Thursday, June 22, 2017

Squashing Dissent On The Left

Here's a fascinating look into the mind of a leftist. This is a quote from leftist sports rumorist Mike Florio aimed at another website which is discussing the blackballing (is that racist?) of Colin Kaepernick.

As I've mentioned before, Colin Kaepernick has become an issue for leftist sport journalists who are horrified that Kaepernick could be punished for spewing hate at the police and America and the American public. It drives them NUTS that they can't force the rest of us to accept their fringe of the fringe 10% view. And by this point, their anger has reached an insane fever pitch as they now obsess over him not being employed and any criticism of him. It's like listening to a pack of paranoids skittering around your basement in the dark as they whisper menacingly of TRUTH.

Anyways, check out this quote. Here's the set up. Leftist sportswriter Peter King runs a website. King is a Kaepernick Truther. His crappy website employs several others, two of whom disagree and accept the position of many in the NFL that Kaepernick is not being blackballed... that he sucks. Kap-Truthers like Florio can't stand this argument and attack it every chance they get. In fact, he wrongly thinks he's disproved it and now takes it as indisputable fact that these are lies. Well, today, he said this of King's website:
While it’s admirable that King allows his people the freedom to write what they want, the issues raised by Kaepernick’s unemployment are too sensitive and too nuanced for a publication to be skittering all over the place regarding whether Kaepernick can or can’t play, regarding whether he does or doesn’t want to play, and regarding whether his unemployment is or isn’t a result of his activism.
Wow. The issues surrounding Kaepernick are "too sensitive" to allow dissent. That is the fringe left mindset in a nutshell. When they see an issue as important, dissent is not allowed. Isn't that fascinating? Freedom of speech is a right for Kaepernick... but not for anyone else who might disagree with the Kap-Truther position. It's been the same attack on the league. The Kap-Truthers say that Kaepernick had the right to do what he did, but he needed to be ready to bear the consequences -- the standard American view of free speech. But once those consequences came in, the Kap-Truthers acted like the league has committed some criminal act imposing consequences, and they have savaged anyone who dared to stray from the party line. Now Florio is arguing for the suppression of the opinions of these journalists to create ideological uniformity... because he considers this a "sensitive" issue. Disgusting.

With attitudes like this, that your freedoms vanish when they think an issue is important enough to demand ideological purity, it doesn't take much to see how the left ends up with death camps and secret police, does it?


tryanmax said...

The Kaepernick thing is long past my desire to care, but I know exactly what you mean by the free speech consequences for thee, but not for me that the left subscribes to.

Anthony said...

I am not a sports news guy, but I haven't heard Colin K's name in a long time. As far as I can tell this is Tebow redux. A mediocre player embraced by the fringe for his activism, dropped by the league, shrugged off by the public.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, At this point, I don't think that anyone outside this little cabal cares. I don't even think Kaepernick cares. And the less the public cares, the more these guys write obsessively about it... desperate not to let the issue die. It's so bad that they will post articles about them asking people about Kaepernick, and then using the fact of a response as proof that the issue remains alive.

And what this really comes down to, and why I write about it periodically, is leftists trying desperately to prove that their far-fringe views are accepted by the public. They cannot accept the fact that the public not only refuses to agree with Kaepernick, but will actively punish him for expressing his hateful views.

To give you a sense, by the way, Florio is a guy who once said that even though only 1 in 10 people think "Redskins" is insulting (a poll result he refutes without evidence... just because he doesn't want it to be true), that even so, that's still "a lot" of people and therefore we need to accept that it is an insulting word and stop using it. One can now control nine.

Never mind that I can get you 1 in 10 who would find Christ, Florio, Obama, toaster struddel as offense words too. This is the essence of leftist thought: my beliefs must be taken as fact... and you must be silenced!

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, That's exactly what it is. The only difference is that while sportswriters were (and continue to) actively mocking Tebow, they are acting like it's a criminal conspiracy by conservative white male NFL owners to silence Kaepernick by not hiring him.

The ironies there are astounding. These same people wanted Tebow silenced... and drummed out of the NFL. Half the NFL owners are leftists, yet they don't want him either. And these guys tried to hide their support for Kaepernick's hateful positions by claiming they were only supporting his right to express them -- yet now they are suggesting the NFL has no right to react to his views and has no rights of their own.

Russ Brownlow said...

Whoa guys.I doesn’t see the moral or value equivalence between Tebow and Kaepernick. I think most people realized that Tebow's skills weren't the right fit for the NFL, but you'd be hard pressed to say he didn't have the motivation and drive to become a valuable player at another position. He was a leader in the locker room, and could have made a great fullback or tight end. Even the folks who thought he could be a good quarterback shouldn't be discounted for their faith in God to make him one. Most everyone who is a sports fan makes dumb judgements based on following their hearts instead of logic. Does anyone really think Kaepernick's stand was as courageous as Tebow's? While Tebow had his supporters, he was trashed by almost everyone who had the megaphone of the media (much like Republicans in general).
I just really don’t get the fringe thing. When I think of fringe I think of snowflakes who dress up like bad guys in a G.I. Joe cartoon to vandalize and hurt people. Sometimes there aren’t two sides of the same coin. The conservative equivalent to Stalin wasn’t Hitler, it was Churchill. Hitler was a leftist (I believe you guys acknowledged that in this blog at one point).
I think Kaepernick’s decision was made cynically by a has-been to draw the spotlight; while Tebow’s was made despite hurting his chances, and all the hell he received from the media.
Okay, I’m done. I really enjoy reading this blog even though I don’t post much.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Russ! Thanks!

On Tebow, let me clarify. I don't see a moral equivalence between Tebow and Kaepernick at all. Tebow struck me as an honorable, dedicated, hardworking young man who has never done anything to offend anyone. There was no legitimate reason for the hate poured out at him... or the continuing wish to see him fail.

Kaepernick, on the other hand, was a decent athlete who got lazy and threw a tantrum when his coach got fired. Then cynically invented a protest when he got called out on throwing the tantrum. Moreover, his views are the result of being under the spell of a black-racist Rasputin-type sociologist who feeds this garbage to Kaepernick who isn't smart enough even to know what he's talking about. If you've ever heard him talk, he sounds like an idiot who lost his cue cards.

Where I said that this is the same thing, I only meant in the reaction of the leftist journalists. They defined Tebow as "controversial" and hammered him for it. They define Kaepernick as "controversial" and laud him for it and demand that everyone accept him. It's that inconsistency that bothers me.

But even in terms of being "controversial," they aren't really similar as the left pretends. They defined Tebow as "controversial" because it angered them that people liked someone with his views. They have defined Kaepernick as "controversial" as a euphemism to avoid admitting that he's made himself in a pariah by being anti-American, anti-cop and anti-white -- he's done a LOT more than just kneel during the national anthem. So the attempt to equate them is a false narrative. They are not equatable and you are right to point that out.

On Hitler, you are right. He was a leftist and I've pointed that out many times! The left just wants to disavow him because they don't want to be associated with him. So they call him "right wing," which is patently ridiculous.

Thanks for commenting! :)

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. I love MST3k! And Tom Servo is awesome! :)

Anthony said...

Russ, there is no moral equivalence, just practical equivalence. Neither guy is famous for on field performance.

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