Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Violence Against the Media?

A couple thoughts after a long weekend...

(1) It continues to look like North Korea is going to cause a war. They fired off another missile, knowing full well that this will eventually force Trump to bomb them. I don't know what the game is, but let's hope that China takes out the regime.

(2) Trump re-tweeted some bizarre video in which he does wrestling moves on a CNN logo image. It was stupid and bizarre but I really don't care. What interests me is that the media is screaming that this promotes violence against the media. Really? Fascinating. These are the same people who sell violence to the public as a means to fame and entertainment, yet they scream that there is no connection between glorifying violence in the media and people deciding to use violence to settle score or get famous. This is one of those moments the right needs to jump up and point out that the rise in mass shootings seems directly linked to the rise of the 24 hour news cycle.

(3) What the hell is wrong with Chris Christie? This guy closed a public beach, ordered people with homes in the area to leave under threat of arrest... and then took his family to the beach. That kind of thing may have worked for Boss Tweed, but it's definitely a problem now. What a fool.

(4) The Republicans are doing some stupid things. Imagine that. First, they are looking to kill the requirement that larger restaurants include caloric information on their menus. This is something the pubic has been demanding for a long time and people are happy about. Even more to the point, they cancelled it (temporarily) a few days before it went into effect... by which point everyone was ready to comply anyways, so why cancel it? Stupid.

Secondly, the GOP is trying to change the phone solicitation law to allow solicitors to slide you voice messages without your phone ever ringing. Imagine picking up your phone throughout the day and seeing that you have a message. You have no idea who sent it to you, but you need to check to make sure it's not a friend or an emergency. If the GOP wants to piss people off, this is the way to do it. So what's next? Repealing the law that prevents television channels from jacking up the noise level of commercials? That's working great, so let's kill it!

Meanwhile, they can't do anything useful. Idiots.


Anthony said...

Just read about this guy who was initially charged with raping and murdering his infant daughter has had all charges against him dropped because he didn't victimize his own kid, but accidently smothered her as they slept in the same motel bed.

Its something that doctors always warn about but a lot of people seem to do (my ex-wife was fond of the practice).

Despite the lack of malice, the fact he inadvertently killed his daughter has got to be hell for the father. Its going to be a long time, if ever, before he finds peace and a lot of people are probably still going to regard him with suspicion because of what he was charged with.


James Lee Saltmarshall, 22, the Detroit father accused in April of murdering and raping his 8-month-old daughter Janiyah Saltmarshall and held on $2 million bond, has been cleared on all charges after the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office determined that the charges were “erroneous,” MLive.com reports.
On April 20, 2017, Saltmarshall called 911 from the Alpine Motel in Inkster, Mich., where he had been staying, to report that his daughter wasn’t breathing. The child’s mother had gone to work and he was alone in the room with the little girl.
On June 16, the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office officially ruled the baby’s death an accident.
“In this case there was compelling evidence from the treating doctors that there was injury to the child that was a sexual assault and later when the child died a homicide,” Maria Miller, an assistant Wayne County prosecutor and spokeswoman said.
“... The treating emergency medical doctors and other health professionals met with the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office and it was determined that the initial conclusion of a sexual assault and a homicide was erroneous.”
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s office also released the following statement:
After an extensive investigation and based upon the June 16, 2017 report from the Wayne County Medical Examiner, it has been determined that the cause of death of the child was asphyxia and the manner of death was determined to be an accident. Mr. Saltmarshall and his daughter were determined to have slept adjacent to each other on an adult sized bed and upon waking Mr. Saltmarshall found the child unresponsive.

Anthony said...

I think social media is a bigger deal now than anything. The stupid gun trick below below (shooting who was using a book as a bulletproof vest) wouldn't have earned coverage on Fox or CNN, it would have gotten YouTube hits if the guy hadn't died.

Due to the state of technology, instant fame if you do the right thing (a dangerous stunt, a silly dance, whatever) is within the realm of possibility and people who consistently manage to make videos which get hits can make a career of it. The power and convenience of modern tech is a wonderful thing, but it has costs.


Monalisa Perez, a 19-year od aspiring YouTube star from Minnesota, has been arrested after shooting her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz III in a YouTube stunt gone wrong. In the planned stunt, Ruiz held a hardcover encyclopedia in front of his chest while Perez leveled a .50 caliber gold-plated Desert Eagle pistol at him and pulled the trigger, believing that the encyclopedia would stop the bullet. Of course, the hardcover book did not provide protection, and Ruiz was killed.
The couple regularly made YouTube vlogs on a YouTube channel titled La MonaLisa, where they made videos of pranks, fails, stunts, and challenges. The couple arranged a GoPro camera on the trunk of a car in their front yard on Monday evening and then performed the stunt which led to the death of Ruiz. Perez called emergency services at 6:30 PM to report the shooting, Ruiz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anthony said...

The media is persecuting Chris Christie because he is faithful to his wife! Or so Christie would have you believe :) .


He went on to mock the coverage of the photos and actually said this:
“If they had flown that plane over that beach and I was sitting next to a 25-year-old blonde in that beach chair next to me, that’s a story. I wasn’t sitting next to a 25-year-old blonde. I was sitting next to my wife of 31 years, surrounded by my children and some of their best friends. If that’s a scandal, that’s a scandal I’m guilty of every day of my life––being committed to my wife and my children first.”

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, My wife's sister does that and I think it's really dangerous. She is not a small woman...nor is she a careful woman.

Christie is a fool. I really don't understand him.

tryanmax said...

I'm over this narrative that Trump spends too much time on Twitter.

Twitter is only as time-consuming as you make it. Trump averages 8 tweets per day according to twittercounter.com. He follows a paltry 45 accounts, mainly Trump businesses and Fox News personalities. He barely retweets and almost never replies. He has only liked 24 tweets ever! These are not the stats of a Twitter super-user.

ArgentGale said...

1. Not terribly surprising considering the state of that place. I just hope it doesn't get uglier than it needs to.

2. Not sure what this particular media trolling tweet was supposed to accomplish but good call on the hypocrisy on display. It's especially rich considering how the delicates treat everything that doesn't agree with them as threatening. Sadly I think the use you suggest won't go any further than this article.

3. Seriously?! He really turned out to be a turd, huh? Good thing he's pretty much finished politically anyway.

4. On restaurants this doesn't really bother me personally. I figure most people know what they're getting into when eating out, but it seems harmless enough and if the public wants it no need to rock the boat. The telemarketing part, though... It almost makes me want to smash my phone just thinking about it! I know not to expect much from Congressional Republicans but this is ridiculous! They really are lucky that the Democrats are too hung up on venomous identity politics to be competitive, huh?

- Daniel

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