Wednesday, June 30, 2021

More Evidence The World Has Lost Perspective

A woman holds up a sign. She is an idiot for sure. She is a camera hog... but less so than those on reality TV or in politics. She holds the sign out six inches too far. She causes a bike rider to fall, leading to the most hilarious crash at the Tour de France. Every rider down. //snicker snicker One is too banged up to continue //shrugs shoulders

Now things get weird.

The WORLD reacts with horror. HORROR! Calls go out to GET HER!! France begins a (wo)manhunt. Germans begins a (wo)manhunt. Millions of dollars spent to find this woman. News articles "written" about what for a villain she it. UNACCEPTABLE! HOW FARE SHE!! MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HER! The Tour surgeon likens this crash to a battlefield saying he's never seen this level of "breakage" and "bodies everywhere." (Sleepovers must give this moron PTSD... the bodies... the band-aids...)

Now consider:

A man walks into a bar/office/church/whatever. He screams something about Allah. He blows the place up killing hundreds.

The world sighs. The media tells us not to judge. He has rights. He wasn't speaking for what he was speaking for. Sure, those people are dead, but sh*t happens. For the love of God, don't do anything to punish anyone for this.

Does this strike anyone as backward? Serious. How crazy is to excuse random violence and want to hunt down someone who actually did nothing wrong but was a little careless?

Too bad for her that her sign didn't read allah akbar or black lives matter. Then she would have been safe.


tryanmax said...

Or Defund the Police. … Hold on a moment. … Uh huh … Uh huh … I see. … Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just received word that Defund the Police is now a Republican position, and always has been. We now return to our regularly scheduled 2 Minutes Hate, already in progress.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Isnt that utterly ridiculous? Besides, isn't Defund the Police a good thing? That's like the left claiming there's nothing wrong with being gay and then mocking conservatives for being gay. How does that make sense?

I think I mentioned, this time period should rightly be known as The Irrational Age. All of this is just more proof.

(I'm going to write about that soon.)

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, the GOP should offer a bill to Refund the Police and just seriously jack up funding for cops. Make the Democrats vote no.

ArgentGale said...

Or as Heinlein put it, the Crazy Years, and while I haven't read his Future History it's chilling to think he placed them right around now. But yeah that's one more depressing chip on the pile of crap we've got, and for what tryanmax added, just another day where Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. And on a similar Orwellian note after the For(nicate) the People Act failed in the Senate our Governor-in-Exile Stacey Abrams, one of the biggest proponents of that crap, said she's always been in favor of voter ID. I'm not sure if they really think everyone is that stupid, they're that confident in Big Media and especially Big Tech's information control, or if the right's credibility really is bad enough to where even outwardly totalitarian behavior from the left is still considered better than the alternative so they have nothing to worry about. Depressing, depressing all around...

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