Thursday, April 29, 2021

No Support For The Woke

I'm going to break down the left soon. In the meantime, let me give you a hint of something I have seen. Despite what you've heard from the media, the truth is that the wokers have tiny little support and it's fading fast. Observe.

Before we start, let me point out something I've mentioned many times: if you want to know the truth, look for the truth in data that isn't meant to touch the issue directly. What I mean is that looking at things like polls is useless. Pollsters lie to push their agenda. People lie to pollsters for a number of reasons too. Polls are also crawling with errors, and depending on how you ask it, you can almost dictate the results. It's much more accurate to look at numbers that no one sees as telling the story you are trying to understand. For example, look at TV ratings. TV ratings are a very accurate assessment of what people really think because it shows what truly interests people and how dedicated they are. Rating numbers also can't (normally) be faked. People can't "vote" multiple time either.

So where is this headed?

Do you remember the University of Missouri, which gave in to angry black students and their lies? The media was impressed and called it a victory and presented a number of students who said it was a glorious new start which would lead to Utopia.  But over the next three years, the number of applicants crashed, causing the budget to collapse, and whole departments ended up being axed because students stopped going there.  The media never went back to cover this, but it showed what the students really thought.

It's the same thing here. The media tells you that everyone has gone woke. It's all over the news. Advertisers include woke crap in all their ads (within interesting (read: telling) limits). Actors pound their chests with fake woke apologies -- I've been so so bad, purify me and give me fame! The Democrats kneel to the woke. Right-wing talk radio screams that the end is near. And so on. Should we believe this though?

Honestly, the unnoticed numbers say something very different:

(1) The NBA went deeply woke and lost half its ratings, which have not come back. Meaning: going BLM/woke cost an already generally pro-black organization half its meager audience. The leftist media desperately blamed COVID, but the college basketball tournament, which did not go woke, grew in ratings.

(2) MLB did the same and also lost half its ratings.

(3) The NFL allowed a fake version of wokery and lost 10%, but gained it back when they stopped.

(4) Yahoo, the wokest nest of wokeheads, put up a Black Lives Matter link/page on their homepage. They also put up a Covid one. They proudly proclaimed that this was to help change the world. A couple months later, it was gone. It's been replaced by sports betting. The Covid link is still there though. Meaning: no one was using it and the wokes decided to drop it.
(5) Every black celebrity you can think of participated in a show called "Soul of the Nation."  This was a show by black people telling the rest of us what to believe.  It was pure wokery.  Its ratings on the first night were 1.8 million.  If every one of them was black, that's only 6% of blacks.  What does that tell you?  It's now been virtually abandoned by the network.

(6) Yahoo sports has been pimping women's sports hard. They've been screaming about unfair pay, unfair NCAA practices, unfair US Soccer and FIFA practices. They've been screaming, "Why won't advertisers back women's sports?" (an extremely telling admission) and "Why won't investors back women's sports?!" (also very telling). Well, the NCAA college men's and women's tournaments came and went. The men scored around 12 million viewers a game. The women scored around 900,000. That's more than a 10-1 disparity, and that tells you what you need to know about the woke push for women's sports to be seen as "equal" to men's sports. It's also why Yahoo is so frustrated, because no one is buying their hand-wringing.  Women's sports get 8% of the support of men's sports.

(7) Netflix and Amazon put up special "black" links to push you to watch "black" movies. Those are long gone too. Apparently, no one cared. Remember, these guys make their money getting you to hit those links. If something isn't working, they drop it.

(8) A bunch of companies I can name who have no reason to be political sent out pro-metoo or pro-BLM letters to account holders. They clearly read the room wrong, because within weeks they were desperately cutting prices (get 2 free now instead of 1 when you buy 2) and sending out a bevy of marketing attempts they had never needed to do before. Clearly, they lost business.

(9) The View fired Sharon Osborn for standing up for free speech in the face of race-baiting hate. They just returned to television this week after time off to calm things down... and they fell from one of the top day time shows to the. very. bottom. of. the. ratings.  Their audience of liberal white women didn't like being sh*t on.

(10) The Oscars lost almost half their viewers going woke. In fact, they were so woke that we should probably call them the Black Oscars and put an asterisk next to each winner because this was pure minority appeasement... and no one watched. Keep in mind, their audience is people who are prone to herd thinking, people who worship celebrities, people whose heroes preach wokery. And half of them stopped watching.

(11) The wokes pushed hard through their media empire (Oprah, CBS, etc) to support the psychotic "Princess" Megan in her attempt to smear the royals. Headline after headline said that the public was with them and the royal family's days are numbered. Well, the popularity of all the royals went up (most in the 70-80% range) except Harry and Megan. They both fell... and kept falling. Both are now the least popular royals by a mile and their negatives far outpace their positives. What does this tell us? That the public saw right through the woke deification attempt and rejected it.

I can go on, but there's no point. Even in the black community, support for adding more police is above 50%. The year of the woman has never come. Any organization which goes woke, goes metoo, goes BLM gets slaughtered and loses half its support or worse.  The public does not support these people.

Don't believe what you are hearing. These people have lost. I estimate their support at around 25% with 75% opposed. Only the media, celebrities and soulless corporate America support them. Even leftists are starting to push back. The French are attacking the wokes as an American disease. Liberals like Obama and Bill Maher and James Carville are calling them destructive and saying the Democrats need to unhook from those people. The end is coming for these little Nazis, only it won't be with a bang, it will be with all their links being removed.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Crocodile Apology

For those who don't know, the Nazi-woke-left is in full attack mode lately. Part of what they are doing is trying to revive the value in screaming racism, which has no value anymore due to misuse.  The current attempt is to get white liberals kneeling at the alter again. As one would expect with the herd mentality that dominates liberal whites, they can't drop to their knees fast enough. But is this legitimate? Hardly.  Let's look at The Simpsons.

The Simpsons have become odious and tedious all at once, and now they've pulled themselves into the virtue signalling game by apologizing for casting whites, nongays, non
hemorrhoid suffers, etc. in the roles of nonwhites, gays, hemorrhoid suffers, etc. One of them, Hank Azaria has recently stepped down from several characters he voiced because of he's all wokey wokey now. He used to voice characters like Indian Apu and black doctor Hibbert. They will now be voiced by... well, who cares?

Anyways, old Hank issued the new-standard liberal apology. He said that he had to "shut up and listen" and he learned that what he did contributed to structural racism, and he's very sorry.

First of all, there is no such thing as structural racism. That is a liberal invention meant to invent racism where there is none and to do so without taking any blame. So he's full of crap. But even more, what he did was either racist or not. What he did was he spent 20 years being a racist on television. The end. He wasn't some angle who somehow encouraged others to misbehave even as he acted out of the purest of motives. That's like Hitler saying he contributed to structural antisemitism. No, you promoted antisemitism, and Hank spent 20 years promoting racism.

Bad Hank.

At this point, if we are to take Hank's apology as legitimate, then he must actually confess to his crimes.  He
can't blame others for being racist in response to his action, he needs to stand up and be a man and apologize for being flat out racist. What's more, talk is cheap Hank. You need to give back ALL the money you got for voicing those racist characters. Absolutely. You can't say, "Gee, I'm sorry I stole all your money, but I'm not paying anything back." No. When you do wrong, you disgorge your ill-gotten gains.

This applies to The Simpsons producers too. They let this man spew his racism while excluding people of color ("POCs") from their show. That's even worse racism. They too need to give back all the money they made over the last twenty years or their apology is meaningless.


As an aside, not only is this a false apology to claim innocence but accuse others of misbehavior based on your actions, not only is this a false apology if you don't give back the money, but let me say add this:  this "I needed to shut up and listen" is itself racist.  That is the Magic Negro trope where a white person claims to gain some special understanding of the world by listening to some backward minority who shows them a little something about the true humanity they left behind with their modern culture. Hollywood is full of this story trope (liberals can't get enough of it), and the white man's burden trope. Make no mistake, it is racist and what old Hank is doing now is being racist to excuse his racist behavior which he's trying to pin on other people.

I think Hank might want to shut up and stop listening at this point.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thoughts On Chauvin

Hi everybody. I'm planning to start writing again next week. So watch for that. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on Chauvin.

(1) It is sad to see two lives destroyed.

(2) This was murder, so Chauvin got what he deserved. There is no injustice in this on his end. He had an eternity to decide not to kill this man and he didn't.

(3) I feel truly sad for Floyd because this was so avoidable. It makes me sick.

(4) That said, all the rest is bullsh*t. If you think this is going to calm anything, then you will be sadly mistaken. This is being exploited as a pretext for a leftist powerplay akin to when Hitler and the Nazis lionized the handful of Nazis shot in the putsch to make themselves seem like heroic victims. I'm sorry, but cops are not hunting black people and racism isn't the reason the black community is so badly off, and it's going to get worse for blacks because leftist politicians and race exploiters will use this to maintain the hate and fear which keep the black community destroying itself.

(5) I keep seeing t-shirts that say "say their names." I dare you. Go ahead. You're going to find it to be a very short list, a list that is so short it puts the lie to all the black-left propaganda. Also, let me point out that this conviction similarly puts the lie to the idea that the courts protect rogue cops.

(6) It's funny this always happens in liberal communities. Coincidence? Hardly.

(7) Good times for white liberals tonight. They can now bask in the glory of false confession by shedding crocodile tears and proclaiming collective racist guilt before going back to telling their racist jokes and keeping their POCs at ghetto length.

(8) I also condemn all the "people" who stood there filming this rather than saving Floyd's life. You could have saved this man, but you did nothing. How does that feel? How do you live with yourselves?

(9) I wonder how long before we'll start to see commercials and collectibles exploiting Floyd's image by BIG business virtue signalling?

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