which shows three little gay boys with their arms wrapped around each other. At least, I assume they're gay because heterosexual boys don't look or act like these three. Anyways, the caption said, "Sorry ladies, no girls allowed." Which makes even more sense when you get they are gay. Anyways, the League of Whiny Women went insane. "How dare you exclude girls!!" Of course, this was the same league who were outraged that a man tried to see "Wonder Woman" at a women's only showing last week.

● I'm Confused: Finally this. A bad dogma collision. Somebody wrote the N-word on Lebron James's house in Beverly Hills last weekend. Of course, this became all about racism because white people never get insulted. Then Jason Whitlock of FS1 Network stepped in it. He said that racism against rich blacks isn't racism. This makes sense when you look at the hierarchy of leftist hate thought. Racism is always bad, right? Wrong. Racism against conservative blacks is not racism. It is, in fact, deserved. What's more, rich people are evil and need to be killed for their crimes (except Warren Buffett and Obama). So it makes sense that a leftist would conclude that rich-hate trumps hate of racists. Ergo, race crimes against rich blacks don't count.

The left lost their minds... because racism is always bad (except when it isn't) and they would never suggest that hate is acceptable (except when they do).

Even more interestingly, one idiot "journalist" twisted this to say what Whitlock was doing was creating controversy to move his network to the right because vague forces are pushing the sports networks to the hard right. So think about that: to move a network to the right, a racist black journalist made a point that we should hate rich people even if they are black. Does that sound right wing to you? Didn't think so. But that is how leftists twist reality to avoid their shameful views when they are exposed in the light of day.



Koshcat said...

When I lived in Kansas City, I used to enjoy Mr. Whitlock' columns. He seems to have gotten weird.

Benetton is advertising to gays? Big deal. Don't care. Don't shop there anyway because their clothes are too gay.

Anthony said...

There is an ongoing major ISIS attack in Iran on their parliament and the shrine of Khomeini. Didn't see that one coming. Fallout ought to be interesting.


ISIS on Wednesday claimed responsibility for a pair of attacks in Tehran that included suicide bombers and teams of gunmen who stormed Iran's parliament and the nearby shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
Two security guards were killed and 30 other people were injured in the rare twin attacks, with the siege at the legislature still underway.
SITE Intel Group reported that this is the first attack orchestrated by ISIS in the country.
One of the attackers blew himself up inside the parliament building, where a session had been in progress, according to a statement carried by Iran's state TV.  It quoted lawmaker Elias Hazrati as saying the attackers were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles.

tryanmax said...

The left are a bunch of paranoiacs. Not only do they see everything that they don't agree 100% with as "to the right"--including other strains of leftism--they think they're all out to get them.

BevfromNYC said...

Just in case you didn't know, Ontario just passed a law that gives "the goverment the right to take your child away if you do not "accept" their gender identity". LINK

AndrewPrice said...

Black Lies Matter is now calling for a boycott of the NFL over the Kaepernick thing. Good luck.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, I wouldn't shop there either.

Whitlock has gone said a lot of asinine stuff in the past year or so. He's often whining about race and he's very anti-"billionaire owners".

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I wonder if you could use that law against leftists like the dress woman?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, What's funny to me is how often they trip over each other because their ideology isn't internally consistent. It's fun to watch.

BevfromNYC said...

Benetton has been using politicalized advertising since its inception to cause a controversy to "capitalize" off the big sales of the virtue-signaling SJWs. Anyone remember the "United Colors Of Benetton" campaign with...SHOCKING!!!!...models of different races wearing very colorful sweaters?

Works every single time...just like for "Wonder Woman".

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew re: the Ontario gender law - I keep asking (and no one has responded) if the govt could reasonably remove a child from a home where the parents are raising their child as "gender neutral" when the child openly declares that they are a "boy" or a "girl". I have read several stories about a mother so afraid of being called "homophobic" that she makes sure that her son know that it is okay for him to gay, but the son keeps insisting that "sorry, I am not gay, Mom.I like girls.". That's as much emotional abuse as insisting that your child can't be gay.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, As with all abusive laws the left passes, they assume that no rational person would ever object to their views, so there is no danger to them. Then when someone does use it against them, they suddenly discover the virtue of personal freedom and less intrusive government.

Benetton has always played for shock using leftist crap to get attention. That's why I think it's funny that leftists are screaming at them now.

AndrewPrice said...

OMG! LOLLOLOLOLOLOL! You have to read this! The Butt Hurt Brigade has discovered that Hillary once wrote a book in which she talked about her time dealing with prisoners on work detail in the Arkansas Governor's mansion. The reaction to this is... frankly, unbelievable.

"Hillary Clinton accepting modern day slave institutions... is disgusting."

"Hillary had slaves"

"Prison labor is slavery and you're defending Hillary's use of it?"

LOLOLOLOL! Just read the twitter comments. It's astounding in its idiocy.


tryanmax said...

I wonder what those folks who have been boycotting the NFL are going to do now that BLM is boycotting the NFL? I'm sure they don't want to be on the same side as BLM. On the other hand, I bet the NFL is still going to dress the players in pink again this October.

BevfromNYC said...

Wait, so Hillary wrote "It Takes A Village" years ago and NOW the SJWs are getting the panties in a twist over "prison laborers"? It's a feeding frenzy on the left.

BevfromNYC said...

Wait until they get to the Lewinsky years and what that was really about! It'll make Trump's "p**sy grabbing" statement seem so quaint.

tryanmax said...

Bev, shoulda been titled It Takes a Pillage.

tryanmax said...

Bev, Idiots on the right are already jumping on the bandwagon, calling the Clintons' use of what I suspect was actually a work-release program "slave labor." I'm all for when your opponent is hurting himself to let him, but joining in is only going to come back to bite them in the butt.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Agreed. This is so stupid, you just stand back and watch.

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