Thursday, January 12, 2023


Some quick thoughts on Biden's ILLEGAL possession of classified documents.

First, what a fool.

Secondly, the media has been trying desperately to claim this isn't at all like Trump, but it is from a criminal perspective. Trump may have been a bigger ass about it and tried to claim he was being persecuted, but the underlying crime is the same. That's bad for Biden.

Third, if the left hadn't tried to destroy Trump over this, this would not be a scandal. Biden would have returned the documents and it would have been swept under the rug. But after all the self-righteous venomizing against Trump, there are too many words of condemnation to let this pass.  And finding the documents in his garage makes it impossible to claim someone from his office did it by mistake.

Fourth, I still don't know why Trump kept the documents he did, but my suspicions are not good. Most of the documents he kept were stupid or ego related. But there are some key ones related to French nuclear technology which only seem valuable if they are being sold. I am not saying that's the case, but that is my suspicion. Now Biden has documents related to Ukrainian security. Huh. Why have those? Well, my suspicion: we know that Hunter got a huge bribe from the Ukrainians when Biden was VP. The bribe came through a Ukrainian oil company. My guess is that they're related. My guess is that these were part of that deal. I guess we'll see how hard they try to avoid looking into that.

As an aside, Ukraine and France both have some of the more impressive spy agencies out there. We could be seeing some of their best work here.

Fifth, Special counsels are a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's a way to defuse things politically. It's like sending something to committee to keep from having to make a decision. On the other hand, special counsels tend to get obsessed. Ultimately, this may be very bad for Biden.

Sixth, Biden's comment about his corvette being in a locked garage is yet more proof that he's too far gone to defend himself. Once he goes off the teleprompter, it's dementia time.

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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Here's the Thing

I really didn't want to go too deeply into the current idiocy, but I thought it was worth making one more point. This is for you to think about... (I apologize in advance for the swearing).

I begin with the following assumptions about you (and me):
(1) You are rational.

(2) You believe in conservative ideas of small government, economic and personal freedom balanced with responsibility, and that traditional values are important for societal cohesion and raising the next generation to be happy and successful.

(3) You understand that the United States is a two party system and that the Republican Party is the one that is closest to what you believe and therefore must be supported, even if imperfect, and steered to where it represents us best.

If you don't believe these things, then go away. I. don't. want. you. here.

Now, based on those assumptions, let me point out two separate but related thoughts. First, the more I think about it, I really do think it would be best for McCarthy to make a deal with the Democrats. I think that is a golden opportunity to rid the party of the types who scare the public and who mislabel their paranoia as conservatism, and to cleanse the party's image after a decade of hijacking by hateful assholes who hate everything and anything and want to see the country burn. Unfortunately, I don't think McCarthy has the balls to do this right -- that is, to stand up and make a huge, proactive deal about it -- but I think it is the best course and I will hope he has it in him. You may disagree, and I'm cool with that. I think it's true though. Feel free to explain your rational reasoning if you think I'm right, I would love to hear it.

Either way, of all the options available, the least palatable one is to give concessions to the freak faction and let them hold sway over the party. It's time for that sh*tshow to end.

My second point: I'm done with the freaks, and you should be too. They are not conservatives. They don't understand conservatism, and they don't care about it. They are paranoids and exploiters of paranoids who live in a world of imaginary conspiracies, self-aggrandizing fantasy, idiocy and lunacy. They don't support the GOP and never will. They want to destroy it to get money and adulation from other paranoids. They are using you and the GOP to jerk themselves off and enrich themselves.

Anyone who would humiliate their party, as these twenty assholes are doing right now, is not trying to help the GOP, they are trying to destroy it. They want the drama. Again, they are using the party you need to bring about conservatism to jerk themselves off. It is a tool for them, that is all. If you doubt me, tell me what conservative principle they are standing up for right now? Even dumbass Marjorie Green understands this -- look at her statement about this being about Gaetz and Boebort demanding perks.

Now think about this...

Matt Gaetz is quoted as saying that he doesn't care if the Democrats get the speakership so long as it's not McCarthy. Does that sound like someone who truly has the GOP's best interests at heart? No, that is a child who is threatening to take his ball home if he doesn't get what he wants and what he wants is drama and perks. He doesn't give a rat's ass about conservatism, if he even knows what that is.

Then there are people like Tucker Carlson. For years now, Carlson has attacked the GOP. No matter what the GOP does, he attacks. Does that sound like he wants to make the GOP better or is he using it as a punching bag to make money on you? Why mention Carlson? Because yesterday, he gave an explanation for his failure in predicting a red wave. He said that he misjudged the election because he hates the Democrats so much that it interfered with his judgment. Ok, fine. But here's what caught my attention. When explaining why he was blinded to reality, he said: “I wanted [to see the Democrats lose] so much, not because I like the Republicans — I really dislike them more than I ever have — but I dislike the other side more.” This is what I'm talking about again. There is no subtlety or context in this thought. This is not a man who says, I support the GOP but I wish they were more X or Y. He simply dislikes them. He even says this gratuitously; i.e. there was no reason to even mention the GOP to explain his hate for the Democrats. In other words, he went out of his way to throw that into his explanation so you didn't get the wrong idea and think he actually liked the GOP. This is not a man you should trust or consider an ally. He is anti-GOP, not work-with-the-GOP. This is not constructive. So when he tells you, here's what the GOP should be done, you are getting advice from a man who hates you. Is that smart?

Let me give you one last example of who these people are. There was an idiot who left an anonymous comment here, which I deleted, in which he countered my suggestion by attacking Mitch McConnell on a personal level. Think about that. McConnell has nothing to do with this situation, yet that is his defense -- smearing Mitch McConnell. That person is someone who is so twisted with his own hate of the GOP that he can't even respond rationally. That's not someone you can work with and it's not anyone you want on your side. That is what I'm talking about. It's time to turn our backs on these bigots and fools and nutjobs. They are not our friends or allies and they never will be.

That is why I think McCarthy needs to strike and the rest of the party needs to start getting rid of them. You saw the way MAGA candidates under-performed non-MAGA Republicans by 5%, that's GOP voters sending a message. They want these people gone. Here's the chance, Kevin.

Finally, on a person level, I ask that you think about this. Can you really support people who hate you and are using the things you believe in for their own twisted purposes? Don't support them. Tell your friends why they shouldn't support them too. And watch for people who do this. They will give themselves away through genuine disloyalty which they will justify in the name of purity.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

House Cleaning

I got an email asking me if there's a way out of this for the GOP, and I figured I'd answer this with a post. The answer is: yes, several. One involves the "Freedom Caucus" giving in, which won't happen. Another is McCarthy giving in, which apparently won't happen. The "Freedom Caucus" also could choose to abstain, giving the Democrats the win. That actually seems right up their alley. Another involves Democrats abstaining and letting McCarthy win without them. That is probably how this ends.

That said, there is another way this could go which actually presents a tremendous opportunity for the GOP if they choose to grab it.

Here's the thing. Remember these facts:
(1) This is a rump Congress. Nothing will happen because the Senate is deadlocked and Democrat-controlled and Biden runs the White House as a leftist factory of hate and paranoia. So GOP control means very little. The only power they really have is investigative power and the power to send pointless bills to the Senate to die. So power is not an option.

(2) Biden plans to blame the GOP for all his failures because they control the House. He can't do that unless they actually control the House.

(3) The image problem the GOP faces is that it's seen as scary because it has a lot of crazy members. The Lauren Boeberts and Matt Gaetzs are the very crazies that scare people.
Given that, it seems pretty obvious that McCarthy should make a deal with the Democrats. Either some grand unity thing where they split committees and influence, or he can find five swing-district Democrats desperately looking for bipartisan cred. Either way, he trades committee seats for votes. Then he announces to the public that they intend to reach across the aisle in a bipartisan manner and work with the Democrats in this time of Biden-policy-created crisis to solve the nation's problems.

Then comes the Machiavellian part. McCarthy excludes every one of the twenty from any committee seat and never lets them introduce legislation -- those are seats he trades to Democrats. Not only is this hardball old-school-Democrat style, but he sells it to the public as a means of cleaning the GOP of its ranks of cranks and election deniers. Not only does this solve his problem but it recasts the GOP as centrist, which plays well almost everywhere... and the places where it won't hurt aren't places that will vote Democratic no matter what. So there's little harm.

Will talk radio howl? Of course, but they will howl no matter what. They make money selling fear and purity.

Will the GOP lose some voters? Sure. But there are vast more numbers to gain. Don't forget, Reagan threw out the racists in the early 1980s and the GOP dominated until Clinton moved to GWB's right and got a huge assist from H.Ross Perot.

Won't this result in Democrats getting their policies in place? Well, that's already happening. It's been happening for years. And these 200 GOP House members voting for McCarthy are hardly liberals or RINOs... those are long gone. So I wouldn't worry about that.


(As a quick aside, McCarthy basically is a Freedom Caucus guy. He's parroted all their views. That might give you a clue about what is going on and whether this is about conservatism or cynicism.)
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And 2023 Begins Like 2022

McCarthy lost the speaker vote, at least the first one. Ho hum. Same circus. Same clowns. I don't really have any comment because conservatism doesn't really have a dog in this fight. Conservatism no longer exists in the GOP. It is frustrating both as a conservative and an American, but it's become so common that I think I'm numb to it. I'm hoping that one of the governors who will run in 2024 can revive it, but we'll see. Sorry to be so depressed, but our politics has become depressing.
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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas, everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.  Enjoy your time with your family and friends!

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Some Election Follow Up

There has been quite a bit of election news under the radar, so I thought I would get you all up to date.

1. Republicans seem finally to be getting how much of a disaster Trump caused the GOP. I think he's done. But we'll see... cockroaches and all. Biden trying to elevate Marjorie Green is pretty good evidence that Trump is old news and he needs a new lunatic to shadowbox, so is the dismissive tenor of the news articles about him lately. It's also a good sign that several governors are starting to get good press. The latest to be recognized nationally are the Governor of Virginia and the retired Governor of Maryland.

2. Sinema left the Democratic Party, as you may have heard. I'm not sure if you heard why. The reason she left is that she realized she could not win the Democratic primary next cycle because their party no longer tolerates anything but raving lunatics. She had something like 17% support in the party. She's betting that she can win over Arizonans by being a moderate liberal and beating the clowns to left of her and the next joker on the right. It's a hard road to go, but it's honestly her only option at this point. Do I think it might work? Eh. It has a chance. The Dems and the Repubs will play into her hands and nominate lunatics, and she can leverage her fame to make the whole thing plausible... but in the modern era, people tend to vote out of utter terror that the other side will win. That doesn't bode well for her wedging off people from both parties. Ultimately, I think she sinks.

3. There are people speculating Joe Manchin will jump next, but there's no reason for him to do that. West Virginians are not as party-bound as people in other states. They vote for whoever brings the most bucks back to the state, and Manchin is good at that. Plus, he's generally liked in the state and I think people will vote for him no matter what party he is in, i.e. he doesn't need to fear the state's rightward drift. At the same time, the Dems in West Virginia aren't California Dems, they are coal mine worker Dems who purr when you whisper union words. He fits that demographic perfectly.

4. There was this fascinating 'ha ha' article from MSNBC claiming that the GOP's supposed surge with Hispanics didn't happen as planned. The thing is, all the evidence they cite suggests a continued rightward drift of Hispanics. They noted that (1) Hispanics voted in "roughly" the same percentages as last time -- meaning we kept the increased numbers we got last time, (2) Florida had to be excluded to make the article work because Hispanics in Florida did jump right in vast numbers, and (3) wherever the Dems outspent the GOP by 5 to 1, Hispanic numbers did not increase, but anything less than that did show a GOP drift - which is hardly a ringing endorsement of MSNBC's point. They did note that in Pennsylvania, Puerto Ricans still voted in large numbers for the Dems.

So... the GOP kept the significant gains they made last time, made small improvements across the country except with Puerto Ricans, and dominated Florida. That sounds kind of like GOP improvement, especially as the GOP made big gains throughout South Texas. Not to mention, realignments don't happen all at once. It took 30-40 years for the Democratic South to become the Republican South. We've seen a huge jump for 8-10 years already. And don't forget, the overall numbers are so close nationally that even a couple percentage points makes a huge difference. I think this bodes well.

5. Most fascinating of all, young people (those under 29) shifted right significantly. During Biden v. Trump, the gap was +25 Biden in that age group. This time it was +12 Dems. That means the gap got cut in half. What makes this even more interesting is that these people are the most woke too. I wonder if we're looking at some sort of anti-woke backlash? One thing is for sure, Biden's student loan bribe didn't work.

All told this is good news. So long as the House GOP doesn't, uh, defecate the bed, then things are looking good for the next election cycle and possibly the future overall. They need to not fight, pass an agenda (knowing the Dems will kill it) and not get sucked into being pissy. We shall see.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Thoughts On The Shooting

Many thoughts on the "Gay club shooter." Here goes:

First, I am sickened by all the killings these days. But unlike the Democrats, I don't only care about the ones I think I can exploit. I am sickened by the shootings. I am sickened by the knifings. I am sickened by the subway pushers, the drive-by killers of children, the thugs who shoot McDonald's workers, the "friends" who beat another friend to death in hotel rooms. There is something sick in the human race right now and trying to exploit it to scare certain demographics is disgusting.

Secondly, it's disgusting how the leftist media bends and distorts people's histories to try to make violence seem like a conservative thing. They ignore violence by people in favored groups, redefine left as right, ignore obvious leftist backgrounds in criminals, and race to accuse conservatives no matter how obviously false the accusation all in the service of exploitation. They are propagandists like the Nazis and the communists, nothing less.

Selective liberal outrage is an endorsement.

Third, the problem with this little f*cker is not conservatism. The problem is trash. This kid and his family are trash. His father is a drug-addicted porn star. His mother is a petty criminal. His grandparents had custody. He is a heroin addict with run-ins with the law and delusions of potency. That's who most of these losers are these days. These people do not come from well-adjusted homes. They come from welfare, broken homes. They come from drugs and failed schools and value-less upbringings. They come from schools that cannot correct, a legal system which will not punish, and CPS which looks the other way almost every time. These are the institutions liberals have neutered over the past 70 years in the name of inclusion. Add to this poisonous cocktail that leftist Hollywood sells deadly violence as heroic, as the answer to problems, and the leftist media fetishize these people as celebrities. That's why this crap is happening and why it will never end. The left has created a class of these creatures. The attempt to blame guns is an attempt to evade responsibility for some very uncomfortable truths.

Fourth, this crap keeps happening in Colorado Springs, but these people are all out of staters. For some reason, Colorado has become the destination of choice for white trash fleeing warrants from the midwest and Californians. Californians are bad people, pure and simple. Something has gone wrong in that state and it is producing wannabes and ego-mad narcissists who think they're road warriors. This kid is one of those. My city is full of clones just like him.

Fifth, it is now being reported that the kid is "non-binary." Wow, really? Who could have known? Well... here's the thing. If this dumbass wanted to shoot up a gay bar to make a point, he wouldn't have picked some tiny, obscure bar in a back-alley strip mall across town from where he lived (I used to bowl near there). There are plenty of much bigger, more prominent places to attack. Why did no one ask that question before they assumed a motive? Why did no one ask: why this place? It honestly always seemed to me the kid is probably a latent homosexual (or an open one) who probably had a bad experience there. Now it's coming out that he was bullied for being gay and he claims to be nonbinary. That does not make him an anti-gay Republican. It makes him an unstable homosexual. If the media had used its brains rather than its ideology to report on this, they might have gotten that from the beginning. But they didn't and Biden and Pelosi and other Nazicrats exploited this creature of their making to smear half the population. It's time for this to stop. All of it.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Post Election Thoughts

So I'm kind of depressed about the election. I actually think the GOP will get the Senate in the run-off (I think we win Nevada), but the whole election was a disaster. What's worse, too many people are learning the wrong lessons. That said, some aren't. Either way, here are some good things and bad things.

1. The election was a disaster. Let's be honest. In this environment and being a midterm, we should have crushed the Democrats. Inflation at 40 year worst. Recession. Job losses starting. Real wages in the toilet (worst in over 40 years). Housing market falling. Threat of nuclear war. Pandemics everywhere and the Democratic mishandling of the pandemics becoming obvious. And the Democrats were way off message, pushing stuff that turned people off. And yet... we lost. We lost tons of very winnable seats. That is a disaster.

2. So why did we lose? Hmm. Could it be that the candidates who lost largely had something in common? People like the Trump-backed election denier General in New Hampshire, the Trump-backed election denier news anchor in Arizona, the Trump-backed election denier Governor candidate in Pennsylvania, the Trump-backed veteran in Ohio who lied about serving in Afghanistan and who attended the January 6 jerk off festival, the Trump-backed hardcore MAGA candidates for Governor in Massachusetts and Maryland, the Trump-backed quack doctor in Pennsylvania, the Trump-backed election denying candidate for Governor in Wisconsin. Gosh, I feel like there must be some common thread, but I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Will history repeat in 2024? There are a lot of GOP people and news organizations pushing hard to dump Trump and switch to DeSantis, but the Trumpees I've talked to already think the problem was not enough Trump. Of course.

3. Colorado is lost. The numbers are shocking. We've gone from a slight Republican lead to a 200,000 statewide advantage for the Democrats. It's the millions of Californians who moved in. They are terrible people and they're highly destructive, and they vote Democrat. Colorado is as blue as California now.

As an aside, they voted to allow magic mushrooms because Californians do like their drugs. They also apparently like homelessness, petty crime and DUIs. Who knew that Portland was a good model for Colorado to follow?

4. I think Hispanics are actually shifting. Without that, Texas would be much bluer, Nevada would not be competitive, and Florida would not have been such a blowout. That is good.

5. DeSantis really proved his abilities yesterday. He built an incredible coalition. He makes me hopeful.

6. I think abortion played at the edges of this election, but wasn't what hurt the GOP. That was candidates and the big orange narcissist who would not shut up throughout the race. That said, please note that wherever it went before the people, the pro-abortion side won clearly. Even in Kentucky.

7. I suspect Walker will win the runoff. It never should have been that close though. That issue aside, the win by (anti-Trump) Kemp makes me happier about Georgia's future. It seemed to be slipping to blue, much like Virginia, as transplants flood Atlanta. But last night was a good sign that it could still be red.

8. Now the bad news. There is a lot of bad news coming in terms of jobs and inflation and housing. Now that the GOP will be taking the House (and maybe the Senate) they become the easy target for blame for that. They need to do their best to at least look proactive and like the responsible adults. I don't know if that's possible given the number of lunatics they still have to placate, but we'll see.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Your Guide to Voting

What a complex time to be an "unbiased" journalist. You need to rush out all those last minute articles trying to lionize various Democrats. You need to hit print on those smears on GOP candidates you've been holding. Have to do rush jobs to cover-up and dismiss whatever piles of crap the Democrats have stuck their feet into at the last minute. Sure, you finished all those articles about how racism, rape and sexual harassment, and global changing are killing us all, but did you write enough? How about an article on voter suppression to stir up the peoples of color? Then you need to brace yourself. You've done all you could to be unbiased, but things could still go wrong.

In fact, you know they will. You've seen the internal polls your organization keeps hidden from the public. And you've been writing articles walking a fine line between scaring Democrats into voting without trying to make it seem hopeless, but for some reason they aren't turning out. Must be GOP suppression. What's more, those damn morons don't seem to be getting it. Women voting Republican? That's like roaches voting for raid. Don't they know the Republicans will end democracy, re-institute slavery and force every woman to get pregnant and have children to support their Nazi-like dreams as they happily turn the planet into an unlivable ocean one degree hotter than today? How can they not know that? They should. You've written about that every day for years now! In an unbiased way, of course -- seriously, we all know every white, male Republican wants to be a rapist slave holder. Fact. Why aren't people getting it? Don't they know Republicans are just fearmongers?

And WTF is it with this crime issue? Sure, murder and rape have doubled in every big liberal city while not rising in conservative cities, but that's a coincidence. Our progressive prosecutors letting all those people go has nothing to do with it. Anyone can see that. After all, some leftist friends of mine (but then I repeat myself) did a study and found crime is higher in red states. Red states with big blue cities, but red states. Besides, what's a few deaths and rapes anyways? It keeps the people needing government for their protections. Morons.

Anyways, time to get the game face on. Time to go on TV and write some more "we saw this coming" articles laying this at the feet of Biden and white women. Gotta remember to use the following guide to maintain our unbiased standing:

Terrible night = Democrats losing
A real miracle = Democrats losing by only a little

Bad candidate = Democrat who loses
Public simply doesn't want = Republican who loses
Expected = some Democrat we knew would lose but tried hard to sell
Failure = failure of the moron voters to understand

Republican violence = real or imagined crime against Democrats
Epidemic of violence = includes violence against both sides
Alleged = claims of violence against Republicans
intimidation = anything that might scare some Democrat

Legal challenges have begun = both sides filed suit
Republicans attempting to overturn = only Republicans filed
Democrats defending rights = only Democrats filed

celebrity = famous Republicans
billionaire = rich people who support Republicans
philanthropist = famous or rich people who support Democrats

Hate = always Republicans Fear = always Republicans Genuine = Democrat only

That should do it.

Post your election thoughts here...
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Friday, November 4, 2022

Just A Guess, But...

From what I'm seeing, the House is guaranteed. Despite it being heavily Gerrymandered (yes, Democrats are the masters of Gerrymandering despite whining about it... look at Illinois which is 13-5 Democrats or California 42-11 or New York 19-8), the Republicans will likely gain 20 seats in the House. The Senate has always looked tougher, but things are moving in the right direction. Here are my predictions for the competitive states based on the momentum and polls and behind the scenes spending and things I'm seeing:

Washington State (crazy it's even in question, but it scared the donks): Democrats keep
Colorado: Democrats keep
Arizona: Democrats keep

Georgia: Run-off. Too hard to tell. Walker should have been blown out.

New Hampshire: Republicans win
Nevada: Republicans win

Pennsylvania: Republicans keep
Ohio: Republicans keep
Wisconsin: Republicans keep
North Carolina: Republicans keep
Florida: Republicans keep (never really in question despite media claims)

So the Republicans win two seats with one more possible and swing the Senate their way 52-48 with a chance at 53-47. Should have been better if we had better candidates, but still an impressive defeat for Biden and the Crimeocrats. Based on my thoughts about a year ago, the Republicans are doing better in the Senate than expected, but the house is basically as predicted.
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Monday, October 31, 2022

A Public Service Message From The Unbiased Media


Forget inflation, the recession, the army of lies and smears, the worship of abortion without limits, the tax hikes, the use of political power to shut down opposition and harass average people (Elon Musk is a Saudi Lover anyways -- investigate him at the stake!!!), the coming failure of our electricity system on the alter of false science, the laughable response to covid, the exploitation of natural disasters and threats to the United States, the burning of cities, the homeless epidemic, the rise in crime not at all caused by defunding the cops and progressive prosecutors (formerly known as cause and effect), the pouring of tax dollars into rich people's and company pockets (formerly known as Fascism), race baiting and race hate advocacy (formerly known as racism), massive corruption, a nepotistic media, election fraud and election denial (formerly known as "the Resistance" or the Gore Campaign), open borders, advocating child molestation for "minor attracted persons" pretending to be trans, pushing drug use for all "responsible" adults //wink wink nudge nudge, guilty until proven innocent for sex crimes, new sex crimes based on creepiness, canceling those with undesirable views (formerly known as McCarthyism or Nazism), letting crazies kill women on subways, cancelling women... sorry, "persons who menstrate", and silencing those with dissenting opinions.

Forget all that. Vote Democrat! Save us all!


* Statement does not apply to actual criminal violence or violence by left-leaning political groups.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hypocrite Much?

The last couple weeks have been awash in liberal hypocrisy. Imagine that.

First, we have Hillary Clinton complaining that the midterms and 2024 elections will be rigged by the vast right wing conspiracy. And here I thought only Trump was the "election denier"? Well, the truth is the Democrats have long been the leaders of the flat earth election society. Gore sued to try to overturn Bush's election and the left has long maintained that Bush "stole" the election even after the leftwing Washington Post examined all the ballots and found Bush actually won by more than was reported. They continued to call him illegitimate until 9/11 and kept claiming he stole the election even after that.

Almost every time Democrats lose an election since 2000, they've lawyered up, accused local officials of cheating, and fought in court.

They have long called the Electoral College illegitimate and have been trying to subvert the vote in states they control to conform to California's votes. Remember how they claimed Trump must have stolen the election and squealed "Not my President!" And now Hillary is saying the same stupid crap Trump is.

Yet, Republicans are the deniers? Republicans are the ones smearing Democracy? I think not.

Then there's this: liberals are mocking Republicans because some of them want to cut off funding for Ukraine's defense. Bad Republicans. Only... a bunch of Democrats just sent a letter to Biden demanding that he insist Ukraine negotiate a peace with Putin (a war criminal who is losing his war). Both sets of idiots want to impose defeat on the good guys, so both are wrong, but don't pretend it's not both sides.

Think about covid too. The anti-vax, anti-mask, Covid-aint-real-'cause-5G shortbus was filled equally by the left and right. Blacks were particularly prone to it, as were crazy leftist women and rightwing "I gots ma riggghts" types. Yet, the narrative has been that this was a "conservative" thing. The verbal contortions it's taken to maintain that narrative have been staggering too.

January 6 was a threat to Democracy, but the riots in Minnesota, Portland and Seattle were "protests." Their murders were ignored. The damage they caused, ironically at black neighbors and businesses, was nothing. Liberals shooting at cops, throwing Molotov cocktails at cops was ignored. Why is leftwing violence acceptable?

Black "kids" shoot two football players in Baltimore after spraying bullets at a team. Mexican man shoots up hospital. Illegal stabs 10 people in Vegas. Mexican kidnaps and kills Indian family in California. Silence by Biden and the MSM. White kid shoots people on a trail. "ENOUGH" snaps Biden in carefully prepared, phonetically spelled comments. Why is one of these things not like the others, Joe? Did you not comment on the St. Louis school shooter because his race was not immediately identified what we know suggests he's black?

Why is it that every Karen is white, even the ones who aren't? Why are black attacks on Asians evidence of hate crime by whites? How can you ignore the murder of so many people of all colors to maintain a racist philosophy? What about the black girl shot working at Burger King? The black boy shot working at McDonalds? The Asian woman pushed before a train? How many people died in Chicago this last week? How many children? Why are you silent on this Joe? F*cker.

Kanye West says something antisemitic, and all the good leftists are condemning him. Heck, that's a virtue signalling freebie right there! Yet, their own allies from Occupy Wall Street to "the squad" to the Palestinian People's Front of Judea (for you Monty Python fans) are all deeply antisemitic and the left says nothing.

No story is too terrible to ignore either, unless it involves profound racism exposed among the leftist Hispanic membership of the LA City council. They haven't even all resigned. Good thing they didn't do blackface, that's unforgivable... oh wait, unless you're a liberal governor or liberal actor. Then it's a teachable moment for all y'all racists. "I apologize that you are such bad people, let me show you the light."

Did you really claim Biden cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion because they didn't vote for more Covid aid? When did Covid aid become a yearly budgetable event?

Another day, another lie, smear and deception.
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Friday, October 21, 2022

In Praise of Lindsay Graham... For Once

I will give credit where credit is due, even to people I don't like. Biden, for example, has done well in Ukraine. I will give him that. He's a turd of a human being and he butchers pretty much everything he touches, but in Ukraine he did well. Granted, it was the only thing he could do that made sense and didn't result in disaster, but that doesn't always stop him. So good for him.

Another person I would give credit to that I don't normally support is Lindsay Graham. Graham's mention of a national ban on abortion at 15 weeks seemed like terrible timing when he mentioned it. The GOP was going down in flames on the abortion issue and he seemed to only add gasoline to the fire... But in hindsight, what he did was actually kind of brilliant. Even though his plan was roundly denounced on all sides, it has given GOP candidates an abortion position they could mention that didn't make them sound nuts. You see it being mentioned everywhere to neuter the nut issue.

It's also flipped the narrative. Instead of GOP candidates needing to answer why they wanted victims of rape to be forced to carry pregnancies to term, suddenly, GOP candidates were demanding to know what restrictions the Democrats would agree to if not the 15 weeks. Lo and behold, Democrats fell for it. People like Stacy Abrahms boldly claimed they wanted no restrictions - ZERO - and promptly fell far outside the mainstream. I actually think you can link her peaking in the polls and subsequent slide with that moment. She's been crashing ever since.

Other GOP candidates are demanding the same answer and Democrats are either shooting themselves in the genitals with their purity and answering it, or going into evasive maneuvers and running from the issue. Suddenly, both the intensity of the issue and the importance of the issue began to fail. It's now viewed as a motivating factor for something like 14% of voters only, and I would bet they had already made their minds up long before the Supreme Court's abortion surprise. Even party higher ups like Obama and Sanders are urging them to stop talking about abortion... in public at least.

I think Graham did the GOP a huge favor on this.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Truth to Power

This headline speaks for itself:
Tulsi Gabbard QUITS the Democrats: Ex-congresswoman says party is controlled by 'elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness' who 'stoke anti-white racism and protect criminals'
That kind of sums them up pretty perfectly, doesn't it? Does she not know that we're not supposed to voice those truths? The only thing I would change is that they are only warmongers when they are in charge, otherwise they pretend to be peaceniks. Should we do the countdown before the first #metoo complaint comes about her? Or some claim of ancient racism? Perhaps knowing someone who knew someone who once laughed at a blackface portrayal? No doubt we'll see a relative who hates her. Heck, she might even secretly be a homosexual (//gasp) or paid for an abortion (//for shame!). Good luck, Gabbi...

As an aside, did anyone see that some government official called a black boy a monkey? Terrible racism in this country. That's what the yahoo headline said. You had to read a few paragraphs in to see that it was three Hispanics on the LA city council, and they were actually making fun of a gay white male council member who adopted a black child. I suspect they are leftist democrats, but Yahoo seemed to go out of its way never to mention that. They also ignored that another Hispanic, the leader of the biggest Union in California, was there and dismissed their woke DA because "he's with the blacks." But that couldn't mean anything, right? I mean who isn't... except Kanye. Damn Republican racists.
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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tough on Crime

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta has adviced us that "No matter who you are, nobody is above the law." Hooah! Nobody is above the law! Nobody! Unless you're homeless. Or you're Hunter Biden... or Hillary Clinton... or you're a democrat generally. Or you're a celebrity. Or you're part of a flash mob of young black victims of racism. Or you like knocking people out, knocking them off subway platforms, or shooting them on the job. Or you're here illegally. But other than that, nobody. And you can take that to what's left of the bank.
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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Very Troubling Week

This has been a very troubling week. Three things stand out.

First, Putin is telling a completely backward view of history. He claims Ukraine invaded Russia, that western militaries are using the Ukrainian army as slaves (and he's suggesting our militaries are actually in the field), and that we are threatening Russia with nuclear war. All backwards. So is Putin deranged or is this what all (liberals and) dictators do: accuse the other guy of their own crimes? I'm leaning toward him not being deranged, but being scared. He's scared he's going to get killed if he loses and he must know he cannot win this war. Making it even worse, Turkey and China have both told him he needs to stop the war, yet he's not listening because if he stops the war, he dies.

The problem is that he's making threats to nuke Western cities (he specifically called out Britain, but he means us all). If he's scared, then he could do anything. Indeed, a lot of dictators and related monsters prefer to see everyone die if they need to die. That makes these very troubling threats.

The thing is, he doesn't even need to go full nuclear to destroy the world. A nuke or two in orbit could wipe out electrical grids and satellites, things we all depend on for things like food. It could take months for food to show up in grocery stories again. That would be a supply chain crisis to make early covid shortages look like the land of plenty. And if he hit a city? It's very hard to predict what the effect could be, but we are too dependent on the entire world working without a hitch for things not to fall apart badly. This is very, very troubling.

Secondly, forget Trump, but focus on DeSantis. DeSantis shipped some immigrants to liberal town, the same as the Democratic mayor of El Paso has been doing and the same as is pretty much routinely done. Did you think all those clumps of immigrants happened randomly? Hardly. There are 66,000 Hmung in Minneapolis because that is where they were sent by the government. So political stunt or not, this is typical behavior. Nevertheless, the Democrats are screaming to have him charged with a crime. What crime? They don't even know, and that is what makes this even more disturbing -- they want someone to find a crime to charge him with.

This is a huge step further down the Nazi road for these people: trying to criminalize being their opponent. At times, people have crossed various lines and the other side tried to make a case out of it, but this is different. This is a group of deranged, hateful leftist literally trying to use the power of government to imprison people with whom they disagree. And it's been building to this. This is just the next step in the woke creatures trying to cancel people who say the wrong thing or live in ways of with which they disagree. These are the criminal impulses of totalitarian regimes... third world dictators. This is a troubling trend.

Third, after a brief pause in inflation, it's taking off again with a vengeance. Do you recall how I told you gas prices would fall to around $3.20 from $4 in what is called a retrenchment and then would start up again? We hit around $3.35 here and then it turned around. Virtually overnight, we jumped back to $3.75. Then today, we went to $3.79. I look for $4 next week. Making this worse, on gas at least, part of the reason gas fell was a federal gas tax holiday, which ends in October. So it will rise significantly in October again. Gas also will now be shifted to heating homes.

Food prices are skyrocketing again too. All the excuses aligned this week: (1) bad harvest due to "climate change", (2) anything carbonated (beer, soda) is about to shoot up because the nation's largest source of carbon dioxide has somehow been contaminated by a dormant volcano, (3) transportation costs will rise because of gas prices rising and the supposed settlement with the rail workers, and (4) "labor shortages" (read: wage hikes to cover inflation). Someone estimated the other day that food prices are up about $500 a month per family ($6000 a year). Ours are up more than that, I can tell you. Look to double that before Christmas.

All very troubling.
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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Quick Aside on Labor Union Deal

Biden is touting the union deal with the railway workers as some sort of accomplishment. Wall Street articles are freaking out that this could encourage more labor unrest. Drudge is freaking out that unions are polling at their highest level of support since the 1960s. The end of capitalism is nigh!!! Well...

Let's do some math. They are getting a 24% raise over five years plus some back wages to cover this year. Sounds like a lot, right? Except, that's only a 4.5% raise each year of the deal. Does that really sound like a lot? Would you think you broke the bank with a 4.5% raise in this environment? With inflation supposedly at 8% (real rate probably around 35%) that means the real raise after five years is only 5% in total (1% a year). That's kind of sh*tty honestly.

I'm not a union guy but I'm not a corporate hack either. There are some terrible things going on in corporate America that we should probably talk about in a future article. Indeed, much of this supposed labor shortage is actually companies just not hiring anyone, hoping to trick current workers into making up the slack. With inflation, real salaries are plunging. And let's be clear, a solid dose of inflation may kill you, but it does wonders for corporate and government balance sheets.

My point, for now, is don't believe that this union deal is anything earth-shattering, as it's being sold. If anything, it shows a union that sold out its members with the help of a Democratic government that wanted to look good without hurting their big business masters. Why I'm the only one mentioning this is kind of interesting, isn't it? Don't buy the hype. And maybe, don't trust those ringing alarm bells or smiling oddly satisfied smiles.
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Saturday, September 17, 2022

A Couple of Interesting News Items

Some interesting news items as I work on more articles.

(1) The Putin Empire is falling apart. Ukraine has apparently destroyed a decade's worth of Soviet military hardware (literally, one decade's worth of modernization has been destroyed). The Russians are falling apart so fast and so completely and are abandoning such vast amounts of gear to the Ukrainians that the Ukrainians are joking about Russia operating a "lend lease program" to Ukraine.

Add to this: Azerbaijan has invaded Armenia, again. They have ancestral hatred going way back and have fought prior wars. Putin kept them at peace with the threat the Russians would smoooosh them if they didn't stop fighting. Now the kids are at it again. Further, Kyrgyzstan has attacked Tajikistan. Again, Putin held them together with fear of Russia. The fact these two wars are breaking out suggests everyone thinks Putin is finished.

It's looking bad for him personally too. More and more politicians in Russia are demanding he admit failure in the Ukraine. That was unthinkable a few weeks ago as Putin's iron grip was unchallenged. Not to mention, those who might challenge him had a way of falling out of windows. But apparently, there aren't enough windows left in Russia to stop everyone who wants to challenge him.

(2) The Dems are FREAKING OUT over 50 immigrants shipped to rich, white liberal Martha's Vineyard. Brilliant move. This has utterly exposed their hypocrisy and it's making them say things that are just nuts -- moving immigrants to different states is "human trafficking"? Wtf? Do they not know what human trafficking is? Moving to Martha's Vineyard is as bad as the Holocaust? How sh*tty is that place? They can't find somewhere to house 50 people? Funny, Colorado Springs houses thousands of drug addicted bums in low-rent hotels. New York does too. Have they no gymnasiums where they can put cots? How about a tent? Are the rich that incompetent or just that racist and elitist? This is an ugly look for the left. And the more they pile on so irrationally, the more damage it does.

Now someone in Congress needs to propose a law distributing illegal immigrants around the country (to liberal states mainly) in the name of sharing the burden and resources available to help these people. Come on Republicans. Do it. Watch the Democrats dance and squirm and explain how they should be exempt from having to have those dirty brown people near them.

(3) The Trump candidates are getting their butts handed to them. No surprise. The Senate is gone. The House is still likely though. Meanwhile, Trump is embracing QAnon. If you're still a fan, it might be time to rethink how stupid you're going to feel when he sinks to the bottom... if he has a bottom. You are now backing a man who is backing conspiracy theories about lizard people.

(4) Watching the outpouring for the Queen has been amazing. I am not a royalist and I salute no one, but I am always impressed by people who manage to touch millions of people. These people are tiny few in number. They come in many fields. It's not the position they hold, the politics they espouse or the skills they have. It is something human about them that makes us feel like the world is smaller when they are gone. Indeed, there are Popes, Princes and Presidents who died unloved or indifferently liked, but these people are special. Ronald Reagan comes to mind. People lined his funeral route from coast to coast to see the man who had touched them. Walt Disney represents childhood goodness to the world. Nelson Mandela gave us dignity. Bowie, Prince and Elvis made us sing. Bob Ross made us smile. And now the Queen passes as grandmother to us all. A dignified lady with a spunky side. I always wonder with celebrities, when you die, will anyone really care? Maybe you should ask why not?

As for the creatures exploiting the Queen's death to get famous or push racist grudges, the endless lines of people who mourn her death are the judgment of the world on your crap. Will anyone care when you die? Doubt it.

(5) The oil experts are saying downward price pressure is stopping, so the price of gas will start going up again -- especially in October and December. It's at $3.45 here, a tad above my prediction of $3.20. Retracement, folks. That's all it was. Sorry Joe. As an aside, FedEx is predicting a worldwide recession based on falling shipping volume. Yeah, that's coming.

(6) The headlines read: Biden support up strongly at 45%. Strongly? He was at 44%. Was that last percentage point such a doozy? Calling that "strongly" is an example of propaganda. And for the record, since most liberals won't know this, 45% is less than 50%. Seriously. But a calculator.

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

A Key Opportunity Missed

One of the frustrating things about being a Republican is that they have no ability to read the room. They're like the Aspergers Party. It's crazy. From obsessing over things no one in America cares about, to missing things everyone cares about, to not having a clue how to communicate because they only talk to each other and in language the public doesn't use, backing the GOP is super frustrating. Right now, there is a killer political issue going on and the GOP is entirely missing it because they are so insular. This issue involves a jogger and it could destroy the Democrats if only the GOP had a clue.

The issue involves a woman named Eliza Fletcher. She went jogging in Memphis at 4:30 am a few weeks back and was kidnapped and killed by a monster named Cleotha Henderson. Henderson has already served 20 years for a prior kidnap and apparently is a suspect in a 2021 kidnapping and murder. He is an animal who needs to be put down. The end.

Why am I talking about this? Because this is a HUGE issue. There are tens and tens of thousands of women talking about this. They are talking about it on running boards, on Facebook, on Tik Tok and everywhere they meet to talk. They are following this issue very closely and they are furious. They are furious that this woman was killed. They are furious that they feel like they could be next. They are furious that the streets of America are not safe for women to be alone. Most of all, they are furious that no one seems to care.

This issue is death for the Democrats. The Democrats are super vulnerable right now over the issue of crime. They have made the nation's big cities into cesspools of violence and rape all in the name of progressive views of equality. They have gotten thousand of people (usually minorities or women) killed. They've ruined neighborhoods by letting drug addicted homeless flood them. They've turned predators free to keep preying (usually on women) under the guise that it's racist to lock them up. They turn them loose from prison under the fantasy they've been reformed. And they've been trying to strip away cops at the very point the world is getting worse. People are genuinely freaked out to a degree I have not seen since the 1970s, and women doubly-so.

This issue has the ability to destroy anyone not seen as tough enough on crime. It is far more visceral than inflation and far more scary for people. You can survive inflation, you can't survive being murdered by some drug addicted homeless creature. This is such a huge issue that progressive prosecutors are being recalled in progressive cities by progressives. How bad is that? Portland has become Escape from New York sans Snake Pliskin. One of the squad almost lost in Communist Minnesota in a Democratic primary because she's pro-thug. And Eliza Fletcher's tragedy is the lightening rod for this issue.

Here's the catch... the GOP hasn't notice.

Why not? I can give you a lot of different answers to this, but I think it doesn't matter. When two separate people in the party have said: "If rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it.” (Michigan GOP Rep Robert Regan) and "Rape is like bad weather. If it's inevitable, why not just sit back and enjoy it?" (former GOP candidate for Governor of Texas, Clayton Williams), you kind of get a sense why the GOP doesn't pay attention to women. When the grump response to Fletcher's death in the comments at conservative leaning places is "what was she doing running at 4:30 in the morning anyways", again you realize why the GOP doesn't do well with women. And when grumpers rush online to proudly tell you that Hollyweird and Farcebook need to be shutdown, you can kind of see how these fools might miss a huge national movement in the making. Living under a rock is not nobility, it is ignorance.

Reagan built the biggest conservative consensus America has ever seen by promising Americans American values: lower taxes, lower government interference, more freedom, safer streets, standing up to our enemies. That was Reaganism. Today's GOP has become a party of cranks, election deniers, defenders of criminals, people obsessed with controlling others, people who praise freaks like Putin and just want to see the world burn... people who jerk themselves off with extreme rhetoric but wouldn't know conservatism if Ronald Reagan came back and bit them in the ass.

This is why the Democrats survive despite making the country unsafe for its citizens... because the GOP looks worse by comparison. Consider this when you vote in the primaries. Maybe it's time to stop flirting with freaks and start voting for normal Americans?
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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Interesting Poll

There's a new poll out. I am not a fan of polls, but this one is interesting. Here are the results. I'll discuss what interests me below.
The media is spinning this using the top number which is not on the chart. The top number says that (1) Biden beats Trump in a rematch (duh) and (2) the public now favors the Democrats over the Republicans 48% to 45%. The media sees that as significant, but it's actually meaningless. Not only is it all within the margin of error, but as I noted, the end of the summer is Biden's highwater mark. Also, these races are all local or must be looked at state by state to be meaningful. A 3% national lead is easily achieved in California, which hides all the other states. So this poll simply cannot give an informed answer as to these two questions.

That said, there is interesting information. Observe:

1. Trump's support is very limited, as expected. About 18% of the public are fan-girling Trump, about 37% hate him. The rest don't see this election as being about him. Even among Republicans, only 36% fan-girl Trump, the rest do not. Supporting this is the warning in plain sight in the Alaska election. Palin lost because a majority of GOP voters preferred a Democrat to her as a second choice. Usually, people threaten not to vote for the competitor in the general election, but rarely follow through. This was an instance where the voters followed through en mass. That's a huge warning. Add in the MAGA candidates blowing easy-win elections and it's pretty clear the public is done with this sh*t. The good news it that the low number who think this is about Trump suggest that the damage he does will be endurable for the party, i.e. there will be no broad wipeout. They will cost us the Senate though with bad candidates.

As an aside, if Trump really had nuclear secrets, as is being reported, then not only is he going to jail, but there is no possible excuse for his conduct. There is NO valid reason to take those. As that sinks in, look for the knives to come out. Even Drudge speculated Trump might have taken them sell them, which would be treason. Gee, surprise.

2. Aside from the top number, this polling is terrible for the Democrats! The number who see the election as about supporting Biden's agenda is only 33%. That's terrible support and suggests he's been a failure. This has been obvious actually from them calling his rise to 44% "momentum." No one likes what he's doing. The man is a failure. He's also primed for an epic loss.

3. 54% say economic policy needs to change. With the economy being the big factor in this election, that means a landslide against Biden. Only 22% believe in Biden's economic plan. That spells doom. This is why the Democrats want this election be about anything but the economy, but it's largely not working (Trump exluded). These numbers actually should result in a landslide under normal circumstances.

4. The voting rights and bipartisanship questions are nebulous at best and, I think, show the media continues to mistake bumperstickers for actual concerns. Seriously, who doesn't want to see bipartisanship? But of course, it all depends on how you define bipartisanship, doesn't it? Personally, I'd love to see Democrats finally reaching across the aisle and voting for the things I believe. Is that what they mean by bipartisanship? Bipartisanship... a meaningless buzzword.

As for the voting rights question, that captures all the disenfranchisement crap on the left and Trump's blather about stolen elections as well the generally held belief that we believe people should vote. In other words, left, right and pretty much everyone should accept it but for different reasons. That makes the question meaningless.

5. The really good news is that abortion seems to be something only the fringes care about, with 43% basically saying they don't care. That will help the GOP in this election. All bets are off in the future with the GOP representing the 18% fringe, but for now, 65% of the GOP and 43% of the public overall don't see abortion mattering this time. Those are the people who will decide this election. On the plus side, the number caring about Trump appears even smaller, so to a large degree, the GOP seems to have dodged a bullet in these numbers. The one bullet they could not dodge was in candidate selection where some winnable states are now lost because of MAGA candidates.

All told, my projection holds. The GOP captures the House but loses the Senate because of bad candidate choice.

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