Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What About White Men, Uncle Joe?

Joe "Dipsh*t" Biden is out opening his flap again. He wants to be the Democratic candidate, which would make me immensely happy, so he's trying to court his base -- crazy women and angry blacks. Today was for the girls. He said we need to end "white man's culture" because of domestic violence.

But what is white man's culture? Well, it's the culture that gave us respect for the individual. It gave us science and medicine. It's led to legal protections for minorities and women. It requires rule of law. It cherishes religious freedom and freedom of speech. White man's culture has fed the world... ended killer diseases... brought prosperity to every corner of the world. It ended the ancient tradition of slavery. It regulates workplace safety. It made the air and water clean. He wants to get rid of that? Huh. Ok.

What would he replace it with? He doesn't say. I guess it's up to us to decide.

Well, we could go for ghetto culture... bitch. Then we could settle disputes by busting caps in each other's asses. Yo, look at the drugs I take and the money I make!! And how does ghetto culture deal with women, which was Biden's main issue after all, well, they smack their bitches up. Yo.

I guess we could go Chinese. Mass repression, military dictatorship, rule of law subsumed to politics, censored internet, peasants relocated at a whim, Muslims watched in their own homes, Buddhists under suspicion. Ah, the sweet smell of control. At least women won't face back alley abortions. No, siree. Their abortions will be done in government facilities... whether they want them or not.

How about Africa, where slavery never ended? No? Don't like the rape gangs in South Africa? The murderous government in Zimbabwe? The blood diamond gangs? The tribal butchery in Rwanda? Hmm. Not good.

Islam. Islam is good to women, provided those unclean creatures behave. Shut up and get back in the house, wife number seven. At least they aren't stoned to death like gays and Christians.

How about India? India is good... except for the rape gangs. Pakistan is better, unless you want to educate your daughters, then they get blown up.

Wait, I know. We'll invent a new culture. We'll do what the #metoo movement wanted. Let's see, that was guilt by accusation, no due process, immediate termination of public life and ability to support self. It was nebulously defined crimes premised on the interpretation of victims raised decades after the fact... "he looked at me funny a decade ago." It was rank hypocrisy... elitist... and for rich white women only.

You know, white man's culture isn't sounding so bad.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jewish Flight?

With the Democrats delving far into the embrace of antisemitism, there is a lot of speculation that Jews might flee the Democratic Party and become Republican. Even the Wall Street Journal ran an article saying that the relationship between Jews and Democrats is "strained." I don't agree. Here are my thoughts.

● In my life, there have been three or four mini-exoduses of Jews leaving the Democratic Party. The first was in the late 1970s, when a group of conservative Jewish intellectuals came over and formed the intellectual core of the conservative movement. There was a mini-exodus in the 1980s when Reagan won over most Americans and the right drove out their antisemites and racists. The next came after religious conservatives decided to embrace Israel as the promised people, and then Bush Sr. went to war in the Middle East. This brought over the more "muscular" parts of American Judaism who understood that Arabs were serious about wanting to wipe them out. The most recent exodus, if it's real, is now and is in response to a growing embrace of Palestinian activists by the Democrats under Obama, the full embrace of antisemitic tropes by OWS, and now the embrace of Muslim victimhood.

The thing is, each of these waves only brought a small number over. About 30% of Jews support Republicans today, up from 5% when I was a kid. But getting any more will be really hard.

● Why aren't Jews likely to switch parties? Several reasons.
● First, they cluster in a handful of liberal enclaves -- New York, California and Florida. Florida Jews are most likely to change parties, but the others live in liberal bubbles.

● Secondly, there is something in Jewish culture that biases Jews toward socialism (ditto on Scandinavians and blacks... it happens). In this case, there is also a synonym between groups like the ADL and the ACLU and many similar advocacy groups and the Jewish community. That reinforces the left-leaning. Moreover, it seems that the more right-wing Jews self-selected to move to Israel, just as non-union whites left West Virginia.

● Third, Jews are sold the idea that flyover country is filled with Jew-hating rednecks. This is "big city think", but it's a strong factor.

● Fourth, and most importantly, Jews fit the demographic of the modern Democratic Party. The Democratic Party consists of two victim groups: single/professional women and blacks. Jewish women largely fall into the demographic of single/professional women. This group runs the Democrats: they are not leaving. So I don't see a real shift, even as the Democrats embrace antisemitism.
● Do Jews matter though? In Florida, kind of. In New York and California, they are lost in the surplus. Basically, there are six million Jews. The leftist surplus in California is four million votes, where there are only 1.1 million Jews. In New York it's around three million votes, where there are 1.7 million Jews. So even if every Jew changes parties, it wouldn't shift California and it might only just matter in New York. It could in theory change a House seat here or there, but those tend to be local and the GOP is nonexistent as an alternative where Jews live. In Florida, there are 600,000 Jews and the state was decided by only 100,000 votes. So they could matter there, but since the GOP is winning, all they would do is make winning easier. They wouldn't shift the state.

● So what does all this mean? It means that Jews are not switching parties and even if they did, they don't matter demographically because of their concentration and where they are concentrated... except Florida, where they could reinforce a trend, but not change it.

● That said, where a shift in Jewish support could matter is in the intellectual prowess of the Democrats and in their fundraising. Jews punch way above their weight in terms of representing the Democrats, running advocacy groups, and forming policy on the left. A shift away from the Democrats because of the rise of antisemitic types could dramatically shift the ideological core of the Democrats away from the more humanist ideas of Jewish thinkers to more intolerant thinking by the antisemites. That could hurt the party with moderates and women. It could also harm Democratic fundraising as Jews punch well above their weight in that too.

● Will Jews be able to rein the Democrats back in from the hate-filled deep-end? I don't think so. The younger you get in the Democratic party, the greater the antisemitism. That suggests a growing divergence in the future. What's more, Democratic elders seem unwilling to push back as hard as their elders did against antisemitism. Silence equals consent.

Also, the numbers are against Jews. There are six million Jews, a number that has been steady in my lifetime. Muslims have gone from nothing to seven million. I expect their numbers to double in the next couple decades. And since I don't think the two groups will be compatible in my lifetime, that means Jews may find themselves squeezed out.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mueller Report - Trump Slam Dunk

So the Mueller report is out. Whoops. No proof that Trump colluded with Russia.

● Let me start with this: LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

● Secondly, all those years of Democratic jokes about Trump and Putin now seem kind of slanderous. Think they'll issue an apology? Do you think they'll investigate Hillary's connections to Russia? No, I don't think so either.

● There is great gnashing of teeth today among a certain set. Chris Matthews says the report doesn't matter. He knows Trump is guilty. So much for rule of law and the presumption of innocence he whips out whenever leftists get in trouble. Bill Maher (who claims to be rational and not ideological) also says it doesn't matter. He "doesn't need the Mueller report to know that Trump is a traitor." So much for rational. A number of MSM staffers are probably on suicide watch. Obsession is as obsession does.

● Recent polls showed that more than 50% of the public think the Russia thing has been a witch hunt. This will vindicate their lack of faith in the system and likely solidifies their support of Trump. I suspect this tipped the needle to a re-election victory as it will discredit all the attacks on Trump. This will likely "disprove" all the mud in one fell swoop and give Trump some strong measure of immunity. Trump is calling this "an illegal takedown that failed" and I think that probably fits with a lot of people's mindsets.

On that point, two recent economics-based predictors (who have been right almost always) are predicting a landslide victory for Trump. The Mueller report imploding in the face of the Democrats and the media probably makes that even more likely.

● This shows that Trump's lying former lawyer, Michael Cohen, lied during his testimony before Congress... again. Imagine that.

● As of yesterday, the Democrats were demanding the release of the report because the American people deserved "to know every word, every comma, every period." Today, the are using the report for toilet paper and plan to continue their own "investigations". He's a witch! Burn him!

● I find it funny that Mueller released his report on a Friday night. But not only a Friday night, a Friday night where most of the country is watching the March Madness tournament at its height. It sounds like he wanted this thing to vanish from the news cycle.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Non-Conventional Thoughts

Howdy. I'm hating conventional wisdom.

● You see conventional wisdom in all fields of endeavor from politics to sports to business, and the one thing I can tell you is that it is always wrong. Conventional wisdom seems to be based on the correlation fallacy. When two items appear together, shallow thinkers assume the correlation must mean causation. They spread their "wisdom" to the herd and soon this crap gets elevated to the level of dogma. Good luck getting them to see its flaws then.

● In fact... I had an interesting debate the other day. Stick with me on this. The sport media has this conventional wisdom that "people" don't like James Harden (a basketball player) but love Steph Curry (another basketball player who comes across as smug). This comes from the fact that "experts" don't like the way Harden plays, seeing Curry as pure in talent and Harden as a dive-specialist. I would disagree with both assessments, but that's not the issue. The issue is that they are wrong about which the public likes and I can prove it. How?

Harden has six national ad campaigns. He's on TV all the time everywhere. This is his latest ad and it's hilarious (CLUTCH). Curry has none. He had a Britta ad that ran for a short time a couple years ago and then some black history thing a year ago, but that's about it other than the usual things like Nike. That's really telling for someone with multiple championships (Harden has none). What this tells us is that advertisers know that the public likes Harden, but does not like Curry. How do they know? Because they track sales when they run ads and they look for a response from the public (pro or con). When the public responds, that means that the presence of this person in the ads has swayed the public enough to change the way they spend their money. That's a much more reliable measure of likability than polling because (1) there is no chance of polling bias, i.e. using a misleading question or telling the pollster what they want to hear, because the public doesn't know anyone is listening, and (2) spending money requires commitment to the belief, answering a poll does not -- it's also an indicator of intensity of belief. This means that the continued use of Harden (or Peyton Manning), just like the shunning of Curry (or Tom Brady), tells us what the public really thinks because they are voting with their money.

Nevertheless, a great many people refuse to believe this. They see all the articles attacking Harden and they assume there must be some truth behind it because all those people can't be wrong (the biggest logical fallacy): it's conventional wisdom! What's more, they reject analysis like the appearance in ads I just discussed because it's not conventional thinking to look at evidence like that, i.e. it's not part of the herd-approved logic.

My point is this: the best evidence is never the conventional evidence, because it is conventional because it seems the most simple and obvious to the most simplistic thinkers... thinkers who fail to grasp that it suffers from bias and lack of fitness for purpose. Always look for evidence that is divorced from bias and requires a real commitment. In politics, this means, follow the money. Look how politicians in danger act, not someone safe like AOC. Look for the difference between words and deeds. Look for contrary behaviors, such as someone reading "Fifty Shades of Gray" but claiming to believe in #metoo. If you want to know if something is true, you cannot discover the truth by asking the direct questions. Look for the actions of people when they think no one is looking or when they face potential of loss. Make sense?

● The left is praising New Zealand for trying to ban guns. More conventional wisdom: if A is a problem, ban it and don't worry if it was only a small percentage of A that caused this. Guns are a problem... ban them, even if only a handful of guns become a problem. This makes sense to liberals. It is conventional wisdom on how to solve a problem. But it's stupid. How stupid? Change the object and see: a New Zealander is a problem because he shot up a mosque. To prevent a threat of something similar happening here, we should ban New Zealanders from entering the US. That's the identical logic. Does it make sense?

BTW, lest you think this is gross exaggeration, until a recent spate of mass shootings by blacks and one woman, the left was writing articles saying that guns weren't THE problem... white males were. This type of mis-logic is much more alluring to idiots than you realize because it makes the complex seem simple and it promises easy solutions.

● Here's a fascinating issue of demographics. The left is counting on all those immigrants voting Democrat. That's conventional wisdom. The problem is that Mexico is out of Mexicans, so the immigrants coming now are Chinese. We are up to 3 million Chinese in the US, with more coming. However, the Chinese are closet Republicans in waiting (with an increasing number coming out of the closet). Why? (1) They are a small business community and resent government interference. (2) They embrace traditional values like self-reliance and hard work, and they do not like lazy people, i.e. Democratic voters. (3) They are upset that affirmative action is being used to keep their kids out of colleges in favor of unqualified black kids. (4) They despise abortion because of recent experience with China's abortion policies and they aren't into liberated women, which is the new foundation of the Democratic Party. (5) The older ones fear socialism because they remember the Cultural Revolution. In California, they are starting to become political and they are doing so to stop Democratic plans.

I predict that the Chinese will slowly take over the California GOP over the next decade, and you will see a dramatic shift in Democratic opinion about illegal immigration as a result. I'm also starting to wonder if Jews won't slowly shift parties. Not sure of that yet, but the more Muslim the Democrats become, the more "Jewish flight" will occur. And no one will see this coming because conventional wisdom says: nonwhites vote against Republicans... except Vietnamese and Cubans and Eastern Europeans.

● Bud Light has been running a fun series of ads for a while now about a medieval kingdom. The glitterati who opine conventionally on Super Bowl ads declared these a failure (voted worst Super Bowl ad actually), but the fact they keep running (almost exclusively for Bud) suggests they are a big hit. Anyways, Miller Lite just took a rather nasty shot at Bud in this ad: Angry Ad. I have never seen a more disjointed, mark-missingly poor attack as the Miller Ad. The ad lacks substance, it's unclear what is going on, and it openly feels derogatory, like they wrote it when they were in a pissy mood.

Well... within a couple days, Bud fired back with this brilliant ad: Brilliant. This ad is devastating. It slaps back at Miller as petty and basically accuses Miller of being afraid of the truth, but it does so in a lighthearted and funny way. That's great writing. Pay attention to this folks. This could get good depending on what happens next. Odds are that Miller runs away with its tail between its legs, but if they don't, they are going to make a mess of themselves... they are outclassed and Bud Light has set them up for disgrace.

● Finally, when are the McCain's going to go away? Ug. I have little good to say about their father and far less good to say about his stupid kids whining that people were mean to their rather nasty father.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A Couple Thoughts

Busy week! More on the college thing... and aliens.

● This college thing has been interesting. The left is really enjoying being smug about it, without the slightest hint of self-awareness. Make no mistake, this is leftist on leftist crime with the intent of getting around leftist rules.

Julia Roberts this morning whined that the "saddest" part of this scandal is that these parents "didn't believe in their children." Bullship. First of all, as many brilliant kids can tell you (especially Asian kids with above 4.0 GPAs), merit alone is no guarantee that you can get into these liberal schools. Race matters. Gender matters. Pleasing mercurial liberal admissions staff matters... "did your volunteer work make Africa better?" So it makes total sense that some people feel the need to give their kid every advantage they can when they know that the system is rigged against them. And all the whining the left is doing about white privilege can't hide the obvious: admission at liberal colleges is a not about merit, it's about liberal dogma.

Secondly, Julia and other leftists seem to think that there is something wrong with helping your kids. When has "survival of the fittest" ever been so popular on the left? And let's be clear, these kids are morons. That's obvious... probably even to the parents. Merit wasn't even going to get some of them jobs at Taco Bell. So it's no wonder their parents want to help them, and Julia's ninnying just reeks of self-righteousness.

Others on the left have been using this to attack the idea that America is a meritocracy. That's bullship too. First of all, these people cheated the system, you can't use them as evidence of how the system works. Secondly, even though some people get into college unfairly, you can't point to a handful of examples of people who are above the system as a condemnation of the other 99% of the public who are in the system. And let's be clear. The left is trying to pretend that it's rich kids who get in unfairly, i.e. white privilege, but for every rich kid there are a dozen brain-dead athletes (poor and of color) who shouldn't be there either. This is not a "white privilege" issue, it's a race-neutral elitist college priority issue. As yourself why Stanford needs a national championship in football? basketball? rather than trusting actual student athletes. Step away from the elite world where rich kids live off the fame of their parents and where liberal colleges play social engineering with race and gender, and you will find that the vast majority of Americans only get what they earn and what they earn comes from merit. So stuff your criticism... you're looking in the mirror morons.

One of the more interesting aspects of this is seeing the left trying to turn this into a condemnation of the middle class. This was entirely an elitist scandal. Elite parents scamming elite schools to make sure their kids get elite resumes so they can continue their elitist pursuits ("influence blogger"). There's nothing middle class in any of this. One article by a leftist who self-described as "middle class" whined about "middle class privilege." Only this whiner was as far from middle class as you can get. They live in an elite neighborhood in Southern California, went to Harvard, wife went to Yale, and they send their kid to an elite prep school, just like all the other "middle class" people they know. Basically, this is an elitist leftist who lives in an elitist California bubble and thinks the people around him are middle class and is now condemning them for spending money to prepare their kids to get into good schools... as if that was a sin. The left is so not self-aware. Racists condemning racism... except when it's from an important leftist. Sexists condemning sexism... except when it's from their friends. Hateful creatures hatefully condemning others as hatemongers. Elitists pretending to be average condemning each other's crimes as the crimes of the middle class. The left is truly a mess.

● Do I believe there are aliens? I think so. The odds tell me the universe is teeming with life. I doubt they're here, but I think they're out there in some form. But that's not the point. The point is this: if you remove the constraints of logic, reasoning and proof from science, you get the Ancient Astronaut Theory. I've been watching this show lately and it just pisses me off. These guys are total frauds. They judge from ignorance, fall for the craziest interpretations, push aside all reasonable counter-interpretations (often pretending there are no others), consider their imaginative guesses to be fact, ignore all the contrary evidence, and flat out lie. And the result is a ludicrous theory no reasonable person could believe. It's bullship. Even worse, this kind of mis-logic, fraudulent argument and ludicrous self-delusion mirrors what I see on the fringes of politics. It's the exact same thing. And right now, the Democrats are bathing in it.

● What I've seen on the New Zealand shooter suggests that he was influenced by French theories on race... not US theories. of course, that doesn't fit the media narrative that he's a right-wing American racist who did this on Trump's orders. Yawn.
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thoughts On The College Scandal

Now that we've had time to process, let's talk about the college scandal.

● Having heard now from several of the kids, I can definitely say that they deserve whatever is coming to them. What a bunch of sh*ts. Some threw their parents under the limo. One used this as a marketing opportunity. Several said they never wanted to go to college anyways ("except for the party experience and game day"). One dipsh*t claimed there was nothing wrong with this because "going to college should be a right." A right to go to Standford, huh? A couple are now trying to make themselves victims by worrying about being bullied. We can only hope. Next will come "I'm fat and designers won't fit me" (very popular at the moment) and if they need a big gun "I was raped".

● How dumb must these kids be that these people couldn't get them into school the way rich people always manage with stupid kids: donate money.

● I find it funny how many famous leftists are piling on these people because "they're rich." Uh, so are you. And this is the crap you people get caught doing all the time. This is an elite leftist crime... just like all the bad guys "brought down" by #metoo were elite leftists, all the people faking hate crimes are activist leftists, etc. In fact, every scandal of recent vintage is leftists behaving in the very manners they claim everyone else is behaving, but isn't. And as they dance on their graves, they soothe their tiny corrupt consciences by pretending these weren't leftists and they've never done anything similar.

● I can't quite put my finger on this yet, but this indictment seems to be part of a movement. What movement? I'm not sure. But look at the criminal indictments of late: This, a college cheating scandal involving bribes by rich people to elite colleges. You've got the NCAA basketball bribery scandal going on, which involves elite companies paying elite college coaches to steer their best players to those companies for endorsements. You've got an anti-Asian admission scandal where elite colleges are being sued (and defending themselves with a big old middle finger) for discriminating against Asians. You've got the fake hate crime stuff, which involves lots of leftists (particularly, blacks and gays -- some famous) making false hate crime claims. You've got the rape industry exposed in a series of fake rape allegations at colleges. This relates to the #metoo "movement," which tore up Hollywood and the entertainment-news industry as elite actresses/TV-anchorettes destroyed elite leftist males... and then turned on each other. Women's sports are tearing itself apart too. Women gymnasts have destroyed the Olympic federation and several colleges. Women's soccer is suing itself over discrimination.

There is something here. I can't quite tell what it is yet, but there is a pattern. Right now, my best guess is that leftists have become so irrational about screaming HATE that they have taken to tearing down anything/anyone they can and they just happen to only know leftists. This could be a media witch hunt, which would be why they all seem to be elitists. Perhaps elitists have simply pushed their above-the-law mentality too far? It is also possible that this is about a shrinking economic pie too. The cultural appropriation movement is about economics, I'm almost certain. So what is the pattern? I don't know yet but my spidey senses are tingling. I think we need to watch this more closely.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

What I've Been Saying...

Howdy folks! Just a quick thought tonight in this busy week. Lot of kid's medical stuff and we're expecting an apocalyptic snow storm on Wednesday. Good times! Anyways... I've been making the point to you for a long time not to trust that what you see online is real. A handful of people have the ability to create what appears to be a massive public movement. Well, proof of that came up this past week in Britain.

For some time now, the new bride of Prince Harry (Meghan Markle) has been under a withering attack on the Palace's own social media sites. The attacks have been brutal, vile, unrelenting and massive. They have ranged from attacking her looks, her personality, and even spreading a conspiracy theory about her faking her pregnancy.

Well, the Palace did an investigation and discovered that more than 70% of the attacks came from just twenty trolls. Twenty people created this wave of hate so massive that the British media mistook it for a swing in public sentiment. This is exactly what I've been saying. When you see a mass movement of hateful socialists... identity politics trolls... or just whiners slamming everything you hold dear, that's just a handful of idiots in their basements determined to destroy something they despise. It is not indicative of society.

I have looked and looked and looked and I see NO movement in our society or anywhere else that supports the crazies (on either side), that supports the socialists, that accepts the bizarre troll-like dictates of identity politics. They just aren't there. There are a handful of these people, but that's it. In fact, one of the interesting things I've watched is the comment numbers at a place like Yahoo. Yahoo is a wretched hive of scum, villainy and cynical losers, and they love to smear anything and anyone. They spread hate, anger and cynicism everywhere they can. They spew leftist dogma and idiocy. But do you know what? Yahoo lets you thumb comments up and down and these people routinely end up outvoted on the order of 100 to 1. That speaks volumes. Add in what the British found and you hopefully start to see what drives the internet.

You are the majority. These people are freaks. Don't believe that there are more than a tiny number of them.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Sometimes, the world is a little nuts (pun intended). Take the billionaire diamond merchant who just died during a penis enlargement surgical procedure. Dare I say it... that's a hard way to go. Here's more crazy for you.

● Apparently, our bug-eyed moronic friend Alexandra is building an ever-growing following among Democrats. Some are speculating, she could eventually end up leading the Democratic party one day. Delicious. This woman is a moron. And I mean that in the truest sense. She is stupid. As the co-founder of Greenpeace said, "She doesn't even know if she knows if she's right or wrong." Yep. She knows nothing. She as no judgment. She's a child of instagram wisdom and bumpersticker philosophy and no education that I can tell. She makes Pelosi look like Socrates. Let's encourage this. :)

● Dirty Jews run the world!! Not really, but antisemitism is the new black for Democrats. Indeed, while antisemitism has been growing for a long time through Palestinian "activists" and then anti-bank tropes by Occupy Wall Street, the Dems now have a Muslim woman (Omar) who is spewing anti-Jew like an Arab dictator at the UN. The Dems planned to counter this with a statement supporting Jews, but many are balking... including Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and our bug-eyed moronic friend Alexandra. With luck Progressives will slowly push away more and more Jews.

● So after the MSM screamed that it's basically a hate crime to accuse "the media" of bias, the Democrats now are saying they won't let FOX run any debates because they are biased. Go figure. Anyways, Trump hilariously has said he won't let the others host Presidential debates as retaliation. //snicker snicker

● R. Kelly is off to jail again. Shouldn't he be there already? And why does his music not get banned like Michael Jackson's?

● There are more and more reports that the antiTrumps will be disappointed with the Mueller report. Whoops. The Democrats seem to be shifting focus by trying to jail Trump's kids. That always plays well... well, only in the world of crackpot dictatorships. Other Dems are starting to freak out that this might be a really bad idea. Nah. Go for it!

● Jeff Greenfield (a pretty good analyst) thinks the Democrats will definitely impeach Trump. I'm not sure they have a choice; their base wants it badly. Either way, it will end poorly for them.

● Finally, let me say that I have never seen the press more interested in stoking a war, this time in North Korea, since probably World War II or the Spanish American War. Yellow Press Journalism is back with a vengeance.
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Monday, March 4, 2019

A Couple Thoughts

Brain cells collide... thoughts ensue.

● The Governor of Colorado, a moderate idiot, and the Governor of Washington State, a more progressive idiot, both tossed their privileged white male hats into the race... waving their uninteresting dongs at all the other dong-less candidates. I think this is as much attention as either gets for the rest of the race. This is not the year of the honky peniser in the Democratic Primary. The Starbucks guy figured this out. Their rank and file want a victim to run against Trump, so count out the white boys. Besides, both seem bland and too moderate to interest the mouth-breathing red-tofu eaters that make up their primaries.

● I supposed one of them could claim to be gay, but the left is fast falling out with gays. The latest example is the number of women athletes who are now coming out (a little pun, perhaps) against these men who are trying to compete as women. See, it turns out that men and women are not entirely equal after all. It turns out that even average men are athletically superior to top women. Imagine that? Who could have known that? Anyways, the point is this. All these women are now complaining about it. And while the tranny lobby is screaming bloody murder, the left has been strangely silent, which indicates that influence has shifted: women > trannies. Add in the disappearance of almost all things gay from politics and I think the left has accepted that gays no longer matter to them.

● As odd as this may sound, I just don't care about Micheal Jackson. I really don't. He was one messed up person who seems to have been destroyed as a child and I have a hard time feeling that he was evil. Besides, it's your own damn fault if you let your kids anywhere near him. Seriously, all the signs were there. Anyways, I really don't like the decision by some British radio stations to now ban his songs. I really don't like this trend of trying to erase people when we don't like their crimes. It's Orwellian... and it feeds the intolerance trolls who are trying to destroy the word to make themselves feel better. IN fact, Amazon is being pressured to remove anti-vaccine books and videos from their site. I get it. I despise those people. Dangerous nut jobs. That said, I don't want a company like Amazon deciding whose views should be allowed into commerce. That reeks of Nazism.

● Rosanne put her finger right on the #metoo movement. She called them "hoes" and said they were obviously women who sold their bodies for careers and now are trying to cover up that fact. Duh. Too bad the media won't see that. They're scratching their heads about what Rosanne could possibly mean: "Isn't she a racist anyways, right?"

● Bug-eyed weirdo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is under investigation for all kind of lies, hypocrisy and corruption, and she's only been in office like a week. Nevertheless, she lied about living in the district... she's socialist and yet moved into luxury apartments... she lied about when she moved in, proving she had money she claimed she didn't... she gave her boyfriend a government email... she gave her boyfriend a campaign job... she funneled money to a business run by her campaign manager... she's an environmentalist and yet has spent a fortune on Uber when the Metro is like 100 feet away... etc. This has been fun to watch, but don't think it will matter. The progressives will love her and forgive her everything until they don't. No amount of proof of anything will change that.

● The Progressives are furious with the Democrats for waiting for the Mueller report on Trump. They see that as a delaying tactic. And now that it sounds like Mueller will report nothing, they worry that the Democrats will use the report to escape doing an impeachment. Ha ha! Yep. Democrats are wily like that... making promises they never intend to keep.

● At a recent come to Jesus meeting among Democrats, the Progressives threw a hissyfit at the moderates for voting with Republicans on some recent amendments. Bug-eyed weirdo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she would keep "a list" and use that list to get rid of these people. Shades of Richard Nixon... or Hitler. Leftists are consistent, that's for sure.

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