Thursday, February 28, 2019

Leftists Behaving Badly Update

More leftist misbehavior. It's funny how they're the ones who do these things, yet they think we're the bad guys.

● The Governor of Virginia and the Attorney General, both liberals, have yet to resign over blackface images (and other incidents). What's more, lots of Democrats are now saying that resignation wasn't called for. Remember that the next time they scream about someone else and demand a resignation.

● The Lt. Governor of Virginia, who is black and accused of two rapes, has not resigned either. He's denying the charges and responding with race-baiting language by calling the calls for his resignation a "modern day lynching." Funny how race trumps sex crimes. As an aside, this is another good measure of how the #metoo movement achieved nothing. They wanted a mere allegation of making a woman uncomfortable to be enough to result in public banishment. Here's a Lt. Governor accused of two rapes who has basically flipped his accusers the bird.

● Speaking of #metoo and the other associated hashtags, did you know they incorporated? Yep. Kind of tells you something, doesn't it? Anyways the "CEO" of the circus had to resign after her own son was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct.

● The left is trying very hard to shift the terms of the Jessie Smollett thing from what it is to "but there are such crimes and that's all that matters." Some ridiculously even add, "He drew attention to this." Right, like a rapist draws attention to sex crimes. In fact, lots of celebs are putting out statements "condemning" Smollett by calling for sympathy and understanding because of the horrible racist, anti-gay world in which we live. They have learned nothing... as expected.

● Coincidentally, there is another one of these. Last year, a "gay rights activist" in Michigan claimed that evil anti-gayists burned down his house, killing his dog and cats, because he was gay. Hate crime! Hate crime! Turn outs, he did it. Several witnesses said he was even covered in gas when they came to see what was happening... gas he bought an hour earlier in a can at a gas pump which caused the fire. Uh, gee, must be a secret Trump supporter.

● There is an interesting book written by a professor of some sort who examined headline cases of hate crimes. He found that in the past couple years, over 400 of the hate crimes that made the news turned out to be faked by the victim. He doesn't tell us how many made the news in total but working his numbers backwards, he looked at about 750 instances. That's a HUGE percentage and really should be cause for questioning on the left... but that doesn't fit their narrative.

● Hillary tells us she will not be silenced. Ok. I didn't know anyone had told the old bag to STFU?

● Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti is begin called upon to resign. She's a democrat, but you'll have to search to find that in most articles. She apparently called certain Maryland counties "n*gger country" a couple weeks back. When this came to light, her defense was, "but I'm sure everyone's used that word." The mindset of a liberal, folks. Wanna bet she would be screaming if a Republican had said it?

● Bernie Sanders' former campaign manager has been accused of harassing women during the 2016 campaign and Bernie is accused of not doing anything about it. Bernie thinks that horrible.

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hispanic Change?

This one is going to be a lot of guess work based on a handful of facts. Take it with a grain of salt, but remember it when I'm right... because I think I am.

Hispanics are shifting away from the Democratic Party.


No, seriously. And I think I know why.

Here's the fact that started this. Last month, a liberal poll (the Marist poll for NPR) had a seemingly impossible result. Trump's support among Hispanics had risen 19% points to 50%. Let's start with the obvious, 31% support already is supposed to be impossible given that:
"Trump was, after all, still the same man who announced his candidacy by accusing Mexico of sending “rapists” across the border, the same man who ordered refugee children separated from their parents, the same man who has made building a wall to shut out migrants the focal point of his presidency."
That's the liberal view of Trump and it makes 31% seems impossible, right? (He got 28% in exit polls.) That's higher than most Republicans since GW Bush (40%). And to go to 50% seems ludicrous. Yet, here it was. Marist cautioned of a possible oversampling of Republicans and liberals dismissed this as insane, but soon more polls started showing similar number. Rooh rooh. Liberals are freaking out. How can an anti-Hispanic monster who wants to kill Hispanic kids possibly get Hispanic support? What is wrong with those stupid... uh. What is wrong with those people? Don't they know that if they support Trump, the world will fricken end?!!

Well, I have a theory... three actually, but one main one.

THEORY ONE: They Aren't Brown Blobs. Liberals see Hispanics as one people. They see them as the Indian/indigenous brown people the news trots out as victims. These are the people who work on liberals' lawns and clean their sheets. They are here illegally, and liberals are super condescending about them, but they see them as Democratic voters.

This is wrong, however. "Hispanics" are a label that fits a group as diverse as "Europeans." You have everyone from Mexicans to Brazilians with brown, white and black all mixed in. Argentinians are quite right wing, as are Cubans. Mexicans are left-leaning. Who the hell knows about Hondurans or El Salvadorans. They don't always agree within groups either. There was just a popular Mexican actor who got in trouble with liberals for looking down on an indigenous actress in rather racist terms. So they aren't monolithic in opinion to begin with.

What's more, depending on how long they've been in the country, their Hispanic identity fades and they become "white." There are millions of "Hispanics" you've met that you would never recognize as such. I think the polls are showing GOP support by Hispanics from right-leaning backgrounds and particularly among those who have slowly become honkys. These people aren't thought of by the Democrats when they talk about demographic destiny and that is the failure in their math... the one they failed to carry.

THEORY TWO: The American Dream. While other groups who have become slaves to the Democratic Party are happy to fight on social issues, Hispanics aren't. Blacks and women see themselves as ethnic/gender blocks and they want the culture to recognize them as such. Hispanics don't because they aren't monolithic, a Cuban doesn't see himself as a Mexican. Instead, what matters to most, as immigrants, is the American dream. Indeed, large numbers are here to work to get rich... the end. I suspect that some portion of the Trump-support growth comes from these people. They have realized that Trump is no danger to them, they like the economic effect of his policies (i.e. jobs), and they like that he's a "self-made" billionaire. They see that as confirming the path they want to take, and they don't particularly care for the attacks on his status as it reeks of ending upward mobility.

And now lets hit what I think is really going on...

THEORY THREE: We Don't Want You Here, Boy! With each passing day, the Democratic Party seems to become more strident. More importantly, though, they are strident about the issues their major constituencies care about. With gays falling away, that leaves white professional women and blacks. These groups really don't put any effort into the worries of other groups because they assume they will get their support automatically as the anti-White Male Party, nor do they offer anything other than their own pet peeves.

As an Hispanic, you can see the problem. Many of the things Hispanics want run contrary to the things white women and blacks want. White women and blacks want government money and jobs for themselves. They want laws discriminating in their favor. They want "reparations." Black groups want to unleash a crime wave. White women groups want to outlaw masculinity. Neither group cares about the economic path of Hispanics, the education that will help their kids, or their religious background. They don't want to add Hispanics to the table either because that diminishes the share of the booty they will get. Hence, Hispanics see the Democrats using them to obtain power and then giving them the shaft. Manual labor for life for you.

I think this is what is turning Hispanics away from the Democrats and toward a GOP that isn't particularly welcoming but does offer the things they want. The Democrats are offering poverty. They really did nothing to stop deportation either, and their views are as condescending as anything the GOP says. By comparison, the GOP whines about deportation (ineffectively) but at least offers a path to the American dream. Hispanics are rational. They see this.

So summing it all up, I think all the anti-white, anti-male speech by the Democrats is driving Hispanics away and they are now open to switching sides. Where it all ends isn't clear yet. But if the Democrats lose even a few percentages, they are doomed.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Here's some stuff that has come up since we last spoke.

● Jussie Smollett has been charged with filing a false police report. He faces a possible three year sentence and a $25,000 crime. Even more importantly though, I think this blows the biggest hole in the victim industry since police started wearing body cams. I honestly think we are watching the imploding of the left's strongest tactic: the ability to keep their gullible supporters in fear with a steady stream of claims about police hunting black people, about straight white males dragging gays behind their trucks, and about college boys raping coeds at will.

Indeed, not only has a total lack of evidence made these claims laughable, but a number of now provable false claims by alleged victims have discredited the whole industry. Just as bad, the smears that the left has retreated to, such as comments on tip lines on receipts... videos of little old ladies yelling about deporting foreigners... and forty year old pictures of Democrats in blackface, show just how little real "-ism" there is to worry about.

● It turns out that the marijuana industry is racist. //snicker snicker All the (legal) profits are going to white men and Democrats are starting to notice (illegal profits go to Mexico). What's more, despite pot slowly becoming legal everywhere, it turns out that the illegal cartels and gangs have not gone away as promised. If anything, they've become more powerful and places like California are wanting to crack down. Irony at work.

● Kamala Harris keep stepping on her own... uh, short hairs. Not only has she needed to back off on eliminating private health insurance (the issue she planned to run on), but now we know that as a prosecutor she put lots of young black men in jail for pot possession. Tsk tsk. And now she's smeared Jamaica, causing her own father to complain angrily about her using an anti-Jamaican stereotype.

● There seems to be an anti-gay war starting within the Catholic church. This could be interesting. We'll see. I've always found it interesting how the church's sex scandal could involve hundreds of male priests and lots of little boys (and almost no girls) and yet the idea that this was connected to homosexuality never came up. Now it seems to be coming up. Not sure where this will go yet, or where it will end.

● Karl Lagerfeld died and I truly do not care. But after lots of tributes, the angry left has started attacking him. Apparently, they've noticed that he acted like every other member of the fashion industry. For shame!

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Friday, February 15, 2019

More Staged Victimization

Liberals love to be victims. In fact, I'd say it's become a psychological problem for them, wanting to be victims. This is why pretty much every "hate crime" supposedly written on a restaurant receipt has turned out to be false, why so many black civil rights activists have been caught lying about police abuse, and why such a large number of rapes turns out to be false. The last example is an actor named Jessie Smollett.

Smollett is gay and black and appears on a pretty decent show called Empire. A few weeks back, he claimed to have been the victim of a hate crime in Chicago, but his claim didn't smell right from the get go. For starters, the claim didn't add up.

1. He claimed that he was randomly attacked by two white men who wore MAGA hats. They tied a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him, knocked him down and kicked him and beat him and yelled, "This is MAGA country" and then called him racist and anti-gay names.

2. BUT... Chicago is not MAGA country.

3. How did two random white guys looking to hurt some black guy know he was gay? What's more, this was supposedly a random attack, but it immediately came out that someone sent him anti-gay hatemail threatening to hurt him two days before. So suddenly, this random attack was connected with a premeditated crime? Those two things don't make sense together.

4. Nor did they manage to hurt him. His injuries were not consistent with an attack. One punch perhaps (he had a bruise on one cheek), but that was it. There was no evidence of bleach on his skin, not big cuts, nothing broken, no burns or tears on his skin. This is really nothing for two rednecks looking to genuinely hurt a black man. Interestingly, he would later start to claim that he "fought the f**k back" as well, but he lacks any evidence of fighting injuries.

5. Moreover, despite being in a heavily surveilled city, there was no evidence at all on video to support this. No camera captured the attack, no camera showed Smollett stumbling home, no camera showed the two attackers running off. No container of bleach or anything else was found. No one saw a thing.

6. He claimed to be on the phone with his manager at the time of the attack, but then refused to turn over phone records to support this, claiming privacy.

7. The MAGA part of the story wasn't added until later. So it was a hate crime but he forgot to mention the things they said to prove that until his second interview with the police? There's also some suggestion that his manager added the MAGA thing. And later, Mollette said he never said they wore a MAGA hat. So why did his manager say that?

8. He didn't call the cops for 40 minutes (he claims he didn't want to, but someone else did), but then when they met him at his apartment he still had the rope around his neck. Really? He later claimed he wanted them to see it. This is not at all normal behavior. Normal behavior would be to rip that off your neck. Leaving it there is unusual. Making this even less normal, why would he leave it there if he didn't want to call the cops? So he sat around for 40 minutes with this rope around his neck until someone else called the police but he claims he kept wearing it because he wanted the police to see it. Anyone see a problem with that?

9. As the days went on, he started giving inconsistent interviews. In these he complained that people didn't believe him. He cried about how he thought his life was in danger. And then he bragged about how he fought back and he wants gay people to know they aren't weak. This all reeked of an inconsistent story combined with activism.

10. Then a story came out that the police knew the identity of one of the "attackers." He's an extra on Empire. Suddenly, it's not so random anymore. At the same time, whispers began that Smollett's character was potentially getting written out of Empire and that Smollett may have done this to keep that from happening.

And now it gets good...

The police have been looking for the two white men for some time. Well, they found them. It turns out they are black. Very black. They are from Nigeria. They are brothers. They are extras on Empire. AND they are Smollett's friends. Smollett follows them on Instagram. Smollett works out with them at the gym.

Of course, none of the strangeness in this story or its inconsistencies stopped every celebrity in the world from offering their support to him and smearing the rest of us as racist, anti-gay bigots. Some of them, like Yahoo, have now entered the "confused" stage where they are pretending they have no idea what any of this could possibly mean. Soon it will all come out to the point that even the liberal celebrity world won't be able to deny what he did. Then I'm sure they'll feel sorry for him... that we are such bigots that he was forced to put himself through this. It's not his fault, you see, it's the pressure our racism causes. The one thing we won't get is an apology and an admission that maybe they're the bigots.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Life Catches Up To Liberalism Again

Liberals are very good at denying all the warnings smarter people try to give them over their policies. Whatever it is they want will be the greatest panacea ever and don't try to tell them otherwise because only a monster like you could doubt their intentions! Then they do it... and it implodes just like you predicted. Do they admit they were wrong all along? Hardly. After all, it's not like anyone could have seen this disaster coming, right?! The latest example of this idiocy is the high speed train between LA and San Francisco.

Think back to 2008. Remember candidate Obama promising to fix the economy by building a high speed train? Yep. It was one of the only promises he could point to. It was even going to have internet. You'd see. Obama would build this thing and we would become the leader in technology again. We would all have jobs. Kids would be smarter. The world would be perfect. All it would cost would be $33 billion and it would be ready by 2020. High speed trains from Los Angeles to San Francisco are magic!

Flash forward to 2019. Instead of being one year from completion, they now estimate this boondoogle won't be done until 2033. And that tiny $33 billion price tag is now estimated at $77 billion. What's more, this project hasn't helped our technological standing. People aren't smarter, richer or more attractive. In fact, nothing's really gotten better at all.

So California Warden Gavin Newsom announced today that he's canceling the program. Better not to throw good money after bad, he decided. Yep. Probably wants to save the money for that green agenda where we will be eliminating cars and planes within 10 years, rebuilding every building in the US, and plugging the butts of cows everywhere. I can't see anyone problems with that!

Liberalism really is a philosophy for the ignorant and the unprepared. It is a belief system that substitutes wishes for reality and only works because it has rolling amnesia which lets it disavow failures and define success downward to the point of anything other than compete failure.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Some Interesting Thoughts

Ran across some interesting political thoughts this weekend. Let's discuss.

● The media runs with this narrative that the Republicans hate Obamacare and are out to destroy it. Basically, we're the bad guys looking to take away all the wholesome goodness of Obama's legacy and the public should vote for the Democrats to save it. Yet, every single Democratic candidate and most of their elected officials are backing the "Medicare for all" plan because they think the current system is broken in all kinds of racist, sexist, poorist ways. But the "current system" is Obamacare. In other words, the keystone of the Democratic primaries will be replacing Obamacare, which they describe as an utter failure.

● Democrat Jon Dingell of Michigan died. Good riddance. In an interesting piece making the rounds this weekend, several liberals praise Dingell and say that he's really the man who shaped our country today. To a degree this is true too, as Dingell was primarily responsible for most business regulation and banking/financial regulation over the past 30-40 years. So let's all praise Democrat John Dingell... for creating everything the Democrats claim to be fighting against today.

● Trump's polling numbers seem to be right back at 50%. Not sure what that means except that political attitudes are entrenched. It also turns out that Pelosi polls well below Trump. Sounds like a race to be the worst. But Hollywood loves her.

● Democrat Amy Klobuchar has jumped into the nomination race. Her qualifications seems to be the lack of a penis. And like the others, she jumps into the race with plenty of baggage. My favorite bit is that she is abusive to staff and makes them do personal tasks which would bring howls of rage if a male Senator had demanded the same. She's defending this by saying that these allegations (truths) are only being raised because she's a woman. Uh no. Abuse is abuse.

● Corey Booker is running as the victim candidate... just like the rest. His victimhood is a little less clear though. It seems that he won't let THEM stop him. If we find out who THEM is, I'll let you know.

● Poor Kamala Harris polls poorly in her own state. Only 40% think she would make a good President. That's not good since she won 62% of votes to get her current job.

● Elizabeth Warren officially announced this weekend that she's running. She continues to try to sell the idea that she's middle class. No beer chugging this time though. In fact, nothing interesting. No sizzle. One thing I did enjoy was her telling us that she came from a poor family (and wasn't always rich), right before telling us that poor people cannot succeed in America.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Who's The Racist?

So it seems that the Democratic Party in Virginia is imploding. The governor wore blackface... well, he didn't, not in that picture (to which he initially admitted), but at another time, and it wasn't black, it was brown. He also went to a party calling himself a highly offensive name to women... the "c-word." Now the Democratic Attorney General admits that he too wore blackface, because you know. But he's very, very, very, very sorry. And the Lt. Governor's got sexual misconduct issues.

What a party!

On the one hand, it's ridiculous to destroy people because of something insignificant like this which happened 40 years before when they were still kids. ON THE OTHER HAND, this is the world the left wants to create. So I'm all in favor of destroying these good loyal Democrats because that's what they would have wanted if it was anyone but them.
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