Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What A World

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber is planning to start a church. WTF? Biebertologists believe that Bieber created the Earth and filled it with mean people who don't like him. In other thoughts...

● The Democrats have announced a new agenda. I'll deal with that turd next week. Suffice it to say they're going to fix all the things they broke.

● I love professional bowling in the past. Then it died. But now it's back! But there's a catch. Some of these dudes are bowling with two hands. Ug. It's like watching a child who has grown tall and wants to bowl.

● I watched the poker tournament too. Two cool things. First, they had a 64 year old British guy come in fourth. He'd never played in a tournament before and this was a bucket list thing for him. Way cool. Secondly, the winner had never played in a tournament before either -- though he did practice online. Very cool to see that.

● Why is Trump smearing his own Attorney General? I don't get the logic.

● John McCain is on a roll, isn't he? What an ass! It's like some sort of compulsion for him to smear his allies. So does Trump have McCainia or does McCain have The Trumps?

● Apparently, lasers can now be used to revive lost memories. The things lasers can do is amazing. One day, I think all of our medicine will be lasers and gut bacteria, i.e. manure pills.

● NFL training camps are opening up, and the country's attention span will now vanish. Feel free to rob a bank in a week or two.

● I truly do not understand any way that the cop was justified in shooting the Australian woman in Minnesota. Nothing about her behavior can be considered dangerous and yet this idiot shoots her through the door of his car? WTF? Who shoots through the door of a car in any event? There is something really wrong there. It's either murder or complete mental breakdown.

● If you have any sort of diabetic condition, eat cherries... eat a lot of them. Trust me on this. They may be good for arthritis too, but I'm less sure of that.


Koshcat said...

Regarding Trump vs. Sessions. I think I'm getting too cynical but I wonder if Trump is doing it to help make Sessions look more independent of Trump?

tryanmax said...

These online poker guys can really clean up since they learn how to bluff on the internet! I don't know how that's even possible. Anyway, I saw a segment with some poker veteran complaining about it. He can shuddup. 😉

tryanmax said...

Koshcat, I don't think you're cynical, I think you're sensing a pattern. I don't know Trump's move on Sessions, but "beleaguered" is on everybody's lips. Many right-leaning outlets have decided Sessions is the lynchpin holding Trump's supporters together—which is about the wildest shot in the dark I've ever seen. The remainder of the press is giving Sessions the most sympathetic coverage he's had in his career.

Trump used Cruz like a trebuchet in the primaries we've got a similar, albeit inverted setup here. My best guess: "Beleagured Sessions investigates Hillary to Win Back Favor with Trump." It'll be better than that, but the gist will be "who can blame the guy?"

Anthony said...

Trump has put Sessions on notice that he can either be Trump's lapdog or Trump's enemy. I think Sessions doesn't want a war with Trump, but he isn't willing to do what it takes to make Trump happy (killing the Russia probe) so Trump with continue to humiliate Sessions up until either Sessions quits or Trump gets bored with the game and fires him.

It won't hurt Trump any more than Russia does. He was known to be a jerk who worshipped Putin before he won office, so nobody is going to flip on him either because he is a jerk or because he says something crazy and fawning about Putin.

Yes, Sessions is beloved of many conservatives, but they don't feel so strongly about him they will abandon Trump. Sessions isn't the first thing conservatives have abandoned for Trump, nor will he be the last.

I'm kinda curious to see if Trump will carry out his notion of turning the president's unlimited pardon ability into sovereign immunity. That coupled with Trump's willingness to delegate power to people who are either his kids or married to them is truly eyebrow raising and bodes ill for the future (no doubt future presidents will take things even further).

Hillary would be worse (at least Trump is carrying out conservative reforms to the economy and making conservative judicial picks) but it became clear once the primaries were over we were choosing between dumpster fires.

Stacy said...

I live in the small town where the Steelers hold their training camp. Come on over...we have lots of banks. We also have lots of bars.

BevfromNYC said...

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is feeling better!
Andrew - I see the same thing with that MN shooting. It makes no logical sense that this woman was of any threat and, from what I little I read, the cop not only shot through the window, but from the passenger seat across his partner. I may be wrong on that detail.

BevfromNYC said...

YEY! Football season! There is now a real big push about permanent brain injuries in a very high number of players.

Oh, and Stacy...beware! I am a huge Cowboy fan so there will be issues with us! 8-P

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, just in case you haven't heard, Trump signed an order banning transgendered people from the military. Ironically (or maybe not) today on this date in 1948, Truman desegregated the military.

tryanmax said...

Remember, all this pardon talk originated with Robert Kelner, Mike Flynn's counsel.

A prediction: Donald Trump will make novel and unusual use of the President's pardon power. An under-utilized tool of political power.
— Robert Kelner‏ (@robkelner) 12 Nov 2016

I don't know why he tweeted that, other than to be provocative toward a man he clearly despises. In any case, it has proven provocative and, at this point, I'm pretty sure the main reason Trump keeps poking that flame is because it causes such a stir every time. Trump has to recognize that his detractors want him to be a dictator, so of course he's going to tease them about it.

EPorvaznik said...

The heyday of Earl Anthony and Marc Roth do bring back some good rainy day Saturday memories, Andrew, because of and despite their pimp-fly shirt collars. Don't even want to think about current pro "bowlers" throwing Granny-style.

BevfromNYC said...

True Fact: My bowling average is 14. Needless to say, I never went pro.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, That's an interesting thought, but I sadly doubt this is part of some plan.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I had an average of 167 as a child (12-14), but haven't bowled since. I'm not sure why I stopped actually.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Ironically, this guy was an amazing bluffer. He kept getting people to fold even though they had much better hands. It was really oddly impressive actually, especially for someone who never played face to face before.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, That's my guess too.

Anthony said...

I am don't care one way or the other about the transgendered but it's insane that under Obama the government paid for the surgery of soldiers who decided to switch genders. Let them pay for it with their own money.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, I've spent a good deal of time in the Pittsburgh area. They are FANATICAL about the Steelers! I still remember seeing the Steelers flag at half mast all over town when they lost. LOL!

I'm looking forward to this year. :)

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I thought it was asinine that Obama agreed to pay for transitions. That is not what the military is for.

That said, his decision will set off the butt-hurt crowd again.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I truly do not understand how this shooting could have happened. And I read the same thing you did that he had to have shot across his partner. It's just crazy.

AndrewPrice said...

EP, Early Anthony and Mark Roth! That was the hey day of the Professional Bowlers Tour indeed! I used to watch that every weekend as a kid on ABC's Wide World of Sports.

The current tour is a pale imitation. And the two handed bowlers really strike me as making the whole thing seem less skillful.

Anthony said...

The cop who shot that yoga instructor ought to get some jail time. Funny how the cops involved neglected to have any recording equipment on. That stuff saves good cops (which is most of them) from liars/criminals but it can jam up bad cops.


The video, recorded on police body-worn cameras, shows the officer placing a plastic bag into a food can, then partially hiding it under a piece of debris. Thirty seconds later the audio begins, and the officer says, "I'm going to check here. Hold on," as his colleagues laugh. The officer then gives a cursory look at other items in the debris-strewn lot and appears to stumble onto the drugs in the can.
"Yo!" the officer shouts at his colleagues as he holds up the small cellophane bag containing several pills. One of his colleagues shouts back, "What's up?" The video ends a few seconds later.
As the officer searches the lot for evidence, a colleague can be heard saying, "Is that 30?" -- possibly a reference to the way the body-worn cameras operate. They record 30 seconds of video without sound before an officer actively turns on the camera, according to the manufacturer Axon. Referred to as a buffer, it's meant to capture crucial evidence that might occur just before an officer activates his camera.

Anthony said...

On a lighter note there is a heartwarming story and some cute pictures at the link below.


Diebold had been on his way to work on July 18 last year when a car hurtled past him, driving over the speed limit. He told TODAY that he flashed his lights to alert the driver that he was going too fast.

At the next traffic light, the driver ― Destiny’s Hall’s husband, Caleb Hall ― rolled down his window and explained to Deibold the reason for the speed.

His wife’s water just broke, Caleb Hall said. She was about to have a baby.

Minutes later, parked at a gas station, Deibold helped Destiny Hall deliver her baby. Caleb Hall caught the infant and Diebold helped clear the newborn’s airway.

“Mark was like a little kid in a candy shop, high-fiving and celebrating with us!” Destiny Hall recalled in an interview with HuffPost last year. “He just couldn’t stop smiling and was telling us that we just ‘made his month.’ It was such a wild, weird and wonderful experience.”

BevfromNYC said...

Anthony - Thanks for posting that cop/baby story. I needed that that!

ArgentGale said...

On Bieber - Well, when you look at it from another angle and consider how likely it is that malevolent unearthly forces are involved with music like his it makes sense.

The Democrat Agenda - Let me guess, free sh*t, bullsh*t, and isms and phobias? They really don't have much beyond that.

Bowling - I've seen a bit of it while I was out and haven't seen anyone bowl like that. Not the sort of thing good for one's professional image, though.

Poker - Interesting stuff. I wonder how he was able to adjust offline so well.

Sessions - I'll give that Trump usually puts more thought into his moves than is apparent but this doesn't look like one of those times. I don't think it'll be a serious injury to his administration by itself but it's definitely a bad move.

McCain - Given the news about his brain tumor I can get him doing some odd things. He really needs to look out for himself first.

Lasers - Interesting discovery... I'm curious how that works and what the future possibilities are.

Football - Things do get crazy, huh?

Minnesota - I haven't followed this much but that's seriously insane.

Cherries - The actual fruit and not cherry flavored candy, huh? If I do get problems like those I'll be sure to make the switch!

- Daniel

Critch said...

The big problem with transgender people in the military is that many of them are recovering from surgery(s) or they are taking heavy doses of various drugs or they are under psychiatric care...Under current military regulations they cannot be deployed...so what good are they?To top it off, the people who can deploy will be in competition for rank with people who can't deploy..bad for morale. If that had been a white cop who shot black woman in Minneapolis all Hell would have broken loose...if I'm forced to I guess I can drink Boone's Farm Wild Cherry wine..sounds good to me.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I'm sure Cherry Wine is just as good. LOL!

On Minnesota, I can't say if groups like BLM have been protesting or not about this, but I haven't heard them raise a stink. It would not surprise me if they didn't care about a dead white woman or they wanted to protect a black cop.

Either way though, I think this is being handled right at the moment where they are investigating and there have been some resignations. I think the guy needs to be charged with something, and whatever led to this -- be it lack of training, lack of aptitude, job stress, etc. -- needs to be addressed. This is beyond shocking to me just like Philando Castile.

On the transexuals, my understanding with the military is once you become non-deployable, they pretty much dump you. I don't understand why these people should be given a special pass.

AndrewPrice said...


If Satan was behind Bieber's music, I would lose all respect for Satan. Bieber is what happens when a corporation clones a eunuch and trains him to sing.

The Poker stuff was bizarrely compelling.

McCain really pisses me off. Disloyalty is in his blood.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think the video cameras are a tremendous asset to the police. Not only does it prove when they are telling the truth and suspects are lying, but it will slowly out most of the bad cops and they can be removed.

Critch said...

If you can't deploy you can't stay in..it's simple as that...these morons on the Left are always wanting to use the military for their societal experiments..

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