Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Democratic Agenda

The Democrats have been putting together a new slogan. The slogan is apparently: “A Better Deal: better skills, better jobs, better wages”... at Papa Johns. Kamala Harris is also claiming they have a new agenda, one that is not simply opposition to Trump. Let's discuss.

Let us begin with the slogan. I will say in all honesty that this is an improvement of their quasi-socialist slogans like "Forward", which sounded like the Nazi "Drang Nacht Osten!", or Bernie Sanders' "Feel the Bern" (a clear invitation to touch him), "Not Me. Us" (which sounds like a breakup slogan - It's not me, it's you) or "Enough is Enough" which should be followed either by "I quit" or the sound of a madman blasting away at former coworkers.

Unlike those prior attempts, this one actually connects with reality and things people might want. So I give them points for that... though it does sound like the Papa John slogan. Of course, we also have to realize that a better slogan for their particular audience might be: "More Shit for You: More Welfare, More 'Rights', More Power for you over the whites/males/straights/religious nuts/rich/employed/sane/happy/meateaters/polluters/non-students who hold you down." In fact, I'm not sure any of those people give a shart about skills (skills is racist disenfranchisement), jobs (jobs is oppression!), or wages (wages is inequality), but who knows?

Anyways, the problems arise in the details. According to Kamala, this agenda will not be a "monosyllabic" simple slogan, but then she speaks in slogans. “It’s going to be multitiered, but essentially it’s about telling the American public we see them (slogan),” Harris said of the Democrats’ message. “All Americans want to know that they are healthy, that their children and their parents are going to have access to health care and dignity. All Americans want to know they can get a job and keep a job. All Americans want to be able to retire with dignity.” Let's take this in pieces.

1. All Americans want to know that... they are healthy. So the Democrats are promising perfect health. How they will achieve this is a good question? Perhaps they have a magic wand? If not, they will need to control what you eat, if you smoke or take drugs, tinker with your genetic code, invent some cures for diseases, make you exercise, and monitor your ass every day to make sure doctors treat you at the first sign of potential problems. Yeah, right.

2. All Americans want to know that... their children and their parents are going to have access to health care. Already had that before Obamacare. Then Obamacare made that tougher. Hence, these aren't really the people I would trust to deliver on this one.

3. All Americans want to know that... their children and their parents are going to have access to... dignity. The Dems keep using that word... I don't think it means what they think it means. And I can't wait for them to open a huge new bureaucracy to deliver us our dignity. Do you think that comes in milligrams or debasement? Either way, in de-basement is where you'll get it.

4. All Americans want to know that... they can get a job and keep a job. You mean lowering unemployment? Since Obama just had the worst employment record of any President ever, I'm not sure I believe this one. Also, this whole idea of guaranteed employment didn't work so well when it ruined Eastern Europe.

5. All Americans want to... be able to retire with dignity. You mean rather than being stripped naked and spanked by syphilitic midgets as gets down now? Good. I can climb on board that train. At least this wasn't just a slogan.

Anyways, then Kamala decided to go off-slogan and tell us the areas they want to "focus on", which means they have no agenda yet.
Jobs: Worst presidential record ever.
the economy: See jobs.
health care: Just f**ked that one up over the last eight years.
climate change: Mutually exclusive of the first two.
criminal justice reform: Because we like criminals better than cops.
Summing all of this up. Here is what I'm hearing:
We see you... losing your jobs as we raise the minimum wage, raise taxes on businesses, raise taxes to fight inequality, raise taxes to fight global warming, and divide what's left of the economy after the single-payer lunacy like spoils by race and gender.

We see you... collapsing in long lines as you wait for rationed healthcare.

We see you... running as we unleash criminals upon you.

We see you... bubbling over with hate as we set the races and sexes off against each other.

We see you... getting the same dignity shoved up your *ss sideways as we tell our wards they get from you.
What a solid agenda!



LL said...

They ignore the years of ObamaNation and make bold, unrealistic and unattainable promises. The great unwashed may be stupid enough to bite.

Anthony said...

Impossible yet bland promises short on details. Wearyingly familiar. Perhaps the right salesman could sell the agenda to the public. Given the results of our last couple presidential elections I rule nothing out.

Of course, a prerequisite to the opposition getting a chance is the incumbent party demonstrating incompetence and failing to live up to its promises. So yeah, the pendulum is swinging the Democrats' way. It is inevitable, the only question is how fast it swings.

Critch said...

Democratic Party Motto: Hey there's a taxpayer, let's take their money...

Republican Motto: Let them.

tryanmax said...

Kübler-Ross grief model
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining <-- "A Better Deal"
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

AndrewPrice said...

LL, From everything I've seen they have simply run out of ideas for the real world. Sure, they have race hate and they have vague promises of "equality" (read: "we'll make you less worthless"), but they have no clue what to offer to get there. The only policy they still believe in is the $15 minimum wage.

tryanmax said...

"A Better Deal" sounds reminiscent of "The New Deal." Everyone is doing remakes these days. But it could sell. The youngest FDR voters would be 90 today.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Excluding the Trump factor... I don't think the Democrats can sell this to the public. The reason is that they aren't selling it in a vacuum. This is a bland and possibly sellable agenda, BUT the public will weigh that against the anti-straight/white/male agenda the left is selling. I don't think a vague hope of a better economic situation will overcome the fears of what the Democrats will try to do once in power.

It's the same effect that the Religious Right had on the GOP. Whatever the GOP was promising was not better than the public's fear of the RR.

This is why I talk about Colin Kapernick from time to time. He represents the public coming down hard on someone who has embodied the hard-left anti-white, anti-cop agenda, and it freaks the leftists in the media out, which is why they obsess about him. They hate the idea that the public would pass judgment against them, refuses to say "oh well, he has a right to believe that, we shouldn't hold it against him," and won't forgive. That is a huge red flag to them as to the public rising up against their agenda. At an even more fundamental level, it marks white America saying that they will no longer give a pass to black militantism, which is what the left is pushing. That terrifies them because that's really all they have left to offer.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Attention spans are short. How about "Gimme!"

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's not accurate for liberals. Below is more accurate for liberals. As for Hillary's book, don't forget that she's usually waaaaaay behind the curve:

0. Gloating
1. Denial - legal action <-- "A Better Deal"
2. Anger - sabotage opponent
3. Rage - tantrums, lashing out at public
4. Pretend acceptance - mental break downs
5. Scapegoat
6. Claim it never happened/really did win/socialism has never been tried/Hitler was a right winger/Bush cheated/etc. and start over without change.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think there is no coincidence that Trump's book was "The Art of the Deal." They're trying to mimic him in some way.

ArgentGale said...

Looks like my guess from the last thread (free sh*t, bullsh*t, and isms and phobias) wasn't too far off the mark. Just more emphasis on the BS with the I&P lurking in the background. All this talk of dignity is laughable, too. Dignity is the exact opposite of the perpetual victimhood they push and the over the top protests they do. The GOP is definitely reeling from serious failure at the moment, though... Lucky for them that the SJWs are the new Religious Right. Good call on that.

- Daniel

AndrewPrice said...


I'm not sure what to make of the dignity yet... though I do have to laugh at the idea of having "access to dignity."

I'm not sure if "dignity" will replace "equality" because "equality" didn't sell, or if they are just doing the more standard "promise the thing you are taking away." Or dignity might have been a word focus groups used so they are trying to work it into their slogans. Not sure yet.

Yep, the SJWs are the new Religious Right. They scare the public.

Anthony said...


I agree the Democrats might not be able to sell the agenda to the public but I don't think the culture wars keep parties out of office. Once the public is fed up with incumbents, they will go with anything that can be made to sound even halfway reasonable.

It seems like after each wave the guys on the good side of the wave (and some of the ones on the bad side) convince themselves that radical change is needed for future victory, but the changes made by future nominees are rarely the 'obvious' ones (nods towards the platforms of Obama and Trump).

Colin K was just liberal Tebow, a guy non-football fans celebrated for reasons other than football but who failed to impress people who cared about the game. I don't see electoral implications for his sidelining.

AndrewPrice said...

Athony, Kapernick became much more than that.

First, he became the focal point of the "white" response to black lives matters. What he did in most years would have been blown off as just being a jerk, but it became wrapped up in the defense of the cops and it drew a line that white America was going to declare certain things off-limits: you can talk about change all you want, but you need to be patriotic and we're not going to accept you smearing law and order.

In the off-season, when he got cut and then not re-signed, other aspects began to appear. The leftist media and certain leftist black players started using him as a way to attack the public. They defined America and the right to free speech as allowing them to speak their minds without consequence and the fact the public chose to impose consequences was defined as racist. They also argued against opponents having similar rights.

The leftist media then began to use him as an attempt to (1) organize players into becoming political, (2) trying to shame the public for not embracing him, and (3) trying to kowtow the NFL into letting them be political without consequence while giving up the NFL's own rights to take stands or do anything but weakly accept their politics.

But the public has stood up to them in consistent 10-1 numbers and stopped them at every turn.

In the process, this became the same battle you see waged on colleges over free speech and the battle of political correctness, which the GOP has been losing for decades in Washington and the media. This time though, it was the public versus the left rather than something like mealy politicians or sympathetic college administrator. And so far, the left has been crushed by the public who continue to oppose them most effectively.

Don't mistake the significance of this because the left hasn't failed to see it. They know it's vital to their cause that they not let the public win this (especially with the BLM movement seemingly stalled by the public as well).

Tebow was a very different issue. Tebow was a leftist media smearing a guy for his beliefs way beyond anything they would have said about anyone else. This is an actual battle to redefine the landscape of whether or not the public will be "allowed" the right to have an opinion on those expressing an opinion.

tryanmax said...

I think there is no coincidence that Trump's book was "The Art of the Deal."

Good catch! I missed that. So, the Democrats see fit to mimic the tyrant-buffoon? Just proves they don't believe their own rhetoric.

ArgentGale said...

Andrew, they're definitely attempting a political redefinition of dignity with this, though I think their own foolishness is going to undercut them on this. There's nothing dignified at all about the cluster f-bomb protest signs, protesting with knit caps of genitalia on their heads, and especially not the hysterical whining that marks the perpetually aggrieved. This also isn't the first time I've heard the SJWs and Religious Right compared now that I think about it. Brad Torgerson, an author in Larry Correia's circle, often calls them Moral Majority 2.0. It's fitting in any case.

BevfromNYC said...

All I have seen so far is slogans from the Dems. They're trying to see which one hits home and then they'll get to the not-too-specific "specifics" of what exactly they promise to do for everyone like...dignity, equality, egalite, fraternite...

Anthony said...


Colin K/Tebow were both minor talents and young players who made gestures which spoke to a group of faithful and made them major topics of water cooler conversation. The faithful said 'He's not the great, but we love him and surely our love will count for more than his lack of talent because ratings are important!'. When both men washed out their fans complained their hero had been punished for his beliefs rather than his lack of talent.

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, and just in case you're keeping score. Unverified reports - Trump just unhired Anthony Scaramucci for whatever position he was hired last week to do in WH.

Anthony said...

Odd. Scaramucci seemed to be Trump's Mini Me.

tryanmax said...

Trump has tweeted twice now that it's a great day at the White House. This follows on Preinus's resignation and his refusal to answer whether he was the leaker.

Critch said...

Well, to be off topic for a moment...I bought something today I've always wanted...a Ruger No. 1V in 220 Swift...I figured, what the Hell,,,like my Dad always said,,"I've never seen a bumper hitch on a hearse yet." This is for shooting across 400 yard bean fields at little furry critters...I know, I know, somewhere a liberal is crying real tears...the 220 Swift is the closest thing to a laser rifle there is...

TJ said...

Good article as always, Andrew. BTW, I love the Princess Bride reference.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks TJ! I love that quote! :)

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