Wednesday, July 12, 2017

More Ponderings

I seem to be off on my days. Hmm. Either way, here's an article fresh from my mind! :)

(1) Shia Ledouche was just caught making rather racist statements to cops who arrested him for being flipping insane and probably intoxicated. One such statement involved telling a white cop that his wife likes black c&^k. Then he told a black cop that he would go to hell because he's black. Nothing against Shia here, who probably should be locked away to protect himself and society, but has anyone noticed that when liberals get in trouble they become incredibly racist... sexist... anti-gay? Steven Colbert recently made fun of Trump by saying that he liked to have anal sex with Putin. So being gay is worthy of contempt? Several others have been caught using the word "c*cksucker" to attack people they encountered. Or you have the Harvard administrator who used racial slurs in local restaurant reviews. The n-word, the c-word, and the gay f-word all get used regularly to attack conservatives. Interesting.

(2) "Time is running out to pass Trump's agenda!" Really? Why? His term is four years, not four months. Why does Washington seem to think that anything not done in 100 days can't be done?

(3) Similarly, the MSM is mocking the Republicans for being on a second "or possible third!" draft of their healthcare bill. This is apparently something shameful. Really? Shouldn't they be praised for working out the problems rather than berated for not coming up with the perfect first draft? Something strikes me as wrong here.

(4) I'm telling you... Mark Zuckerberg will run for President in the next cycle (either 2020 or 2024). Some people think the Rock will, but I doubt it. He may try for governor somewhere though.

(5) So the military no longer has to worry about hurt feelings and Obama's desire to lead from behind and suddenly ISIS is in retreat across the Middle East. Imagine that.

(6) Now that the economy has recovered from the Obama years and unemployment is falling to historically more normal levels again, the left is stuck trying to explain it all away. Their arguments have been crap, however, and they seem to be left with (1) it might end soon and (2) the economy may be good, but people still feel bad. //sad emoji

(7) The voice of Kermit the Frog since Jim Henson died in the 1990s was fired this week. I wonder what he did? I wonder if he will now go into phone sex?


tryanmax said...

Hypocrites/; The left has an almost a schoolyard concept of hypocrisy when it comes to insulting conservatives. They think that if what they say upsets or offends the target, it somehow proves them "right." Of course, this operates very inconsistently. So...

If they use homophobic slurs, getting angry proves you're gay, and thus a hypocrite.

If they use racist slurs, just getting angry makes you a hypocrite because they know you don't care about minorities.

The same goes for anti-woman slurs.

They say conservative minorities, women, or gays aren't "real" because they aren't "down with the struggle" as defined as the Democrat party.

On the other hand, if you don't call the left out on their blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, then that proves that you're okay with it. See? It was a trap! er, um, I mean, test!

And, of course, if they use anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight slurs and you get upset, that just proves that you're an alt-right misogynist Nazi.

Time is Ticking: Of the people who actually pay attention to this stuff and aren't progressive ideologues, this obviously lame. And yes, I'm giving a hard stare at all the "conservative" sites and blogs that are caught up in the same rhetoric. I'm not sure if the press is trying to force an error by Trump/GOP or if they're just trying to seed the idea that they're going down in 2018. Either way, it's pathetic.

Zuckface: Trump becoming president has opened the door for a wave of non-career politician candidates seeking the highest office in the land and anything under it. I can't speak to anyone's future success in that arena, but I do think we'll see a lot more attempts.

Nobama: SHHHHH!!! You're not supposed to talk about things that have gotten better since November. We're living in The Handmaid's Tale with Voldemort controlling the Reich, and the floor is lava, or something like that.

Frog in yer throat: "Oh, Piggy! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!"

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Kermit doing phone sex would both be hilarious and just awful. LOL!

The Handmaid's Tale is typical of the left. They see these wild ass apocalyptic scenarios all over the place. They're addicted to them. Hence, they love to believe in Global Warming, Mass Extinction, the Population Bomb and mass starvation, every enemy is a Hitler, the other side wants to round up blacks, women, gays, a conspiracy of cops is hunting black men in the streets, etc. It's all wild ass fantasy.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, Shia apologized for his racist rant and all will be forgiven now. It always is with leftists... never with anyone else.

Also, saw this asinine suggestion today from Newsweek. To topple North Korea, throw all the Chinese kids out of American colleges to force China to do it for us. Didn't we try something similar when we rounded up all the Japanese families during WWII? Wasn't that a crime against humanity? How is this any better?

BevfromNYC said...

All kidding about Shia aside, he is serious need of some professional help. Is there no one in his circle of family & friends that can get him help?

As for the Newsweek article. It makes perfect sense from a left=leaning point of view. Look at the other places they are demanding:
Segregation in the name of "racial/gender/whatever equality"; Censorship & book banning in the name of "racial/gender/whatever equality".

Why not throw Chinese kids out of American colleges...who can compete with them anyway? Didn't we agonize over the "brain drain" with Chinese students in the Reagan era? We educate them and then they go back to China...or something like that.

Btw, I say this over and over, but why aren't Asian students ever lumped into the "minority" category in statistics on school test scores? They have their own special "Asian" category...

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Asians ruin the arguments. By any statistical measure, blacks are the worst... by far. Hispanics are always worse than whites too. Asians usually beat whites. So if you add Asians, you lose the ability to scream discrimination because not all of the minorities supposedly being victimized are worse than whites. Ergo, you leave them out of it.

As for Newsweek, I am surprised. Imagine if I had written "keep Africans out of American colleges until they assassinate Robert Mugabe." Can you imagine the universal outrage? Yet, make them Asian students and suddenly the left likes the idea. Pathetic.

As for Shia, I suspect he's burned through the good people in his life and all that are left are the true turds. So no, he probably doesn't have any support network.

Anthony said...

1) Shia Lebouf is the same fool he had always been.

Saying Trump wants to be Putin's lover isn't implying that there is something wrong with homosexuals, it's that there is something wrong with Trump. When Russia is involved clearly the brains and ethics of Trump and his cronies turn off.

2. It's worth noting at this stage Obamacare hadn't passed yet.

3. The Republicans aren't working towards perfection but towards a compromise their various factions can live with. What it will look like is anyone's guess.

4. Obama and Trump show the public wants big talkers who have never held responsibility for anything. Shia Lebouf might be our next president.

5. Nice victory. Hopefully that will mean fewer idiots being inspired to stage attacks in the West.

6. Deregulation is a beautiful thing.

Anthony said...

Sounds like politicians no longer have to worry about being charged with corruption. It was never a big concern for them.

An appellate court on Thursday overturned the corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver, the powerful former Democratic Party leader of the New York State Assembly, based on a Supreme Court ruling that loosened the definition of corruption for politicians and public officials.

Silver ruled one half of the New York State legislature for more than two decades before being found guilty in 2015 on seven counts related to his acceptance of a steady stream of payments through a law firm in exchange for official acts like directing grant money to his clients. But a subsequent Supreme Court decision shrank the definition of official corruption so much that Silver may now skate free.

In 2016, a unanimous Supreme Court threw out the corruption conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a Republican, on the grounds that he did not take any official actions on behalf of the government after he received more than $700,000 in gifts from the head of a nutrition supplement business who his wife had a crush on. The decision in McDonnell v. U.S., penned by Chief Justice John Roberts and based on the court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, limited the scope of corruption prosecutions to include only formal government actions taken in exchange for gifts, contributions or bribes.

BevfromNYC said...

The issue with Silver is that he DID take action over and over. Though I must say that the former US Attorney of the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara who led to Silver's conviction and I have lionized and praised many times on this blog, is turning into a giant pile of crap. Just another political hack looking for his road to political stardom. Disappointing, though I should have known. But typical in New York ethically challenged politics. But more on that at another time.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew re: Shia you are sadly right about him burnAre JV through friends and family who could possibly intervene. That is a sad fact even for his professional management team too who feed off the "there is no bad publicity" mantra. One day soon the headlines will read either death or "rehab" for him....

Critch said...

The thought of Kermit doing phone sex is, well disturbing...."You want to see me swim around?" "How about if I hop?",,,it's just too much..

ArgentGale said...

1. Since it happened in Savannah LeBeouf's latest meltdown has caused a bit of a local stir. Tryanmax did a more thoughtful breakdown on the left's slurs than I could, though. I just thought it was a sense of entitlement that came with people thinking they can get away with saying stuff that they'd crucify the other side for because it's different and they care.

2 and 3. I've noticed this more from establishment conservatives than from the left myself but I agree it's ridiculous not to mention it's likely not a huge concern for Trump the way he's running things. He's refining his plans as corrections need to be made, not to mention if the best the left can do to oppose it is continued tantrums in various flavors I don't think he's got much to worry about.

4. It wouldn't surprise me and he's already showing which direction he's going to run in with his talk of universal basic income. Trump's success definitely emboldened people for these types of runs but it remains to be seen how successful they are. Thing is, Trump had years and years to learn the game of publicity and salesmanship in particular so we'll see if Zuckerberg and whoever else can catch on as quickly.

5. Well said. Nothing more to add here.

6. Ha, indeed... Good reference to The Handmaid's Tale there, too, tryanmax and Andrew. The nicest thing I can say about their claims of it becoming reality is at least the handmaid cosplay is a step up from the p**** hats.

7. Well, Kermit drinking a pitcher of tea is already the base of countless snide social media memes so speculation that his recently-fired VA might go into that isn't as farfetched of an idea as I thought it would be!

- Daniel

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The left has made it clear several times that using the word "c*cksucker" as an insult is antigay... except when they do it.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I think you are right. He is headed for what they used to call "Death by Misadventure."

Critch, That is a pretty horrible idea actually.

AndrewPrice said...


Establishment conservatives continue to try to kill him off. I am reminded of The Caine Mutiny, how Jose Ferrer's speech changes everything. That's where I see the GOP right now, as Ensign Willie Brown.

The Voice of Kermit (VoK) has now said that there are two causes "first mentioned" when he was fired and that he offered Disney solutions which they ignored. This sounds to me like (1) a drug habit/need rehab and (2) creative differences, refusal to do as told. It sounds less like he got caught with a dead ten year old in his bed.

Zuckerberg is giving off all kinds of signs and I'm not sure I might not support him. He's a little cagey, but I think he's a lot more conservative than people think.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, We have a new article at the film site courtesy of Rustbelt's evil alter ego! It's a good read. Enjoy!

Ten Reasons ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ Just Ticks Me Off

Anthony said...


There are no absolutes in politics. All morality is situational (contingent upon whose ox is being gored). Most of the morals high profile people publicly cite are nothing but rationalizations to obscure their true motives and/or appeal to a select group of people.

Anthony said...

Minor rapper (her level of crazy makes Shia Lebouf look like he has it together) Azelia Banks is now complaining that her failed career is due to her being black and female rather than her tendency to wish death and/or rape on her anyone she doesn't like (which is most of the planet).

WARNING: the first link has NSFW language.

I guess the source of my disappointment comes from just watching lots of other men in hip-hop, just like male rappers, have their career setbacks and go through things. Or even when a Black male rapper misspeaks something… just seeing Black men go through the motions, seeing the Black mass just kind of seemingly accepting it as just an attribute of their artistry. So they’ll be like, “Kanye West is saying all that because he’s crazy” or “Okay, yeah, R. Kelly raped a girl but damn, he makes some good music.” I don’t feel like I ever got that kind of empathy. I never got those kinds of privileges, I never got those kinds of allowances, especially coming in the rap game without any real rap friends. I basically came in the building by myself. There was nobody to validate me, there was nobody to vouch for me or whatever, and I got mishandled a lot.


I remember when Trump's apologists tried to convince themselves Banks wasn't a horrible person once she briefly endorsed Trump. Predictably her subsequently calling for Palin to be gang raped by black men ended that brief courtship.

As polls show Donald Trump performing better than ever with black voters, progressive rapper Azealia Banks is expressing support for Trump’s popular immigration policy because of the positive impact it could have on black Americans.
“Do you think it’s bad that I sort of agree with [Trump’s] stance on immigration?” the rapper wrote on her Instagram account on September 7th.
Banks, a black rapper from Harlem, made headlines in March of this year by declaring her hatred for “this country” and “white Americans.”
Banks explained that her support for Trump’s immigration plan is based on the detrimental impact mass immigration has had on the black community. “Black Americans still have not been paid reparations for slavery,” she wrote. “It’s selfish, but America has been really good at convincing me that everyone else’s problems are more important than my own.”
Following an immediate onslaught of progressive backlash, Banks tried to vaguely signal to progressives that her pro-America immigration statement was just a “social experiment.” However, all of her social media posts thereafter demonstrate a strong support for the ideas underpinning Trump’s rise.

sin soleng said...

All kidding about Shia aside, he is serious need of some professional help.

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