Friday, March 25, 2022

Bidenisms En Mass

We used to have a list of Bidenisms, like when he told the wheelchair bound guy to "stand up" or he said you had to speak Indian to visit a 7-11. Remember when he stole Neil Kinnock's life story as his own? Those were the days. These days, the Bidenisms come so fast and furiously we could never keep up. In just the past few days alone, Biden has said...

• "I'm Irish, but I'm not stupid." Because Irish people are stupid.

• "If the Russians use chemical weapons, so will we." Uh... no. That's not something we do. We talk about appropriate responses.

• To keep us calm and avoid a general panic, he told there are food shortages coming and "it's going to be real." Make sure you snap up 15 packages of toilet paper RIGHT NOW!

• Today he said US troops would be sent to the Ukraine. He even told them the horrors they were going to see, like old women standing in front of tanks with machine guns, like in Tienanmen Square. His PR team is scrambling to tell everyone we are NOT repeat NOT sending troops to Ukraine.

• Of the Declaration of Independence, he said: "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all women and men are created equal. Sounds corny, it's the truth of who we are." So the idea that men and women are equal is "corny." Feminists must love that.

• He told the 89th Airborne "Don't jump. You guys are used to jumping. Don't jump." Might I offer, "Don't gaffe"?

• He couldn't remember the name of his Secretary of Defense: "I want to thank Sec-, the former general, I keep calling him 'General.' My - the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he's done." That would be Lloyd Austin and that outfit is called the Defense Department. But then, he also has called Kamala Harris the President Harris... a couple of times. You'd think he'd know who the President is, right? Of course, he's also called her "the First Lady," which is someone else he probably should know.

• In his State of the Union he said Putin would never win the hearts of the "Iranian people" by invading Ukraine... that one was even written for him and he blew it... he. just. needed. to. read. it.

We are in capable hands indeed.
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Thursday, March 17, 2022

I'm Still Here!

Howdy folks. I'm still here. I got locked out of my account because it didn't recognize my password. But now I'm back. I will post articles this weekend. In the meantime... here are some impossible things your liberal neighbors now believe.

There is no crime wave. All those murders, attempted murders, robberies and looting you saw in all those woke cities DID. NOT. HAPPEN. All those racist white supremacists looking to recall woke District Attorneys in hate-filled conservative places like San Francisco, Phili and NYC, are just white supremacists. The real crime wave is in white Republican suburbs.

Inflation did not exist until Putin/Trump invaded the Ukraine. There was no inflation before that. Forget that last year was the worst inflation since 1981. It's all Putin's fault.

Joe Biden is not down in the polls. His numbers are perfectly normal for Presidents... just look at Trump, Obama, and Carter. He's almost as popular as each of them was.

Only Republicans gerrymander. Illinois just naturally goes 14-3 Democrat. Maryland naturally goes 8-0 Democratic. New York naturally swings 22-5 Dem. Then there's Oregon at 5-1 Dem and New Mexico 3-0 Dem. Funny how that happens. Yet, a 24-14 Republican advantage in Texas is the greatest threat to Democracy ever... EVER

Big tech had no choice but to do the bidding of Putin, just as they are forced to do the bidding of China now. They are blameless and holy.

Harris is not hysterically stupid. Everybody laughs at refuge crises... and out of control inflation... and tells poor people suffering from gas prices to "let them buy Teslas." Nor is she bleeding staff. It's historically normal to be down to one original staffer at this point.

Ok, that's enough. I can't take any more. Anyways, I will write more this weekend. Believe it or not, we are at war with China, but Ukraine just postponed the shooting. And I'm working on some fun articles about the lack of self awareness of Democrats and progressivism being a false religion premised on provably wrong idea.

How are you all doing?
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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Quick Update

A couple quick updates...

● First, on Ukraine. I'm reading some fascinating things about Russian lack of competence:
● The Russian Air Force should easily have gained air superiority and should be targeting the Ukrainians with impunity. Instead, the RusAF is barely there. Why? I've read lots of theories, but the most interesting comes from a British think tank, which credibly shot down (no pun intended) all the other theories and then explained that the Russians simply have no experience with complex air operations. They've fought in twos or sometimes fours wherever they've fought. They've never done a large air operation. They get few practice hours (flight time) and when they do, they practice in very sterile environments usually involving small choreographed engagements and not involving ground support, they don't have ground simulators to train on, and they don't have structured air command centers like NATO does to coordinate. Said differently, they don't know how to conduct an air war except to send in small sorties, which is what they are doing... and that cannot control the skies. Fascinating. The already paper tiger RusAF turned out to be tissue paper.

● The big 40-mile convoy (should be code named "5 Eminem", for those in the know) is apparently stopped because they are out of fuel and food. Their logistics are a joke. Even worse, the troops have started leaving their vehicles because it's too risky to sit there and are camping in the woods... meaning they are effectively disbanded. What an indictment of their military.

● I don't understand how people don't get that imposing a no-fly zone would start World War III, which we would win easily, causing Putin to fire missiles. Some lines you can't cross. Biden is honestly showing the correct restraint here.

● I'm seeing a fascinating assortment of important people starting to walk away (resignations, letters of protest, civil disobedience) in Russia and Belarus. Some of these are VIPs, like Oligarchs, government ministers, and generals. This feels like dominoes starting to tip. I guess we'll see.

● If you're going to take a celebrity captive to hold as a hostage, Mr. Putin, might I recommend NOT picking a WNBA player. No one is going to miss a WNBA player. Take a Kardashian next time. As an aside, Madame Pothead is not the first such hostage either. Putin is holding two Marines for over a year now.

● So much for Russia's new tanks being a "wake up" call for the American military. I love how analysts always build up Russian hardware... until someone actually tries to use that garbage.

● Question to Google: will you still be helping the Chinese censor the internet?

● Yeah, it's technically a war crime to parade enemy soldiers before a camera, but Ukraine is pretty brilliantly mixing it with letting them call home. That's a first in war, I believe. Hilariously, they established a hotline for Russian mothers to call to ask if their sons have been captured. That's going to cause CHAOS in Russia. It's also a huge intelligence source. These Ukrainians are wily!
● Secondly, the "People's Convoy" is making a mistake going through with their protest. In times of war, especially one as anxious as this, you don't throw up an unrelated protest. The optics are terrible. Also, this is old news -- too late to resonate. Moreover, add in that pretty much everyone is switching sides on Covid and this feels like petulance. It will play well on Fox though.

● Larsa Pippen (which sounds like a skin condition) did not have a butt lift. What a relief. Thank you national news for sharing that with us.

● I have a treat coming for you this week. I read this hilarious schadenfreude article about liberals living in rural America. I'll dissect it for you in a few days.

● Heady days in Denver. A box of human heads have been stolen. Words fail me. I wonder where they were headed when the box was stolen and who gave the thieves the heads up about the box. I also wonder how they got it in their heads to steal this box. One thing is for sure, heads are gonna rule.
Hopefully, the cops at headquarters make some headway on this fast... some people are going to need those back.

Good luck to us all.
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Thursday, March 3, 2022

The Lessons of Texas

Texas just had a primary and some interesting things have come out of it.

● The MAGA people got beat. This is significant. The Texas Republican Party aims right, yee haw! And yet, the MAGA people lost to the establishment. One guy, Dan Crenshaw had accused some on the right of being grifters, but won easily. Another who was endorsed by jackass Marjorie Greene couldn't even force a runoff. This is a hint that Trump's power is waning and crazy is on the way out... except at CPAC.

● Some will argue that some of Trump's endorsees did win, but those are actually people who were going to win anyways -- like the Governor. So Trump just front-ran his endorsements.

● There has been a seismic shift going on with Hispanics leaving the Democrats. There are lots of reasons for this, which I will explain in another article. For now, suffice it to say that the left-Media has refused to believe this until Trump scored more Hispanics his second time than his first. They were flabbergasted. How could this be? Republicans are... racists! Well, the great migration continues. There are vast numbers of Hispanics suddenly switching to the Republican Party in rural areas, even elected officials. What's more, depending on how the runoffs go, there could be as many as 8 female Hispanics running as Republicans for the House in Texas this year. That would be earth shattering if it happened.

● Speaking of Hispanics, the core problem Democrats have with Hispanics is that they see them as illegals who want welfare but these people see themselves as Americans who want the American dream. Even worse, a lot of conservative ideology comes naturally to Hispanics. Yet, in a couple key races, it looks like hard-core progressives are replacing conservative Hispanic democrats (like Cisneros possibly beating Cuellar). That's the sort of thing which makes the transplant white San Franciscans in those areas all giddy in their Teslas but will accelerate the brown-flight problem the Democrats are having.

● Speaking of those progressives, progressives did rather well in the primaries. Some of these will translate into progressives getting more House seats because the districts are nearly pure blue. This is a problem for Democrats. The Democrats have been two parties for some time now. They have a veneer of moderates who are often "safe" white guys, like Biden or Harry Reid, who try to come across as not-at-all socialist, race-obsessed, gender-obsessed crazies ("how could a gun-owning, Mormon farmer like Harry Reid be anything but moderate?"). But underneath, the party has become the party of angry single women and angry blacks who are tired of hiding in the shadows. The more female and minority progressives they get into power, the greater the demand will be to cast off the veneer. When that happens, the Democrats are doomed. But it's coming, and elections like this bring it closer.

● There's another Bush. F*CK

● Beto O'Rourke is back. Ha ha. His campaigns have flamed out because he's lazy, undisciplined, and just doesn't understand that trying to be hip does not a candidate make.

● With Texas Republicans merging with the KKK and passing the Kill Any Minority Who Tries To Vote Law (I think that's what the New York Times called it), it was expected that only whites would vote this time and, thus, voter numbers would drop. But Hispanics proved wily and found a way to present identification. Comparable voter turnout increased by around 300,000 votes. Imagine that.

Thoughts, pardner?
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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

State of Biden's Union

As an aside, I didn't watch the State of the Union address. I don't like listening to liars and fools. From what I've seen though:

1. He's planning to cut costs... which is beyond his power. Pretend fix.

2. He's going to cut costs by having us buy American products, which would actually increase costs... and can't be done because the things we buy aren't made here. Pretend fix.

3. He's renamed his failed BBB bill.

4. He's "coming for Putin and the Oligarchs" - the kind hyperbolic not-true rhetoric which sets off crazy people... like Putin who is sitting in a cave fingering the big red button. Nice move, fool.

5. He's got the back of trans-kids. He does seem to like sniffing from the back, so I guess that's true. Gross.

6. RACISM. 'nuff said. Spread hate!

7. And he's not Trump... or is that the dementia talking?

Did I miss anything?
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More Ukraine Thoughts

I'll get off the Ukraine topic soon, but I find myself amazed. The Ukrainian people are just inspired. Every time I turn around, there is some group of them standing in front of a tank, a soldier sacrificing his life for his colleagues, or a group stoically flipping the bird at impossible odds. They've called them the DIY army because everyone is helping out in every way they can. This is the human spirit at its highest point. I am thankful I have been alive to witness this.

That said, there are others...
● A "star" from Dancing With The Stars is in the Ukraine. The big b*tch has been updating people by twitter as he flees with the women and children, telling us how traumatized he is. What a shameful display of narcissism and cowardice. If you're going to run away as women and children and old men defend your country, at least have the good taste not to whine about how hard it's been on you. And maybe step on a mine or something.

● Our political class look like a bunch of spoiled children as they sling mud at each other and squeal how all the others are sissies... just sissies. "Do you know what I do with Putin if I were in charge?" I don't know, does it involve knee pads? Now is not the time for politics, and yet we have Trumpers slapping at everyone, Bernie's commune blaming the US, the race baiters looking for racism, and Biden doing his fake tough-guy squint. I hate that. It shows he thinks this is all a game. Apparently, the fact that good people are needlessly dying and the world is threatened isn't reason enough for this group to stop bickering and whining about pet peeves. It's kind of surreal and sickening.

● All the celebrities claiming they "stand with Ukraine" remind me how eagerly celebrities exploit crises with empty gestures.

● Guilty companies are now virtue signalling by loudly dropping the investments they made in Putin's war machine.
Elon Musk impresses me though. Yes, I hate Tesla drivers. But Musk seems to be a practical guy willing to do what's right. In this case, he's helping keep the internet running in the Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian government. Canada stepped up too. While the rest of the world was trying to figure out how to sanction Russia without it costing them anything, Canada flat out cancelled all exports (in particular including $720 million in minerals and aircraft parts) and banned Russian planes from their airspace. Good for them! There are a lot of brave people in Russia too. Officials signing letters of opposition. People protesting. Apparently some military officers have been shot for opposing the plan. These people have taken real risks to do this because Putin is a monster. That is speaking truth to real power. Let's not forget them.

I think now, this war is turning against Putin. I think his army and band of hired thugs will be defeated on the ground because they lack supplies, munitions and morale. There are some things that worry me though:
● I am worried that Putin is considering a nuclear strike. It fits his worldview, especially with reports that the Russian security forces are betraying him in increasing numbers -- apparently Russian security has been feeding information to the Ukrainians. For a definitional-paranoid like a dictator, to feel that he's surrounded by disloyalty has historically led to apocalyptic actions. And the mere fact Putin has made the threat of using nuclear weapons is so far beyond what is acceptable that I think we can no longer know his limits or assume he is rational.

● Even if we get through this unscathed, I worry that "the establishment" will now have a fetish for using sanctions against people it doesn't like. Forget that Putin is as close to Hitler as you can get, making this a truly special case, these people will see the usefulness of this and will start aiming for leaders who don't submit to their peeves.

● I also think this has proven that American hardware and American soldiers are in such a special class (Russia was supposedly pretty close to our level after 10 years of modernization and training) that this will make China rethink its strategy. A rational China would move toward conciliation. But that's not China. I think they look for something evil and more effective to stand up to us. That worries me.
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