Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The World Is Nuts

Have you ever thought the world might have gone nuts when we weren't looking?

I watch a lot of old movies at times. It's fascinating to me how normal the people in those films are. They aren't beating each other up on airplanes. Nobody's urinating on anybody. Nobody's trying to run over cops or shooting cops with their own guns. There are no Arabs trying to kill the West, one civilian at a time. They aren't sending out hateful tweets... or sending out hatefuler tweets in response to condemn the hate. Jimmy Kimmel was attacked today for suggesting that Rosanne Barr needs compassion and help. BOO! BOO! Kill the monster! I guess that once someone says something the left doesn't like, they must die. That's very WWII of them.

The politicians in older films actually stood for something, not just the destruction of their opponents. John McCain was played by the sniveling sidekick of the villain in films... no one thought of that guy as a hero. Hillary Clinton wore a black hat in the Wizard of Oz. Newspapers had news, not just clickbait. No one would have invited Kim Buttockdashian to the White House, except through the back door (no pun intended). They weren't staffed by idiots either who thought their own weepy wishes constituted news. Authorities in Denver shut down a kid's lemonade stand for lack of a permit, but protect people who broke into this country illegally.

Did you know that Serena Williams is a hero for dressing like the Incredibles at the French Open Yep. That's truly heroic, like fighting the Medusa, stopping the Persians, standing up to the Catholic Church, and ending the Holocaust.

Well, it doesn't matter. The truth is that most people are still normal and good. All of the above is the culture of our media/political elite. This is the society they want. Not us.

Do you want to know the real America? I was in the drive-through at my bank the other day when a guy in his 50's fell out of his car. Not sure what happened, but he parked, opened the door and fell to the ground. Everyone in the parking lot rushed over to help him... everyone. The school teacher in Indian risked his life to save his students. He did it because he wanted to protect them. We had a woman whose house burned down locally, and people donated food, clothing and furniture to help her. There have been Biblical-quality floods in Maryland, and people have risked their lives to help each other. Everywhere you look, people do the right thing, help each other out, live by good values, and do their best to make the world better. That's who the human race really is, not the sewer dwellers you see on television.
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Monday, May 28, 2018

Some Thoughts

● There is this "article" making the rounds on various "news" sites which identifies the ten best horror movies by telling you which horror movies scare people so much that they turn them off halfway through on Netflix. Uh... that's not why people are turning them off. Think about it. If people turned off comedies halfway through, would it be because they are just too funny? Dramas too dramatic? Nope. They're turning them off because they're crap.

● The anti-Trumps are losing their sh*t. CNN ran a story suggesting that Trump is running a child trafficking ring. The left is freaking out that Ivanka posted a sentimental photo of her and her child. How hateful do you need to be to have that upset you? Trump was a fool for promising to visit North Korea and then he was a fool for cancelling the meeting he never should have had. Now that it sounds like it wasn't really cancelled, he's a fool for not cancelling. Then Trump spoke about soldiers on Memorial Day and dared to say that the country is in great shape!!! //breaks down crying... You know what? I hear that if enough liberals kill themselves, Trump will resign. Give it a try.

● Starbucks is closing all day tomorrow so they can admit that their employees are racists. No surprise that this won't satisfy the race hustlers, who call it too little too late. I'm kind of hoping this is just the first domino in an implosion of this vile liberal company and their socialist management.

● I don't particularly like LeBron James, but wow is he an amazing player. This guy single-handedly beat the Celtics.

● Cheering for Vegas in the Stanley Cup, though the opening show was a little too much.

● Chelsea Clinton is acting like being a Trump supporter is a war crime. She would know, since her parents should be in jail for treason.

● Two more fights on planes. Good grief.
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

I Wish I Could Be A Liberal

A little poetry...

I wish I could be a liberal...
No facts no logic could stand in my way...
I could believe whatever I wanted...
Trust the herd, I'd always say...

I wish I could be a liberal...
Contradictions wouldn't matter...
Nor would what I say...
I could disown all my beliefs...
And yet stand on shifting principle every day...

I wish I could be a liberal...
With history on my side...
I'd be so f**cking smug...
And my hypocrisy sky high...

I wish I could be a liberal...
My world would be black and white...
Disagree with me and you're a bigot...
Because I am always right...

I wish I could be a liberal...
Nothing would ever be my fault...
My failures would be excused...
To challenge me would be assault...

I wish I could be a liberal...
Because my racism would be disarming...
My hatred would be justified...
My sexism would be charming...

I wish I could be a liberal...
I could demonize my opponents...
And whine about their response...
Destroy you for your vices...
Treat mine with nonchalance...

I wish I could be a liberal...
My tantrums would be truth to power...
My ignorance affirmed...
Your petty laws wouldn't apply to me...
My infallible goodness would be confirmed...

I wish I could be a liberal...
My actions wouldn't matter...
My intent would be what counts...
To doubt me would be racism...
Challenging me, to bullying would amount...

I wish I could be a liberal...
Life would be so easy and so numb...
I wish I could be a liberal...
But I. Just. Can't. Be. That. Dumb.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Promise Of An Era of Broken Promises Is Broken

by tryanmax

With all the Trump/Russia conspiracy theories in the mainstream news, constant handwringing over which country will declare war on Trump, and general criticism of Trump’s bombastic, hyperbolic oratory, it amuses me that such conventional complaints as “broken promises” continue to be leveled at the president.

It becomes especially amusing when the chorus continues unabated while the US moves its Israel embassy to Jerusalem, fulfilling a promise every president of the last quarter century has made.

As I see it, this criticism comes mainly from three camps, with a few other varieties in between and at the margins.
● The person complaining is a wall-head. It won't matter if, at the end of eight years, unemployment is at 0.5%, the Democrat Party is in shambles, the race-divide is healed, Korea is reunified, Iran is led by a woman, and we're all puttering around the moon in self-driving Tesla-Xs. They won't be happy unless there's a border wall between the US and Mexico and that’s that.

● Trump promised X and the only way the person can conceive of X is by way of A. So, if Trump approaches X via B, that person counts it as a broken promise. You see this with how Trump has decided to address prescription drug prices. The critics all expected a price-fixing solution and had already published their rebukes. When Trump proposed something else, they pivoted to “broken promises!”

● The person is holding Trump responsible for obstacles that were essentially unforeseeable. The prime example comes from federal judges who ordered the administration to keep DACA running. Constitutionally, the orders are abominable. No sane person should count this as a broken promise but clearly not everyone is sane. (I somewhat arbitrarily include in this category people that are still holding Trump to his first 100 days, because it's equally idiotic.)
As I said, there are other forms of this complaint, some absolutely legitimate. For example, if the carried interest loophole is your obsession, then I can't argue that Trump hasn't let that one go. Trump also, like most presidents before him, promised to do things that can only be done by Congress. Myself, I tend to regard those as promises to try, but strictly speaking, he did break the sort of promises that have become customary for US Presidential candidates to make.

Then there are the "who cares?" broken promises. Trump said he'd release his tax returns after audit. He didn't. So what? He said he'd label China a currency manipulator. Instead he put a boot on their neck. He said he'd buy the Chinese president a McDonald's hamburger. Whatever.

This doesn't even touch on the added dimension that a lot of what reporters and pundits count as promises were never phrased as such by Trump. There's a tendency to count a lot of "I want to" and "we ought to" statements as iron-clad promises for the purposes of a take-down. As such, there’s a lot of disagreement from outlet to outlet as to which “promises” Trump has broken, and which ones he’s still working on.

Similarly, there’s the attempt to dismiss kept promises as things any other Republican would have done. But it’s not at all clear that any other Republican would have pulled out of the Paris climate accord, or ended DACA, or left the Iran deal, or even cut down the number of regulations on the books. Republicans past have habitually backed down on similar promises in response to much less outrage than Trump has withstood for keeping them.

I realize this all reads as Trump apologia, and it pretty well is. But seriously, go find any article about Trump's broken promises and let me know how far you get before your eyes glaze over.

In principle, no one should break promises or make ones they can't keep. But of the promises Trump made that can definitively be called broken, there's not a lot to get animated about. Unless you are really that concerned about the carried interest loophole.
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That Was Dumb

The NFL has been struggling with this whole anthem protest for some time. Today, they issued a change in the rules which just makes everything so much worse. Here's what you need to know.

1. Certain leftist NFL players chose to protest by kneeling during the national anthem and insulting average Americans. This infuriated audiences.

2. The NFL had no way to punish these guys because their rules did not include a requirement that players stand.

3. With players kneeling and the NFL trying to get them to stop without actually making them stop, this became a national issue with millions of fans expressing extreme outrage with the disloyal players and the hapless, weak-kneed NFL response.

4. The leftist media and the players tried damage control by claiming they weren't really protesting the military or the anthem, just the racist country and the murderous cops we employ to keep these poor millionaire bastards in their place. No sale with the public.

5. The NFL dithered all off-season on what to do about this. They gave bribes money to the leftist causes of these leftist players. They paid for ads proclaiming their supposed heroism. They begged these guys not to keep kneeling. Surprise, none of that worked. Then they decided to get tough, so they refused to hire Colin Kapernick or Eric Reid, two leaders of whom they made an example. That actually seemed to be working.

6. Now they've created a new rule that forbids "disrespect" for the anthem. Good grief. This new rule is a mess. What exactly is "disrespect"? It's not defined. Hence, this rule will have two effects.

First, it will require the referees to decide what is or isn't disrespect every time something happens. The NFL has been trying to avoid the politics of this since it began. They refused to take sides and punish either the players or go against the public. They refused to pass rules forbidding the protests to continue -- indeed, they tried to join and sanitize the protests. And yet, with this rule, they will now be in the business of deciding what is and what is not disrespect week after week, incident after incident. Oh joy. Imagine week after week of referees making contradictory, nonsense decision. That will keep this issue alive for ever, and will give the leftist media something to debate and opine about every week... the exact opposite of what the NFL wants. And when its decisions support the protestors, the NFL will reopen the wound it's trying to close with the public.

Secondly, this rule will encourage the players to keep testing the limits of what constitutes disrespect. It's practically an invitation for the protests to continue forever. Stupid.

This is really the worst possible rule for what the NFL wants. This will keep this issue alive forever. It will put the NFL on the wrong side of its audience repeatedly. It will make the NFL look hapless and afraid and will let them be used by these leftist trolls week after week.

Very stupid.
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Monday, May 21, 2018

What A Depressing World

And man was cast out of the Garden of Eden because he was kind of a turd...

● Each of the following happened: A old guy on Frontier Airlines punched a dog and then a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman's thug boyfriend went wild and beat up the old guy, even continuing the fight when they got off the plane. Why weren't they arrested? Another Frontier customer urinated on the back of the seat in front of him. And last week, a naked man ran up and down the aisle of an airplane. WTF?

● A local NAACP leader/minister is the latest to be caught by Cop-Cam. He claimed he was pulled over and threatened... asked why he was in an expensive car and wealthy neighborhood... threatened with arrest... accused of being a drug dealer. Other civil rights leaders freaked out. One stormed down to the station to demand to see the camera footage. Whoops. None of it happened. Total lie. Said one of the other Civil Rights leaders, "I don't know why he did this? This set us back 100 years."

● A bike lane in Seattle cost $12 million a mile... because there weren't any better uses for the money.

● If you want to know what our politics has come to, this headline says it all: Armed Porn Star Shoots Up President's Golf Club.

● In their zeal to hate Trump, the Democrats have now defended the ultra-violent gang MS-13. They are decrying Trump for denying their "humanity" when he called them animals. This is perhaps the most murderous, brutal gang in the world. Good call Democrats. Maybe they should stay at your homes?

● Venezuela is continuing its experiment with societal suicide. They just re-elected the guy who has driven their economy to the point of having no food or medicine. I'll be curious what he does for an encore and when they finally turn to cannibalism.
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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Where in the World is the US Embassy?

by tryanmax

So, I did something crazy the other day. Sit down for this: I made a map. No big deal, right? Maybe it is.

I was trying to follow the stories about the US Embassy in Israel moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the protests supposedly in response. Many stories framed the events as though the Trumps and Israelis were laughing and cavorting while poor Palestinians were being slaughtered just next door.
I have a passing familiarity with the geography of the area, but I wanted to lay it all out in front of myself. What I ended up seeing was so comically at odds with news reports linking the violence to the embassy that I just had to share.

I posted it on Twitter with the caption: “Just because not everyone seems to know this.” That’s it.
As they say on Twitter dot com, RIP my mentions.

For some context, for me a typical tweet that isn't a reply to someone gets about one response. A dozen retweets and replies is a successful tweet. The lifespan for any given tweet is typically only a few minutes. The above post received 600+ retweets and 1250+ likes over 36 hours and is still going. That's well beyond my tiny reach of 700 followers at the time I posted it.

The really interesting part, though, is the replies. I've gotten dozens, mostly from strangers, which is again odd. Most are positive, complementing the map—I personally wish I’d picked better colors; it looks like an Imodium and Pepto cocktail—and thanking me for providing useful information. On the other hand, a handful have actually tried to "debunk" the map! I’ve gotten the predictable Trump/Jew/Israel hate, as well. Clearly, some people got their conceptions turned around and did not like it.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The White Minority Myth

I saw an interesting article the other day written by a conservative who tried to dispel the idea that America will soon become a "majority-minority nation." That is, a nation where minorities are in the majority. Unfortunately, he didn't make the case very well. So let me.

The Democrats have been betting on changing demographics making them the permanent majority party. In their view, minorities will soon take over the United States and then whites will be a minority. So if they get enough support from minorities, they will have an unbeatable racial bloc. Backing this up, demographers have predicted that the United States will become a majority-minority nation in 2016 2020 2049.

The guy who wrote the article I mentioned attacked this by noting that minorities don't vote in a bloc. Hence, he concluded, the prediction of a minority-majority nation won't happen. Clearly, he missed the point.

Here's the thing. There are problems with the numbers. Here's what the nation looks like as of 2016:
73% Whites
17% Hispanics
12.6% Blacks
5.2% Asian
3.1% mixed race
0.8% American Indian

111.7% total
Do you notice that we're 11.7% above 100%? There's a reason for that which I'll discuss in a minute. For now, consider this. According to the Census, Hispanics will rise to 28% of the population by 2050 and whites will fall to 60%. Blacks will rise 2%, Asians will rise 2% and mixed race individuals will rise 2%. That's an increase of 7% to 118%.

So let's take this apart.

First, as noted, according to the Census, Hispanics will rise to 28% of the population by 2050 and whites will fall to 60%. Let's assume that's true. Did you notice that still doesn't produce a minority-majority nation? Whites will still be 10% larger than every other group combined. So much for the scare mongering.

Taking this a step further, there's something wrong with the numbers, isn't there? How can the nation have 111.7% of racial groups now and 118% in the future? The answer lies in Hispanics. See that 17% figure for Hispanics in 2016? Well, it turns out that isn't really what you think of when someone says "Hispanic." It turns out that 11.3% of the 17% self-identifies as "white" and then adds Hispanic heritage. That's people like Tony Romo and Marco Rubio and millions of others who don't even speak Spanish. What the Census Bureau is doing is counting them as "whites" AND then again as Hispanics. If we count those only as whites, because that is what they are culturally, then ethnic Hispanics really are only 5.7% of the population today. So America really looks like this:
73% Whites
12.6% Blacks
5.3% Hispanics
5.2% Asian
3.1% mixed race
0.8% American Indian

100% total
What's more, when we project to 2050 using the Census Bureau's own numbers, we find that while 28% of the population will have Hispanic heritage, they are estimating that 15.2% of those will be whites. Hence, the future looks like this according to their numbers:
70.8% Whites
14.1% Blacks
12.8% Hispanics
7.7% Asian
5.4% mixed race

110.8% total
Take this at face value for the moment and you will see that there is no change of the minority-majority nation. That idea is only about 2% closer.

Moreover, you may have noticed that we're still 10.8% above 100%. This comes from double counting minorities who are also Hispanics and mixed-race. In other words, each of the minority groups will be slightly smaller than presented.

Now there's one more bit of data to consider. To get Hispanics to rise so high, the Census Bureau estimates a higher birthrate for Hispanics. It notes the following birth rates by race:
2.1 Hispanics
1.86 Whites plus white Hispanics
1.85 Blacks
1.76 Whites (without Hispanics)
1.6 Asians
1.2 American Indians
However, the Hispanic birth rate dropped by 26% from 1990 to 2007. It dropped by 14% from 2007 to 2010. It dropped by 36% from 2010 to 2014. If it drops another 17%, it will be equal to whites. These are not numbers that suggest Hispanics will ever reach 28% of the population by any stretch, especially as the primary source of Hispanic immigrants (Mexico) is undergoing a demographic shortage with a current (steadily falling) birth rate of 1.8. In fact, it sounds like Hispanics are going to peak in the next ten years.

As an aside, Asians actually outgrew Hispanics from 2007 to 2014.

All in all the idea of the minority-majority nation sounds like a pipe dream fed by past rates that no longer apply and a misunderstanding of the term "Hispanic" which didn't grasp that the majority of Hispanics in the US are basically whites.

Finally, let's add one little political piece. The Democrats are counting on all of these minorities to form a voting bloc. This is what that other guy was taking about. But that's not going to work. Not only will minorities be only 29% of the population, but it seems that somewhere between 20% and 33% of minorities will vote conservative. The assumption that you can build a majority voting block starting from 18% to 26% of the population is a very bad strategy.
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Monday, May 14, 2018

Angry White Women

I had a fascinating thought today. While talking with Anthony about how blacks have lost their influence over the Democratic Party, I made the point that the Democrats have been taken over by teachers unions and professional women. Well, I had a slightly deeper thought. The Democrats have become the party of angry white women!

Think about this. Who runs the Democrats right now? Teacher's unions are the biggest, most-influential group. They are dominated by women, and boy are they pissed off. They're the last unions in the nation who really ever strike and they strike a lot. They're angry about money, lack of respect, and being judged on their job performance. They're super pissed that requirements are being imposed upon them and will whine about that endlessly. They hate parental interference too. They are bitter seethers who cling to their textbooks.

Who else? Professional women are the other big group. Certainly not all professional women are angry, but these are a specific subset who are deeply enraged. These professional women scream about glass ceilings, harassment, unfair work treatment, unsupportive husbands. Statistics tell us they are single -- either never married or divorced, they are childless and despise stay at home moms. Their issues include abortion because children ruin lives (//spits), demands for "equal" pay, and affirmative action. The #metoo garbage showed how they all think they've been harassed by every male around them too. That's a lot of hateful baggage right there.

What about the college girls who do the volunteer work? They all claim they've been raped. They whine about male privilege, mansplaining and even manspreading. When someone hates the way you sit and makes that a political issue, they are pretty f*cked up. They want to stifle free speech, institute guilt upon allegation for sex crimes, and man-free zones. They even define sex crimes as everything from genuine rape to "I don'know, I didn't like him". This is the witch trials set and they thrive on hate.

Finally, we come to professional feminists. These are the women who claim that all sex (with men) is rape, who note that the penis is shaped like a knife, and who espouse oppression theory. Most feminist leaders are lesbians (at one point, every director of NOW was a lesbian). As a general rule gay men just want to have fun, but lesbians are seething cauldrons of anti-male hate. Indeed, I have never felt more hate coming off a human being than watching lesbians deal with men. This is daddy issues on steroids projected onto all men. They are even one of the most likely groups (statistically) to physically abuse a partner.

There are other groups who make up the Democratic Party and try to toss their issues into the agenda: blacks, environmentalists, open borders types, America lasters, atheists, and other minorities. But none of them control the party like the women above... the angry women above. Basically, the Democratic Party has become the party of angry white women. Interesting, huh?

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Matt Patricia's #metoo Moment

For those who don’t follow the NFL, the new coach of the Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia, found himself explaining this week how he was indicted for aggravated sexual assault in 1996. This event and how it is being handled adds more proof that the #metoo “movement” is dead. It also continues to expose just how messed up liberal thinking is. Observe.

Here’s what happened: In 1996, an unidentified woman claimed that two football players from a New York engineering school burst into her hotel room while she was on Spring Break in Texas and they took turns raping her. She called the cops and named Matt Patricia as one of the two. He was arrested that night and then released. She was treated at a hospital. Four months later he was indicted. When the woman said she didn’t want to go through a trial, the charges were dropped.

Patricia became an engineer and then entered coaching. Eventually, he became the Patriot’s defensive coordinator. In this last offseason, he was hired as the head coach of the Lions. He didn’t tell them about the arrest. Now the news has come out after someone tipped a Detroit newspaper.

#metoo Is Dead

Had this news come out three or four months ago, we know how things would have turned out for Patricia. The accusation would have hit the news. Every Hollywood starlet would have tweeted about it. The Lions would have fired Patricia the day the news hit and would have issued a statement condemning him and saying they have zero tolerance for this... and they aren't going to stick around to see if the allegations are true.

Patricia then would have (1) disappeared from public (early #metoo period), (2) denied everything but talked about how important it is that all women be believed (James Franco #metoo period), or (3) denied it (end of #metoo period). Meanwhile, self-righteous journalists would have told us how Patricia had no right to due process and that all women must be believed.

But that’s not what happened. Patricia denied it. The Lions stuck by him. The NFL said nothing. At the same time, the liberal sports media started talking about due process and actually said that Patricia must be seen as innocent until proven guilty. Wow. They pointed out that the case was dismissed and there was no evidence offered and that this poor young man was only 21 at the time... can we really hold this against him the rest of his life? At the beginning of the #metoo movement, none of that mattered. All that mattered was that the male had been accused. Even in the second period (the Franco period), there was only a reluctant acknowledgement of due process and always with pages of hang-wringing about how vital it was that all women be believed and the accused be punished regardless. What happened here was exactly as sexual harassment and assault were treated before the #metoo movement came into being.

Said differently, after all the whining and gnashing of teeth about a changed world, we ended up right back where we were before this started.

Liberals Are Stupid

All that said above, this issue has once again shown how stupid liberals can be. Here are some examples.
(1) At the same time one sports talker host made it clear that Patricia deserves due process, he also said, "But we can't just assume he's innocent just because he says so and because no victim has come forward. This is a he-said-she-said situation and we will never know what really happened."

First, this is not he-said-she-said, if there was a rape, there should be evidence. When she reported the rape and then went to the hospital, they automatically do what is called a “rape kit.” This includes photos, swabs and a physical examination. If this was a rape, there should be evidence of bruises, forcible intercourse, and DNA. The absence of that is proof.

Secondly, an indictment is not proof of anything. The jury had enough evidence to indict on her allegation alone. Indictments are meaningless.

Third, when someone alleges something, they need to offer some proof. If you want an example to explain how stupid it is to assume otherwise, consider the application of the same false logic this guy used to me claiming that Bill Clinton raped me. "Gee, we can't just assume Bill's innocent just because he says so and because Andy didn't offer any proof. This is a he-said-he-said situation and we will never know what really happened." That's stupid. We know that didn't happen, so my allegation is worthless.

(2) All the internet parrots are now repeating that "there are five witnesses!" These are: a nurse, a doctor, a police detective, a police officer, and a friend of the alleged victim. Gee, that sounds bad. Five victims can't all be lying, right? Here's the thing... every one of these "witnesses" will merely repeat what she reported to them. Not one of them saw anything independent of what she told them. In essence, they are reading her story five times. None of that is evidence of anything except that she made an allegation.

(3) "[H]is decision to address the situation publicly with a general denial but no specifics opens the door to a search for more." Not really. The media is a bunch of bottom feeders who glorify in dragging people down. They were going after this story regardless... don't pretend he forced you to act like vultures.

(4) "If it’s a false accusation, Patricia actually should welcome the opportunity for the facts to come out now." Ha! How does he disprove a negative? How do you prove that something didn't happen? Especially when the media has already decided that where there is an allegation it is impossible to accept a denial as true? Any bit of proof Patricia offers will be torn apart by the media using mis-logic, supposition and a desire for sensationalism. He's best off leaving the media with nothing more to churn the story.
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Friday, May 11, 2018

Why Body-Cams Are Important

In the past two weeks we've seen why I was always a big fan of police officers wearing bodycams. Not only do they help identify and remove bad cops, but even more importantly, they are exposing the cry-racism industry as the fraud it is. This came up twice last week.

In the first instance, a group of black women, including Harry Belafonte's daughter, claimed that two racist cops mistreated them. They made a big deal of it online. So the cops released the bodycam footage and found that the cops not only weren't even rude to them, but the cops were lighthearted and joking around. The women were even laughing... until they decided to scream racism. The video exposed their lies.

In the second instance, a black woman claimed to be harassed by a racist cop at a traffic spot in Virginia. She posted a tearful video in which she said: "I just was threatened by this police officer... all of my African-American and people of color out there are going to know exactly what I'm talking about." Enter the bodycam footage. The cop was calm, respectful and all business. He never said anything racist or hostile. In fact, she was the aggressor. She refused to sign the ticket, which caused him to inform her that he would need to arrest her and impound the car if she didn't. She signed. He thanked her. He left. The end... until the false video.

This is why lots of leftist and race groups now want the bodycams gone, because these videos are exposing the fraud that is their cry-racism industry. And with it, it will disprove the claim that the cops are out there harassing blacks, and that will kill one of the few tools left in the race baiting tool box. With that gone, the race baiting industry's already-shrinking influence will continue to shrink. The more that shrinks away, the more race relations will finally normalize.
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Monday, May 7, 2018

Liberal Failure In Motion...

Another one bites the dust.

● New York’s liberal Democrat Attorney General is going down in flames. After harumphing about the #metoo “movement,” it turns out that he abused four women. Well, actually, he claims he was just playing S&M with them... which is probably even more creepy to voters. Either way, put a fork in this guy because he’s done. He has now resigned.

● Aside from this, by the way, the #metoo movement appears as dead as (insert Florida teen reference here). Interestingly, we can actually track how the movement died. It began by accident when a couple Hollywood outsiders wouldn’t stop talking and all the enablers were required to pretend to be shocked and outraged at what they now remembered happening to them. At first, they brought down a couple major sleaze balls. Then a few idiots self-reported and took themselves down too. Then things changed. The accused began to deny wrongdoing and refused to play along. Everything ground to a halt. No predators brought down... no media interest... and the #metoo movement started to vanish. Now we have Jerry Tambor, who was excommunicated early on, coming back to the television series that dumped him early on. That’s pretty much the end right there.

What I find interesting about the “movement” was that almost every predator they choose to reveal (they protected most of them) was a Democratic politician or fundraiser. Yes, there were a couple Republicans (pervert Ron Moore and faker Bill O’Reilly), but almost all the rest were Democrats. What does that tell us about Democrats? Yeah, they're pretty sleazy.

● Speaking of the Democrats, the Democrats seem to be in serious trouble. Consider this:
(1) Their leaders are all ancient and out of touch. They don’t relate to the public or the progressives who speak for the left now.

(2) Recent polls show the Democrats failing amount Millenials.

(3) Recent polls show black support for Trump growing, which I take to mean that black support for the Democrats is lackluster.

(4) I see little evidence that gays remain in politics.

(5) There is evidence that several Democratic incumbents, like Claire McCaskill in Missouri are in serious danger.
Given the insanity that is Trump, that’s all kind of shocking, and I think it shows that the Democrats are in serious trouble. Nancy Pelosi, of course, disagrees. She thinks she’s “effective.” Sure, Nan.

● John McCain is dying as he lived... sh*tting on his allies in the most petty of ways. This is not a man I’ve ever respected and, I’ll be honest, I won’t miss him.

● In NFL protestor news, the two most obvious ring leaders of the anti-Anthem protests remain unsigned with any team. This is obviously intentional and it sends a great message. All the leftist sportswriters are horrified and pretend-shocked about this. Another main protestor admits that his sponsors have dropped him and won't touch him at the moment. Ha ha. What's funny is that these same people who claim that everyone should have the right to express their opinion and who admit that actions like this have consequences think it's somehow "wrong" that these guys are baring the consequences of their actions. Apparently. only the protestors had rights. Typical liberals.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cultural Appropriation: What Is It, Does It Matter

The other day, we had another public outcry of cultural appropriation. This one was aimed at a teenager who wore a Chinese-style dress to prom. The allegation was crap as is the idea of cultural appropriation generally. So why is this even a thing? You might find this interesting.

Cultural appropriation is the idea pimped by racist minorities (mainly blacks) and progressive whites that somehow the things minorities do a lot are unique to them and cannot be done by others of another race. Things that have been considered cultural appropriation include whites wearing dreadlocks, whites wearing scarves on their heads, whites singing "like blacks," whites selling tacos, whites wearing African colored clothes, the "word" nigga, tribal tattoos, white actors in minority roles, and other dipshitery.

Is cultural appropriation legitimate? Ha. Hardly. First of all, anything that grants rights to people based on race is racist and immoral. Secondly, almost none of this stuff actually comes exclusively from minority culture. Indeed, black thugs may wear bandanas on their heads, but so have European and Chinese peasants way back to the Dark Ages. Not to mention, if we're going to play this game then whites have a lot of things they can claim minorities should not be allowed to do. Even worse, if we took this seriously, it would destroy minorities in this country when whites stopped buying Chinese food, sushi, books about foreign cultures, black music or black films.

So why do people make this idiotic claim? Well, some portion are just ardent racists. They want the world broken into competing racist camps because they hate Western culture and this is the only way they can fight that which everyone else loves. It won't surprise you to know that a sizeable number of these racists are "progressive" whites. Others accept this idea because they are retarded follower-sheep who spout whatever politically correct crap is in fashion. These are the people who typically don't even understand what is appropriation and they just scream whenever they see white person + something identifiably minority. This is where the dress crowd came from. They had no clue what was supposed to be wrong with her wearing the dress, they just knew it had elements that might somehow allow them to whine, so they screamed bloody murder... just in case.

But neither of those groups really drives this. So what really drives it?


Cultural appropriation is basically about black economic power. It is an attempt to keep whites out of the black economy. This is why it really has taken hold most strongly in the music world. As whites have learned to rap and sing in similar tones and timbers and phonics as blacks, black artists have come to realize that they are in danger of losing their white audiences to these white artists. The result is that rappers like Iggy Azalea have been savagely attacked for "sounding black," as have pop stars like Mehgan Trainor and Bebe Rexa and others. Each has been attacked as racist and not legitimate because they are whites who "sound black." Why? As I said, they represent the destruction of a black music monopoly, and if they succeed, history suggests that blacks will be pushed out. So they scream cultural appropriation and hope to make it toxic for whites to compete on similar terms.

Even things like the hair issues have economic roots. If whites adopt things like dreadlocks, white hair dressers will begin to treat these things. That again means competition from whites for something that is basically a black monopoly. I can tell you that, right now, blacks get ripped off when it comes to hair care. If blacks can start to go anywhere, the monopoly will crack. What about "black" clothing? It probably won't surprise you that there are black companies that cater to black-culture clothing. FUBU comes to mind. If African-style clothing gets the melting pot makeover (i.e. gets Americanized and genericized like sushi or pizza), then the ability to sell "authentic" cultural clothing gets washed away by the mass market. In each case, something that is a niche that provides blacks with economic power would be destroyed if whites could move into the market. Screaming cultural appropriation, i.e. racism, is the tactic being used to keep whites out.

In fact, let me toss this in there. There are black groups in big cities who are fighting (to the point of using terrorist tactics) to stop whites from moving into black neighborhoods. Indeed, there was a fascinating article about this in the LA Times last month. Some liberal whites were trying to open coffee shops and things like that on the edges of black neighborhoods and these "activists" were destroying their shops and threatening their employees to keep them out because if they got a foothold in the neighborhood, then the neighborhood would be gentrified by other whites and the activists didn't want the whites competing with the black economy already there. They too called this a version of cultural appropriation... and (stupidly) genocide.

This is what really seems to be going on. Whites are encroaching upon the black economy and the cry of cultural appropriation seems to be the tactic used to keep whites out. This just happens to dovetail beautifully with the desires of the racists to separate everyone and the politically correct who wet themselves whenever race comes up even if they don't know why. That's why I don't think this charge will go away any time soon, i.e. because it's too useful to too many.

That said, I don't think it works ultimately. Where there is money, people will follow. And as each month seems to see more whites moving into rap or adopting tiny parts of things they like from black culture, it is inevitable that all of this will get the melting pot treatment.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Jobs For Everyone!

A new poll found that 46% of respondents think everyone should be given a government job. Idiots. Along similar lines, in Finland they were experimenting with giving people a basic income whether they worked or not. Strangely, that failed miserably and Finland is now backing off.

But you know, I think there is promise here. Seriously.

Think about this... do you really want the people who think either of these things is a good idea in the regular economy? Do you want them f*cking up your burgers or standing in the way of some real worker doing an actual task? Do you want them cleaning a toilet you're going to sit on or tightening the bolts on your car or processing your roof damage claim? Hell no! And God forbid, do you want them making decisions? Obviously not. So what do we do with them?

Well, I propose we create an agency: the Independent Department for Income, Occupational and Training Support (I.D.I.O.T.S.). That agency hires these people. What they would do is report to an office every day from 9 to 5. Attendance would be taken. While at “work” their duties would be to write at least one memo to another person in the office. On what topic? I couldn’t care less. I just want one memo. Then at 5, we give them back the keys to their cars and they can go home for the day.

Why do this? Think of the benefits. First, they’re off the roads and out of our hair. They aren’t interfering with worthwhile human beings. They aren't making messes we need to clean up. Scientists can study their memos just like they study apes to see if there's a way to fix them. Comedians can mine the memos too.

What's more, we can even get the money we pay them back by opening a tattoo shop in the basement of each building and stocking vending machines with unfiltered cigarettes, 40 ounce beers and fake VD medicine.

Perfect! Problems solved.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Some Interesting Tidbits

Like pineapples chopped into tiny friends, that's what the news has become... because there isn't much happening at the moment except tidbits.

● North Korea and South Korea suddenly seem to be getting along. There have been a lot of seemingly impossible changes happening in the past few weeks. Believe it or not, Trump deserves the credit for this. He seems to have scared North Korea into trying to become respectable. If this ends the conflict, that would be amazing. Either way, once again, this shows the utter idiocy of liberal appeasement thinking.

● I'm not sure how much faith to put into this, but a recent poll showed that youngsters are souring on the Democrats. I think what this really means is that the Democrats simply peaked with their support in that group somewhere around the time of the nomination of Trump (or Obama) and have now started to slide because (1) youth is fickle, (2) the Democrats and Progressives are feuding, (3) Trump didn't turn out to be Satan, and (4) like politics sucks, man, and takes like forever. In the end, I would take this as a lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats. That won't mean much for the midterms, but it would put the Democrats at a disadvantage in 2020.

● The Florida kids are completely out of the news now. Imagine that. The MeToo stuff is all but gone too.

● The leftist war on leftist Starbucks continues. Ha ha. I'm really loving this. One manager in one store screws up and suddenly the whole chain is under fire. Even more interestingly, by the way, Starbucks will be closing one day in May to teach their racist baristas how to separate black criminals from black customers (frankly, I've never seen black people in Starbucks, so I don't doubt they have a problem with this). One of the groups who was to be teaching this powerful life lesson was the far-left Anti-Defamation League. Well, it turns out that certain racist, far-left, pro-Muslim blacks think the ADL is racist, so they've been screaming bloody racist murder about the ADL participating... and Starbucks caved in. The ADL is out. That is fantastic!

● My eldest daughter made two comments I need to pass along. First, she noted that "the NFL Draft is Comic-Con for jocks." LOL! Very insightful. Secondly, she noted that our youngest suffers from Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome. LOL!
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