Friday, May 29, 2020

"I Don't Know If Her Life Needed To Be Torn Apart"

Let's talk about this woman in New York City. I think there are several interesting aspects to this that people are missing.

Before I start, a quick aside on Minnesota. I think it's horrible Floyd died. I honestly don't understand why the guy who killed him did it, how he could not have known what he was doing, and how he couldn't bring himself to stop. This guy was not faced with a life threatening situation. This was not an instantaneous response where bad judgment can happen. This was seven or eight minutes of negligence or indifference. I suspect he will be sent away for murder. I'm not alone in this either as I see a lot of cops are saying the same thing. That said... the rioting turns this from a tragedy into something far more grotesque. The rioting is exploitive and animalistic. It is what perpetuates the problem. Also, the celebrities taking easy shots to show their wokeness can go f*ck themselves. It's sickening and pathetic to use an incident like this for self-promotion and that is what you creatures are doing.


On the New York thing, for those who don't know, a woman was walking her dog without a leash in Central Park when a black man who was bird watching told her she needed to put the dog on a leash. She freaked out and accused him of threatening her. Then she called the cops. They did the right thing and did nothing.

This was all recorded and hit the news. The woman, who is an investment banker, was promptly fired. She's since been whining that this is unfairly destroying her life. They even, apparently, repo'd her rescue dog. The black dude has since said he feels "uncomfortable" about her life being destroyed: "I don't know if her life needed to be torn apart."

My thoughts...

First, let's start with the second most interesting piece of this to me: this woman is clearly a liberal. In fact, she fits the profile perfectly. Big city, single, white professional woman. That's a liberal, guaranteed. Yet, the media never mentions this. Why? Because the reality seems to be that it's ALWAYS liberals who are behind racism. All the blackface stuff, which just came up with Jimmy Fallon again, was liberals. It's liberal white professional women calling the cops on black men in parks. It's gay liberal white men and white male "artists" calling the cops on blacks in apartment buildings (that happened this week again too: "you can't be a tenant... your skin is brown!"). It's big liberal cities where cops keep getting in trouble for killing black men. Did you think Minnesota is a bastion of conservatism? The #metoo movement targets were almost all liberal men in Hollywood, theater and the news media. The examples are endless, and it's always liberals. Isn't that interesting?

That said, the most interesting issue comes up with the idea that this poor woman's world is being "unfairly" destroyed. Is it really unfair? Put aside the racism question. Now ask yourself, what exactly did she do wrong? Well, I'll tell you. This woman was annoyed at a man who pointed out that she was in violation of the park's rules. Her response was to place a call to the police and lie to them in a way which, if believed, could have locked this man away for a very long time. See any echoes of the false rape claim epidemic? There is a sickness in the world of single women where some small percentage of them think nothing of leveling false allegations of crimes as a tool of getting even. They are essentially the female version of rapists... it's about power, not sex, so is this. They see the system as a tool of vengeance. The whole #metoo movement really laid this bare with the bullsh*t allegations so many of these women made and the life-ending punishments they wanted imposed on their victims for "crimes" as nonexistent as "being creepy." This woman did the same damn thing and the only reason that isn't more obvious is that the media wants to spin this as generic-public-racism rather than seeing it for what it is: feminist-liberal-predatory allegation making.

This is something much sicker than it is being made to appear.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Some Good News

There is some good and interesting news out recently.

First, apparently so few people have been dying from accidents in the past two months that organ transplants aren't happening because they can't get enough organs. So while a lot of people have died from the virus, a lot have apparently been saved. Interesting world. In terms of death, we are still only about 15 days worth of death in the US.

Secondly, despite the media trying to sell the idea that the US is the worst at everything and trying to lay the blame at Trump's doorstep, the reality is that on a per capita basis, the US is nowhere near as bad as other European countries (there's no comparison to sh*thole countries because I suspect they are all much worse). In fact, eight European countries rank worse than we do on a per capita basis. The same has always been true with other ways to die too (like prenatal and heart attack stuff), but the media likes to skew the numbers to make us look bad. Plus, the Euros often lie about their numbers to look better. So much for "transparency."

Third, despite a pre-open surge in cases in red states which the media dutifully presented as being caused by the rushed reopening of those states, it seems that the number of new infections is falling in red states... and rising in blue. Imagine that.

Fourth, the media is doing their damndest to destroy Andrew Cuomo right now. Not sure why, but that's a good thing. I think he came out of this very popular and with strong leadership credentials... and now they are tearing those apart. In fact, they have been openly blaming him for turning New York into a disaster. Keep it coming, idiots! Eat your own.

Fifth, these guys protesting that they donts need to wears no mahhsks are assholes. They are not heroes. Don't be like them. Wearing a mask is courteous to the people around you.

Sixth, Biden just gets worse and worse day by day. He comes across right now like he's hiding in some basement shooting off crazy gaffes about random things and he's spending his days fighting with nobodies. His numbers suggest he's going to lose too. And picking the Governor of Michigan as his running mate is suicidal. She's proven to be the least qualified woman in the field right now. Not to mention, he needs a black chick or he won't get black turnout.

I hope you are all well and healthy. Summer is coming!
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Monday, May 11, 2020

Stuck Thinking

I saw an article the other day that really shows why our political world is such a mess. Tryanmax pointed out the same article in the comments as well. The article didn't involve politicians, but it was pure politics of the worst kind. The article involved the Los Angeles Times suddenly discovering what I told you a long time ago, that Coronavirus began among the glitterati but of course they spun it. And the comments were no better.

As I pointed out some weeks ago, a lot of evidence made me think that Coronavirus started as a celebrity disease. First, there were the hugely disproportionate number of celebrities who had it. At a time when almost no one had it -- and probably no one you knew -- it seemed that massive numbers of celebrities and journalists had it. Huge numbers of actors, singers, and journalists seemed to have it. High profile lawyers. Heads of companies. But few common people. In fact, let's assume that 3 million Americans have it today. That equates to less than 1% of the population... 1 in 100. Yet, I can name dozens upon dozens of celebrities who have it. I would guess that maybe 10-20% of the celebrities and journalists I know have it. That's impossible if this was random sample.

I also showed how the infection rate in Aspen, a town of celebrities, was over 100 times higher than other towns. I pointed out that it was spreading among rich skiers and other wealthy travelers, that New York City was the epicenter and that much of it seemed to be passing from coast to coast without stopping in flyover country. Recently, I've seen articles which suggest that it was running wild around the Sundance Festival, which might be where this thing really hit the celebrity world in the first place. There are studies too now claiming that 60% of the infected people were directly infected by traveling New Yorkers. So everything I saw is slowly starting to be seen as true.

The Los Angeles Times is finally on the case. Hence, the article in question.

But here's the thing. The LA Times spun the article. Rather than putting together what I did, and discussing how Covid spread among celebrities, who spread it to their various home areas and friends, it has lumped them all together as "rich." There was no mention of celebrities or journalists. It did mention the skiing thing but that was about it. All it did was call them "rich travelers."

Why do this?

Notice that this avoids the unpleasantness of identifying the true carriers, which were elite liberal celebrities. Instead, it shifts the blame to "the rich," which is dog whistle code to the left for "evil conservative white businessmen who want to kill innocent brown people." In fact, the article doesn't even explore how this worked in the US because that might lead to uncomfortable questions. Instead, it jumps to poor brown countries (Mexico specifically) and it blames rich international travelers for the spread. In other words, the problem was rich, white American businessmen spreading this stuff to poor, hardworking brown people in ghettos.

If you want to stop the spread of something, you need to know how it started, how it spread, and where it could have been stopped. Knowing that a bunch of leftist a-holes got it being smug at Sundance and then spread it around to their friends would help. That lets you trace a lot of things which help explain the disease's evolution and toxicity and everything. Yet, the good leftists at the Times can't put their politics aside. They needed to spin this interesting discovery into a race/class war issue and did so by misidentifying the key facts. This is the left refusing to see facts as they are and being doubly blinded by ideology.

Unfortunately, the comments were no better. Rather than pointing out the inaccuracies, half the comments were conspiracy theories... 5G is under my bed!!... and the other half were reflexive defenses of "the rich." Thus, they all dismissed the few interesting facts of the article as propaganda. Ironically, if the writers had called them "Hollywood" instead of the rich, then the commenters would have taken all of this as true, but then the article writers would have been dismissed as right wing kooks.

This is the problem with our political system today. There's nobody rational or truthful in it. It's all about lies and dogma, enemies, and idiots shouting idiocy and myth at each other, and that makes our current system uniquely unfit to meet any challenge where information is important.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Good and Bad

So Colorado is basically open again and here are my impressions.

First, the amount of traffic is basically back to normal. Sadly. Most everything is open, though most businesses have maintained some safety rules. Costco actually added a requirement that you wear a mask now -- that wasn't true here last week. They also limit meat purchases to 3 items total (got some pork belly for the smoker! Yum!) to prevent hoarding with the coming meat shortage.

This tells me two things...

(1) The idea that the economy is going to turn back on and skyrocket back to near where it had been may be valid. I was expecting something much more tepid this week and we basically got full speed ahead. Just try getting into Home Depot, for example! This likely means that most people will get their jobs back and most smaller businesses will survive.

On that point, I saw an estimate that 60% of restaurants might close. That would be a huge victory actually, since 90%+ are doomed in the best of times. Airlines are doomed though.

(2) Some of the safety precautions will stay with us until this thing is cured and then some. Businesses clearly are worried about getting sued (and presumably their employees' health). So look for the easy stuff to continue. Costco actually took out a huge section of junk food so they could do social distancing at the checkout lines.

Secondly, the dipsh*ts are back. Up to now, most of the people who have been out have been pretty smart. They've worn masks and didn't touch their eyes or noses and have been polite but cautious. Even if they weren't personally concerned, they were being courteous to others. In the last two days, though, I've seen a different sort emerge. These are people going around without masks, touching everything, and bumping into people. They are whining about the old folks hours set up by various stores and bragging about how they ain't no scared of no virus. Their behavior suggests the spike in cases will be higher than expected. On the plus side, the people most likely to get it at this point deserve it. Stay cautious folks until these people are out of the way.

Speaking of idiots, some Republican Congressman is refusing to wear a mask for religious grounds. What a tard. God does not suffer fools, so why do fools always use God as their excuse for their own stupidity? Does the Bible really have a catchall in it somewhere that says "insert your idiocy here?" No... it doesn't. For the record, nowhere does the Bible (or any other religious book) ever say that you cannot wear a mask or protect yourself from a plague.

Finally, as an interesting aside, I have a cousin in Germany who gets news on the US. It's interesting to hear what he's been told. Apparently, the Germans have been told that things in the US are a real mess, with vast numbers dead, empty grocery store shelves, everyone unemployed, and all around chaos. We have the worst infection rate, worst death rates, whites killing blacks, doctors killing themselves, and our government is fiddling as New York burns. That's the picture the media paints of us in its purest form. Liars.
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