Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thoughts On The College Scandal

Now that we've had time to process, let's talk about the college scandal.

● Having heard now from several of the kids, I can definitely say that they deserve whatever is coming to them. What a bunch of sh*ts. Some threw their parents under the limo. One used this as a marketing opportunity. Several said they never wanted to go to college anyways ("except for the party experience and game day"). One dipsh*t claimed there was nothing wrong with this because "going to college should be a right." A right to go to Standford, huh? A couple are now trying to make themselves victims by worrying about being bullied. We can only hope. Next will come "I'm fat and designers won't fit me" (very popular at the moment) and if they need a big gun "I was raped".

● How dumb must these kids be that these people couldn't get them into school the way rich people always manage with stupid kids: donate money.

● I find it funny how many famous leftists are piling on these people because "they're rich." Uh, so are you. And this is the crap you people get caught doing all the time. This is an elite leftist crime... just like all the bad guys "brought down" by #metoo were elite leftists, all the people faking hate crimes are activist leftists, etc. In fact, every scandal of recent vintage is leftists behaving in the very manners they claim everyone else is behaving, but isn't. And as they dance on their graves, they soothe their tiny corrupt consciences by pretending these weren't leftists and they've never done anything similar.

● I can't quite put my finger on this yet, but this indictment seems to be part of a movement. What movement? I'm not sure. But look at the criminal indictments of late: This, a college cheating scandal involving bribes by rich people to elite colleges. You've got the NCAA basketball bribery scandal going on, which involves elite companies paying elite college coaches to steer their best players to those companies for endorsements. You've got an anti-Asian admission scandal where elite colleges are being sued (and defending themselves with a big old middle finger) for discriminating against Asians. You've got the fake hate crime stuff, which involves lots of leftists (particularly, blacks and gays -- some famous) making false hate crime claims. You've got the rape industry exposed in a series of fake rape allegations at colleges. This relates to the #metoo "movement," which tore up Hollywood and the entertainment-news industry as elite actresses/TV-anchorettes destroyed elite leftist males... and then turned on each other. Women's sports are tearing itself apart too. Women gymnasts have destroyed the Olympic federation and several colleges. Women's soccer is suing itself over discrimination.

There is something here. I can't quite tell what it is yet, but there is a pattern. Right now, my best guess is that leftists have become so irrational about screaming HATE that they have taken to tearing down anything/anyone they can and they just happen to only know leftists. This could be a media witch hunt, which would be why they all seem to be elitists. Perhaps elitists have simply pushed their above-the-law mentality too far? It is also possible that this is about a shrinking economic pie too. The cultural appropriation movement is about economics, I'm almost certain. So what is the pattern? I don't know yet but my spidey senses are tingling. I think we need to watch this more closely.



AndrewPrice said...

There's more stuff going on too, these are just the ones that stand out off the top of my head.

tryanmax said...

This only relates to the education scandals, but as I listen to leftist commentators discuss them in the context of what it means for equal opportunity, they seem to be inching closer to overtly arguing that the only way to guarantee equal opportunity is to ensure equal outcomes. In other words, they're taking the old argument that the kids of successful people have more time to study for their tests and all but suggesting that the solution is to go Harrison Bergeron on them. We are definitely having a Marxist moment, right now. Let's hope they eat eachother before they get around to the rest of us.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I hadn't noticed that specifically. I'll need to watch for that.

What I have noticed is more a need to deflect these things into anti-conservative attacks. Trump has been a big target, obviously. They have tried to turn the college thing against his kids.

They are going after Tucker Carlson (a moderate-ish GOPer) as a hatemonger. I think they started that after the Jussie Smollett thing.

They tried to turn the blackface thing against some GOP guy in the Midwest.

They tried to deflect the #metoo chaos by pointing fingers at Robert Kraft.

In the meantime though, as you say, they are eating each other alive.

Anthony said...

1. That just sounds like the kids of the rich being vacuous. Its kind of what I expect from people that age due to a lack of life experience (especially kids of privilege). Unless the kids had knowledge of what their parents were doing, they aren't culpable.

2. As for sex misconduct bringing down more leftists than anything, clearly the politics surrounding the new corrupt, philandering president are the same as those surrounding the old one.

During and in part due to the Clinton era sex scandals didn't bring down Clinton, but they brought down a lot of other people, including many high profile opponents.

3. The admissions scandal is something new and interesting, and hopefully it will result in a cleaner, clearer, fairer process (though I have my doubts). I'm not a big sports guy but the vast money involved means there always seems to be a college sports scandal brewing.

4. Like I said last month despite Smollett's obvious fake attack, real hate crimes are a thing and they don't involve symbolic acts.

The Jussie Smollett case was silly. Like I said, activist victim, light damages and a symbolic calling card usually add up to a lie. Lots of violent nutjobs floating around on both sides of the spectrum though.

When a racist wants to make a statement, they tend to do so with dead bodies. Also, such people tend to shoot high (huge celebs) or low (randoms they come across on the street) so a low level celeb claiming two racists had attacked him symbolically made little sense.


On a tragic, probably related note a couple thugs just staged a terror attack in New Zealand. My prayers are with the victims and their families.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier confirmed that one of the detainees was the unidentified male Australian citizen. He described the suspect as “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.”
The suspects were apprehended by local police following Friday's attack, Bush said. No motive for the attack has been determined. Investigators haven't ruled out that more gunmen could be involved but were not actively searching for anyone, he said.

AndrewPrice said...

Two new interesting additions. First, one of the girls in the college scandal apparently was in a rigged game show before this where they actually reshot the ending the make her appear to be the winner. (Sounds like a development deal, frankly.)

And the marketing woman who is part of the scandal appears to be a Democratic bundler... just like a several of the #metoo victims. She just had a fundraiser for Gillibrand's presidential campaign which included Hollywood's Will Ferrell.

The web of connection is interesting as is the fact Democratic bundlers keep coming up in these scandals. I'm seeing this as "above-the-law syndrome."

AndrewPrice said...

I'm glad you found a way to bring Trump into this, Anthony. Good for you.

AndrewPrice said...

James Gunn rehired by Disney to direct Guardians of the Galaxy in yet another blow to the "legacy" of the #metoo movement. There's almost nothing left in the way of people the #metoo movement got fired. In fact, there are probably as many/more #metoo people in trouble now than targets of the #metoo movement.

AndrewPrice said...

If you want an example of how crazy the left has become, consider this...

Chelsea Clinton was attacked by a group of Muslim students for condemning the antisemitism of Rep. Oman, saying that doing so had inspired an "Islamophobic mob." So criticizing the hate an identity group is now enough to become a target of that group.

This is beyond the point of crazy, and it shows just how far the left has drifted into crazytown.

AndrewPrice said...

Looking at the pictures of Nebraska. Best wishes, tryanmax. I hope all is well.

Critch said...

This attack in NZ is really strange. The attacker has written of his admiration for the PRC and the Pakistani government. He broadcast that he hoped to start a civil war in our country. This guy sounds like charlie Manson and his Helter Skelter idea of starting a race war. The attacker in NZ was not a right winger as suggested, I think he was as whacko lefty as you get and was hoping to start something. So now the Kiwis are getting their guns taken away, even though they have never had a problem of killing each other. I think all these Dims are running for POTUS just to get some money. A lot of them are sort of unemployed. Fake-a-hontas Warren was in Memphis, she drew 50 people...she's toast. Robert O'Rourke is probably hoping for a VP spot. The DNC wants a woman candidate, preferably a woman of color...

tryanmax said...

Yeah, things are a little damp around here. I haven't poked my head up much because I've been wading around in my basement. I poked my head up to see that I didn't have it so bad. (Total losses: ~$100 in various ill-stored paper products.) Drove around a bit yesterday to see where the water was. Whole communities are blocked off with barricades and "do not enter" signs. I saw a neighborhood by the Platte submerged halfway up the ground-floor windows, and that's after a couple days receding. It's a mess.

tryanmax said...

I just now made the mistake of reading the replies to the president's tweet about Nebraska. I left the following comment of my own:

"For all you blue-staters in the comments pretending to care about Nebraska for the first time, it's the rectangle state in the middle. Start at Texas (or Hell, as you call it) and go up three. It's not a perfect rectangle, there's a notch cut out of the left. That's by design."

Critch said...

If General Curtis LeMay were alive he would order the flood waters to recede from his beloved Offutt AFB...and the water would comply.

tryanmax said...

As of the weekend, 3000 feet of Offutt runway was underwater, 30 buildings damaged.

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