Friday, December 16, 2016

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Since Andrew is taking a little vacay, how about we take a day to relax and talk about something not related to the pending apocalypse. The House is recessed and the Senate is on their "We Can't Recess 'Cause The Pres Will Appoint Someone" mode, Pres. Obama leaves for Hawaii, and frankly until the Electoral delegates vote on Monday, nothing can happen.

So let's switch gears for just a tiny bit and talk Christmas or Hannukah or Festivus. Though many of us may be cis-holiday normative, we're are definitely not trans-holiday-phobics, here! And since each family tradition is slightly different, what does your family do to celebrate the holidays - Midnight Mass? Big Christmas goose? Neighborhood caroling? Baking (and/or eat) cookies, cakes, and other goodies until you drop? Sneaking a look at the presents? Let us know. Or share your favorite holiday recipe...

If that isn't enough to get you started, let's just cut to the chase - What's Santa going to bring you? Well, we assume you've been good little girls and boys but it's not until Christmas Eve that Santa actually checks his naughty/nice list. You still have plenty of time to tip the scales to "Good" 'cause it ain't over until the fat man brings the pressies or coal!

Please feel free to go off topic 'cause who knows what will happen next!

PS - Just in case you missed it, Martin Sheen and several others who make up the entire self-appointed braintrust in Hollywood have posted a YouTube video pleading with the Electoral delegates to vote against Trump 'cause...well, they are Hollywood stars and know much more stuff like ths than we mere hicks from the sticks. I could only get through about 30 seconds of it, so I have no idea what they promised to do. I would post a link, but I don't want to give them any extra clicks...just search "Martin Sheen" and you will find it.


tryanmax said...

I've been a very deplorable boy this year, so I expect whatever that comes to entail.

I'm not the first to observe this, but all this leftist pressure on the Electoral College to turn faithless is so outside of precedent, it will likely establish a new precedent. Already gone are the days where the EC is regarded as a formality and the election is decided on Election Day. This will likely lead to rigorous vetting of electors to ensure they won't flip and probably media scrutiny. I've already seen more articles about individual electors than I have around all the previous elections I voted in combined.

BevfromNYC said...

Tryanmax - I agree with that. I have never seen a list of who the electors are and where they come from. But rest assured that Hollywood is on the case! There will probably be a movie or Aaron Sorkin-written/made for Netflix hard-core drama "Electoral College" that will expose the seemy underbelly of the EC!

I just read a great statement by I can't remember who in regards to the Marin Sheen et al. video. This guy wrote that finally the liberals acknowledging the original intent of our Founders rather than the "living, breathing Constitution" that should be interpreted to mean pretty much anything the libs want at the moment. But in this case, their original intent never envisioned a party system. They were adamant against any party system.

ArgentGale said...

For Christmas traditions while my grandparents were around me, my mom, stepdad, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins would have a family get-together a few weeks out from Christmas then an immediate family get-together (which included my grandparents and great-aunt) on Christmas itself before mt grandma and great-aunt would go to Tennessee to visit their brother. When they died we did a small get-together at my uncle's house, and when my mom went into a nursing home (and eventually passed away herself) I started going to my uncle's house and then we'd visit some extended family for a dinner and white elephant Christmas.

As for presents, nothing too special this year, especially since it feels like the gaming pickings are rather slim this year. Uncharted 4 and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered were the only things I thought to put on there since the big games that I'm looking forward to (Tales of Berseria, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and especially Mass Effect Andromeda and Persona 5) aren't out until next year. I'll also hopefully be able to round out my Jim Butcher book collection between the Codex Alera and Cinder Spires books.

On the electors, just when I thought the left couldn't get any more unhinged in their tantrum they go and pull this... Good God, this is ridiculous. I know I've said this a lot but I really hope the public is watching and remembers it the next time the left makes a big play for power. It's a little unsettling to think that the hate they displayed during the Bush years was just a warm-up for an even bigger bout of derangement.

And for lighter off-topic stuff, a few random things for a few posters here. For Rustbelt, I finally finished up Dracula today. The old Victorian style could be a bit jarring sometimes but I still enjoyed it and your posts on Stoker's life definitely made it a more interesting read. I even got an idea of where Konami got part of their Dracula origin story in Lament of Innocence from, oddly enough.

The second, for Scott, is something you might find interesting and/or amusing. I know you're not a gamer but BioWare actually decided to make Scott the default name for the male protagonist in Mass Effect Andromeda! As much as you enjoy sci-fi I figured you might find it an entertaining coincidence. =)

- Daniel

ScottDS said...

Daniel -

Ha!! That's good to know. When it comes to gaming, I'm just waiting for that new mini-retro NES to come back in stock.

I saw Rogue One the other night. It's a blast! Is it the best movie ever? No. But I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face for the entire second half and the last 10 minutes have to be seen to be believed. There is some clunky dialogue and the first 15 minutes move a little too fast... but there are a few surprises and Easter eggs and I can't wait for the Blu-Ray.

ArgentGale said...

Glad to be of service, Scott! Those do seem to be popular though I'm content with my emulator and ROMs myself for vintage gaming. Gaming tech has actually advanced tot he point where you can play NES games in your browser now believe it or not. Anyway, good luck finding one!

- Daniel

Anthony said...

Gamewise right now I'm playing The Last Guardian (Fumito Ueda is a genius, Trico is completely fictional but the most realistic animal companion in a game), Darkest Dungeon (insanely brutal rpg which is heavily inspired by Lovecraft) and Overwatch (which I've also just hooked my brother on).

Bookwise I am enjoying the Yancy Lazarus series of urban fantasy novels. Its quite similar to the Dresden series and so far its by the numbers but its also very well written. Written by an ex-Marine, its about an ex-Marine who is a magician, a musician and a gambler who sometimes helps out people in bad places.

I am also reading this book on cutting named a Bright Red Scream. I don't think I know any cutters, but I have a friend that dated one briefly (she had a lot of issues) and the phenomena always intrigued me.

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