Friday, June 18, 2021

"We've Been Through The Wringer Together"

Oh F-you. This quote came from an article I saw today whining about how bad COVID was and being 'thankful' that things were finally getting back to normal: "we've been through the wringer together." WTF? Can anyone with a brain seriously think COVID was "the wringer"? Do you really think so? Did it take you to the brink? Could you almost take no more? Then you are a loser and you need perspective.

Do you know who has been through the wringer? Jews. Remember the Holocaust when Germans rounded them up throughout Europe, stealing all their property, and putting them in camps where they were starved, medically experimented on, had their filling removed, and were then murdered. That's going through the wringer. Did ANY of that happen to us over the past year? Nope. We worked from home and got free money from the government.

Africans. They've been through the wringer. Aside from killing each other for sport, country after country there has gone through starvation. Remember the starving kids of Ethiopia and Somalia? Sally Struthers. How about the Germans after WWII? They had no food at all until the American brought them some in their bombed out cities. How do you feel about unsealing basements day after day and finding asphyxiated neighbors? A little tougher than a slow internet, isn't it? How about the ten million Ukrainian peasants who starved while the food system 'upgraded' from serfdom to Soviet serfdom in the 1930s. Did ANY of that happen to us over the past year? Nope. They didn't even close the drive throughs.

But there was the terrible specter of disease. Really? How many people do you know who died? The black death killed around 60% of the population of Europe. Imagine two of three of everyone you know turning black and dying right in front of you. The black death might have killed as many as 200 million people, two-thirds of the entire population of the US today. Don't give me this crap about living in the shadow of death from COVID.

Anything else was self-inflicted. We made us stay home. We made us social distance. We made us wear masks. And lets put these "horrors" in perspective. In World War II, we bombed Europe flat. In China, they killed each other with pitchforks to the toon of 60 million people. In Rwanda, they macheted each other to death. In Saudi Arabia, they enforce social distancing every day, and veils. In China, they still use death camps. We have the term Martial Law because it's so common that every country goes through it: No public meetings. No leaving your home without papers. No radio. No television. No twitter. Not one person was rounded up in the US for being retard about COVID or speaking stupidly to power.

But neighbor turned on neighbor over vaccinations and social distancing and wearing masks. Gee, that almost sounds like the Civil War... if the Civil War had been fought with harsh language. Seriously, people demanded more social space, decided not to hang out with plague magnates, and told others to stop breathing on them and you think that's a horror? Hell, those are the principles of Libertarianism! Now, I will admit that the BLM stuff was a problem, but only for liberal cities who deserved the riots and fires and murder they got. That's called "consequences", and that is to be expected from being a fool. Getting what you deserve is not "going through the wringer," it's called "justice." Burn Minnesota, burn.

Ma rahts were violated though. Do you really think being told to step away from me and stop breathing your nasty a** breath on me violates your 'rahts'? You have no such rights. And even if you did, that's a joke compared to the secret police watching you 24/7 and taking you away and beating you whenver you aren't submissive enough. Or maybe you'd like to move to a land with no personal space like India? That's going through the wringer. Being told not to hump my leg is not.

Seriously, we went through nothing. We worked from home, got free money, demanded more personal space, and told people to stop breathing on us. If you think that was "going through the wringer" then you have no perspective whatsoever and I'll bet you're the kind of person who breaks down and cries when someone uses the wrong pronoun to address you.

Where's a good plague when we need one.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Middle Class Is Doomed

Daniel asked awhile back if I had any good news at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm feeling rather down at the moment. What has me down is two fold. On the one hand, our society has collapsed. Our culture is sick and a critical mass of people have become a destructive cancer. On the other hand, our elites have become rotten with greed. It is no longer enough for them to take enough to get rich beyond the dreams of averice, they are intent on taking everything. That's bad. I'll talk about the culture problem in a few days, right now let's talk about my economic concerns.

The only way to really do this is to do bulletpoints, which may or may not connect into one coherent argument but at least will present a clear picture of what is happening. Let's start with a couple key historical points:
● Revolutions begin not with wealth inequality, as the left contends, but with the rich becoming all powerful. The Russian Revolution, The French Revolution, and I would argue many other uprisings happened when the rich in those societies hoarded wealth and power to such a degree that average people had nothing left.

● Americans once respected the rich even as they envied them. Why? Because men like Ford and Carnegie made their money satisfying the needs and wants of average Americans and made sure those average people had the wealth to buy from them. In other words, to make their boats rise, they wanted to raise the tide for all boats. Everyone benefited. Today, the wealthy become rich by robbing the public. They make their money imposing unneccesary transaction fees, bringing lawsuits which destroy value, and taking from the Treasury. It should have come to no one's surprise that most of the money set aside to keep small businesses alive went to the biggest businesses in the country. It should come to no one's surprise that Goldman Sachs makes billions "arbitraging" stock trades, i.e. extracting bits of profit from other people's transactions without adding a hint of value.

● It is the middle class that drives the world because those are the people with the right values and incentives to be the inventors, creators, and dreamers who build the future. The poor lack the tools. The rich lack the will. But the middle class is dying.

● Historically, the one thing that has protected American families is the growth in value of their homes.
Now, let's talk about what is bothering me:
● The American middle class is dying. Yeah, they are. They look good because they've been buying a lot of stuff on debt, but the middle class is being squeezed. Middle class people pay more in taxes than billionaires. They have nowhere to invest: the stock market is rigged. Hedge funds manipulate stocks on behalf of the rich and famous. Insiders suck up the value of transactions. Mutual funds lie and the FCC lets them. Interest rates prevent savings. Inflation kills money. So what does that leave? Houses... but

● There's a massive problem brewing with houses. The greedy bastards in the investment industry realized home equity is profitable, so they decided to take it. Investment firms have started buying homes. In some markets, they already control up to 24% of the homes sold. They are using sh*tty tactics to overwhelm normal buyers like out bidding them $1 at a time at auctions or buying chunks of homes from developers before they even hit the market. So what? Well, they already control enough houses that they have virtual control over the rental market and have been able to raise rents far beyond market levels. Essentially, they are monopolizing rents. This means renters pay far more than they should which strips young people of the savings they need to eventually buy a home, which prevents them from getting the only asset Americans can trust in to build wealth. Even if people have money, buying homes is becoming much harder because an average person cannot compete with a trillion dollar company willing to overpay to get the property. See, they can overpay, you can't, because you can't get financing if you overpay. You also can't recover the overpayment by overcharing for rent as they can.

No home, no equity, no wealth.

But you already have a home and you don't plan to move (ever?). So how can this hurt you? Well, you know what renters are like, right? Do you want half the homes on your street to become rental units? I didn't think so. Just wait until they own most homes.

Then there's this. This is just a suspicion at this point, but an informed one. What happens when Goldman Sachs owns 75% of the homes in your neighborhood? Do you think they will just let their investment ride or do you think they might have a plan to improve it? What can they do? What do you think will happen when the people who own 75% of the homes in the city start asking that neighborhoods be rezoned to let them turn old homes, like your neighbors', into luxury condos or strip malls? The Supreme Court has already said the city can even take your home to let Goldman Sach do it. This worries me greatly.

● Then there's the jobs issue.

● For two decades now, corporate America has sought to import foreign workers. Under the guise of filling jobs Americans supposedly won't do, they've tried to replace union workers with cheap foreign welders. Truckers with Mexican truckers. They've tried to import foreign engineers to Silicon Valley even as American engineers get laid off. They did the same with bankers in New York. What they can't bring in, they farmed out... outsourcing. These are jobs average people could live on, and they are being taken from Americans.

● The minimum wage went up, but did that help or hurt? I was talking to a liberal black woman from the Northwest recently who swore she will never vote for another minimum wage hike. "Everything I buy got more expensive to pay these people, but I never got a raise to offset that. I worked hard to get above minimum wage levels and now I feel like I'm poorer." She's not wrong. Wages have been so stagnant compared to true inflation that most people are now struggling. Raising minimum wage did not help those people. In fact, try this. Did you know in most places, minimum wage is around $12-$15 an hour already? What's your hourly rate by comparison? How old are you and how long have you been working? Do you think you should be that close to the bottom with that experience?

● At least the minimum wage people are doing well, right? Hardly. Here are some annoucements from corporate America (all given with tremendous enthusiasm) which should scare the hell out of you:
● McDonalds and Subway are introducing automated voice ordering screens. Computers pretending to be human. My bank already does this in their drive throughs. No humans needed. Dominos is proudly touting their trial of driverless delivery using a technology called Nuro. Chick-fil-A is testing Nuro as well. That's the end of pizza delivery guys and Uber-eats. It will also extend, soon enough, to truckers... one of the last lower-class quality jobs. White Castle is testing a robot cook named "Flippy." Between those three, fast food and delivered food will soon be personless. Darden (Olive Garden, Red Lobster and many more) is using at-table computers to eliminate the need for waitstaff. That's the end of teenage jobs and that all-important first step on the ladder for uneducated people needing to enter the work force. Don't think any of this will stop there either.
There's more, but this is enough to really trouble me. Think of a world where there are no entry level jobs because they are handled by robots. There are no high end jobs because they are farmed out to foreigners, even imported foreigners. There is nowhere to invest money except homes and you can't buy a home. Your rent is ridiculously high. Your neighborhood is being sold to This is our greedy elite not just trying to get avericely rich, it is them trying to take every single penny they can and crushing you in the process.

And I think it's coming soon.

I think we are looking at a crisis. I really am. Yet, no one seems willing to deal with it. Some are happy because they've been benefitting so far and the bad stuff is happening to the other guys. Liberals are blind to this because they like the "inclusive" politics of these people. Conservatives wrongly see this as the market at work.

Honestly, I am worried.
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Monday, June 14, 2021

Wait A Minute... Isn't That Racist?

Let's discuss intolerance. Today's target is the movie "In the Heights," which just "inexplicably" bombed. It's strange. It's a minority production about minorities and it was fellated by critics so it shouldn't have failed, right? It's diverse! It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda who did Hamilton. It's the age of tolerance. Sure, NBA ratings are down, no one is watching black television shows, and even leftists like Yahoo and Amazon have dropped their push of black entertainment because nobody cared, but this is really inexplicable. I mean, who doesn't want to see a movie about a bunch of Puerto Ricans in New York? Weird. That's not why we're here though...

We're here to discuss how racist the movie was. Yup. See, apparently, minority doesn't actually mean minority, it means black. And if you don't have enough blacks, then you are racist no matter how many browns or yellows or reds you hired. Indeed, an NFL assistant coach recently spilled the beans on this when he complained about being told he was the wrong kind of minority, but that's a story for another day. Today we sit back and judge... enjoy the squirming.

Let us turn to an article discussing the issue. It begins:
Not everyone is raving over the new In the Heights movie.

The film, which originally debuted as a Broadway musical in 2008 with lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes, has raised eyebrows for its lack of Afro-Latinx representation.

When confronted with this criticism during an interview on Wednesday, June 9, director Jon M. Chu said it was something "I needed to be educated about."
Ah yes, the hypocritical magic negro apology. Yes, Jon, bow down and let the magic negroes educate you about your lack of understanding of the world. We've talked about this before. Not only is this form of "apology" evasive of responsibility, but it's super condescending as it invokes a racist trope. So you see where this is headed.
"In the end, when we were looking at the cast, we tried to get people who were best for those roles," he continued, adding, "But I hear you on trying to fill those cast members with darker skin. I think that's a really good conversation to have, something that we should all be talking about."
Hmm. So you're saying that you weren't racist, it's just that whitish-minorities were the best people for the roles. Somehow, I doubt you would have bought that explanation from a white director who cast all white actors, so why do you think it's ok? The "best actor for the part" line simply no longer washes in these Apartheid days, Jon. And what's this crap about it being a good conversation to have... you were in charge. Don't act like this was out of your hands and someone else should have done something about your racism! You are guilty, no one else. What is your defense?
Jon noted that the background dancers were diverse, to which the journalist replied, "Those are roles that, historically, we've been able to fill. We've been able to be the dancers, we've been able to be in the hair salons...but, like, a lead? That's the breakthrough."

She continued, "We want to see Black people In the Heights. We wanna see Afro-Panamanians, Black Cubans, Black Dominicans. That's what we want to see. That's what we were yearning for and hoping for."

The director responded, "I hope that encourages more people to tell more stories, and get out there and do it right then."
Gee, that's not an evasion. Idiot 1: Why were you racist? We wanted you to be non-racist. Idiot 2: Well, I hope my racist film encourages people to be nonracist... other people, not me of course. Yeah, that's the ticket. I was only trying to show how racism is bad by being racist to encourage others not to be racist, so I wasn't really racist.

Maybe we should hear from some of the actors. The director clearly seems to be entrenched in his racism. I'm sure they will have been horrified at what they did.
Leslie Grace, who is Dominican-American and plays Nina in the musical, also touched on the subject, as well as the importance of inclusion:

"I didn't realize until making this movie that I didn't really get to see myself or people that looked like my siblings, that are darker than me, onscreen," she told Felice. "And I didn't realize how much that affected the limitations that I put on myself—being someone who wanted to be an artist, an actress and even be in the Latin music industry being Afro-Latina."

"I feel so blessed that we get to express the diversity that is within the Latinx community in a way that we haven't been able to see onscreen," she added. "I hope that this is cracking that glass ceiling. Because I do hope to see my brothers and sisters that are darker than me lead these movies."
WTF??? So first, she notes that she hasn't really seen herself on film. That is because she's a singer, not an actress. But she's light skinned anyways (despite calling herself Afro-Latina), so why does she think she matters in this debate? Apparently, darkness is like wealth, everyone lighter/richer than you is bad, but you are where the good people begin. And why does the darker sibling line sound like "I have black friends"?

Anyways, she's so blessed that she got to express the diversity within the PR community in ways that haven't been seen before. Like OMG, giggle giggle. How she did that by only including light-skinned actors, isn't exactly clear, but she hopes that this cracks the glass ceiling... although that's for white women so she should probably come up with some better metaphor. I won't suggest one though lest I too will need to become educated on my racism by a magic negro. Ain't nobody got time for that.

In terms of there being dark-skinned people in film though, she has a great point. You just don't see dark-skinned brothers and sisters in movies. I mean, ask Sideny Poitier, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson, Laurence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes, Keith David, Danny Glover, Bill Cosby, Louis Gossett Jr., Yaphet Koto, Whoopie Goldberg, James Earl Jones, Billy Dee Williams, Forrest Whitaker, Sammie Davis Junior, Will Smith, Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrance Howard, Pam Grier, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeffrey White, Thandiwe Newton, Alfre Woodward, Ving Rhames, LeVar Burton, S. Epatha Merkeson, Oprah Winfrey, Eartha Kit, Diahann Carroll, Vivica Fox, Taraji Hendson, Angela Bassett, Nichelle Nichols, Raven-Symone, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, Lena Horne, and Niecy Nash. They'll explain it to you.

Back to the point though, how exactly did you break the dark-skinned ceiling by participating in a movie without any dark-skinned brothers and sister in it, honey? Sounds to me like you just reinforced that tinted ceiling. Your defense doesn't wash.

But you know, maybe Jon's just a racist and she's just stupid, so let's hear from others. Surely someone will stop evading their crimes and just tell us flat out that they took advantage of their light-skinned privilege. I mean, they all prey (sp?) at that altar, it's time to confess their infidelity to dogma:
Melissa Barrera, who is Mexican and plays Vanessa, shared her take on the film's lack of diversity.

"In the audition process, which was a long audition process, there were a lot of Afro-Latinos there. A lot of darker-skinned people. And I think they were looking for just the right people for the roles," she said, referencing the casting decisions that were made. "For the person that embodied each character in the fullest extent...I think we are all very much like our characters, so much so that a lot of times it didn't even feel like we were acting."

She further explained, "And because the cast ended up being us, and Washington Heights is a melting pot of Black and Latinx people, Jon and Lin wanted the dancers and the big numbers to feel very truthful to what the community looks like."
Hmm. So it's back to this best person for the role? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't wash, you racist pig. You admit there were darker-skinned people in the auditions and some racist weeded them out and you're justifying that racism by claiming they were only trying to cast people who look like the characters? YET, you also admit that Washington Heights is a melting pot of BLACKs and Latinics. So where are the blacks? Where are the blacks? How can the musical numbers be true to "what the community looks like" if. there. are. no. blacks? We all know blacks dance because they do it in all the commercials in which liberal whites put them. So don't tell me there shouldn't have been blacks! Do you not understand how racist you are? It's time you went back to Mexico and found a magic whatever-the-hell they have down there and educate yourself!

This is frustrating people. At least Lin-Manuel Miranda will set these people straight, right? Sorry, I forgot that Lin's gay and I shouldn't have used the word "straight" because that might offend. I'm sorry, Lin-Manuel. Now reach down deep in your mighty gay victimhood and set us straight right!
Although Lin-Manuel wasn't interviewed, he did address the musical's representation when speaking to Vox on Thursday, June 10.

"It's unfair to put any kind of undue burden of representation on In the Heights," he told the outlet. "There are so many millions of stories—there's a song in Heights called 'Hundreds of Stories,' but there's millions of stories—from the cultural specificities of the Puerto Rican American experience, the Dominican American experience, the Cuban American experience, and we couldn't get our arms around all of that."
Holy hell! So there are millions of stories there and you just happened to pick only light-skinned ones? How racist are you? You can pretend that the founding fathers were black just to create a black story but you can't tell the story of real black people? That screams white washing or black face or black washing or something... probably white face. Damn you, sir.

I don't even know what to say. These people made a film. The film includes no black actors even though it tells the story of a community that is ethnically diverse and full of black people, and rather than admit their thought crimes, they are talking about shattering glass ceilings by not going through the ceiling, hoping their racism encourages other not to be racist, and evading their crimes using a racist trope.

Something stinks here.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mask Are Ending

I’ll start tackling the issue of race, culture and politics soon. There is a lot to discuss. For example, the Democratic plan of demographic domination is dead. The Democratic attempt to hook Asians is doomed too. Oh, and all that anti-Asian racist hate? It’s all coming from blacks. In the meantime, let me share two thoughts today.

First, as I thought, masks simply will not take with the American public – and probably not throughout the western world. Mask are uncomfortable... our culture does not tolerate discomfort. Masks pose danger... we don't tolerate danger. People don’t like them. We are a culture that builds trust through nonverbal gestures. Masks hide key signal givers of trust. People won't allow them.

I've seen clear proof now they won’t take. First, Colorado declared them voluntary a few weeks back and almost everywhere dropped the requirement. A few places still require them and some recommend them, but most everywhere no longer cares. Secondly, we went to Wyoming last week (Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole). There wasn’t a mask in sight. Nowhere. And nobody missed them. Everyone treated life as if COVID had never been at all. Life was back to normal.

That’s the future.

Secondly, it blows my mind how easily liberals flip their fundamental beliefs. When Trump and conservatives suggested that COVID might have been made by the Chinese, the left ridiculed it. Then they got all angry about it. Now that Biden has suggested that it might be the Chinese after all, they have absorbed this as a proven fact (when it isn’t) and they are ridiculing anyone who doesn’t believe.

It’s sick. It’s really sick. The need to hate and demonize anyone you disagree with is truly mentally sick. And then being so incapable to self-evaluation as to realize that just hours ago you held the opposite view is delusional.

Liberalism is a hate-filled mental illness.
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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cognitive Dissonance - Vaccines

The media is a disgusting creature. Journalists as a group are stupid, terrible at their jobs and liars. And right now it's so bad that my eyes are crossing. Here are some examples of things that are just driving me nuts. Each of the following is from actual "news" stories:

The evil US (and the lessor evil "rich nations in the West") need to finally step up and stop hoarding vaccines and help the poor people who are dying by the trillions from COVID. Why won't we lift a finger to help them? The racist US in particular is bad and heartless. BUT the US is sending 60 million doses of vaccine to the third world. The more noble Europeans are promising 20 million doses. Nobody else is promising sh*t.

The Chinese and Russians are winning the vaccine war because poor countries are choosing to rely on their vaccines. BUT Russia has only produced 20 million doses total... all used in Russia. Evil capitalist Pfizer produces 100 million doses a month. The effectiveness of the Chinese vaccines is below 50%. There are doubts the Russian vaccine is even that.

Those darn white conservative Christians are the problem because 30% of them say they won't take the vaccine. BUT 70% of blacks won't take it, and somehow that's the fault of white doctors. Only 25%... uh, 10% of Russians have taken it, but the US still has the worst rate in the world. Actually, the US has the highest innoculation rate because we hoard vaccines.

Those evil capitalist drug companies only do this for money. No sh*t, right? WELL Russia and China are SELLING their vaccines, yet that's considered charity somehow. Pfizer is donating 20 million doses to sh*thold countries... for free. ALSO, no public interest firm has yet produced a vaccine or hand out a single dose.

Why hasn't someone done something to help India? WELL a few weeks ago, the same media was touting how India was handling this better than all you white capitalist countries. Also, India has contracts with Russia to produce 100 million doses of its vaccine each month and claims it can take care of itself. Total doses produced so far are zero... and we're the bad guys.

It makes the head spin, doesn't it?
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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Wokery Will Never Die... It Just Changes Shape

There were some comments the other day that I thought should be expounded upon. The gist of the comments was that even if the woke are defeated this time, their ideas might come back into fashion. While I completely agree with the sentiment, I think it's important to note two things: (1) the woke will always be with us but (2) it's a mistake to think they will keep pushing the same ideas.

To understand what I'm talking about, realize that there is a chunk of the human race which simply relishes having power over/controlling others. This is the instinct which drives rapists: power and control (rape has nothing to do with sex, it's about feeling powerful). This is what drives internet trolls. It's what drives bullies. And so on. These are pathetic human beings who get off on imposing their will on other people. It's a genetic defect and about 1/3 of us suffer from it.

Why does this matter? Because this is who the woke are. They are pathetic people who crave control. They want that sense of power of being able to make other people do as they say. It gets them off. But at the same time, they don't want to feel like monsters and everyone knows that being a rapist makes you a monster. So they hide behind things that sound moral at the time, and they act vile in the name of virtue. These are the same people who turned Christianity into an inquisition... to save the souls of nonbelievers, not to get off on power. They imposed empires on brown people... to save them from their savagery, not to feel like Gods. They killed the middle classes and opened death camps in the names of the peasants of Russia and China... to help the peasants, not to get even with their betters. They backed Eugenics throughout the West... to protect the children they would abort or sterilize, not to make themselves feel genetically superior like Nietzsche's supermen. They helped Hitler round up Jews and other undesirables to protect the ignorant German masses. And so on. It goes up through NGOs engaging in neocolonialism, Islamic fundamentalism, and legal foundations subverting the will of the people.

Make no mistake: these people do not care about the cause, even as they seem to anguish over it. They simply hijack what they can use to make themselves the victims and the virtuous and they use those causes as a means of imposing their control on others. And when the causes burn out, they move on.

I would actually argue that movements like the communists, the feminists, environmentalists, unionists, religious "zealots" and the such were genuine and probably honorable intellectual movements at first. They may not have been good answers, but they were good faith attempts to solve the problems of their ages. But each got hijacked by these monsters who turned them into weapons of control. Look how the Civil Rights Movement went from equality to the hate of BLM. Look how feminism went from women gaining rights to angry lesbianism trying to destroy men, inventing a fake rape culture and the ridiculous attempt to seize power known as #metoo. Look how communism went from an economic theory of disparity to death camps and secret police.

I think these people are drawn to social movements, not because they care about the movements, but because they see them as offering the chance to impose control. "Oh, the world likes to save baby seals? rubs hands together I can use that to control what people drive or even eat, what they pay employees, to race bait! Wait till they have to order their lives the way I tell them!" Soon, these people take over the movements and attack society.

The sad truth is that these people are always there, always ready to steal a movement. It's in their nature. And they will use a movement as long as it's useful and then they move on... and they don't care to what. Right now, the highest moral calling in the West is tolerance, so they seize the tolerance movement and use it to impose extreme intolerance on the world. When tolerance loses its power, and it will, they'll find something new. Another banking crisis? Time to rail against THE Jew Banker... maybe even occupy Wall Street. Gays go libertarian? Maybe it's time for a revival of old fashioned morality. Militant atheism becomes Militant Islam becomes the Great Catholic Revival. It doesn't matter. Whatever is trending in society becomes the thing.  They don't care what the issue is, only that it gives them power.

So we will never be rid of them because some portion of the population is genetically inclined toward hate and control, but the woke's issues are almost played out and won't be back.

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

No Support For The Woke

I'm going to break down the left soon. In the meantime, let me give you a hint of something I have seen. Despite what you've heard from the media, the truth is that the wokers have tiny little support and it's fading fast. Observe.

Before we start, let me point out something I've mentioned many times: if you want to know the truth, look for the truth in data that isn't meant to touch the issue directly. What I mean is that looking at things like polls is useless. Pollsters lie to push their agenda. People lie to pollsters for a number of reasons too. Polls are also crawling with errors, and depending on how you ask it, you can almost dictate the results. It's much more accurate to look at numbers that no one sees as telling the story you are trying to understand. For example, look at TV ratings. TV ratings are a very accurate assessment of what people really think because it shows what truly interests people and how dedicated they are. Rating numbers also can't (normally) be faked. People can't "vote" multiple time either.

So where is this headed?

Do you remember the University of Missouri, which gave in to angry black students and their lies? The media was impressed and called it a victory and presented a number of students who said it was a glorious new start which would lead to Utopia.  But over the next three years, the number of applicants crashed, causing the budget to collapse, and whole departments ended up being axed because students stopped going there.  The media never went back to cover this, but it showed what the students really thought.

It's the same thing here. The media tells you that everyone has gone woke. It's all over the news. Advertisers include woke crap in all their ads (within interesting (read: telling) limits). Actors pound their chests with fake woke apologies -- I've been so so bad, purify me and give me fame! The Democrats kneel to the woke. Right-wing talk radio screams that the end is near. And so on. Should we believe this though?

Honestly, the unnoticed numbers say something very different:

(1) The NBA went deeply woke and lost half its ratings, which have not come back. Meaning: going BLM/woke cost an already generally pro-black organization half its meager audience. The leftist media desperately blamed COVID, but the college basketball tournament, which did not go woke, grew in ratings.

(2) MLB did the same and also lost half its ratings.

(3) The NFL allowed a fake version of wokery and lost 10%, but gained it back when they stopped.

(4) Yahoo, the wokest nest of wokeheads, put up a Black Lives Matter link/page on their homepage. They also put up a Covid one. They proudly proclaimed that this was to help change the world. A couple months later, it was gone. It's been replaced by sports betting. The Covid link is still there though. Meaning: no one was using it and the wokes decided to drop it.
(5) Every black celebrity you can think of participated in a show called "Soul of the Nation."  This was a show by black people telling the rest of us what to believe.  It was pure wokery.  Its ratings on the first night were 1.8 million.  If every one of them was black, that's only 6% of blacks.  What does that tell you?  It's now been virtually abandoned by the network.

(6) Yahoo sports has been pimping women's sports hard. They've been screaming about unfair pay, unfair NCAA practices, unfair US Soccer and FIFA practices. They've been screaming, "Why won't advertisers back women's sports?" (an extremely telling admission) and "Why won't investors back women's sports?!" (also very telling). Well, the NCAA college men's and women's tournaments came and went. The men scored around 12 million viewers a game. The women scored around 900,000. That's more than a 10-1 disparity, and that tells you what you need to know about the woke push for women's sports to be seen as "equal" to men's sports. It's also why Yahoo is so frustrated, because no one is buying their hand-wringing.  Women's sports get 8% of the support of men's sports.

(7) Netflix and Amazon put up special "black" links to push you to watch "black" movies. Those are long gone too. Apparently, no one cared. Remember, these guys make their money getting you to hit those links. If something isn't working, they drop it.

(8) A bunch of companies I can name who have no reason to be political sent out pro-metoo or pro-BLM letters to account holders. They clearly read the room wrong, because within weeks they were desperately cutting prices (get 2 free now instead of 1 when you buy 2) and sending out a bevy of marketing attempts they had never needed to do before. Clearly, they lost business.

(9) The View fired Sharon Osborn for standing up for free speech in the face of race-baiting hate. They just returned to television this week after time off to calm things down... and they fell from one of the top day time shows to the. very. bottom. of. the. ratings.  Their audience of liberal white women didn't like being sh*t on.

(10) The Oscars lost almost half their viewers going woke. In fact, they were so woke that we should probably call them the Black Oscars and put an asterisk next to each winner because this was pure minority appeasement... and no one watched. Keep in mind, their audience is people who are prone to herd thinking, people who worship celebrities, people whose heroes preach wokery. And half of them stopped watching.

(11) The wokes pushed hard through their media empire (Oprah, CBS, etc) to support the psychotic "Princess" Megan in her attempt to smear the royals. Headline after headline said that the public was with them and the royal family's days are numbered. Well, the popularity of all the royals went up (most in the 70-80% range) except Harry and Megan. They both fell... and kept falling. Both are now the least popular royals by a mile and their negatives far outpace their positives. What does this tell us? That the public saw right through the woke deification attempt and rejected it.

I can go on, but there's no point. Even in the black community, support for adding more police is above 50%. The year of the woman has never come. Any organization which goes woke, goes metoo, goes BLM gets slaughtered and loses half its support or worse.  The public does not support these people.

Don't believe what you are hearing. These people have lost. I estimate their support at around 25% with 75% opposed. Only the media, celebrities and soulless corporate America support them. Even leftists are starting to push back. The French are attacking the wokes as an American disease. Liberals like Obama and Bill Maher and James Carville are calling them destructive and saying the Democrats need to unhook from those people. The end is coming for these little Nazis, only it won't be with a bang, it will be with all their links being removed.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Crocodile Apology

For those who don't know, the Nazi-woke-left is in full attack mode lately. Part of what they are doing is trying to revive the value in screaming racism, which has no value anymore due to misuse.  The current attempt is to get white liberals kneeling at the alter again. As one would expect with the herd mentality that dominates liberal whites, they can't drop to their knees fast enough. But is this legitimate? Hardly.  Let's look at The Simpsons.

The Simpsons have become odious and tedious all at once, and now they've pulled themselves into the virtue signalling game by apologizing for casting whites, nongays, non
hemorrhoid suffers, etc. in the roles of nonwhites, gays, hemorrhoid suffers, etc. One of them, Hank Azaria has recently stepped down from several characters he voiced because of he's all wokey wokey now. He used to voice characters like Indian Apu and black doctor Hibbert. They will now be voiced by... well, who cares?

Anyways, old Hank issued the new-standard liberal apology. He said that he had to "shut up and listen" and he learned that what he did contributed to structural racism, and he's very sorry.

First of all, there is no such thing as structural racism. That is a liberal invention meant to invent racism where there is none and to do so without taking any blame. So he's full of crap. But even more, what he did was either racist or not. What he did was he spent 20 years being a racist on television. The end. He wasn't some angle who somehow encouraged others to misbehave even as he acted out of the purest of motives. That's like Hitler saying he contributed to structural antisemitism. No, you promoted antisemitism, and Hank spent 20 years promoting racism.

Bad Hank.

At this point, if we are to take Hank's apology as legitimate, then he must actually confess to his crimes.  He
can't blame others for being racist in response to his action, he needs to stand up and be a man and apologize for being flat out racist. What's more, talk is cheap Hank. You need to give back ALL the money you got for voicing those racist characters. Absolutely. You can't say, "Gee, I'm sorry I stole all your money, but I'm not paying anything back." No. When you do wrong, you disgorge your ill-gotten gains.

This applies to The Simpsons producers too. They let this man spew his racism while excluding people of color ("POCs") from their show. That's even worse racism. They too need to give back all the money they made over the last twenty years or their apology is meaningless.


As an aside, not only is this a false apology to claim innocence but accuse others of misbehavior based on your actions, not only is this a false apology if you don't give back the money, but let me say add this:  this "I needed to shut up and listen" is itself racist.  That is the Magic Negro trope where a white person claims to gain some special understanding of the world by listening to some backward minority who shows them a little something about the true humanity they left behind with their modern culture. Hollywood is full of this story trope (liberals can't get enough of it), and the white man's burden trope. Make no mistake, it is racist and what old Hank is doing now is being racist to excuse his racist behavior which he's trying to pin on other people.

I think Hank might want to shut up and stop listening at this point.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thoughts On Chauvin

Hi everybody. I'm planning to start writing again next week. So watch for that. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on Chauvin.

(1) It is sad to see two lives destroyed.

(2) This was murder, so Chauvin got what he deserved. There is no injustice in this on his end. He had an eternity to decide not to kill this man and he didn't.

(3) I feel truly sad for Floyd because this was so avoidable. It makes me sick.

(4) That said, all the rest is bullsh*t. If you think this is going to calm anything, then you will be sadly mistaken. This is being exploited as a pretext for a leftist powerplay akin to when Hitler and the Nazis lionized the handful of Nazis shot in the putsch to make themselves seem like heroic victims. I'm sorry, but cops are not hunting black people and racism isn't the reason the black community is so badly off, and it's going to get worse for blacks because leftist politicians and race exploiters will use this to maintain the hate and fear which keep the black community destroying itself.

(5) I keep seeing t-shirts that say "say their names." I dare you. Go ahead. You're going to find it to be a very short list, a list that is so short it puts the lie to all the black-left propaganda. Also, let me point out that this conviction similarly puts the lie to the idea that the courts protect rogue cops.

(6) It's funny this always happens in liberal communities. Coincidence? Hardly.

(7) Good times for white liberals tonight. They can now bask in the glory of false confession by shedding crocodile tears and proclaiming collective racist guilt before going back to telling their racist jokes and keeping their POCs at ghetto length.

(8) I also condemn all the "people" who stood there filming this rather than saving Floyd's life. You could have saved this man, but you did nothing. How does that feel? How do you live with yourselves?

(9) I wonder how long before we'll start to see commercials and collectibles exploiting Floyd's image by BIG business virtue signalling?

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Still Sick - Update

Hi everyone! I wanted to give you an update. This has been pretty miserable. The skin thing kept getting worse to the point that I had about 90% of my skin covered in lesions. The pain was incredible. Anyways, we thought we found a solution. As I was meeting with the doctor, however, he noticed my breathing was strange and sent me to the ER. Turns out I had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) just to add to the fun. I spent about a week in the hospital on a double-dose of morphine for the pain and blood thinner for the embolism. I honestly wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did and I'm improving. But my skin is still all torn up and red and I have no energy at all. Hopefully things keep improving and I'll be back soon. I hope things are well with you!
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