Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Enjoy your time with your families! These are the moments that make life special!
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Monday, November 25, 2019

Snowflakes and Wokeflakes

I hate snowflakes and wokeflakes. They are vile creatures.

Snowflakes are a generation of losers. They were "raised" by parents who never once told them no or let them face any adversity, and as a result, they have become pathetic and useless. Their response to the slightest bit of adversity, to anything that doesn't go exactly like they want it, is to whine whine whine. These are the losers who need safe rooms and puppies.

There is a commercial right now for this Oculus system that makes me sick just seeing it. In it, there is this bearded snowflake (the males grow beards to affect masculinity). This pathetic man-child ends up in the game with some woman and some kids (possibly his family, though I doubt anyone would marry him). As the woman in the commercial and the kids go flying around the game world, he's whining like a little b*tch about how he doesn't like zero gravity. And he finishes with the call of the pathetic... "I'm not ok with this." F-you. Die in a fire.

Seriously, these are the people you toss off the lifeboat even if you know you need to eat someone in ten days. They are useless as human beings, oxygen thieves. They are more helpless than infants, more whiny than a funeral procession, and have the judgment of a council of second graders. They are the cliche of a spoiled rich kid who can't tie their own shoes because their servants did it for them. And yet, they honestly expect the rest of us to cater to them. Again, f-you, die in a fire.

There's an article I've been meaning to write for a long time, but never got the chance. It's worth mentioning here. About a year ago, I saw the most snowflake thing imaginable. This came from an article passed around by the AP. It was about a woman who was upset that people talk about "fighting cancer." She felt it was wrong for all your healthy people and evil doctors to put that kind of pressure on people. Really?? This loser actually thought it put pressure on people to tell them to fight. Ok, dipsh*t, from now on I'll wish that you can reach a reasonable accommodation with your cancer. WTF? To be upset about that is absolutely pathetic. It is beyond pathetic. It is ludicrous that anyone can believe that. And yet, it's the core of snowflakism: "Don't put any pressure on me!!!" It makes me sick. These people make me sick.

Even worse are the wokeflakes.

That's a word I made up, but it fits perfectly (though maybe hateflakes works better). The wokeflakes are people who have weaponized their snowflakism. Not only are they pathetic, whiny creatures, but they are hateful little Nazis about it. They want their grievances to become a matter of law. Don't like something... ban it and destroy anyone who does. Thou shalt not say anything I don't like. Thou shalt not do anything I don't like. Thou shalt only say approving things to me. Thou shalt never judge me. None of these rules can be applied to them though, naturally, because they want the world to revolve around them and no one else.

These are the women of the #metoo movement: I can have sex and later change my mind. I can be a total slut, but you can't hold it against me, and you better not strike me as creepy or I'll judge you and destroy you. These are the blacks who scream racism when they face some hurdle that everyone else faces too. These are college sh*theads who protest and riot when they don't like the ideology of a college speaker, who try to oust professors who try to tell them that there are other beliefs, and who try to destroy the Harvard student newspaper for daring to ask an unpopular person for comment on an article tearing them apart. The list is endless because any pathetic personal grievance gets weaponized by these people: I should be allowed to use that whatever bathroom I want, you better revel in my perversion, how dare that movie depict smoking or guns or something opposite to my beliefs, how dare you suggest that being fat is unhealthy, how dare she "shame" me online for abandoning my kids for nine hours to get high!, that picture of you lounging in the bathtub made me feel bad about my body, that picture of your house made me feel bad about my wealth. Christine Louboutin just complained that feminists are "politicizing" high heels. Duh. They've been after anything defined as feminine for a long time. No pet peeve, no discomfort, no inconvenience, not shame is too minor not to be made into a national crusade for these people, and the left has stupidly embraced them as a new secret police in their continuing efforts to control society. Even Obama is seeing the mistake in this now.

Dying in fire is too good for this branch of the snowflake tree.

Probably should have put a warning at the front in case some snowflake comes across this. Maybe a link to a puppy. Although, that would be wrong for snowflakes with allergies. Hmm. Ok, so maybe a link to crayons... although, some of those could be considered racist. Hmm. Apple pie? No, gluten. How about a suicide prevent hotline? Hmmm, no, I wouldn't want to be accused of suggesting it's important to stop people from killing themselves. That might be too much pressure.

Apparently, in a world of dipsh*ts who complain about everything, nothing doesn't offend.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Wrong Side of History?

Liberals love to talk about being on the wrong side/right side of history. It comes up all the time. Indeed, California Gov. Newsome used the phrase to discuss car makers who opposed its attempt to legislate them the other day... why, they're on the wrong side of history harrumph! Liberals love to say this. But let me point out a few things.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they endorsed eugenics.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they declared that overpopulation would lead to starvation.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their politicians interned Japanese citizens.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their magazines declared Hitler man of the year.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their justices declared separate but equal.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they worked for Stalin.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their governors imposed Jim Crow.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their hippie legions smeared drafted American soldiers.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their leaders invaded Cuba and sent armies to Vietnam.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they declared that we would run out of oil.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they declared that industrialization would create a new ice age.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their politicians blacklisted Hollywood communists.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they proclaimed that the Soviet Union would never be defeated.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when they defended slavery.

Liberals were on the wrong side of history when their leaders dropped the atomic bomb.

Liberals will also prove to be on the wrong side of history when it comes to creating yet another race-based ideology and a gender-based ideology, and standing in the way of technology and science they don't like, stifling free speech to protect their delicate sensibilities and impose ideological unity, seizing the medical system, and supporting religions that would happily throw their members off buildings.

Did I miss anything?
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Monday, November 18, 2019

Bad Buttguy... The Snowflakes Descend

Oh oh. Could it be that Buttguy is a racist? The wokeflakes are whining that he just might be.

Get this! A couple months back, Buttguy put out his plan to pander to black people. It was called "the Douglass Plan", culturally appropriating the name Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist hero. In it, he leftistly babbled about "dismantling of racist structures and systems." All good, right?

Well, no.

It turns out that the contractor who assembled this little leftist kiss used a picture on the webpage. Naturally, the picture is of a black woman. But there's a catch. The contractor used a stock photo (like everyone else in politics and media)... and the stock photo was of a woman from Kenya!!! Take a look:

The horror! The wokeflakes suspect they are outraged! Apparently, there is something wrong with using a photo of a Kenyan to simulate an American. Indeed, said that hateful Somali woman in Congress, "This is not ok." Such a pedantic way to express oneself. Still, she has a point, doesn't she? Clearly, Buttguy.... well.... actually, I can't see the point at all. I honestly have no idea what's wrong with this. Everyone uses stock images. And it's not like she has a bone through her nose. If this was a German woman being used to advertise "the Washington Plan," I don't think a single honkey would care. So what is the big deal? Is this about taking American job (there's only one)? Is it that Kenyans don't understand the racism poor, comparatively-rich and free African Americans experience so it's not right letting them do "American face"? Are genuine Africans beneath African Americans, like some Japanese v. Korean sort of grudge? Do you think Buttguy was playing a game with you? What is the problem?!

I'm thinking the big deal is that a white man did something involving blacks and the wokeflakes found a way to attack it. That's really all I think is going on here. White man + mention of blacks = must find something to call racism. Yep. It's racist because they want it to be racist, and the photo is the excuse they used to get all smug. Other than that, I can't imagine how this could offend anyone.

Help me out, people. What makes Buttguy the villain here?
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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Age of Intentional Self-Delusion

It's a delusional sort of world.

● "Trump engages in cannibalism," said reliable independent witness Nancy Pelosi. The impeachment rolls on... and not a person I know is paying attention and no one anywhere I've been at has been talking about it. Other than the breathless, unbiased media of course and some Hollywood types. Yawn. It's fitting that the biggest bit of news seems to be that a drag queen is covering the hearing. Welcome to the circus.

● So they have shockingly discovered that pot addiction is 25% higher for teens in states where pot was legalized. No, that can't be. Pot is safe and cannot lead to addiction. It has no negative side effects at all. Also, legalizing it has ended crime, saving Mexico from cartels, and brought in unlimited revenue for schools so no one needs to ask for tax increases ever again. FACT... well, FACTish.

● Buttguy, the favorite candidate of the media because he's just like them -- white, gay and pointless, is moving up according to the media. Yes, yes, it isn't reflected in the polls, but it's still true. There are some people who think he might win in Iowa and if that happens, then he's guaranteed to win the White House... says the media. Black people and the public seem to disagree, but what do they know?

● According to Gallup, did you know that 13% of Americans know someone who died DIED because they couldn't get medical care because they couldn't afford it?!! That's 34 million Americans! gnashes teeth Will no one think of the children? Out of curiosity, can anyone name any of these people?

● Elizabeth Warren's "Medicare for All" plan (should probably be called "Medicare for None") will break the economy, the budget, and the backs of workers. Just wait until Uncle Sam rapes another 35% out of your wages off the top. Even Bernie has attacked this as impractical. Fortunately, his Medicare for All plan is free.

● Deval Patrick, who was Obama before Obama -- a prepackaged black man with no views, a non-negro inflection (thanks Harry Ried!) and he would say "beyond race" "beyond race" when you pulled the string Paul Axelrod attached to his back... is going to run for President. This actually makes sense in a way. Kamala Harris who wanted to be the black candidate (and the female candidate) has flamed out, leaving black people without a viable hat in the ring. Patrick would fill that nicely, except he has a penis and the Democrats don't seem to like that this year. I get the sense his problem though is that he's going to try to be rational and the Democratic electorate is wildly f*ucked up by this point... haters of every stripe all banded together by their intolerance. So we'll see how he plays. The fact he and Bloomberg are looking to jump in suggests how poor the current field is. Personally, I hope they run the Asian guy who wants to ban circumcision.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Random Thought Monday

Some random thoughts. Let us begin.

(o) Does it seem that "AI" has become a buzzword and nothing more? There are several ads out there right now touting how AI is doing things we couldn't otherwise do... all praise the great machine. But none of them really deal with anything that needs what I would consider AI. For example, one involves an "AI" that turns on a camera every time a mountain lion comes near.... all praise the great machine. Oddly, my neighbor's garage does the same thing without an "AI." It just has a motion sensor. So are they really talking about AI or are they just using the term? There are articles being written too about how "AI" is going to kill us all.... all praise the great machine. But they seem awfully short on specifics. Again, I don't think they have any idea what "AI" they are talking about.

Frankly, I'm thinking it's just become a buzzword, a way to say "our stuff does cool things." I don't see anything that leaves the realm of programming and goes to actual intelligence.

(o) Yahoo are such leftist aholes. Trump attended the Alabama/LSU game. They wrote articles calling this a "bipartisan headache" -- something they never did when Obama went to sports events. Then he was greeted with huge cheers. Now they can't mention the positive greeting it without dismissing it as "unsurprising." I never heard anyone in the media dismiss positive greetings Obama got that way.

(o) Interesting article today at Politico asking why so many people don't seem to see that Trump has a sense of humor and that many of his tweets are quite funny and poke fun at himself. The answer is that obsessive people view everything their target does as evil. It's that simple.

(o) Did you know that most of the chocolate you buy isn't chocolate? It's chocolate flavored sugar. I didn't realize that until I started eating actual dark chocolate for health reasons. It's kind of shocking actually to discover that some "chocolate" candy bars are only around 3% chocolate... if that.

(o) Do you remember me telling you about a series of commercials for Northwestern Mutual that reeked either of angry feminism or angry misogynism? There was an architect who was oppressed by her male boss, a little girl holding her parents hostage with anger for taking her on vacation, and an angry narcissist monster who was raging at her dad. I pointed out that each of these had such a twisted display of women that it either had to be out of control feminists who approved this or total woman-haters. I also pointed out that they quickly changed the narcissist's behavior (because the ad was intolerable and probably received harsh feedback), making her an airhead... not an improvement. They have since dropped the other two. Maybe they should have run those by someone who doesn't grievance with their genitals before signing off?

Anyways, there's a new ad that makes me shake my head. It's an ad for "Haven Life", some form of insurance. The problem with this ad is they are clearly selling to women and the caricature of women they use is awful. In the name of sympathizing, they begin with the "It's time you did something for yourself" victimology that is so prevalent in chick-power-pop, i.e. Taylor Swift. Ok, lots of ads do that. I get it. But then this: in a voice quivering with simultaneous relief and desperation, the female narrator tells you that this life insurance is something you can finally do for your family... you can protect your daughter from vague forces... it will make the world less horrible... it's so simple even you can get it... gosh, it's a reason to finally smile... and about life insurance of all things! wipes away tear. So let me get this straight. Finally, someone has come up with life insurance that even a dumb little girl like you can understand, and it will make the big bad world better and it can even protect your daughter before she's victimized just like you. Best of all, it's the first thing in your miserable life you can smile about. Yay!

Seriously, who wrote this sh*t. If I was a woman, I would go nad punch the bastard. I get what they are doing. They are playing on women's fears, but the fears they list speak volumes to how they see women. I wouldn't be too flattered if that was me they were trying to sell. And do you know what? I don't know any women who buy this caricature.

(o) I've been watching old Doctor Who lately and it just blows me away how clever and well-written that stuff was. It puts all the modern shows to shame.

How are you?
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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Re-Election Thoughts

Predicting the future is about data. What do the vague shifts in public opinion, as seen through actual actions and must less worthwhile polls, translate into? Well, we're looking at a lot of data right now about Trump's chances for re-election and the future is cloudy.

Here's what recent data say:

A pretty big majority in a poll think Trump will be re-elected. Even 35% of Democrats think this. That suggests that the public is leaning toward re-election and the Democrats feel isolated and demoralized... which would make re-election a self-fulfilling prophecy. The "what is everyone else thinking" question is usually quite good at gaging public opinion. And I can believe this for a number of reasons. First, all the anti-Trump energy in the public has vanished. He is simply a fact. That tends to mean acceptance. Second, I personally know a lot of core-democratic voters (blacks, single women, families on welfare) and they have stopped talking about Trump. That's demoralization. At the same time, some of the more rational ones have even started to like him. Third, the utter lack of energy surrounding impeachment tells me that the Democrats are demoralized. Advantage Trump.

But, the GOP got beat in Kentucky, especially in the suburbs. The GOP should not lose in Kentucky. And losing the suburbs is a horrible sign. It's true that Gov. Bevin was constantly in the news for pissing people off, but still. Advantage Democrats.

But a swingstate poll, where the election will be decided, shows Trump only 1 point behind Biden in the rustbelt. Usually, polls are very anti-GOP until election day. So that means Trump is stronger than he looks. Advantage Trump.

I suspect the internal polling is strong for Trump. Why? I kind of agree that Trump is the kind of guy to quit if it looked like he was going to get humiliated in the election. Also, the lack of other big name Democrats jumping in (e.g. Newsome, Bloomberg) against this weak field suggests the Democrats see the same numbers. That said, this was the exact reason Bill Clinton won. He ran when all the bigger names thought Bush looked unbeatable... and he wasn't. But I think the internal polling argument is stronger. Advantage Trump.

Other polls show consistently that impeachment hasn't moved a single opinion. So the big Democratic weapon is a dud and will become the big Democratic distraction. Advantage Trump.

So what does all of this mean? Well, a lot of it points to Trump. But those are polls, except for the internal polling thing which involves people making choices about running or not. So it would seem the advantage belongs to Trump. But elections are much stronger than polling for getting at true public opinion. So Kentucky (and Virginia) are problematic. At this point, I think it's all too close to call honestly.


Afterthought: There is a Democrat killer lurking out there... Medicare for All. Even leftist Yahoo has written unflattering pieces about the cost of this. Not only have they pointed out the idea of a 42% sale tax, but they are considering as an alternative an additional 35% payroll taxes. Can you imagine another 35% of your income vanishing off the top? If places like Yahoo aren't hiding this, then the public will know and they will freak. the. f. out!
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Friday, November 1, 2019

Impeachment Thoughts

Fine. I wasn't going to talk about impeachment. What a waste of time. But I guess it's required. Here are my thoughts.

1. An interesting poll says it all. Only 48% of the public supports impeachment. That's 10% of Republicans, 46% of Independents and 83% of Democrats. This tells me several things. First, if you can't get 51% of the public to support destroying Donald Trump, then you've done it wrong. Secondly, the non-aligned public is not buying into impeachment -- almost 6 in 10 independents are not on board. That dooms it. The 10% never-Trump Republicans are outweighed by the 17% pro-Trump Democrats. (I suspect it's actually 5% and 9% with the rest just being strategic answerers.) That suggests improved chances of re-election.

2. The Democrats are whining that the Republicans aren't giving them political cover. Really? Did they honestly think the Republicans would help them? Fools. As an aside, the fact the Democrats are worried speaks volumes.

3. The Democrats have some serious disadvantages here. (1) The public doesn't like this kind of crap. It reeks of a coup. It reeks of game playing. (2) They are doing this over something that happened in the Ukraine. The public doesn't give a rat's rear end about the Ukraine. Pick a country that matters and where people can pronounce the names. (3) They have picked a reason that everyone assumes all politicians do, so there's a huge "Why are you doing this?" factor. That means this will wear out fast and poll numbers will sink without fireworks. (4) It also hurts that the Democrats have been screaming "impeachment" about everything that hits the news cycle. That makes this seem manufactured.

4. The Democrats' biggest ally (only ally) will be Trump doing something stupid. Oh, don't get me wrong. They'll parade a bunch of pasty government types who will all shake their heads and gnash their teeth at the evil Umpalompa who made them somethingsomethingoshvilli, but the public will only care if Trump puts his foot in his mouth.

5. The Republicans holding together suggests this thing is DOA in the Senate and will become a turnout generator for the Republicans and a depressor for the Democrats. That could change if the polls change, but I don't see any change in the polls coming. The public has made up their minds and nothing anyone says will change it.

6. The Democrats have no one who can exploit this in any event.

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