Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Wokery Will Never Die... It Just Changes Shape

There were some comments the other day that I thought should be expounded upon. The gist of the comments was that even if the woke are defeated this time, their ideas might come back into fashion. While I completely agree with the sentiment, I think it's important to note two things: (1) the woke will always be with us but (2) it's a mistake to think they will keep pushing the same ideas.

To understand what I'm talking about, realize that there is a chunk of the human race which simply relishes having power over/controlling others. This is the instinct which drives rapists: power and control (rape has nothing to do with sex, it's about feeling powerful). This is what drives internet trolls. It's what drives bullies. And so on. These are pathetic human beings who get off on imposing their will on other people. It's a genetic defect and about 1/3 of us suffer from it.

Why does this matter? Because this is who the woke are. They are pathetic people who crave control. They want that sense of power of being able to make other people do as they say. It gets them off. But at the same time, they don't want to feel like monsters and everyone knows that being a rapist makes you a monster. So they hide behind things that sound moral at the time, and they act vile in the name of virtue. These are the same people who turned Christianity into an inquisition... to save the souls of nonbelievers, not to get off on power. They imposed empires on brown people... to save them from their savagery, not to feel like Gods. They killed the middle classes and opened death camps in the names of the peasants of Russia and China... to help the peasants, not to get even with their betters. They backed Eugenics throughout the West... to protect the children they would abort or sterilize, not to make themselves feel genetically superior like Nietzsche's supermen. They helped Hitler round up Jews and other undesirables to protect the ignorant German masses. And so on. It goes up through NGOs engaging in neocolonialism, Islamic fundamentalism, and legal foundations subverting the will of the people.

Make no mistake: these people do not care about the cause, even as they seem to anguish over it. They simply hijack what they can use to make themselves the victims and the virtuous and they use those causes as a means of imposing their control on others. And when the causes burn out, they move on.

I would actually argue that movements like the communists, the feminists, environmentalists, unionists, religious "zealots" and the such were genuine and probably honorable intellectual movements at first. They may not have been good answers, but they were good faith attempts to solve the problems of their ages. But each got hijacked by these monsters who turned them into weapons of control. Look how the Civil Rights Movement went from equality to the hate of BLM. Look how feminism went from women gaining rights to angry lesbianism trying to destroy men, inventing a fake rape culture and the ridiculous attempt to seize power known as #metoo. Look how communism went from an economic theory of disparity to death camps and secret police.

I think these people are drawn to social movements, not because they care about the movements, but because they see them as offering the chance to impose control. "Oh, the world likes to save baby seals? rubs hands together I can use that to control what people drive or even eat, what they pay employees, to race bait! Wait till they have to order their lives the way I tell them!" Soon, these people take over the movements and attack society.

The sad truth is that these people are always there, always ready to steal a movement. It's in their nature. And they will use a movement as long as it's useful and then they move on... and they don't care to what. Right now, the highest moral calling in the West is tolerance, so they seize the tolerance movement and use it to impose extreme intolerance on the world. When tolerance loses its power, and it will, they'll find something new. Another banking crisis? Time to rail against THE Jew Banker... maybe even occupy Wall Street. Gays go libertarian? Maybe it's time for a revival of old fashioned morality. Militant atheism becomes Militant Islam becomes the Great Catholic Revival. It doesn't matter. Whatever is trending in society becomes the thing.  They don't care what the issue is, only that it gives them power.

So we will never be rid of them because some portion of the population is genetically inclined toward hate and control, but the woke's issues are almost played out and won't be back.

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

No Support For The Woke

I'm going to break down the left soon. In the meantime, let me give you a hint of something I have seen. Despite what you've heard from the media, the truth is that the wokers have tiny little support and it's fading fast. Observe.

Before we start, let me point out something I've mentioned many times: if you want to know the truth, look for the truth in data that isn't meant to touch the issue directly. What I mean is that looking at things like polls is useless. Pollsters lie to push their agenda. People lie to pollsters for a number of reasons too. Polls are also crawling with errors, and depending on how you ask it, you can almost dictate the results. It's much more accurate to look at numbers that no one sees as telling the story you are trying to understand. For example, look at TV ratings. TV ratings are a very accurate assessment of what people really think because it shows what truly interests people and how dedicated they are. Rating numbers also can't (normally) be faked. People can't "vote" multiple time either.

So where is this headed?

Do you remember the University of Missouri, which gave in to angry black students and their lies? The media was impressed and called it a victory and presented a number of students who said it was a glorious new start which would lead to Utopia.  But over the next three years, the number of applicants crashed, causing the budget to collapse, and whole departments ended up being axed because students stopped going there.  The media never went back to cover this, but it showed what the students really thought.

It's the same thing here. The media tells you that everyone has gone woke. It's all over the news. Advertisers include woke crap in all their ads (within interesting (read: telling) limits). Actors pound their chests with fake woke apologies -- I've been so so bad, purify me and give me fame! The Democrats kneel to the woke. Right-wing talk radio screams that the end is near. And so on. Should we believe this though?

Honestly, the unnoticed numbers say something very different:

(1) The NBA went deeply woke and lost half its ratings, which have not come back. Meaning: going BLM/woke cost an already generally pro-black organization half its meager audience. The leftist media desperately blamed COVID, but the college basketball tournament, which did not go woke, grew in ratings.

(2) MLB did the same and also lost half its ratings.

(3) The NFL allowed a fake version of wokery and lost 10%, but gained it back when they stopped.

(4) Yahoo, the wokest nest of wokeheads, put up a Black Lives Matter link/page on their homepage. They also put up a Covid one. They proudly proclaimed that this was to help change the world. A couple months later, it was gone. It's been replaced by sports betting. The Covid link is still there though. Meaning: no one was using it and the wokes decided to drop it.
(5) Every black celebrity you can think of participated in a show called "Soul of the Nation."  This was a show by black people telling the rest of us what to believe.  It was pure wokery.  Its ratings on the first night were 1.8 million.  If every one of them was black, that's only 6% of blacks.  What does that tell you?  It's now been virtually abandoned by the network.

(6) Yahoo sports has been pimping women's sports hard. They've been screaming about unfair pay, unfair NCAA practices, unfair US Soccer and FIFA practices. They've been screaming, "Why won't advertisers back women's sports?" (an extremely telling admission) and "Why won't investors back women's sports?!" (also very telling). Well, the NCAA college men's and women's tournaments came and went. The men scored around 12 million viewers a game. The women scored around 900,000. That's more than a 10-1 disparity, and that tells you what you need to know about the woke push for women's sports to be seen as "equal" to men's sports. It's also why Yahoo is so frustrated, because no one is buying their hand-wringing.  Women's sports get 8% of the support of men's sports.

(7) Netflix and Amazon put up special "black" links to push you to watch "black" movies. Those are long gone too. Apparently, no one cared. Remember, these guys make their money getting you to hit those links. If something isn't working, they drop it.

(8) A bunch of companies I can name who have no reason to be political sent out pro-metoo or pro-BLM letters to account holders. They clearly read the room wrong, because within weeks they were desperately cutting prices (get 2 free now instead of 1 when you buy 2) and sending out a bevy of marketing attempts they had never needed to do before. Clearly, they lost business.

(9) The View fired Sharon Osborn for standing up for free speech in the face of race-baiting hate. They just returned to television this week after time off to calm things down... and they fell from one of the top day time shows to the. very. bottom. of. the. ratings.  Their audience of liberal white women didn't like being sh*t on.

(10) The Oscars lost almost half their viewers going woke. In fact, they were so woke that we should probably call them the Black Oscars and put an asterisk next to each winner because this was pure minority appeasement... and no one watched. Keep in mind, their audience is people who are prone to herd thinking, people who worship celebrities, people whose heroes preach wokery. And half of them stopped watching.

(11) The wokes pushed hard through their media empire (Oprah, CBS, etc) to support the psychotic "Princess" Megan in her attempt to smear the royals. Headline after headline said that the public was with them and the royal family's days are numbered. Well, the popularity of all the royals went up (most in the 70-80% range) except Harry and Megan. They both fell... and kept falling. Both are now the least popular royals by a mile and their negatives far outpace their positives. What does this tell us? That the public saw right through the woke deification attempt and rejected it.

I can go on, but there's no point. Even in the black community, support for adding more police is above 50%. The year of the woman has never come. Any organization which goes woke, goes metoo, goes BLM gets slaughtered and loses half its support or worse.  The public does not support these people.

Don't believe what you are hearing. These people have lost. I estimate their support at around 25% with 75% opposed. Only the media, celebrities and soulless corporate America support them. Even leftists are starting to push back. The French are attacking the wokes as an American disease. Liberals like Obama and Bill Maher and James Carville are calling them destructive and saying the Democrats need to unhook from those people. The end is coming for these little Nazis, only it won't be with a bang, it will be with all their links being removed.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Crocodile Apology

For those who don't know, the Nazi-woke-left is in full attack mode lately. Part of what they are doing is trying to revive the value in screaming racism, which has no value anymore due to misuse.  The current attempt is to get white liberals kneeling at the alter again. As one would expect with the herd mentality that dominates liberal whites, they can't drop to their knees fast enough. But is this legitimate? Hardly.  Let's look at The Simpsons.

The Simpsons have become odious and tedious all at once, and now they've pulled themselves into the virtue signalling game by apologizing for casting whites, nongays, non
hemorrhoid suffers, etc. in the roles of nonwhites, gays, hemorrhoid suffers, etc. One of them, Hank Azaria has recently stepped down from several characters he voiced because of he's all wokey wokey now. He used to voice characters like Indian Apu and black doctor Hibbert. They will now be voiced by... well, who cares?

Anyways, old Hank issued the new-standard liberal apology. He said that he had to "shut up and listen" and he learned that what he did contributed to structural racism, and he's very sorry.

First of all, there is no such thing as structural racism. That is a liberal invention meant to invent racism where there is none and to do so without taking any blame. So he's full of crap. But even more, what he did was either racist or not. What he did was he spent 20 years being a racist on television. The end. He wasn't some angle who somehow encouraged others to misbehave even as he acted out of the purest of motives. That's like Hitler saying he contributed to structural antisemitism. No, you promoted antisemitism, and Hank spent 20 years promoting racism.

Bad Hank.

At this point, if we are to take Hank's apology as legitimate, then he must actually confess to his crimes.  He
can't blame others for being racist in response to his action, he needs to stand up and be a man and apologize for being flat out racist. What's more, talk is cheap Hank. You need to give back ALL the money you got for voicing those racist characters. Absolutely. You can't say, "Gee, I'm sorry I stole all your money, but I'm not paying anything back." No. When you do wrong, you disgorge your ill-gotten gains.

This applies to The Simpsons producers too. They let this man spew his racism while excluding people of color ("POCs") from their show. That's even worse racism. They too need to give back all the money they made over the last twenty years or their apology is meaningless.


As an aside, not only is this a false apology to claim innocence but accuse others of misbehavior based on your actions, not only is this a false apology if you don't give back the money, but let me say add this:  this "I needed to shut up and listen" is itself racist.  That is the Magic Negro trope where a white person claims to gain some special understanding of the world by listening to some backward minority who shows them a little something about the true humanity they left behind with their modern culture. Hollywood is full of this story trope (liberals can't get enough of it), and the white man's burden trope. Make no mistake, it is racist and what old Hank is doing now is being racist to excuse his racist behavior which he's trying to pin on other people.

I think Hank might want to shut up and stop listening at this point.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thoughts On Chauvin

Hi everybody. I'm planning to start writing again next week. So watch for that. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on Chauvin.

(1) It is sad to see two lives destroyed.

(2) This was murder, so Chauvin got what he deserved. There is no injustice in this on his end. He had an eternity to decide not to kill this man and he didn't.

(3) I feel truly sad for Floyd because this was so avoidable. It makes me sick.

(4) That said, all the rest is bullsh*t. If you think this is going to calm anything, then you will be sadly mistaken. This is being exploited as a pretext for a leftist powerplay akin to when Hitler and the Nazis lionized the handful of Nazis shot in the putsch to make themselves seem like heroic victims. I'm sorry, but cops are not hunting black people and racism isn't the reason the black community is so badly off, and it's going to get worse for blacks because leftist politicians and race exploiters will use this to maintain the hate and fear which keep the black community destroying itself.

(5) I keep seeing t-shirts that say "say their names." I dare you. Go ahead. You're going to find it to be a very short list, a list that is so short it puts the lie to all the black-left propaganda. Also, let me point out that this conviction similarly puts the lie to the idea that the courts protect rogue cops.

(6) It's funny this always happens in liberal communities. Coincidence? Hardly.

(7) Good times for white liberals tonight. They can now bask in the glory of false confession by shedding crocodile tears and proclaiming collective racist guilt before going back to telling their racist jokes and keeping their POCs at ghetto length.

(8) I also condemn all the "people" who stood there filming this rather than saving Floyd's life. You could have saved this man, but you did nothing. How does that feel? How do you live with yourselves?

(9) I wonder how long before we'll start to see commercials and collectibles exploiting Floyd's image by BIG business virtue signalling?

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Still Sick - Update

Hi everyone! I wanted to give you an update. This has been pretty miserable. The skin thing kept getting worse to the point that I had about 90% of my skin covered in lesions. The pain was incredible. Anyways, we thought we found a solution. As I was meeting with the doctor, however, he noticed my breathing was strange and sent me to the ER. Turns out I had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) just to add to the fun. I spent about a week in the hospital on a double-dose of morphine for the pain and blood thinner for the embolism. I honestly wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did and I'm improving. But my skin is still all torn up and red and I have no energy at all. Hopefully things keep improving and I'll be back soon. I hope things are well with you!
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Monday, December 14, 2020

Still Sick

Grr. We thought we had this figured out, then it kept right on going. At this point, about 60% of my skin is covered in lesions and this sucks. Tryanmax's Pharaoh joke wasn't that far off, though I'm pretty sure I'm not holding any group of people hostage in my basement.

I saw an interesting thing on ratings today. I've pointed out before that the NBA ratings falling as much as 50% meant people had rejected their woke stance. The leftist media bent over backwards to claim this wasn't the case, coming up with all kinds of BS ideas. There was no reduction in ratings... uh, yes, there was. This was the result of a Presidential election stealing eyes! Too much competition from, uh, reruns. It's Covid, no one cares about sports, all sports are down. You'll see, the NFL will crash too.

Well, the NFL is down all of 6%. It was down 15% in 2006 during the last election. So the election was not an issue. The NFL didn't go woke either. It pretended around the edges and then didn't, so don't believe this means people now like woke things.
What's more, it was already about as woke as it got because of the kneeling thing. So it makes sense that 6% is the Covid drop.

So why did the NBA suffer a 50% drop? It's best teams played a really exciting tournament. It's top viewed teams were in it and competitive. It's stars all played. It's next level had break out stars. This thing should have gone up, even with Covid depression. But it fell 50%. That's societal judgment on their politics. The question becomes now, can they recover?  I'm thinking not and I'm looking forward to the financial punishment to follow as profits crash.

As an aside, I will start writing again soon. Kind of tough at the moment, but I will. I'm seeing a lot of interesting things about the war between moderate Dems and the Democratic future. Things will be ugly.

Hope you're doing well!
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Monday, November 30, 2020

Starting To Take This Personally! lol

Hi everyone. My bad 2020 continues. After having severe strep, which inflamed my lymph nodes and gave me a sinus infection, I have somehow got a skin infection. Basically, for the past three weeks, I've had sores all over my body and no one knows why exactly. These things honestly are covering most of my skin. So lots of antibiotics. I will post more when this finally ends. Thanks for your patience.
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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Media Bias

Evidence of liberal media bias is so overwhelming and so pervasive that only a fool (or a liberal) couldn't see it. It's to the point that it's hardly even worth pointing out. It's like pointing out a blue sky. Well, duh. That said, there's a really good example right now which I think tells us how the next four years will go.

Biden has a problem. He's attacked Trump for not fixing the covid crisis even though the crisis can not be fixed, not as long as we intend on being stupid, which is the normal human condition. He owns that now and people expect Biden to "do something" ("won't someone think of the children?!") about the crisis. Liberals in particular are expecting miracles because they believe in the magic idea that all problems can be solved by the easiest answer they can think of. The problem is that whatever Biden does will be wrong because there is no right answer. Shutdown and you kill people and jobs and solve nothing. Stay open and you kill people and jobs and solve nothing. Everything you do causes problems and solves nothing. There is no right.

So what should Biden do?

On the campaign trail, Biden promised a 4-6 week shutdown. When that didn't poll well, he flip-flopped and never-saided it. Now he's put together a panel (which does not include the noble and perfect Dr. Fauci -- after attacking Trump for threatening to fire him, note that the media has gone silent on Biden not hiring this perfect man). One member of the panel announced a 4-6 week shutdown. That went over like a turd in a punch bowl, so the other "experts" shot that idea down: "it would be a disaster, we should NOT shutdown!" Biden said nothing.

What did the media do? Nothing about Biden. They attacked Trump.

No kidding. They're trying to protect Biden by spinning how Trump has done nothing to stop this crisis and because of that, by the time Biden takes over, it will be unsolvable. Bullship.

Notice how different Biden gets treated. They do not call him out on backpedaling ("He's confused! An idiot! Biden lets politics decide science!"). They did not call Biden out when his first expert contradicted him ("Even his own people point to how stupid Biden is!"). When the others shot him down, the media didn't claim they silenced the oracle of truth ("Biden shuts down own experts who reveal the truth!"). They didn't attack Biden for creating a confused, conflicted panel. They didn't dig into the qualifications of these experts and destroy them. They didn't point out the contradiction. Nope. They gave this a total pass.

That's bias. If this had been Trump, each of the above quotes would be headlines going out all over the world screaming about Trump's incompetence, how he was shutting down science, how his experts are industry whores, how they're idiots, and how the whole thing is just one big cluster. But with Biden? Not a peep.

It must be nice to have an entire industry of bootlickers who view their sole jobs as covering up your mistakes. Ah, to be a Democrat. As for the media, do you think the media gets paid by direct deposit, or do the Democrats just leave money on the nightstand for them?
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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Go Fill Up On Groceries Now

Go buy groceries. Panic buying is coming.

We got hints a week ago about panic buying. We know some people who work at two different grocery stores and they said they are seeing more people panic buying.

We went out last week and started buying more stuff to fill the shelves. A large number of long-lasting goods were gone. Toilet paper was all but gone. Cleaning supplies were picked over.

This weekend seemed to bring some of it back.

Tonight, there's a huge headline on Yahoo that stores are going to start restricting purchases again because of Covid. If that doesn't spark a panic, nothing will. Add the fact that Biden's advisor wants to shut everything down for 4-6 weeks and places like New York just announced that pretty much everything is being closed.

Time to go stock up, just in case. If it never happens, great. But it looks like human nature alone is going to make this happen again. //sigh
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Yay, We're Saved!

It never ceases to amaze me how dishonest the media is and how their agenda can change on a dime depending on who is in office. Remember how the homeless vanished overnight when Clinton took office, reappeared the moment Bush took over, and vanished the second Obama took over? AIDS mysteriously disappears and reappears. Social Security is doing fine or is ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY!!! Foreign threats, crime, EVIL CHINA!!! You name it, its existence depends on who's in charge. Now we have another example.

Make no mistake that Pfizer waited to announce its vaccine until after it was clear that Biden won. They didn't want to help Trump. They would have happily announced if Obama had been running, but not Trump. That's not what interests me most though.

What interests me most is the media response.

When Trump was in charge:
1. Can we really trust a vaccine created in the Trump world? They're rushing it to please him.

2. Didn't Trump tell the FDA to rush these things, that's not safe.

3. Don't trust Trump period. Don't be the first to take this thing. Most Americans say they won't take it.

4. It may take decades to know if this thing is dangerous.

5. Vaxers are nutty Republicans, but this vaccine could do everything they say.

6. Corporations are going to benefit from this, and you know how they are.

7. Even if there is a vaccine, how will people get it? It won't solve anything.

8. Racism.
With Biden about to be in charge:

And best of all, it was developed by a couple who are in love. It's the underdog story of the Century!
And they wonder why we don't trust them...
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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Don't Panic

Yes, yes, yes, there are legal challenges coming... but it's over. Trump lost. Let's process that and get on with our lives. Let's talk pros and cons, and let me assure you this is not the end of America or even conservatism.


1. We kept the Senate and gained in the House. This looks like America is still doing what it always does, which is splitting the baby and weakening the leaders it does not trust. So we should retake the house in 2022. That's where the power actually lies if you have the Senate.

2. We made gains with Hispanics and Blacks and Muslims and Asians. If we can learn from that, we can destroy the Democratic coalition -- it only takes a couple % points for the whole house of cards to collapse. This election was lost by Trump pissing off suburban moms, and I doubt that repeats.

3. There is no wave for the left. In fact, the articles I've seen are lamenting how the Democrats couldn't get a wave even against Trump and how Biden is the weakest President to take office in 32 years with no mandate whatsoever. Biden really is as illegitimate taking office as Bush Jr. was.

4. I think the GOP has changed. It's become more aggressive. That's something we've needed. We just need a leader who isn't the world's biggest asshole. Let me tell you, while I like a lot of what he did, I despised the man. In fact, I despised him all the way back when the liberals loved him. Hopefully, the GOP will learn to fight finally.

5. The Dems are in for a massive civil war. Biden is the last hurrah of their older voters. Pelosi is too. The younger ones are super angry and want to start nominating angry women. That will hurt them with voters and it sets them on a course to become a much smaller party.

6. The GOP has started to run a lot more women and blacks, and that will make a huge difference in the future with fence sitters. It's entirely possible that this may lead to us becoming the majority party again.

7. Biden is a fool and a joke and will soon become an embarrassment to the left.


1. A loss is a loss.

2. Colorado looks permanently lost. Georgia seems to be tipping purple.

I've lived through lots of Presidents by now and, honestly, I don't think there's all that much to worry about. Biden had no agenda, has no mandate, and has no ability to pass anything through the Senate. The economy is crap, the virus is a mess, and Biden will get to take the blame for that. The stock market has nowhere to go but down (it's super frothy). Foreign policy doesn't seem to change between Presidents anymore, so nothing happens there. Moreover, Biden and Harris, no matter what you hear, are corporate properties... they aren't radicals. They will take no risks and what they do will be along the line of Bush Jr. and Obama, giveaways to corporate buddies. There will be no reparations or new "civil rights" crap. There will be no more socialism than usual. There will be no environmentalist lurch, no peace movement, no equal pay amendment. None of it.

And ultimiately, this is the best part: they will infuriate the left because this will be four wasted years for them... and that's good for us.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Trump is Ahead 16-10... 160 million to Go

Good morning, everyone. Today is one of those days where we prove what for a bad idea it can be to let stupid people vote themselves goodies from other people. Ah democracy.

It's impossible to tell how things are going to go. I did an informal project with my daughter last night and ended up predicting that Trump wins with 283 votes when we went state by state, but there are a lot of 'ifs' in there.

I keep seeing strange signs... articles written by angry Hispanics that so many Hispanics are being fooled by Trump, a shocked article that Muslim support for Trump has rise from 4% to 16% (which would win him Michigan), articles about how stupid Vietnamese people are backing Trump, and LOTS of blowback at black male rappers who are supporting Trump. It's entirely possible this all adds up to something, that this is a real glimpse of what is going on.

But then there are the polls which really seriously point in the other direction. Arg.

Trump is winning a dozen "this sheep's bladder always picks the winner" type things. Biden is winning a different dozen. Trump won some baked goods thing in Pennsylvania overwhelmingly.

Supposedly, Trump's "working class" white male support fell significantly, but when I look at his rallies in the rustbelt, that's who I see in massive numbers at his rallies. I'm not sure who is attending Biden rallies.

I'll be very interested in Oregon. The BLM idiots spent last night burning and rioting and throwing molotov cocktails. If that doesn't swing Oregon, then those people are f*ckedup. Of course, we already know they are... wiccas (read: fat women running naked in the woods), communal living, Portland smells like piss. Oregon is like a hippie urinal.

As an aside, I'm amazed at how flat out dishonest leftists are to their readers. I see stories at Yahoo and Huffpo and they are quite obviously lies packed with hyperbole. It's propaganda that would have made the Nazis blush. And yet, they don't seem to have any shame, nor are they losing their readers. What does this tell us about the left? Nothing flattering.

Hang in there today, people!
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Thursday, October 29, 2020

So There's an Election

I really have no idea how this election will turn out. Honestly, it could go either way.

Let's start with the basics. There are states that will go for Trump, no matter what, and states that will go for the socialist whacko, no matter what. Those states don't matter. What matters are a handful of swing states that could go either way. You can forget the national polls too. They don't matter. New York and California lean so far left that they add millions to the Democrat in the national vote. But those votes are lost in our 50%+1 goes to the winner system. Also, ignore polls that only look at the public. Likely voters are what matter. Even then, polls have proven to be very unreliable, especially where Trump is concerned because people lie about supporting him. So what have we got?

There are lots of reasons to suspect Trump will lose. There are so many anti-Trump Republicans. The left hates him (though they are surprisingly disengaged). The entire system is against him. The polls show him losing in huge numbers, too. Even the state-by-state polls put him several points behind in all the swing states.

That said, there are some odd things in the polls. First, internal Democratic polls (where revealed) tend to be several points further right than the public polls. Also, in the last election, Trump did between 3% and 6% better than his polling in most states.  Some of the polls seem crazy too.  Trump won't lose a swing state by 17%, he just won't.

There's also this: polls of Hispanics, Asians and blacks show Trump getting more support than last time and far more support than Republicans have been getting. If that holds true, it shakes things up dramatically. I think this is the reason Trump may win Nevada. Trump is even getting strange support among rappers. Lil Wayne is the latest to support Trump.

What I see to support this is panic from the Dems in Florida. There are screams of low turnout in black and Hispanic areas. Recriminations among operatives. Unexpectedly high pro-Trump turnout. That's all good for Trump and bad for the Dems. If this is true, and it carries over to other states, then Trump should win Nevada, has a good chance in Arizona, and will likely win Ohio and North Carolina. Michigan looks lost to me, but who knows. I think Trump is suffering from the nuts in Michigan turning people off.

I was told months ago that Trump is winning Nevada and I think that might be true. That will be a shock to the Dems. A friend who lives there says he sees nothing but Trump support and the local Democrats talking about legal challenges.  All good signs.

I wonder if the BLM riots might help Trump win Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon, though Wash and Oregon are always just mirages for the Republicans.

I see no enthusiasm for Biden anywhere, which might actually hurt him.  I've seen one bumper sticker in Colorado... though Colorado will solidly go for Biden.

Wisconsin seems lost. Not sure what happened there. Minnesota is supposed to be in play, but I can't see it. They didn't even vote for Reagan.

Will this be enough? I honestly have no idea. This could be ugly. One thing I do know is that win or lose, the left is a festering tantrum that should never be trusted with power.  Sadly, they may win.  Boo.
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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sorry for the Absence

Howdy folks. Sorry I've been gone for a while. I had a really bad case of strep which morphed into a sinus infection right as it was finally healing. So I've been kind of out of it for a couple week. In other news, I guess there's an election coming up. I have no idea whose going to win. Blech. How are all of you?
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Saturday, September 26, 2020

And More Observations

Some more recent observations.

● BLM keeps getting uglier. The Kentucky AG is black... a black Republican actually. When he refused to indict each of the cops in Kentucky, a torrent of race hate was unleashed by the BLM thuggery. This included black elected officials attacking him with the old "you ain't black enough" line you see all the time when black people aren't ghetto leftists. They turned on Charles Barkley and Shaq too for pointing out that the dead woman's boyfriend shot at the cops to start the whole thing. Hilariously, some of the dipshit trolls attacking them accused them of not letting others have their own opinions. Talk about ironic performance art! Anyways, in the riots that followed, they shot a black cop to add to the list of young black men killed in the BLM zones. They've also taken to harassing old couples in restaurants now -- caught several times doing that. And of course, they keep trying to destroy far-left Portland and Seattle. Ha ha.

All of this has led to a collapse in the public support of BLM to 39%. I say "public" because that includes a number of people who don't actually support them but don't want to be seen as racists by the pollsters. Either way, their support is well below the far-left percentage in the country, i.e. 43%. The fact they won't stop is costing them the election.

● The Dems are about to make another huge mistake with Trump's justice. They're going to smear her religion (Catholicism), which will undo all the attempts they've made to sheer off a portion of religious people to their party.

● The Emmy Awards hit a record low of 6.1 million viewers. That's not quite 2% of the population. At this point, that's not much more than the number of people in the industry. I guess nobody wants to watch a bunch of smug leftist hypocrites pat themselves on the back. This is another clear sign that celebrities turn people off these days.

● Did you know that half the Emmy awards went to minorities? Wow! Amazing! I'm so sure they earned them too... yup... couldn't have anything to do with political correctness. Enjoy those "well-earned" awards! We're all very proud of you.

● This is kind of funny. Quibi is asking for help -- hoping to sell itself actually. Quibi is a streaming service that is crashing and burning. They claim the problem was that they were hit by Coronavirus, but that actually helped all the other streaming services. What's killed them, though they won't admit it, is that they signed up every leftist agitator they could find -- all B-list but famous for being anti-Trump -- and that's their programming. As a result, they are running 80% behind what they anticipated in terms of viewership. Ha ha.

Finally, I'm seeing something interesting. In the midst of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg orgasm, there is a voice of dissent going out... an interesting one. While RGB was a feminist icon, (//snicker snicker, talk about a low bar), she was only a "white feminist" icon. Yup. According to brown women, "white feminism" is a thing, and a delusionally bad thing. The left really does hate each other.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts. Was RGB a cult figure? Why have so many women pretended to be black? J.K. Rowling a hater? You betcha.

(1) Ruth Ginsburg is dead. My political thoughts in a moment. Before that, I don't know if you knew this, but there was this strange cult of personality built around her on the left. They wrote fiction about her, songs and films and the such (LINK), and made her into an icon to a set of leftists like Castro. That doesn't really say anything out her except that she was shaky intellectually, but it tells us that the left has gotten oddly desperate for heroes.

Now that she's dead, the question: what effect? I fear that her death will bring the far left into the election to stop Trump from appointing her replacement next term. That could be the votes Biden needs, though I guarantee you that whoever Biden appoints won't be as liberal... Biden is a corporate liberal.

Romney and the never-Trumps seem to want that to happen. But Trump is about to play a fascinating card. If he appoints an Hispanic woman (and it sounds like he might), not only does that shake up Romney and the rest, but it shakes up the race. If 3%-5% of Hispanics shift over this, that guarantees Arizona and Florida and might add Nevada, which is in play. It also might defuse the re-energizing of the left. Interesting. Let's hope.

(2) A growing number of black activists and black professors have turned out to be white women. Interesting. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. It could be simple opportunism, i.e. white women taking a job or position they wouldn't get without the ethnic claim. It could be something sinister-paternal. I think most likely this is about attention. These women want attention badly, and they aren't getting it as white-women-victims, so they decide to sell themselves as black-woman victims to get noticed. Not sure, but it's an interesting phenomena.

(3) J.K. Rowlings is a leftist who has spoken heresy. She is now learning just how vicious the left can be. After screaming that she was anti-trans, and trying to destroy her online, she's now fair game. Not only does this open the door for others, like Muslims, to scream that she's anti-Muslim, but the cancellists are removing her books from book shelves to create safe spaces for their sick little friends.

(4) The Minnesota city council as well as Mayor Moron DeBlasio is New York are both shocked SHOCKED that crime has gone up... soared actually. They've gotten lots of people killed. Well, they are looking for cover by accusing the police of not doing their job. Talk about irony. First, they are the ones who slashed police budgets and encouraged their thugizens to riot and steal and commit crimes. Secondly, these same people have always told us that policing has not effect on crime, so how exactly are they to blame for crime going up now?

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Friday, September 11, 2020

America(ns) Speak

Last night was interesting. The NFL returned. Why does this matter? A crowd.

Since the BLM thing began, we have not been able to hear from the American public. Why not? Because there have been no crowds allowed. Yes, you have protestors on either side, but they're idiots. They don't represent anyone except a few thousand on the fringes of either side. You had a rally in Sturgis, but they had no moment to confront BLM.

As for the media, they've done their damnedest to keep the American public out of the debate. They talk to each other only, doctrinaire leftists. They talk to "opinion leaders" like actors, but they only pick the ones they like. When someone does speak against BLM, they treat them like a freak, a racist or a criminal... someone who somehow snuck through the rest of the human race and doesn't get it. Yahoo even shut down their comments to stop people counter-pointing their leftist articles. Full cultural censorship. In effect, the only free voice to discuss BLM has been Trump.

We've had hints. NBA ratings are in the toilet. Places like Netflix and Amazon abandoned their black movie sections. Congressional critters never joined the barricades or pushed legislation or even upped the rhetoric. But the public never got to speak.

So last night, the NFL held a game. In Kansas City. They allowed 17,000 actual Americans into the stadium. No other leagues have allowed this. The NFL opened with the Houston Black Texans cowering in the locker room as the National Anthem played. One of the Kansas City Native Americans disloyally took a knee. The NFL's soulless announcers babbled how we are all BLM now. Then the NFL announced a moment of silence for Black Lives Matter.

And the crowd booed.


The public has spoken. After months of harsh indoctrination and attempts at isolation... the public booed the new media sacred cow. And it isn't like this is an audience of racists. These are people who cheer black athletes, buy jerseys with their names on them and hang pictures of them on their walls. And they booed.

As an aside, they will announce a massive ratings success, but I learned something interesting. Neilson has changed the way they count viewers now, adding a massive estimate for people watching from (closed) sports bars and in groups. So the number they will announce cannot be compared to any prior number. So don't believe there is any increase. Also, this means we need to consider basketball ratings far far worse than the 30% drop estimated.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

More Signs

I've always pointed out that polls lie. What you really want to look for is solid evidence that isn't run through a political filter. What I'm finding is actually surprisingly good for Trump at the moment. Observe.

● Let's start with this: Is BLM taking hold? Will it drive black turn out and help the Democrats? Has anyone noticed that there are no black people at the BLM riots? Does it seem a tad strange that everyone being arrested has been either a scraggly 40 year-old white male barista or a 30 year-old smelly white eternal-collegegurl? If BLM ever was about blacks, it's not anymore. It's about whiny upper-class progressives. What's more, people are sick of it. How do I know? There was an article the other day which collected a bunch of quotes from leftist writers about the future. Each one was deeply pessimistic. Each one suggested that their best chance at police reform was over, that too many people had faked their support, and that the Democrats failed them... plus, of course, inherent racism. This was a blame session which means its over. A couple seemed desperate to turn Minnesota talking about defunding their cops (something now stalled) into an enormous moral victory. Moral victory = loss. So I think BLM as not motivated blacks.

● BLM hasn't motivated whites either, at least not in that direction. There is no wave of black candidates. No proclamation of the Year of the Black Whatever, either. The whites on the left have not given up their shot to let blacks have a chance. There's no evidence of white support among the public either. Consider that neither Biden nor Harris is talking about it. In fact, the talk is to the contrary, that the Democrats are disrespecting cops and they are driving away the people who decide places like Michigan. Micheal Moore is freaked out that they are going to lose Michigan, so are some Democratic Reps up there.

● Then consider basketball ratings. Basketball has been a hotbed of BLM activity. In fact, I would say it has become the focal point for the political movement as the riots have turned into smelly white tantrums. As I pointed out before, basketball ratings tanked by a third. The left has tried everything to explain this away from people suddenly not caring about sports to too much competition from reruns to blaming the owners' sincerity. All B.S. Now they've settled on the product not being good and the pandemic affecting it in some nebulous way. Yet, overseas rating (which see the same product and also have the same pandemic) are soaring -- like 150%. So something about basketball has turned off Americans but not anyone else. There's only one answer: politics. Add in that everyone like Netflix and Amazon who rushed to post black movie sections and the such has largely abandoned them. There is no surge in blacks appearing in commercials or in movies. The public has voted no.

● Women? Ha. Do you hear anything about women? Metoo has devolved into cat fighting. There is no band of women pimping for Biden. The media hasn't even dragged out the Trump-raped-me chicks.

● There's more. There has been a lot of nervous talk of Biden losing Florida because he's not drawing in Hispanics. Now there's a poll showing Biden 4% behind Hillary on Hispanics... and she lost Florida. Hispanics also make up Texas, Arizona and Nevada (remember that thought).

● Biden's convention viewing was down 18%. His bounce was pathetic at 5% and vanished after Trump's bounce.

● The Democrats are now ringing the alarm bell in North Carolina, where blacks were supposed to get him through. The only thing worrying me there is that the Democrats have a surge in absentee ballot requests, but that's not enough data yet to explain, especially with lots of colleges being closed.

● I saw a list of "battleground" states the other day which was surprising. Here's the list: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. None of those are red states, despite the left saying places like Texas and Arizona were in play, they aren't on the list... see Hispanics. Note too that Minnesota, Colorado, Wisconsin and now Virginia and Nevada have been reliably blue. This suggests something bad is happening for Biden.

● Finally, Biden has been spending a large amount of time apologizing for gaffes when normally the media covers for the Democrats. What's more, his campaign has devolved into wrapping himself in the blood of his dead son and hoping the same old people can smear Trump with his supporters. That didn't work before. Why would it work now?

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Some Thoughts on Biden and the Convention

That title sounds like a Aesop's fable, doesn't it? Sour grapes might apply to the media. Hmm. Well, here are my observations on the whole Biden/Convention thing.

It was a failure.

Why would I say that? How about this:

1. tryanmax sent me two comments the next day that were very insightful. First, he noticed that none of the headlines about how successful the convention was included any lines from Biden's speech. That means that nothing resonated. I think he's right and I agree.

I responded that I'd seen articles talking about how strangely indifferent the audience had been to the whole convention and asking rhetorically if a convention was even possible in these trying times -- always a bad sign when the left speculates that NO ONE COULD DO IT! tryanmax later replied that things were worse than he thought as the best he saw throughout the day were articles talking about how Biden didn't blow it. With the media being nothing but a PR machine for the Democrats, that's a huge sign that they had nothing to work with and they were playing with "managed expectations." All very bad signs.

2. Still, the media tried to sell him: "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! there were a MASSIVE number of people who watched, something like 21.6 million! That's huge." So said many articles. "Sure, this was down 18% from Hillary who lost, but it's still a big number, amiright?" Is that a big number? This means that two in ten people who watched annoying Hillary cackle her way through the nomination didn't bother watching this time despite four years of hate-stoking by the left. That screams a lack of voter enthusiasm. The left should have been dying to watch this moment... but they didn't turn out.

A lot of excuses were given for this including a worse television landscape to attract viewers and people not being sure what to expect from a virtual convention, but those things normally raise interest, not lower interest. Also, they don't at all explain where all this supposedly unfettered enthusiasm went to. Aren't people dying to dump Trump? Eventually, the leftist media was happy to console themselves that Fox had the worst ratings and MSNBC beat everyone without even realizing this pathic vindicitive victory actually means few independents or Republicans cared.

3. The left was not tamed either. In fact, the left continues to snipe. The BLM white kids continue to riot. A few celebs came over for the sake of winning, but they did so reluctantly (and always planned to). Most on the left continued to act insulted. Rose "I was raped by everyone" McGowan attacked fellow #metoo founder Alissa Milano as a "f**ing fraud" for supporting Biden. Yikes.

4. But he did win over the public, right? Uh, no. According to polls, Biden got a 5% bounce. That's within the margin of error and most successful conventions (especially for Democrats) have given a 15-18% bounce. This was 5%. Pathetic. This could mean that opinions are hardened so there's little to change, but I don't think so. I think this means they just didn't win anyone over. Moreover, a CNN poll taken afterward shows Biden trailing in the battleground states and only leading nationally by 8%. Those are all terrible numbers for a Democrat. Even worse, Trump leads Biden by 8% on the economy, which is usually the issue that settles it.

5. Then there's this. While many tried to claim Biden's speech was nice, there was trouble brewing in Canada. You might recall that, in his 1980's run for President, Biden famously plagiarized his background from Neil Kinnock, British Labor Party Leader. He'd also been caught plagiarizing from Kennedy and some others. This was such a problem that his campaign even said they would run every speech through a plagiarism checker. Yet, as he spoke his best lines, a group of Canadians suddenly realized that his speech sounded a lot like one given by Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton. Biden is a fool.

6. Finally, Biden apparently announced shortly afterwards that if he gets elected, he's going to shut the country down to fight Covid. Uh, that's blowing up on Democrats.

Thoughts? Observations?
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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Significant Booing

As much as the media wants to portray the world as changed after all those angry white kids exploited the death of a black man to burn down liberal cities... uh, the black lives matter protests... I keep telling you that nothing has changed. Here's some fascinating proof.

Last night, major league soccer held its first game back with fans in the stadium. About 3,000 people showed up. Soccer fans. Keep that in mind... soccer fans. Not real Americans. Squishy, smug soccer fans. And guess what? When the douchebags soccer players took a knee during the national anthem, they got booed.


If anyone outside of a black audience should have supported the disloyalty of kneeling, it was soccer fans. Yet, they booed.

The players were angry and "baffled" (direct quote). They couldn't understand how someone could boo them "for kneeling to protest racial injustice." They were even more "baffled" because girls soccer did it and the NBA has been awash in this crap and all they've received is praise. How could anyone boo them? Boo hoo hoo.

Well, let's start with that. The girls and the rich thugs received praise because they controlled who could comment. There were no fans in attendance. The only people capable of commenting were sportswriters, who are all hard-core leftist assh*les and celebrity followers and the athletes themselves. Those are all fellow travelers... preaching to the choir. Like all liberals though, they don't understand they live in a bubble. They actually believe the echo chamber in which they live is reality and reflects the world.

It doesn't. As they were shocked to discover.

If there was even the slightest hint of change, politicians would have jumped on the bandwagon. You would see racial bills all over the place at the state and federal level with everyone lining up to sign them. Hasn't happened, even in liberal states. Even the Democrats aren't touching this one. Heck, look at Biden's selection of Harris. That honestly seems meant to please guilt-ridden-liberal white women with a calculated loss of BLM support within acceptable parameters.
If change had happened, soulless corporations would be proudly exploiting the new normal. They haven't. In fact, outside of corporations that pander to blacks, businesses have been remarkably silent on this. Even Nike, whose target is angry blacks and vapid white women has been super careful to hide what it says to blacks from the white chicks, and their commercials are not nearly as uber-macho-angry-black as they have been in recent years. Gatorade too seems silent. The few companies I've seen that ventured into supporting BLM dropped it fast and are in damage control mode now using the same tactics you see when a company gets accused of massive consumer fraud... commercials talking about years of trust and being solidly in favor of the American dream. Even companies like Modello, a pretend Mexican beer company which used racist appeals to Hispanics as its chief marketing strategy, has suddenly decided that Irish people might be as worthy of being singled out as hero immigrants as Hispanics.

All this tells us that the racial tantrum did not take with the public.
Did you know that Yahoo shutdown their comments section because people were making a mockery of their liberal crap and they couldn't bear the overwhelming wave of disagreement (about 20-1 against)?  So they silenced the voice of the public.

I think the sports leagues are blinded by being buried in an echo chamber of nouveau-rich ghetto blacks and hardcore leftist sportswriters without any real access to the rest of the country. They will be horrified to discover that audiences have not changed. That audiences were never going to change. Struggling Americans will never agree to defund the police who protect them or excuse crimes and abusive misbehavior simply because of someone's skin color. Struggling Americans will never agree to create a sacred cow class in America. Struggling Americans will never accept the false labels of racist, sexist or any other sort of victimizer. This was never going to sell. And the booing suggests to me that there's a lot more pent-up counter-anger than the left realizes... anger that still lingers long after the BLM movement has evaporated into yet another talking point. That is very suggestive to me that the public is not accepting this tantrum. All that should have faded by now, but it clearly hasn't.

Finally, one more interesting bit of information. In a world starved for sports since February, HBO put out its annual football show "Hard Knocks." This show follows an NFL team through preseason until the regular season begins. It's gotten old so its ratings keep falling each year, but this year should have been different. This was the first taste of football for a population that craves NFL games on the order of 40 million viewers a week plus college games and has been starved of it. The audience should have been massive. Worst ratings ever. Under 273,000 viewers. That's a 66% drop from last year alone and an even more massive drop from the past. For "some reason" football starved fans aren't interested. I wonder what that could be? Could it be they don't want to hear spoiled thugs and wife-beaters lecture them about being racists?

BLM/NBA games are averaging television audiences around 1.5 million viewers. They used to get around 2.5 million.

So maybe sports are just down? Doubt it. The golf game between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady drew 5.8 million viewers.

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