Saturday, March 28, 2020

Completely Unrelated To Anything... Or Maybe Everything?

I know a lot of you are still reeling from the Tom Brady news and the fact you can't escape the coverage, so I thought I would give you something else to think about. This is good.

Check out this photo:

What does it look like to you?

Actually, it's not. This is a photograph of the universe. This photo shows what are called galaxy filaments. They are the largest known structures in the universe and what they basically are is normal matter that is attracted to web-like strings of dark matter which run between galaxy clusters. Think of them as things that connect all the galaxies in the universe.

Why is this interesting? Well, check out this image:

This is active neurons in the human brain.

See any similarity? Indeed you do, right?

Now, this is obviously all speculation, but I find it fascinating that when you take an image of the energy in the universe, you get an image that is, essentially, identical to an image of the human brain. Coincidence? Most likely, though things like the golden spiral suggest that the universe uses the same building techniques at all levels, from galaxies to disease spread patterns to the construction of the human body. So it seems to me that at least there is the suggestion that our minds are built the same way as the universe builds itself.

Even more interesting to me is the question of function. Why is the universe built this way? I wonder if the image we are seeing isn't a bit of insight into what created the universe. Could the universe be a single thing, like a giant brain? If so, perhaps the universe is nothing more than the brain of God, and we've now seen it... we're a part of it.

This is just guesswork, obviously, based on scant evidence, even less knowledge, and perhaps the human flaw to see form in chaos and shapes in static, but it definitely makes me think. Wouldn't it be interesting if the answer to the question "is there a God" is yes, God is the universe, the universe is God, and we are a physical part of it like an electron running across a neuron. That's kind of a cool idea, if you ask me.

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Friday, March 27, 2020


Yo. Some updates for the few of you who are still alive.

● The "experts" are now predicting as many as 80,000 deaths in the US!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! Of course, they had been predicting 20,000,000 until someone bid them up to 40,000,000, so take anything they say with a grain of salt. I'm not good at regression analysis or I would figure it out for you.

Either way, keep in mind, even if this does happen, it takes about 11.5 days on average for 80,000 to die in the US. This will happen over 6-9 months... if it happens. That's 180-270 days, meaning 1.2 million to 1.9 million people will die in the meantime.

● I hope everyone saw my warning on the stimulus money. Let me repeat it here:

Pay attention to the income limits for the stimulus money. They're actually low if you live in a big city and on the coasts. BUT... you can manipulate your income.

The income they will use is your 2019 income if you have already filed your taxes. Otherwise, they will use your 2018 taxes. You can delay your 2019 taxes until July, if need be. The checks will come in May.

If this applies to you, look into it!

● Signs that things are returning to normal. (1) The NBA is floating the idea of starting games again in May, (2) the NFL will go forward with the draft in three weeks, (3) our local school district is right now planning to reopen in three weeks, (4) the Europeans are coming up with a joint plan to reopen (because sheep hold hands), (5) China is opening already, and (6) not a thing closed after our governor issued his hide under the bed order.

● Apparently, essential people need paperwork now to be out and about in Colorado... the rest of us just lie and give a "valid" reason. "I'm waking my dog at the grocery store, beatch." That's good enough lol! And McDonalds is still open.

● For the love of God and your sanity, stop reading the Daily Mail. They are worse than a horror fiction magazine. It's like a tabloid dedicated to making you think the world is ending. Not a thing they report is accurate or relevant or not stretched to the point of ridiculousness. I think my personal favorite was "Italians trapped in apartments with dead bodies." Ignore them, you'll be happier. I would ignore the experts too, they're no better.

● When this is all over, someone should make a study of the human need to enforce herd dogma. It might be very interesting. Who says this is a zombieless apocalypse?
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 437 of the Great Zombie-less Apocalypse

Hola, everyone. Just some quick thoughts today.

● Our attention seeking governor has ordered a "hide under your bed" order as of 6 am this morning. As far as I can tell, he wants to make sure that the restaurant industry is good and dead. There really was no other reason to do that as there was very little social contact going on out there. He's a turd, but people are stupid, so I guess it's a perfect marriage.

● We'd heard at the beginning of this silliness that vitamin C was good for staving off the deathvirus. So we've been taking C. After all, it's good for you even without a deathvirus stalking you. Now the word has gotten out through the news that New York City is treating people with Vitamin C... and the locusts have descended on the vitamin C aisle. If you can get some, I recommend taking some. They are doing 1,000 mg 4 times a day for people who have it, but I suspect 1,000 mg a day is enough to protect you.

● Our eldest is unbelievable happy. She's an introvert and this is her ideal world -- a world where you aren't expected to go anywhere or meet anyone. That said, many of her fellow introvert friends are starting to get stir crazy. Our youngest, who is a massive extrovert, is ready to eat through the walls to get outside. I've been teaching her to drive to take her mind off of things, but Governor Shithead's cower at home order has put an end to that.

● The Democrats are really regretting the choice of Biden right now. Look for a huge push to replace Biden with Cuomo. Cuomo knows how to look busy in a crisis. Joe... Joe's an idiot. Surprise.

● I hope you are all well.

How's it going?
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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dogma and Heresy

One of the criticisms brought by the left since the 1980s of religious people is that they are supposedly dogmatic and intolerant, believing that their articles of faith, rather than being unproveable beliefs, are instead matters of undeniable truth and that anyone not accepting those beliefs must be destroyed. For 99% of religious people, this has always been a ludicrously unfair criticism. Sure, a handful of them are intolerant and hateful, but for the vast, vast majority, religion is a good thing that guides them to being better people.

Why discuss this now?

Ironically, the left has always emulated that 1% of intolerant and hateful "Christians" that they like to use as a smear toward all Christians. We see this all the time. Global warming, for example, is treated as a religion, not a science. Dissent and study is not allowed, only faith. But even more to the point, they take this faith as ULTIMATE UNDENIABLE TRUTH and they want the deniers destroyed. And Global warming is not alone. Most of their most cherished beliefs are essentially superstition and dogma with no proof whatsoever or dogma in the face of strong evidence to the contrary. And there's always insults and anger aimed at anyone who doesn't share the faith. Now we have the blessed Virus and whoa betide anyone who doesn't get on their knees and pray accordingly.

Indeed, as I glance through "news" cites, all I see are prophetic arguments telling things any rational person would know to be untrue. Just do the math and you will see that nothing the experts are selling is even credible. Yet, it's proclaimed as true and we are warned that you better believe it... or Virus will get us. Then, next to the "news" articles are article after article that reek of morality tales premised on the worst kind of mislogic. I'm talking about the constant string of hostage-like confessional videos where some person claims that they hath sinned by denying the Virus and now... oh now, the wrath of VIRUS has come down on them and they are lamenting their former foolishness! Repent now, brother. We have the mother cursing to the Gods that her child got sick when all you sinners told us children could not get sick!! (No on said that.) We have hate-filled tirades aimed at "deniers" and the selfish!! Let us hope Virus gets you! We have wrath articles. Did you know that sinner Harvey Weinstein has been brought low by Virus? Of course he has because Virus is good and it metes out justice. All praise the wisdom of Virus. And don't worry about feeling bad about wishing ill on other people because all duties of humanity are waived when it comes to heretics. Destroy their stores. Curse them out. Wish them death. You are on the right side of Virus, it is no sin to hate in the name of Virus.

I look at liberals and I see the sickness that lurks deep inside humanity. I see how jealous haters could lead a community to burn witches, how jealous true-believers could lead a rational, civilized people to round up and kill six million Jews. I see how easy it was to work for the Stasi, to name the enemies of the state and send them to the gulag and to murder an untold number of Chinese neighbors because. they. didn't. believe. like. I. do. Right now, liberals are acting like their worst caricature of the "Religious Right" and then some. They are acting in ways that would make people scream "fake" if you put it in a book. And the irony is that they think they are hating in the name of science and rational behavior. They think their hate is pure and good. They're even writing articles now about why hoarding is a blessed act... despite the fact it's irrational conduct that hurts other innocent people and leaves the sick and vulnerable even more sick and vulnerable. F*ck thy neighbor. The Virus wants it that way.

Times like these are the moments that have slowly taught me that there is something fundamentally wrong with liberals. As humans, they know the right words to speak to name the virtues, but they are creatures of pure wretchedness. Their economic philosophy is premised on spite and envy. Their humanity is tribal. Their belief in science is superstition and magic. Their tolerance of genuine diversity is as xenophobic as the worst supremacist. Their compassion is theft mixed with hate. They are bad people.

Unfortunately, history has shown that they are incapable of self-reflection. They justify their own sins with blindness and hypocrisy worse than the worse alcoholic. And in the rare occasion where they admit that something went wrong, they blame the ephemeral human nature or a small group of leaders or they project their crapulence on their enemies, as they will do this time too. This Virus makes me sad because it again exposes the evil that lurks in human souls. I wish some liberal leader would step up and hold up a mirror to all of this. But that's not happening.

In good news, the grocery shortages seem to be abating here. Yay capitalism.

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

The End is Nigh

As expected, the coronavirus has peaked and this should all be coming to an end soon... until it comes back next season. How do I know? I pay attention to how the world works.

Let's start with this premise: human beings overreact. And usually, in any sort of crisis, the moment they overreact the most, i.e. the moment of greatest human stupidity, is the moment right after the crisis has broken and things are starting to get better. This has always been true historically, it's true in stocks, it's true in all of human endeavors. We are at that point right now... peak stupidity.

We are awash in meaningless steps to prevent things that aren't happening and never will. We are awash in efforts to strike terror into nonconformists. We are seeing desperate attempts to scare healthy people with all kind of obvious lies: 20 million dead... hospitals overwhelmed... young people are at risk... your testicles will fall off!!! In fact, the media is suddenly full of youngish Quislings making hostage-like videos begging forgiveness for not drinking the KoolAid before they got sick. Oh the humanity! People who don't look or sound the least bit sick are trying to convince us "this is not the flu, it's so much worse!" Each then describes mild flu symptoms that lasted all of one week. Yawn.

Let's start with the evidence of the virus ending.

1. Only 150 people have been died in the US since January 21, and that number is barely growing. There is no exponential growth. That means it's not out of control. Look for less than 500 dead in the US by the time this is over.

2. China and Korea has been reporting a crash in the numbers of new infections. China actually reported no new infections today. No growth means it's over because that's how viruses work. They move in mathematical patterns, not randomly, and when the pattern shows a reduction it's run its course. So the virus ran from November until March with a total of 81,000 infected. So much for 200,000,000 million Americans dying. Even the streets of places like Hong Kong are filling with people again.

As an aside, the press reports these things breathlessly like they're magic: What has China done that we haven't? How do we copy them? It's called time. It's a natural process.

A couple of other points. While China had one of the highest death rates (which flies in the face of media praise of China as a place of miracles) the US death rate is around 1/4 as high, so we are handling this much better. Also, despite the crazy stupid claims that we're in trouble because we don't have socialized medicine, the places with socialized medicine (1) have high infection and death rates, and (2) are debating rationing and letting old people die despite the fact that only a tiny number of people are infected. Consider this: 0.000052 of the Italian population has been infected and they are talking about giving up on old people because they can't handle it. That's socialized medicine for you. A good herpes outbreak would collapse society. As an aside, our infection rate is half that of Italy, so again, we are doing things right.

So the burnout period, looking at China, is five months. Add in that we are handling this better (for a number of reasons, I would suggest better hygiene and more natural social distance) and I suspect our burnout period is half that, so two months tops. April... if not already.

But we all know that the real issue is not the virus. The virus is nothing. Roughly 7,700 people die in the US every day. This virus has killed 152 total since January. Yawn. The real issue is the rampant stupidity from our Chicken Littles and their panderers in the government/corporate world. They could go on forever... except the public won't let them.

Even in Italy and France, which are generally populations of sheep, young people are holding illegal parties all over the place. That is the first stage of an uprising which will overwhelm the authorities. This is how the Berlin Wall fell and how other communist regimes collapsed. This is how prohibition ended and the Civil Rights Movement prevailed... a large group of people simply stop obeying. At that point, others follow suit, opportunist politicians jump on the bandwagon and then it all collapses.

In the US, we already have the Spring Break issue, which is why we're getting so much pushback against the young. The powers that be know this will destroy the game. Even worse, the Spring breakers have no respect for what the government is doing, they are mocking it for what it is -- scared stupid people acting like retards. Disobedience is now cool. That's the kiss of death for the witch burners. Even worse, there was a poll this morning that said that 83% of the public have no intention of changing their lives. That's a HUGE number flipping the bird at the scaremongers. That suggests that all it will take is one symbolic moment and the whole house of cards collapses.

I predict this will all collapse in two weeks. The smarter governments are planning April 15th as the end of their restrictions -- even Cuomo is backing off fast on his dire predictions of nine months. I think it all starts to fall apart before that but April 15 is the outer edge.

Finally, here's another bit of interesting scaremongering... As I said, they desperately want young people to be scared, but it’s not happening. So now there are an endless series of gnashed-teeth articles screeching that young people are indeed at risk of getting sick and all dying... and their testicles becoming shaped like Richard Nixon (swear to God!!). To back this up, they released a “study” that is being reported as “infants most at risk from Conoravirus” and “young people at risk!!!” But how true is this? Well....

The study involved 2,143 cases of children in China under 18 who were suspected of having coronavirus (1/3 were confirmed, the rest were guesses, so the study is already hopelessly flawed).

Of the 2,143...
4% had no symptoms

51% had mild cold symptoms only, like fever, congestion, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue (keeping in mind that some of these, we are told, are not symptoms of the disease).

39% had moderate symptoms

6% had severe symptoms (13 needed to go on respirators)
Of those 6%, 20% were “infants.” SEE!!!! Infants are dying! Actually, only one "young" person died. He was 14 and they don't say how or why he died (99% of dead people in Italy had pre-existing conditions). Either way, 1.6% of infants who had the disease had a severe case.

Sounds risky... kind of. But let's add one more fact. This is only kids who have it. The chance of a young person getting it is so small that it cannot be measured. And of that impossibly tiny group, only 1.6% were infants with severe cases. So how dangerous is it really for them? Also, keep in mind, we know the infant death percentage: 0%. So live in fear, my friends.

To put this into perspective, by the way:

* 8,900 people have died from this worldwide since it started in November
* Roughly 7,700 people die in the US every day of other causes
* Roughly 25,000 people die in China every day

Still think we should be panicking?
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Shopping Odyssey

I spent the day shopping.

Observation: Traffic was normal. Most people were actually at work... or they died in the office and left their cars there. I guess I can't rule that out. After all, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! 8 TRILLION WILL BE INFECTED!!!

Stop 1: German bakery. Those crafty Germans smartly put everything in the back and would hand it to you in bags rather than letting sick people sift through it. Good call. Watched one German woman employee lose her mind though because they were only letting 9 people in the store at once and she was sure there were more than 9 people in the store! "You are all getting soft and vee are going to get sick because of it!" Yeah, Hitler never would have allowed more than nine people to enter at once. They have gone soft. Anyways, there were six people. But in her defense, they were all fat so maybe she double counted? We got our stuff and left.

Stop 2: Costco. They had a line, and would issue you a freshly wiped cart and put you in line. The line was about 50 people. Sounds bad, right? Actually, we marched right on inside with no stopping. I thought they were limiting the number of people in the store, but apparently it was just for exercise. They were out of eggs and milk. Sad. To their credit, they had a limit on milk of one per person, but in light of them being sold out, it was in actuality zero. They were handing out one package of TP to everyone too, so we took one. I don't actually need TP, but you never know when you may want to TP the mayor's house or burn some in an ostentatious display.

Stop 3: McDonalds. Mmmm. McGood.

Stop 4: King Soopers (Krogers in other areas). A nice elderly lady wiped my cart down after I touched it, defeating the purpose but I thanked her anyways. No reason for rudeness in the apocalypse. No lines. The store wasn't super busy, but the stock situation wasn't great. There was no brand-name bread, but plenty of store bread. There was no brand name butter but plenty of store butter. Ditto on cheese. Not sure what this tells us, but I like the King's brands so we we're fine. Then came the bad part... every single flippin' can of food was gone. If they sold it in cans, it was gone... except crab meat. They did still have pickles and olives though, so I got some of those. No eggs, no milk.

Observation: Everyone we ran into by this point thought this was all utterly ridiculous. No one was panic buying either Their carts looked like normal carts, and judging by the faces, I'm pretty sure they would have signed a petition to ruthlessly murder the f***ing retards who are panicking and causing all of this.

Stop 5: Still needing canned chicken and eggs and milk, we decided a change of tactic was in order. We went to Safeway. Safeway is generally empty as the staff is surly and the place is expensive. I figured it would be the last place the locusts would descend. I was right. Their shelves were down but not out. They had everything Kings did not... except milk and eggs. But then the clerk said they had eggs in the back, so we gave the password and he brought us some! Limit three dozen. So we got three dozen. No milk though. May have to steal a cow, or signup for milk delivery or something. Although, a source across town said her Kings has milk and TP but no eggs.

So looking at the score, we got everything we needed except milk and two things I forgot. Arg. Because of Costco, we got things we didn't need just like before the apocalypse. Since I went and not my wife, my kid got oatmeal cookies to see her through the apocalypse...which my wife cannot know about, so don't tell her.

How are things in your stretch of the barren wasteland that was one America?
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

There Is Panic In The Streets

Oh the humanity! There's panic in the streets.

People are being told to shelter in place, but nobody's listening. Schools are closed. I'm told by reliable media sources that there are riots and everyone will die. Gun stores have been emptied by panic buying, as have jersey shops. Grief counselors have been flown in by the bushel. People are literally calling this the End Times. The grief is profound. Nobody denies this.

Tom Brady has left the New England Patriots and Boston is on suicide watch.


In other news, the pot stores remain open in Colorado... of course.

I'm finding it strange. With schools closed and employees sent to work from home, so many people are needing to get used to working from home. I work at home, so this has hit me very differently. I need to get used to all these people invading my office.

As predicted, the liberals in San Francisco referred to "history" in making their decision to imprison their population. Liberals love to think of themselves in those terms. The reality though is that "history" is going to mock them as idiots for spreading mass panic and taking moronically ineffective steps and then patting themselves on the back. Personally, if I lived there, I think I would either turn terrorist for fun or go poop in the sidewalks to confuse their liberal sensitivities.

And the papers are full of how "the American Way has changed." Actually, it hasn't. Take a look at the Spring Break photos. Good for them. Similarly, I'm told from my New York sources that the reason Cuomo is talking about calling in the National Guard is that people are refusing to play along.

Tom Hanks and wife recovered. They called it a mild cold.

How you doing? The Tom Brady thing get to you yet?
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Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Day 17 of You're Killing Us All By Not Panicking!

Oy. We've reached the Nazi phase of liberal angst.

Everywhere you look, liberals are getting their self-righteous anger on for anyone or anything they view as not sufficiently dogmatic... heresy. When a liberal declares a "new way" they insist that everyone else to take the plunge with them and they are not going to accept dissenting opinions. In fact, this is why liberals think in terms of "the new normal" and "the world has fundamentally changed" and "the right side of history" in the first place, because they see their ideas a fundamental truth, not as opinions or beliefs. This ultra-herdism in action and it's a deeply ingrained strand of liberalism.

This is why you're seeing so many shrill articles right now explaining why young people really are at risk... they aren't, you're afraid of nothing. Why hoarding toilet paper makes sense... it doesn't, you liberals are assholes. Why this isn't just the flu!!!... it is. No, it's not! Did you know that //somethingsomething expert guy somewhere said that even people who are cured end up with 30% diminished lung capacity?!!! What expert. I don't know, it doesn't matter. What testing did he do? STOP DENYING THE TRUTH, CORONAVIRUS DENIER!! Another "expert" even tried to generate panic by telling the AP that it can even, actually, really cause damage to testicles. No basis for this, of course... because it can't. STOP FIGHTING ME AND DRINK THE COOL AID LIKE DID, I DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE BELIEVING THIS!!! The weekend even saw a spate of pure demonization articles with intros like "Republicans are a dangerous health hazard." Yes, yes, and we were betrayed by Jews. Got it.

Right now, the sports media is self-righteously acting like they've made some huge sacrifice by demanding that games be shut down to stop the virus. That is, of course, a placebo, and those decisions were made without any input from the agitators in the sports media, but boy are they convinced they personally saved the world. So if you don't die from coronavirus thank a sports writer Several have picked up their torches and pitchforks and are screaming that the NFL is "irresponsible" and a whole host of other standard liberal words for not shutting down free agency now. But why? This is done by fax and telephone. Which one of those spreads the virus? DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH FACTS, YOU CORONAVIRUS DENIER!!!!

This really is how liberals always get around to witch burning.

Sadly, this is also how superstitions start, so get ready for that. I heard a tiger (observation error). It was coming for me (self-bias). I panicked and smartly decided to try something. I waved chicken bones over my head. The tiger did not eat me (there was no tiger). Ergo, waving chicken bones over my head wards off tigers. This is very much how liberals understand economics and science, and when coronavirus doesn't become what they fear, they will assume that their silly "why doesn't somebody do something" measures worked. Good luck telling them otherwise too.

Speaking of stupid, Cuomo is a real douchebag. He's trying desperately to scare everyone with these weird nonsensical announcements that he uses to then attack Trump. The one (of many) that really struck me was his claim that the coronavirus issue "could last 9 months." That's fear mongering and it's also unrealistic no matter how you look at this. This thing will be around forever, not nine months, and it will have a season, just like the flu. The rise in cases will not last more than a few more weeks, but the thing is not going away then or ever. So his nine month claim is irresponsible in all directions. In fact, in nine months look for the second season of this crap to begin.

Of course, he's now demanding that Trump make other states follow his ridiculous lead of shutting down bars because so many people are getting it in bars in Kentucky and bringing it to New York. This reminds me of the 1990s when liberals convinced themselves that Virginia was the cause of gun crime in New York. That was horsepoop then and this idea that other states not committing suicide like New York are preventing New York from curing anything is horsepoop now. Just like the idea of nationwide panic is crap. The fights in stores, the images of people hoarding and empty shelves are all (surprise) coming from big liberal cities. Gee, can't imagine why. What we need is liberal control.

This raises another thought. The states doing stupid things are all the big liberal states. First, it's no wonder that they want everyone else to jump into the pool of idiocy with them. Businesses and people are going to flee those states because of their overreaction to smarter states, and the only way to prevent that is to sink all boats. It's the same way liberals always whined that socialism would work, but only if we made everyone try it. Either way, this is going to cause a deep recession, but it's going to be centered in liberal states. Texas, by comparison, is a lot less likely to be hurt by this. That's going to have interesting political consequences. We'll have to see the fallout.

So how's everybody doing?
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Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Day 7 of We’re All Going to Die!

It’s time for Coronavirus Update: Day 7 of We’re All Going to Die! So I'm reading the "news" sites and it's sickening. The fear mongering is kicking into high gear. Check out this list of articles/headlines, and tell me the theme. These all come from the Daily Mail, but other sites are equally breathless in their desire to terrorize you:

“IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE!!” Gee, that’s not incendiary and meaningless.

“Shutdown of US on the table.” Again, incendiary and meaningless.

“Brazilian President who shook Donald Trump’s hand has coronavirus!” Take your pick, either Trump is an evil spreader of this plague or we should be worried that now Trump might get sick. Either way... PANIC!!! Baaaa, our leaders are getting sick, baaaa!

“Canadian PM becomes first world leader to go into 14 day coronavirus ISOLATION as his wife tests positive!” It’s coming for all of us if we can’t even keep our leaders safe! Baaaaah. By the way, she has a “mild flu” with a “low fever.” Oh, the children... won't somebody think about the children?!

Oh my God, oh my God, Tom Hanks has coronavirus! Not a famous person! Is there no God? (He’s doing fine, by the way, as is his wife.)

Medicines taken by “thousands” to combat heart disease and diabetes could “raise the risk of DEADLY coronavirus symptoms, scientists claim.” This is total speculation without any testing, nor has it proven to be true in real life, but it brilliantly opens a whole new avenue of panic! Bravo. BTW, as with all false pitches, it's good to seem like you're underplaying the risk. That makes people feel like they discovered the real risk without your help, which invests them more strongly in the belief. These pills are taken by tens of millions, not thousands.

Coronavirus fear spreads across Europe as “millions of schoolchildren stay home”, Spain shuts down four town, and Euro Disney closes. They do understand that these are way over the top precautions, right? This isn’t because millions are sick or protesting. They aren’t going to use fire to sterilize those towns. And Disney closed for legal reasons. Oh, never mind, MILLIONS IN PANIC!!! Join the herd! Baaaaaa!!!

Six million American school children sent home! All of them sick no doubt, and they had to walk up hill both ways to get home.

Ohio has 5 cases, but could secretly have 100,000!!! (And surprisingly, no one noticed... how bad is it really? Never mind, just accept that its everywhere, even if it can’t be seen... it’s under your bed! Your friends might secretly have it!)

Celebrity wears clothes, here are pictures.

“Congress warned 150 million will be infected.” Congress gets warned about alien invasions too. Credibility... it’s a word that means nothing to reporters.

“Highways are deserted... millions of people mob stores”. Apparently, they didn’t use the highways to get to the stores though. Also, none of that is even close to true in Colorado, where it’s business as usual (except for the missing toilet paper). And reading the comments, this isn’t true anywhere else in the country either.

“American airports in chaos”
“American airports empty” (//scratches head)

Italian doctor in charge of ENTIRE WORLD RESPONSE TO CORONAVIRUS DIES!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! If a sickly 67 year old in Italy who meets with sick people can’t keep himself safe, what chance do we have? The next thing you know, the Canadian PM’s wife is going to get it!!!!

“How to talk to children about Coronavirus”. Get hand puppets. Then have the puppets read them these totally not meant to scare you headlines! The boogy man will get you!!!

“Late night hosts to shutdown shows over coronavirus fears”. You know it’s bad when it stops the late night hosts. Those guys are troopers! Of course, the fact they can broadcast from a studio without really any risk makes this a rather pathetic ploy, doesn’t it?

You get the picture. This is a perfect example of a tabloid trying to shock and terrify you with wildly overblown headlines that make mountains out of barely molehills, cherrypick the ravings of the fruitiest fruitcakes, flat out lying about facts and spinning spinning spinning. It’s indefensible.

As a final aside, liberals have returned to the internet in full speed. They are full of antiRepublican hate. They hate the fact that Republicans aren’t terrified and they, as always, turn that into “Republicans don’t care about people!” No, we’re just not retards who fall for every Chicken little moment, and we’re not willing to destroy the world in the name of doing something for the sake of doing something to placate an irrational fear.
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

We Live In A World Of Morons

Coronavirus. F*ck.

Before I begin, let me assure you that I take the Coronavirus seriously so I made sure to wipe down my keyboard before I wrote this for your safety. I'm sure you all feel better. Also, to protect a third-rate generic beer brand, I will not be calling this the "Coronavirus." There was an obvious BS poll claiming that 38% of Americans will buy less Corona beer because they associate the two names, so I will do my duty to protect the beer company and call it something else from now on.

So what shall we say about the CoronaLiteVirus? Is it dangerous? That depends. If you're old (over 50) and in ill health, it has a slightly higher chance of killing you than the flu does. If you're between 20 and 50, it sounds like the flu. For some, it's a strong flu. For some, it's a mild cold. If you're under 20, most people apparently won't even notice the symptoms. So does that make it a reason to panic? Hardly. There is no greater reason to panic over this than there is when you hear "it's going to be a hard flu season." AND YET...

Panic is in the blood of morons. And there are people who prey on panic, like media and Democrats. It's all on display now.

Let's start with the media. The media is filled with fear-monger junkies who combine their retard-grade ignorance with their get-off-on-shocking-people fetish to try to scare the crap out of people. No claim is too ridiculous to push. Some random computer scientist claims that 20 million people will die... good enough to run with it! A skeptic of the panic gets sick... rush out the "told you so" articles. I need a piece on someone who is suffering terribly! Forget the people who recovered. Always avoid the facts that kill the buzz. More people were in Chicago last weekend than have died of the conornavirus, but don't let that calm you! Almost everyone who gets it will be fine, but don't let that calm you. JUST F*CKING PANIC!! PANIC NOW B*TCHES!! NOBODY'S DOING ANYTHING!! THEY COULD SAVE YOU, BUT THEY WON'T!! IT'S UNDER YOUR BED!!

These idiots don't even educate themselves on the symptoms or how to protect yourself. Apparently, symptoms include cough, body aches, runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, low fever, high fever, diarrhea but not cough, rarely runny nose, never diarrhea, never fever. It will take 14 days, or maybe 2 or maybe 5 for the symptoms to show. In that time, you could be carrying it to everyone you know and KILLING THEM!!! Why not educate themselves? Because reporters haven't done that in years. They just spout off and if they're wrong, they're wrong.

I read this amazing article on Yahoo the other day by a doctor who wanted to debunk the idea that only old, sick people are in danger. He pointed out that he was treating "three young people who were in good health, who got it while skiing in Italy. One is in intensive care." So don't think that young people are safe you fools! That was his point over and over and the journalist not only repeated this uncritically, he buffed up this idea with all kinds of innuendo. Here's the problem though. If you read on, you eventually find this statement: "these people are in their 50s and 60s, they are young people!" No, they're not. They are exactly in the stereotype of victims. So the whole article was a fraud. Moreover, the one in ICU was in his 70s and had a pre-existing respiratory condition. The other two were fine. Again, the stereotype. This article was pure fearmongering, pure misinformation.

This is the crap the media does. They sell fear.

The Democrats are, of course, exploiting this like mad. They want sheer terror because they think people will turn to them if they are scared enough. So they are spending their time attacking Trump no matter what he does. They have no solutions themselves -- they don't actually care -- they just want to smear Trump. And their bleating followers are all screaming that somebody needs to so do something! The rallying cry of the incompetent.

Take a look at the stupid ideas governments have come up with to placate these losers. France banned gatherings of more than 7,000 people, because the virus can't affect groups of 6,999 or less. German had its doubts, so it reduced that number to 1,000 because the virus stops at 999. Washington State's democrats bid this down to 250. Of course, this is all nonsense, but it sound like "somebody's doing something!" Then Italy put in a curfew closing restaurants at 6pm, because the virus can't strike after dark apparently. Andrew Cuomo sent the national guard to a city in New York where some people have it, apparently so they can shoot it if they see it. Italy will now be shutting down all commerce because people couldn't possibly need anything from commerce and it provides another chance to spread the disease. Trump stopped travel from Europe because Europeans could be carriers, but not those from Britain because the British apparently can't carry the virus. Immigration is asking people if they are sick at airports and doing nothing if they are. The critics want them to administer a test which takes 5 days to those people before letting them into the country, which stop it spreading in those five days how? It's all for show and the fact that people accept this as meaningful just shows you how stupid the "won't somebody do something" crowd is. This is taking nail scissors from little old ladies on airplanes all over again to appease the same retards.

And in case any of them are listening, rest assured that not only did I wash my keyboard, but I'm only letting 999 people read this article at any one time. Feel safer?

Here's the tragedy. The damage these idiots are doing to the economy will kill people. Shutting down travel. Ending the NBA season. Doing the NCAA tournament without fans. Italy forcibly closing all businesses (with New York and California looking enviously on). These things will destroy millions of jobs. Small business vendors. Independent hotels. Restaurants. All the little shops that service employees and other businesses will close. They will lay people off. They have no ability to keep them on sick pay while they are closed. Many of those businesses will never reopen because they need to keep swimming or they drown... closing for a month or two will drown them. The people who lose their jobs will find no other jobs with a contracting market. What are they going to do to pay their bills? Unemployment doesn't cover your income. Many of them are contractors anyways. Welfare? Hardly. This is going to devastate the lower working class. They can't pay for rent, food or medicine, and things aren't going to recover for years. Do you think someone on welfare is going to get their heart pills? And the government is making this happen because they are afraid to be seen not doing something... not because there is any valid reason to do what they are doing.

Moreover, the disruptions will hurt people who need it. If you need a mask because you have cancer, you can't get one. Need to see a doctor for that bronchitis you just caught? Good luck getting an appointment. Supply chain disruptions are going to be a problem with things closing.

So what should the government do? It should do what Trump was doing until the Democratic smears began: giving advice. And that advice should be (1) wash your hands, don't touch your face, (2) know the symptoms, (3) if you are worried, work from home, (4) for the love of God stop panic buying toilet paper! That's it. Anything else doesn't help and only spreads panic.

Our local grocery store is doing it right. They sent out a letter explaining that they are sanitizing their stores more often, they've put out hand sanitizer everywhere, they are wiping carts a lot and they are keeping sick employees home. And if you're still worried, use the grocery pick up option. Perfect. They even put limits on certain items to prevent panic buying. Life goes on.

The truth is this: you can't stop a virus from spreading. It can live on any surface. It can float in the air. There's just nothing you can do. But there's no reason to freak out either. The government and its idiot enablers are doing it all absolutely backwards and that is going to kill people. So be afraid of them, not the virus.

As an aside, get some cash while you can. You never know how far these idiots will take things, but I can totally see us following Italy and shutting down everything... including banks.

Thoughts? Does this seem like the worst zombie movie ever to anyone?
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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Misogyny? Interesting

How did "we" get to a place in the year of the woman where two white male harassers end up the Democratic nominees? Why sexism, of course! That's what the girls are saying, and boy am I seriously enjoying the post mortem feminists are going through right now. Let's discuss.

Almost all of these women start their articles with the same premise: for the first time in history, women ran for the Presidency in this election cycle. Whoops. That's wrong. What about Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole, Carol Moseley Brown, Michele Bachman, Jill Stein, Carly Fiorinia, and like 40 more? Do these women really not know this or are they just victim-claiming? I think you know

Anyways, having lied to their audience to make the latest crop sound "brave," they quickly ask how could all these "groundbreaking" girls gets dumped before this election cycle even got hopping?! Seriously, given the #metoo movement, the resistance being founded by women, and the huge push by the women of the Democratic Party to finally throw off the shackles of penis-facades and be openly represented by women... for the first time (cough cough Hillary Clinton), how could this happen, they ask!!

The answer, they claim, is obvious: America is sexist. Yup.

Nancy Pelosi said there "is an element of misogyny" which undermines females candidates. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif, said, “The narrative that somehow women are less electable than men seems to still be an issue. It’s very disgusting really.” And pretty much every woman who has written about this has echoed those claims. Even when they admit that maybe the girls made a few tiny mistakes here and there, they were quick to say, "While she did err by [insert failure here], women are unfairly held to a higher standard when it comes to mistakes like that." Wash, rinse, repeat.

So its victim-blaming. These poor women were destined to lose because women can't win! Boo hoo hoo!

Of course, this is crap. For starters, only Democrats voted in this election as it was a primary. That means that all this sexism and misogyny these women claim held them back came from Democratic voters. Interesting, don't you think?

What's more, did you realize that 63% of Democratic primary voters were women? Uh huh. So these horrible misogynists they are complaining about are women. In fact, on Super Tuesday, Warren came in third among female voters by more than 10% behind Biden and Sanders. That means it was women who rejected these female candidates.

A couple of these writers seem aware of this, though they don't dare say so openly. Instead, they suggest that many women, knowing how sexist the world is, voted for a man because beating Trump was so important and they knew that no Republican or independent would ever vote for a woman. So they weren't sexist, they were trying to adjust for the sexism of others! But this is crap too. Only 7% of Democratic men and 18% of Democratic women held this view, so that wasn't what happened.

So why didn't the "resistance moms" help sway the field for women? That's another tragedy, say these writers. Apparently, these moms didn't know what to do, for some strange reason. That's bull too. The real answer is simpler: looking at the turnout, resistance moms didn't show up... just like I predicted. After whining "why doesn't somebody (else) do something?!" they littered their Starbucks cups on the protest ground and went home, never to be seen again. Why? Because that was a tantrum by a group who expect others to solve problems for them, and any idea that they would become a "movement" is simply wrong.

But what about #metoo? How can two harassing men be the top dogs for the nomination in the age of #metoo? Because, as I've been saying, #metoo is an illusion. It's a group of actresses who wanted to cover up the fact they slept their way into films and female journalists looking to destroy male colleagues to get their jobs, and that's it. The "movement" never really got beyond that because it immediately devolved into batshit crazy demands akin to Black Lives Matters and it collapsed. Then it got incorporated and became a fundraising mechanism.

This is why you have this strange disconnect between Democratic women wanting a woman as their nominee, but voting for men.

But still, why not support one of the girls? Because they stunk as candidates.

Consider this. None of the women ever finished above third place in eighteen contests, and even that was kind of rare. This is despite a wide variety of states, from states dominated by white professional women to blacks to white farms to cross-sections of America to their very own home states. That means they were rejected across the board by all groups. Biden swept blacks, 6 of 10. Sanders swept Hispanics 6 of 10 (Biden got 2 of 10). Sanders won 7 of 10 young people. Biden won old people 2-1. As noted above, women went for Biden and then Bernie and finally 10% lower Warren. So Warren controlled no group including women, and Amy was worse. They weren't even close. That means they were unacceptable across the board.

But why?

First, these women have no real resumes/identities. I can name the men without naming them: Billionaire Mayor, Socialist, former VP, gay dude. Except for the gay thing, those are achievements and the beef with gay Pete was his lack of achievements. But how do I do that with the girls? Amy: Senator... uh? That's nothing. Warren: Senator... uh? Neither has an identity except "woman." With Warren you add the fact that she's mostly known for lying: "I'm an Indian! I never claimed to be an Indian! I have DNA proof! I'm not elitist! My kids don't go to private schools! I drink beer from bottles!" She did help build a consumer agency, but no one knows the name of it and its relevance to people's lives is pretty much zero. Amy doesn't even have that. She sits in a room with 90 men we don't like and debates 17th Century procedures.

Then there's the personality issue. These women have the personalities of abusive school teachers. They remind you of that teacher who screwed you on a grade because she could ("I said turn it in at the beginning of class"), the one who turned you in for skipping school, the one who kept you every last second on the last day. The people the public elects are anything but that. The public likes people with an easy smile who know that when things are running well, you let people play hooky. I think the public sees value in that in two ways: (1) it suggests that the candidate has confidence if they're not afraid of a little chaos, (2) it suggests control if they can allow chaos and yet recover from it, and (3) it suggest an element of trust in the staff, which is something employees crave. Being a tight-ass suggests that the candidate is petty, controlling, scared and does not trust. These women came across as tight-asses.

Then there's the question of what they stood for. Amy stood for nothing at all. Warren stood for everything, kind of, only not as extreme as Bernie. Amy was that guest speaker who didn't prepare. Warren is that expert in some dry field who can't speak to anyone but other experts. Politics is about passion. Kennedy sold romance and youth. Reagan sold imagery of America. Clinton sold cool. Obama sold a new race-free America. Trump sold a huge middle finger to the elite. Warren? She has a statute book she'd like you to read. Female candidates rarely offer a vision and, when they do, it's often about being a woman candidate, which says nothing to the public... it only works for other women who feel oppressed by their gender.

Feminists seem to crave the wrong things. They want women candidates who build professional resumes but don't realize that achievements, not jobs, matter in politics. Oh, I see you were Undersecretary of Boring. They want women who project anger rather than confidence. "But men can do it!" they always scream as their candidates crash and burn to avoid difficult questions. The problem is they look at the bastards, the c*cksuckers, the douchbags and assume that this is acceptable conduct for men, but it's really not... it's a stereotype, but feminists are so sure they are being victimized that they delude themselves into believing the worst.

I don't think there's any reason a woman couldn't win either party's nomination. Nor do I think a woman can't be President. In fact, I suspect that the right woman would win in a landslide. The problem is that the wrong women keep running and the feminists latch onto the worst of the bunch to add insult to injury. Run a woman with a vision and achievements to back that up. Run a woman with confidence and a confident style, not one wallowing in anger and insecurity. It's really not that hard.

The left won't figure that out because they delude themselves when they lose, but they will soon start running only women -- the numbers and anger make it inevitable. Not this time, but probably by next time. In fact, look for them to pick a 2024 standard bearer soon and decide to push her no matter what.
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Monday, March 2, 2020

All Hail Joe Biden!

With Buttguy dropping out, all the math has changed. As stunning as this sounds, it really looks like Joe Biden will win the nomination and will do so without a brokered convention. Here's why.

The conventional wisdom is that Bernie is on a tear and could well end up the nominee. This was possibly true so long as the "moderates" stayed divide. But then Bernie got his ass handed to him in South Carolina exposing his own weakness. And then Buttguy dropped out, handing the moderates to Biden. Now it looks like a repeat of 2016. In fact, looking at Bernie's vote totals, despite all the press that suggested he had broken through and was the lead horse, the reality is different. Check this out. This is how Bernie did in 2016 compared to 2020:
...................... 2016 .... 2020
Iowa ............... 49.8 .... 26.5
New Hampshire ... 38 ...... 25.6
Nevada ............ 47 ...... 46.8
South Carolina .... 26 ...... 20
Bernie is down in each contest. At no point has he increased his support. Now, you can say that there are more people in the race, but that's not really relevant. There are more moderates. If Bernie maintained the same level of progressive support as last time, he should at least have equaled his score from last time. Instead, his support is actually dropping everywhere except the Nevada caucus, and as we've always said, he's a pro at caucuses.

So look for Bernie to do worse than he did in 2016. That means the moderates will exceed Hillary's total. But which moderates? With Buttguy in the race, it seems pretty clear that no one would get enough to win the nomination outright, which gave them all an incentive to stay in for the brokered convention. But with Buttguy leaving, the chance of Biden winning rises significantly which makes it harder (read: disloyal) to stay in the race. So look for Amy to definitely drop out and now I think Warren will too after she loses her home state. That leaves only Bloomberg, but he's really disliked in the party. Did you see the black church members turning their backs on him?

Anyways, Hillary beat Bernie 55%-43%. With Bernie looking weaker, expect "Moderate" to beat Bernie 60% to 40% or better. That means Biden can lose 10% to Bloomberg and still prevail outright. But there's a kicker... a lot of races require 15% or you don't get any delegates, which means that Bloomberg's 10-15% is likely to count for almost 0% of delegates. Thus, right now, I don't see how it's not Biden.

In other words, dear ladies of the Democratic Party (you are 63% of their voters), in the age of #metoo, you have chosen an old white man as your leader... a known groper and creep, who smells women's hair on stage, touches the wives of nominees inappropriately, and exploits his wife's death for political gain. A man who defended Clarence Thomas and opposed abortion for years. I guess his animal appeal was just too much for you?

And you black folk have chosen a man who makes off the cuff racist comments like small talk... a man who lies to impress you... a friend of segregationists... a man Obama won't endorse even as they worked together for eight years and that relationship is the foundation of his appeal to you. I find that kind of funny. You?

Even better, I can't see Joe serving two terms. He's too old and he's already said he isn't likely to do it. Whether he does or not, perception is reality and the perception will make him a lame duck as an army of Democrats fight over 2022. Plus, let's not forget the fact he's stupid and senile.

This is really your choice? Interesting choice.
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Sunday, March 1, 2020

The South Carolina Problem

So the actual results were interesting. I think South Carolina may have created a real problem for the Democrats. Here are my thoughts.

1. The big take away from South Carolina: Bernie did much worse than expected. I thought his floor was around 30% in every state. He got 20% Panic bells should be ringing in his campaign. He will say that they always knew they would not win, which is true, but this is a disastrous showing. He basically has no black support, his students didn't show up, and it seems that two thirds of his base defected to vote for a billionaire.

Going into this race, James Carville said that he sees only two possibilities: Bernie or a brokered convention. After today's weak showing, I'm thinking that Bernie is now a longshot to win this, which means a brokered convention is now much, much more likely. That's a disaster for the Democrats.

2. Biden did a tad worse than I guessed: 48% to 51%. The problem is, I think, he needed well over 60% to change the narrative of his demise. Not only did he not get it, he fell below the significant psychological barrier of 50%. So I think his demise is set and will be confirmed Super Tuesday -- I don't see this saving him. His ego will not let him quit though, not now that he has won a state. Not only will he see himself as controlling the black vote at such a convention, but he's been getting a lot of endorsements from people who will get to vote if there is a brokered convention. So he thinks he has the inside track.

3. Gay Peter did better than expected by a lot; it would not have surprised me if he came in last in this state. So I would consider this a good enough showing to confirm that he remains the likely "moderate" (read: corporate) champion going into Super Tuesday. So do I think he can win the nomination outright? No. I think the best he can do is go into the convention neck and neck with Bernie, but if he doesn't show himself to be the front runner on Tuesday even that may not happen.

4. Warren did a little better than expected, but it's still awful. As the "woman" candidate, this was a lousy showing. Her home state is next on the agenda and she's likely to lose that, which will be embarrassing. But apparently, she's just gotten superpac money to keep her going for some time. Either way, she's playing for a brokered convention now.

5. Amy performed like I expected. She's done. On Tuesday, she gets to lose her home state of Minnesota. I think she drops out after that and goes home to the Senate.

6. Bloomberg is going to wish he was on the ballot as he will think he would have gotten Steyer's 11%, but I think that's an anomaly and would not have gone to him. He's waiting for Super Tuesday to save him, but his real strategy is a brokered convention.

7. Steyer was a surprise, but a one-off. The conventional wisdom is he got 11% because he flooded the state with money. But I suspect the real reason is that he became some sort of protest vote... but against whom? Were these unhappy Bernie/Warren people? Were they Biden/Buttguy people looking for a better moderate? Or did he tap into something not seen in any other states so far? If it's the last, I wouldn't know what that group would be. I'm suspecting he was a catch-all protest vote for people who didn't like Bernie/Warren/Biden/or Pete. I guess we'll see if he can gain any traction in other states.

All in all, I think the big take away is how poorly Bernie did. This seriously raises the chance of a brokered convention, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more likely a brokered convention is, the more likely everyone is to stay in the race in the hopes of having the deciding delegates at the convention, which makes a brokered convention even more likely. Right now, I think that Bernie looks a lot weaker, but no one else looks stronger, so we are looking at everyone staying in the race in the hopes they can win at a brokered convention. The Democrats have a serious mess on their hands.

Let's see if Super Tuesday shakes things out more. Thoughts?
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