Thursday, August 31, 2017

More Thoughts

Look out world, here come more thoughts!

(1) I'm still loving seeing all the good people helping out with the hurricane. I saw a miles-long line of guys with boats going down the highway toward Texas. There is a Pizza Hut store using kayaks to deliver free pizzas. JJ Watts made his $3 million goal so he increased it to $10 million. Everywhere you look, people are helping and trying to prevent this from becoming a massive tragedy.

(2) The firing of this cop in Texas (along with the attack on Trump for "there are good people on both sides") shows that we've entered a period where facetious comments and platitudes are now being taken literally to get people. Take the cop's comment. He pulls over a woman who had bought into all this BS about cops shooting people and she tells him she is afraid to be shot. The cop facetiously responds to this idiocy by telling her not to worry because cops only shoot black people. OUTRAGE!! He's a racist who wants to kill blacks and he admitted it!!! Said his commander upon firing him:
"I have known Lt. Abbott for years and perceived him as honorable, but he's made a mistake. I don't know what is in his heart, but I know what came out of his mouth."
Wow. So you've known this guy for years and yet you aren't sure if he was being facetious in facing a ridiculous charge or if he really might mean that he shoots black motorists. Wow. You're a cop and yet you don't know enough about a long-term employee to know that? You need to resign right now, Sherlock. Are there a rash of unexplained black motorist shootings in his jacket? Pathetic. It's even more pathetic to fire him for saying this. This wasn't racist. It wasn't a threat. It was a mocking of a politicized view aimed at his entire profession. That's worth firing him, huh?

(3) According to some researcher a 7% spike in road deaths last year is the result of Global Warming. How? Well, aliens come down and give people the old finger wave, which is distracting and they careen into on-coming traffic... uh, oops. That's the "aliens cause it" theory. The "global warming causes it" theory is a tad more confused. Apparently, warmer weather makes people want to be out on the roads during rain storms, adding an extra sixty miles to their yearly travel.
"The correlation of mileage and temperature suggests a classic vicious circle whereby higher temperatures equal more miles driven, leading to more CO2 emissions, which in turn lead to higher temperatures."
And that is why Global Warming Research is such a joke. They see two numbers that go in the same direction no matter how briefly and they stupidly assume causation without even a hint of a legitimate attempt to factor out other causes... like lower gas prices causing the driving increase. This study was also done of one year's statistics (2015), which is a ridiculously short time to do a study of traffic patterns -- global warming supposedly has been happening since (fill in the blank), why was this the first year to show this relationship? How could a rational person think the one year standing alone proves anything? Heck, they even include assumptions about the rich being better able to handle this because poor people were more likely to die... because their cars suck. Never mind that poor people are more likely to drive more when gas prices drop.

Talk about shoty "research" all around! This is why Global Warming Research is crap.

(4) Finally, I was trying to think of a good salad bar in this town the other day and I literally could come up with nothing. Has the age of the salad bar ended? Give me some help here, people. Where do you go for a good salad bar?
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hurricane of Stupidity

So I'm watching the hurricane coverage and my gag reflex keeps being activated. Some people are truly pathetic.

(1) First, the Trump criticism is laughable. He has done what every prior President except Obama has done. He declared an emergency to free up money and personnel. He gave a brief speech of condolence. When things cleared enough that he wouldn't be a problem, he visited. The left, however, smeared him for "doing so much" in the hopes of using the hurricane politically, "not doing enough" in some nebulous way which always mentioned Katrina, and the ever popular "not caring." He has also been accused of doing news dumps during the hurricane and of posting images that weren't somber enough.

On the somber account, Melanie was accused of wearing heels when she went with Trump to see the damage. This is what matters now? Just like one of Trump's cabinet people's wives wore designer clothes on her last trip on Air Force One and the envious left lost their little minds. Ivanka posted some lovely cards she had received rather than images showing her weeping into mud over Houston, and she's being savaged for not being compassionate.

Let me point something out to the left: You idiots praised how stylishly Madame O supposedly dressed even in disasters. You were fine with photos of Obama's kids at rock concerts during times of crisis. I see no similar objection to all the celebrities who attended parties, beaches, and fashion shows last weekend. I also see no mention of all the good deeds by people like JJ Watts. It's funny how some loser Hollywood type wears a cheap pin on their lapel as they go snort their way through some Hollywood A-list bacchanal and you praise them for showing their support, but you ignore JJ collecting $3 million or the deeds of other non-liberals.

Finally let me point out that Obama himself only cared about disasters when they affected people who shared his skin tone. Nashville... Kansas... dead silence.

(2) Hurricanes, like other natural disasters, really should shake the belief system of people who want to believe that we can control anything we want. You know the types. They watch stupid movies and then assumes that teams of omni-competent government officials can do anything they want as if they were using magic. Then they whine about real life failures using the films as their basis of reality. Idiots. Moments like this hurricane should remind us that humans are at the mercy of mother nature, not the other way around.

(3) That said, I love seeing the tens of thousands of people who are determined to help out in real ways (not celebrities wearing pins). These are people who are going to the affected areas to save people, to restore order, and to rebuild the things mother nature has destroyed. Humanity, especially Americans, can be so incredible when the time comes!

(4) Finally, some personal good news. My heart function has improved significantly since I switched heart pills! That's amazingly good news!
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Interesting Contradictions

Howdy folks! Just some thoughts on the media as I’m still dealing with this annoying leg issue.

According to Newsweek, support for Trump’s impeachment grew this month to “its highest level yet at 40%.” I find that interesting as I’ve been told dozens of times already that support for impeachment was far beyond 50% or even 60%.

Do you think the MSM is lying to us?

During the Charlottesville “outrage” which the GOP won’t stop clobbering themselves with, I saw that Trump’s popularity fell to “its lowest point yet”... just below W. Bush’s popularity. Again, this is interesting as I’ve heard for months how no one has ever been less popular.

Yahoo proclaimed last week that no matter what Trump does, Obamacare isn’t failing and won’t fail. That’s interesting since they spent the month prior screaming how Obamacare would fail unless Trump fixed it.

Maybe Yahoo should stick to exposing fat transgender chicks shaming each other over parent shaming. Seriously, things have gotten so bad that according to Yahoo, “even Wonder Woman gets body shamed.” Uh, yeah, by the “body positive” chicks.

Trump has handled Hurricane Harvey rather well, yet the MSM has simultaneously claimed that he hasn’t done enough and that he’s doing so much because he’s “grandstanding.” They are also describing every photo of something partially submerged in water as “Katrina like.” Katrina-like? Really? I guess I missed the part where the poor neighborhoods in Texas ignored evacuation orders and then began raping and murdering each other for fun as the state’s Democratic Governor pointed fingers at everyone else while failing to request Federal aid. But then, I haven’t been paying that much attention.

The NAACP is going to boycott the NFL (yawn... sorry) over the Colin (yaaaawn) Kaepernick situation. Good luck with that. I’m sure all ten of you will make quite a dent in the NFL’s ratings.

Finally, I watched the Mayweather v. McGregor fight. It was definitely entertaining. My professional opinion is that McGregor can’t box and Mayweather is too old to box. As spectacles go, however, it was fun and they did an amazing job building this into an event – I never would have ordered anything pay-per-view otherwise.

Ultimately, I think they got exactly the ending they wanted. McGregor can claim that he can box (he lasted 10 rounds) and that he would have won if he had been allowed to continue. Mayweather can claim that he beat McGregor and it would have gotten worse if allowed to continue. Box continues to claim its status as superior to MMA, but MMA can claim to be nearly on the level now with boxing. Everyone wins. Don’t be surprised if one day we learn this fight was fixed. For now though, it was just a lot of fun.
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

As If Things Aren't Stupid Enough...Hold My Beer! UPDATED

So as if things aren't stupid enough, well, as they say "hold my beer". Even in New York City, the center of diversity and civility [Stop laughing!!!], we have jumped on the "Let's Destroy Historical Monuments To Make Us Feel Better" train. If you have been paying attention for the last week (or months or years) or so, you will know that Robert E. Lee, is now the most hated figure in the US.

It has gotten so stupid that ESPN removed a sport commentator from a college football game broadcast because his name was Robert Lee so as not to cause offense.

This is the ESPN Robert Lee they removed:

Well, like many other place in the US, Mayor DeBlasio announced a few days ago that there would be a 90 day "review" of which statues in New York City should possibly be removed because they may be offensive now that we are just so much more enlightened. [Also, our mayoral election is in November, so he has to pander] Some suggested Ulysses S. Grant because as General of the Union Army, he issued an order removing all Jews from Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. [The good news is that maybe that age old question of "who is buried in Grant's tomb" will finally be answered!] And, of course, there is the ubiquitous cry to remove the stain of that great Italian icon Christopher Columbus. As a matter of fact, most of New York's greatest statued men in our fair city are up for destruction because we have come to understand in hindsight that they were not perfect. I know, hard to believe, isn't it?

Here a link to a story published by the New York Post of a list of statues of some of New York's greatest who could potential meet the chopping block - Chopping Block List

And yes, even in New York City, there are also a few places where even Robert E. Lee, the son of Revolutionary War General and Virginia Governor Henry "Harry Lighthorse" Lee, has been honored. In the last week, West Point Military Academy where Lee graduated at the top of his class, has requested at the behest of NY Sen. Kristen Gillibrand and NY Rep. Sean Patrick Mahoney [UPDATED] to remove his name from all of the halls and barracks that bore his name. And St. John’s Episcopal Church in Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, removed a plaque from a tree in the churchyard commemmorating Lee's service when stationed as a military engineer from 1842 to 1847. The sad part is most likely no one actually knew any of these commemorations were there.

All of this stupidity is because studying history has become in and of itself a trigger for some "-ist" or another. Too many just do not understand that humans are complicated and complex. Great people have done bad things and bad people have done great things. Therefore historical events and people get complicated when viewed through the lense of a modern eye. It is important to remember that we can only judge these people from a lens focused clearly within their individual historical context and circumstances and never from our own modern context or circumstances. No person could possibly be perfect enough to survive that level of scrutiny. We cannot change history, we can only learn from it, but destroying all signs of our history does not erase it either.

This isn't new. This particular idea of destruction has happened over and over throughout human history, though most wouldn't know it because it would trigger their triggers. But, if we learn nothing else, it must be that we must study history and learn from it, otherwise it has a nasty way of repeating itself over and over and over.
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Sorry About The Lack of Posts

Hi everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts. I'm still dealing with the leg issue. My leg blistered up all around and those broke open, so much of my lower leg is open wounds right now. Hence, I've been on a LOT of pain pills and haven't been able to focus on doing any writing. I'll get back to it soon. Here are some thoughts for today.

(1) Trump Pattern: All of the attacks on Trump are starting to take on a pattern. It reminds me of an echo. Someone screams, you get an immediate loud echo from the echo chamber. Then for several days thereafter, you keep getting the echo shouting back, but each shout is less than the shouts before it. Eventually, the sound wave passes and all goes quiet again. At that point, you get the lament "how can Trump still be in power?"/"why isn't he being impeached?" That's when you know it's completely over.

(2) Eclipse today. Doesn't that mean that the Black Death is coming? Or Satan is born? Something evil, right?

(3) I see that the anti-Confederate statute orgy is spreading. In Baltimore they removed a Supreme Court Justice because he issued a racist decision (here's a clue: they all did at one time or another). They are targeting Teddy Roosevelt because he said the white race is the forward race. Washington and Jefferson are targets because they owned slaves. Anyone connected to Indian killing/deportation, slavery, "oppression" of women, internment of Japanese will soon be fair game. Basically, we're going to remove all the monuments to Democrats. They are removing the founder of modern gynecology because experimented on black women. Of course the problem is that you can find a reason to remove anyone, so soon we will be a land without statues or street names.

Good luck when the eclipse comes!
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bonfire Of The Vanities - Take 2

I know that it's popular these days to compare the last few months to Germany 1930's, but that is getting kind of boring. Instead, let me compare it to a summer's day...wait, that's not right. Oh, yeah, let's use the late 1490's in Florence Italy [Oh, Lord, not Italy again...]. Now this was another time of extreme craziness called the Bonfire of the Vanities - the burning of objects condemned by authorities as "occasions of sin "like Boticelli paintings showing naked people and stuff like that. Many were convinced that the Medici family was evil as they were bankers (though not Jewish ones who were more evil) and all things deemed decadent should be destroyed. So fast forward, replace "Medici" with "Trump" (or "Hitler", but never "Stalin", or "Mao" or "Pol Pot", or "Chavez") and you have the 2017 version. LINK to Wiki explanation...

Well, as of today, it seems that we're moving into full-blown Bonfire of the Vanities craziness. It has now gotten to the point where statues are being attacked, destroyed, removed. It is becoming all so very Shakespearean (except he was about 100 years later and which brought on more crazies who outlawed theatre, but LOVED beheadings/civil war! But I digress). First it was a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee in some town (the video-streaming perps have been arrested), and then someone vandalized the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Can't figure out why, but then perhaps these ignorant fools mistook Lincoln Memorial for the Jefferson Memorial (known slave owner). I can't wait for them to realize that the land where DC was once part of slave-owner George Washington's property and that Arlington Cemetary was once owned by Gen. Lee's wife's family and seized byt the Union. Oh, and that President General Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves too...there goes "Who Is Buried In Grant's Tomb" jokes!

And now for the next outrage: Trump had the audacity to actually removed this Citi-bike rack (see photo below) that Pres. Obama installed on the WH grounds. [Okay, I don't think that Obama actually lifted it off the truck himself nor do I believe that Trump helped lift it onto a truck while laughing maniacly, but from the number of tweets, maybe he did!] Anyhow, if you don't know what these are, they are commercial rent-a-bike racks open to the public that rent bikes by the 1/2 hour fee. One can return the bike to any of these racks around the city. Oh, and if you're all ickey about corporate welfare, this is a great example of it...all subsidized by the local tax-payers. Oh, and did you notice where this rack that was removed was placed?

Notice the sign that say "Restricted Area" and notice where the bike rack is. How is "the public" supposed to use that rack exactly?
Hey, maybe it was moved because it was just pointless virtue-signalling from our former administration. I bet Trump is changing the color scheme in the Oval Office too. Probably to, I don't mean comedy gold. I mean real gold. He does that...

So let's end this with a very pointed question. This could mean the beginning or end or something in the middle. If you haven't chosen a side yet, please make sure that you take the following question into consideration before making your choice, but you must choose a side according to former AG Eric Holder.

Okay, take a deep breath and here it goes: "Are you or have you ever been a member of a group, religion, sexual orientation, race or posted anything on social media that we can use against you?"

If you answer "yes" to any of these, you are on the wrong side.
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Happier Than A Pig In Sh*t

My dad has an expression for someone who is far too happy about something that you wouldn't normally think would make someone happy: "They're happier than a pig in sh*t." It strikes me that statement applies to the left over Charlottesville. Here are some thoughts.

● I have to say that I haven't seen the leftist media and political class this happy in some time. It's funny. They aren't dismayed. They aren't outraged or shocked. Nope. They are borderline giddy about what they see as an opportunity to exploit, especially when that guy drove into the crowd. They are happier than pigs in sh*t. I find that rather sick... but hardly unexpected.

● It's funny too how I don't see the word "allegedly" anywhere in their articles or warnings that we need to be cautious about his motives. I guess that really does only apply to Muslim terrorists.

● For the record, I don't care about any of this. I really don't. This stuff has gotten tiring. Tiny groups of impotent fringe retards protest and counter-protest and someone gets hurt. Yawn. If you play in this game of losers, then you have no right to whine when you get hurt. This is the political version of Crips versus Bloods, and whining that one of yours got killed in a drive-by is disingenuous. Frankly, I'd like to see them both kill each other off.

● Of course, the left wants you to believe this is somehow normal. Hillary Clinton actually cackled, "If this isn't America, let's prove it." Wow. So Hillary thinks this is America? Well, don't ever tell me she doesn't hate America again. And for the record, hag, let me point out that this rally was so tiny that you can't even compare it statistically against America. In what MSNBC called "the largest gathering of its kind in decades," they said that "hundreds of racists" marched. So statistically, for each of these assh*les, there are roughly one million average Americans who did not attend or support this rally in any way. How in the world can something that is one in a million be considered representative? If Hillary were at all genuine, she would be celebrating the fact that this in no way represents America. But she wants it to exploit it... racial fear sells to her peeps.

● Of course, the usual suspects are attacking Trump as if he sponsored this. Ridiculous. His statement against the white racists and condemning the violence apparently wasn't strong enough in their eyes. That's a BS basis to accept as criticism though because there's nothing he could have said they wouldn't find fault with. That's just the game they play. As an aside, isn't it funny how they never blamed Obama for all the things that happened under his watch? Hypocrites.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

As If Things Aren't Stupid Enough

I am so tired of stupid stuff. But rather than worry about NoKo nukin' Guam, here are a couple of things that have happened that are just so stupid I can't help myself.


Have you read the infamous "Google Manifesto" yet? If not, here it is...
Google's Ideological Echo Chamber - How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion

This was written by James Demore, 28 year old Harvard Phd. in "Systems Biology" and, as of yesterday, no longer an Engineer for Google. Please read it if you have not already, and let's discuss. I have read it several time and am still trying to find what he wrote that is so horrible that women at Google had to take the day off because they feared for...I have no idea or that it required that Google Management dismiss him immediately. It all seemed very reasonable and very centrist to me. His entire premise is summed up thusly:
I hope it’s clear that I'm not saying that diversity is bad, that Google or society is 100% fair, that we shouldn't try to correct for existing biases, or that minorities have the same experience of those in the majority. My larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas and evidence that don’t fit a certain ideology. I’m also not saying that we should restrict people to certain gender roles; I’m advocating for quite the opposite: treat people as individuals, not as just another member of their group (tribalism).

And then just because NYC has to be more stupid...

The Debacle that is "Natasha Pierre And The Great Comet of 1812"

This is a musical based on Leo Tolstoy's "War & Peace" (yeah, I know...) that opened in Off-Broadway in 2012 and moved to Broadway in November 2016 with pop opera singer Josh Grobin in the lead. With rave reviews, 12 Tony nominations AND Josh Grobin, one would think it would be a runaway hit. In February, it was announced that Grobin would be leaving the show in July and replaced for a limited appearance by one of the stars of "Hamilton" Okieriete Onaodowan (he originated the role of James Madison). Well, tickets sales have not been so good since he started, so as producers do, they announced that they would not be extending Mr. Onaodowan's run and would be replacing him with Broadway legend Mandy Patinkin hoping this would increase ticket sales.

well, one would think that the producers had decided instead to replace the entire show with an all-white version of "Raisin In The Sun"! How dare they replace a black actor with a white actor! "Outrageous!" they screamed from the rafters! So after all of the sound and fury that this caused, Patinkin gracefully declined to replace Onaodowan. Also as a result of the racist pile-on, the show will now be closing September 3. This is just stupid. This is how it works for producers...their job to get butts in the seats to make money for their investors and to be able to pay the cast/crew/ushers etc. for as long as they can. Onaodowan was not doing that so they decided to do what producers have done since the beginning of time....GET A REALLY BIG SUPERDUPER LEGENDARY BROADWAY STAR LIKE MANDY PATINKIN TO FILL THE SEATS!!!! They didn't realize that once you replace a white actor with a black actor, you can never go back to a white actor even if it's FREAKIN' MANDY PATINKIN!!!

Anyway, what are you thinking? Are you digging your fall-out shelter yet? I hear you can buy one on Amazon. [And for AmazonPrime members shipping is free!]
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Social Justice Whiners Update

Call them Social Justice Whiners, call them snowflakes, call them worthless losers... let's talk about them.

(1) Lena Dunham caught lying... again. You all know Lena Dunham. She's the leftist turd behind "Girls." She's also the person who got caught lying about being raped in college. Well, she's at it again. The other day she started tweeting how she was walking through the airport and she heard two American Airlines flight attendants saying "trans-phobia" stuff. She even posted her attempt to contact American Airlines, who promised to investigate.

Well, it turns out that the last American Airlines flight was two hours before this supposed incident and all their crews had left the airport. What's more, Dunham was in the Delta terminal, where American crews don't go. Said differently, Dunham lied.

This is becoming a trend among the SJW. They lie and invent incidents to stir up the pot. Waitresses who falsely claim to get racial slurs written on receipts. Gay bloggers who claim to get hate mail which they themselves wrote. Remember the anti-gay cake Whole Foods supposedly decorated? Blacks who claim to be roughed up by the cops until police video show them to be the aggressors. Note for the record that Leslie Jones never did follow up on her very public, very vague, very convenient claims that the Ritz Carlton acted in a racist manner toward her. There was another woman caught making a false rape allegation at a college. This time at USC. That follows a series of false rape allegations exposed. As near as I can tell, almost every incident the SWJ's complain about is a lie.

(2) The black eyes continue for the leftist journalists pimping for Colin Kaepernick. The leftist media was pushing for him to be signed by Miami, until they remembered he praised Castro. So they pushed for Baltimore to hire him. They argued that he was a "top 10" quarterback... a total joke, and dismissed what he did as just "protested injustice." And they swore that he wouldn't protest during the year if he was playing. How can you haters not hire him? And then his girlfriend called the Raven's owner a "slave owner" and Ray Lewis his "house n*gger." Oddly, none of these journalists have mentioned this, but they stopped talking about Baltimore.

Aside from the journalists, the message the NFL is sending is becoming clear. NFL thug Richard Sherman pointed out that the reason Colin K. doesn't have a job is that this is the NFL telling black players, "Boy stay in your place." But the reality is different. The NFL is making it clear they won't take anti-white, anti-cop, anti-military, anti-American comments that have offended the public. Of course, the leftists making these comments are outraged by this as they think they have the right to make such comments without consequence, but the NFL is showing that not to be true. The public strikes back. And the comments show that the public has remained 10-1 in support of punishing these people.

(3) In fact, let's talk about the public. What does the public really think? Right now, the internet, Hollywood and the MSM are jammed with one agenda: the "don't judge" agenda. Whenever they run across someone who is breaking some social taboo, they all jump on the bandwagon and scream "don't judge" and try to convince you that everyone now accepts these people. The problem is that the public isn't buying it:
(i) Whenever Kaepernick and his anit-white anti-Americanism comes up, the comments are consistently 10-1 against him.

(ii) There was an article (LINK) the other day explaining how little boys should be allowed to wear dresses and we must not make fun of them. Most comments called this "child abuse" and the public went about 10-1 in favor of the commenters over the author. By the way, despite the push by the SJW to make cross-genderism seem normal and ubiquitous, the expert in the article noted that only 2% to 7% of people fall into this category according to various studies.

(iii) There was an article about a plea by a child for us not to judge his mommie just because she's covered in tattoos like a Mexican gang. Specifically, this little kiddie used the word "work ethic" and informed us that the fact its mom has tattoos doesn't affect her work ethic. Big concept for a little child, isn't it? (Note that you would not use a child as a prop to make this plea if you had a legitimate argument to present.) Anyways, this article ran wild with the internet SJW crowd and we were told not to judge people with tattoos anymore... but the comments were 8-1 against the mother.

(iv) The percentage of people who thought the Redskins' name was racist never got above 12%, forcing leftist journalists to whine "well, that's still a lot of people!" That's 9-1 against the CryRacism crowd.

(v) Bruce Willis has remade Death Wish and the left is aghast! "Tone deaf!" and "how dare they make a movie now about a white man hunting black men!" Waahhhh. The comments are 10-1 in favor of the movie and against the critics.

(vi) The "body positive movement" (although movement is a misnomer), a collection of fat ugly women with tattoos who want to change society's norms so that they are seen as beautiful, is failing to get off the ground... or couch. They want men to like fat women and hate thin women. This week some dude posted an instagram post in which he said he liked his curvy wife. Hurray, right? Wrong. This met with absolutely hate from the BPMs who are outraged that "Guy likes curvy woman* 16,667 favs, national news. Curvy woman likes herself* 12 favs, 48 people in your mentions talking about diabetes." There were a lot nastier posts as well. Anyways, the comments in response have been running abut 90 to 2 laughing off this complaint.

(v) "I'm in an open marriage" - 10-1 against. Public breast feeding - 14-1 against.
Are you noticing a common thread?

Oh and think about this. Newsweek is reporting on a poll about Black Lives Matter. Apparently, 57% of voters have a negative view of BLM. Shocking! Only 43% had a positive view... Democrats. That's 6-4 (though Newsweek misleadingly calls this "a slight majority" and also called "Blue Lives Matter" a race group). Take blacks out and the number rises to 65% v. 35%. And of course, you know the poll is probably 10-15% biased toward the left. So you're probably really looking at 7-3 or higher.

How about this... Detroit about the unexplained deaths of three black men which started the Detroit riots of 1967 -- which the film of course blames on racist cops -- scored only $7.6 million this weekend against a production budget of $34 million (second lowest opening this year), despite having big names in the cast and Kathryn Bigelow directing. As an aside, you know this is political because the producer said, "We stand behind the message of the film. I don’t think it’s just measured by performance only." Oh yes, it is. The 2015 anti-NFL movie Concussion made only $48.6 million against a budget of $57 million, despite a lot of big names including Will Smith. Atomic Blonde, the film billing itself as the female James Bond and starring several big names flopped with $42 million against a $31 million budget. Micheal Moore's anti-Trump film collected only $149,000 in 2016. Did you know that Al Gore's "monster hit" Inconvenient Truth made only $49.8 million? His sequel has made only $1.1 million. So apparently, no one is seeing liberal movies. $49 million, the apparent ceiling on these films, translates into about six million people, or 1.8% of the population.

So what does all of this mean? It seems that even as the internet and MSM are packed with this cascade of stories promoting SJWism and attacking normal morality and social norms, the public isn't buying it. The public remains between 8-1 and 10-1 opposed. Said differently, they are failing big time. Their ideas just don't sell beyond their ranks.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017


Just some things I saw in the news that I thought were worth pondering.

● So apparently, it's sexism that Ian Ziering was paid almost $375,000 more to do the Sharknado films than his co-starette Tara Reid. My first thought was, isn't the real crime that either got paid? My second thought was, yes. I concur. I think it's time that Hollywood pay all the actors in a film the exact same amount of money. It's only fair and it's the only way to stop any future -isms.

● According to Brandi Glanville (who?), Joanna Kruppa (who?) is "a cheater with a smelly vagina." So watch out if you go near the thing. Whoa! Hold on! Why is this making news??? Ok, I take back everything I said the other day about the world getting better. The human race sucks... at least the white trash part of it and the media that glorifies them.

● Ok, this is serious. I read an interesting analysis (which I believe was credible) of why the Russians are a paper tiger. Apparently, through various business closings and the such, they've all but lost the ability to make the chemicals needed to produce ammunition. The effects of this have been periodic shortages in Syria, where the Russian war machine has simply run out of things that go boom. This means that if they invaded the West, they would be out of ammo before they tasted their first Polish sausage.

● Poor Bill Shatner just ran into the SJW tempest. Shatner is a Jew whose family escaped some of the anti-Jew festivities in Eastern Europe around the time of Hitler and who has spent much of his life talking about equality and freedom and all the things baby boomer liberals think they invented. This week, he made the comment that the Social Justice Warriors cannot be compared to "those who demanded social reform in the 60's." Ah Boomerism, thy name is HUGE F*CKING EGOS! Anyways, the SJW's went ape-kaka. They started posting articles claiming that Shatner is a racist, a member of the Alt-Right, and a fascist. They are posting pictures of him in a Nazi uniform and posting truly insulting things about him. The lesson... the SJW are hateful little creatures who cannot tell friend from foe.

● Seven Baltimore cops got caught on body cams planting drugs on a suspect. This is after another Baltimore cop got caught doing the same thing. First, these guys are too stupid to be cops. Seriously, did you not notice the cameras you pinned to your own shirts dipsh*ts?! Trust me, the profession is better off without these people. Secondly, there is no shortage of drug dealers in Baltimore, so why do they need to plant evidence on one of the few innocent people in town?

● HBO has been hacked like Sony before it. We have no idea who did this, but I blame the North Koreans... or Trump... or a North Korean who looks like Trump. Either way, we have bought this data for three tacos and some uranium, and we will start releasing it soon. Here's a small taste. This is from HBO's CEO: "People are too stupid to notice we only run seven movies over and over all month."

● Oh and suddenly "sex bots" are all the rage, as are articles asking if you should use one. I don't know. I guess my first question is, how are they cleaning these things? Is there like some sort of special cleaning kit....

There may be a film article today, by the way. It might get the taste of the last one out of your brain.
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Ode To Bread-n-Butter

I spent the better part of the afternoon doubled over in laughter. It is amazing that there are people actually writing for major media organizations who have no concept of what happens outside their own little bubbles. Here is a perfect example. Oh, and there will be a test, so pay attention:

The following article was published in the New York Times on August 1 and hit my Twitter feed in the early afternoon thanks to our very own Tryanmax:

Ode To the Buttered Roll, That New York Lifeline
- written by Sadie Stein, New York Times Food writer

I gotta tell ya', I haven't laughed this hard in a long time especially when I read this. Ms. Stein wrote these words in all seriousness and then it appeared in the NYT:
Though of course bread and butter are eaten all over, the buttered roll (or roll with butter, as it is known in parts of New Jersey) is a distinctly local phenomenon. Mention its name outside the New York metropolitan area and you would very likely be met with blank incomprehension.
And oh, this wasn't satire. I had just gotten passed the "buttered roll/roll with butter" explanation when the next part of that paragraph just made I laughed so hard I couldn't breath. I understand that you poor, unedumacated flyover people have NO idea what a buttered roll/roll with butter was before reading this.

And just to make sure that you can, I mean have read the article, let's take a test:

1. Did you know what a buttered roll/roll with butter was before you read the article?

2. Do you know how to put "butter" on "a roll"?

3. The photo is of a "kaiser roll". Can you find this in your area?

4. What is the price of a pound of butter in your area? [Seriously, I am curious for personal reasons]

Because I know some of you don't have the great, good fortune of living in the "New York Metropolitan area" as I do, I am sure your answer to Question #2 has to be "No". Fortunately for you, there are videos on YouTube that will explain how to place butter on a roll in great detail. WARNING: Use caution because you can do seriously harm to yourself and those around you.

And PLEASE do not come to the "New York Metropolitan area" without learning this skill. Otherwise we will be obligated to point and laugh.

Actually, It was fun reading all of the counter-tweets to this article including the "How-To" on buttering a roll. And it had the extra added bonus of not having the word "Trump" in any of part of it!
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Good Times

I ran across some people lamenting how the country was falling apart today. That's utter crap. And I thought I would share this thought...

Since the end of World War II at least (and in many ways even longer before that), the human race has been on a long, slow march toward greater freedom, greater innovation and greater achievement. This has resulted in growing freedom, prosperity and health worldwide. Are there hiccups? Sure. But when people worry about obesity being an epidemic or whether healthcare should be free or not rather than the black death, starvation, slavery, and rampaging hoards... those are pretty good times.

There is science going on right now that could extend human life and health for decades. He died at 80! So young? We are more capable than ever of doing what we do without damaging the Earth in the process. We have clean water... clean air and increasingly cleaner fuel. Isn't there a pill for that?

Despite what our political classes say, ethnicity and race are all becoming irrelevant to daily life for most people. We are increasingly free to be who we want to be. Our poor are wealthy by world standards, and world standards are rising. They own cars, appliances, apartments, phones and designer brands. Economic fate is being replaced by opportunity and mobility goes to all who work hard enough and smart enough to seize those opportunities. Poverty has become a choice.

Our military is unrivaled, safer than ever, and a force for peace. Our enemies are paper tigers.

The world has never been this peaceful, this prosperous or this stable. We are awash in choices, possibilities, tools and toys. Most importantly, health, wealth and happiness have become a choice, not an accident of birth.

These are not times to feel negative.

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