Thursday, January 17, 2019

Shutdown Thoughts

I've been watching the shutdown with morbid fascination. Here are some thoughts I've had.

● First, I find the shutdown to be evidence of what for rotten human beings our political class are. Real people are being needlessly hurt by this -- people not getting paychecks, businesses being blocked from needed services and goods, etc. -- and they really don't care. All of this could be avoided by either (1) giving Trump his pittance for a wall (the budget won't even notice), or (2) passing a bill continuing funding at current levels until a new budget is agreed to... letting them continue to argue without ruining lives. But they want people hurt because they want to point fingers. Think about that. Don't tell me that any of them care about real people.

● The Democrats in particular seem happy to keep the shutdown going. It's kind of amazing to see them on vacations rather than in Washington trying to solve this. Very callous. And the fact the leftist media ignores this and whines that Trump served fast food to guests tells us all we need to know about their genuineness.

● Some of my credit cards have sent out notices that if you work for the government to let them know because they will be somewhat forgiving. So, ironically, evil credit card companies are being more human than the Democratic Party.

● If the government can shut down and the country doesn't grind to a halt, why do we have one?

● It's funny how our Bug-Eyed Moron isn't refusing to take her salary during the shutdown as other progressives are, but that doesn't seem to matter to the left. I guess her $3,500 suits weren't an accident after all.

● I think the shutdown has put the final nail in Trump's coffin. I had his re-election chances pegged at "gasping for air" levels, and I think this shutdown probably pushed it even lower... snowball in hell. The problem is that the shutdown hits the working class the hardest... which is why elitist Democrats are in no rush to stop it either. The Democrats being hurt are federal government workers, but they are a tiny minority of Democrats, most of whom are teachers (state level employees), professional women (state or private sector admin), minorities (hardest hit), billionaires, or those on welfare. Trump's voters are the people who can't get goods through customs, can't get inspectors to let them keep working, and serve in the military.

● Does the shutdown make us look bad to the rest of the world as the media screams? I don't know... Brexit collapse... immigrant/anti-immigrant violence in German... France in yellow-vest riot collapse... socialism-induced collapse in Venezuela... massive corruption in Brazil... the seizing of white lands in South Africa... Islamic terrorism throughout the Middle East... corruption in Israel... Russia a clowntocracy...

Yeah, we look bad.

● I think the GOP needs to start pushing to open the government at last year's level until the wall issue and new budget can be decided (denying Trump and the Democrats their victory). They need to raise the PR cost on the Democrats by offering to make it possible to end the shutdown without deciding the issue in dispute. If the Democrats refuse, then they are clearly to blame. At the same time, that ties everyone's hands until the Democrats and Trump work things out... which will never happen. Basically, it stops the pain but freezes the government's ability to legislate in the process.
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Sunday, January 13, 2019

You Go Girl

We've spoken a couple times about the war that is coming in Democratic ranks between women and blacks (hint: blacks will lose power, causing them to stay home, causing women to lose elections). But there's another war going on, an ideological war between intelligent Democrats and fools. The fools are winning this one.

The leader of the fools is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which translates in Spanish into "bug-eyed moron." She got elected when she beat one of the more powerful Democrats in a super-low-turnout primary in New York. Regardless of the low turn out, this Cinderella story fit perfectly with the new narrative for Democrats: a chick, "of color" unseats an old white dude who stood for nothing and became a star! Never mind that her election was a fluke... it took place in a district that is so safe the Democrats could have run a corpse and won... that it was a Democrat who is being painted as standing for nothing... and that she's only a star with progressives and the media.

Never mind either that she's a moron. How stupid is she? She's a child with a child's grasp of the world. Her world is shockingly uninformed and entirely black and white. She's got no life experience and clearly didn't pay attention in school. She claims to be a socialist, but doesn't know what it means and her one or two attempts to defend socialism went so poorly that she now avoiding substantive interviews. Imagine being too stupid to defend your own believes? //snicker snicker What's more, she's a mistake machine. She's made so many mistakes already that a normal politician probably would have resigned -- the only thing protecting her is the desire of the progressive, feminist wing of the left to have a champion, so the media protects her.

So why do we care about this clown?

Because she's leading this tiny, but media-supported, group of fellow morons who want to destroy the old guard of the democratic party and morph them into a socialist party. And since it is media supported, she can do no wrong... at least, they will report no wrong. So far, she's fought Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, and now Joe Lieberman and a smattering of others. She's introduce some idiot bills too, like the one trying to raise the upper tax bracket to 70% and she's gung-ho for screaming racism and impeachment. She's also a Ron Paul and won't support compromises.

Whether she wins on not, she seems to have become the tool of progressives in the media to try to force the Democrats to jump far left. She's like a reckless, self-righteous Bernie Sanders who doesn't care about the damage she does to her allies. And I suspect that "she" (read: the media) will succeed in tarring the Democrats with her views even as the Democrats have signaled an attempt to run toward the center.

In short, I'm hoping she makes it even more untenable for real people to be Democrats (costing them the rest of flyover country). I'm hoping she causes a schism between savvy Democrats and the progressive faction (splitting their support like libertarians won't vote Republican). I'm hoping her focus on feminism and her indifference to allies worsens the feud between blacks and women. And most importantly, I'm hoping she makes it impossible for Democrats to hide their leftism behind old, white, male elected officials to make the party seem less radical than they are. Let her become the face of the party!


P.S. The media is trying desperately to defend her. She's broken every "rule" the other Democrats have tried to put into place (like not taking salary during the shutdown) and the media has attacked her accusers. They've even put out a ridiculous "study" that says conservative men are obsessed with her. Yeah, right.

P.S.S. Just today, our bug-eyed moron attacked CBS for announcing their team that will cover the upcoming election because it doesn't include a single black person. Get this though, it contains: one Arab, two Asians, one Hispanic, two white women and two white men. So six out of eight are minorities and yet she's screaming racism. See how stupid and out-there she is? This woman is a greater danger to her friends than anyone else.
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Friday, January 11, 2019

I'm Immortal

I spent the day at a funeral, which raised a lot of thoughts. One thought I wanted to discuss some months back but never got around to was: do you realize that in one sense, we are immortal? Yep. It turns out that every particle of our being has existed since the beginning of time. Each particle began as part of a ball of matter that exploded into a trillion suns and was transformed into particular elements by being cooked in a sun. Then it was spit out into the universe until it came here and made us.

Moreover, keep in mind what Einstein said about the preservation of matter. Nothing is ever destroyed. It is merely transformed into another state. This means the stuff that makes us will always exist... always. Doesn't that sound like it should count for something? If every part of me has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist until the end of time, what does that say about me? Even the energy that powers me (be that what it may) will always be conserved. Doesn't that sound like an immortal soul to you?

I think this means there is something much more out there for us than blinking into nothingness when we die. I think this means we must be something immortal, retaining our existence in some shape or form. I don't know what form for sure, but I think that's very comforting actually. You and I and everyone else were created to be immortal.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Russians Aren't Coming! The Russians Aren't Coming!

I saw an interesting article this weekend that I wanted to summarize for you. I think it's important information to know to help you ignore a lot of scaremongering. It's about the threat Russia poses. For years now, Putin has been rattling his sabre. In the past year, I've seen lots of articles talking about what would happen if we went to war, lamenting the "weakness" of our military and Russia's strength, and generally trying to worry everyone. In particular, there have been articles talking up Russia's new steal fighter and hyper-sonic missiles. Don't believe it.

Consider this. In 2018, the Russian military (all branches combined) received 100 new aircraft. In 2019, they are scheduled to receive 100 more. These are meant to replace the approximately 108 airplanes in their fleet that age each year to the point they can no longer fly. Not that's 8 less than are expected to fail. Think about that. Each year, their military is getting weaker.

Their total number of planes is 3,600.

By comparison, the American military received around 300 new aircraft last year and is getting the same next year. These are supplementing the approximately 13,500 aircraft we fly. In other words, we fly four times as many planes as they do and we just bought three times as many. We are not weak. They are not gaining. They are falling further behind.

What's more, their yearly military budget is $70 billion. Ours is $686 billion. That makes our budget nine times theirs. And that doesn't even count the Europeans who would join us in a real war.

There's more too. While lots of people are upset about the Russian stealth fighter, here are some things to consider: Russia only ordered their first dozen stealth fighters in August and don't even have them yet. That's 12... total. Even worse, there is a real question if they are stealthy. The design is not a good one. The engines are too hot. The plane lacks sophisticated avionics, meaning it exposes itself when it tries to find targets. Worse yet, to be truly useful, a stealth plane needs an entire network of support planes, control planes, radars, satellites, etc. The Russians have none of that. Without that, a stealth plane is just a target.

Putin's Navy is weaker than our coast guard and risks sinking every time it sorties. His ground troops are little better.

All of this means that while Putin may rattle his sabre, he knows it's just a glorified toothpick. Unless he wants to fight a nuclear war, there will be no war.
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So Much For That

Sorry folks. Things have erupted with our youngest again in an ugly way. I will do my best to post articles, but I may miss a few. I really am sorry about this.
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Friday, January 4, 2019

The New Democratic Agenda... Day One

It's only Day One and we already have the new Democratic agenda. It's a doozy.

● Impeach Trump
● Force candidates to release their income taxes (so they can get Trump's)
● Stop any attempt to stop illegal immigration
● Make leftist Washington, D.C. the 51st state
● Replace the electoral college with the popular vote
● Impose a 70% tax rate on "the rich" (that's you, if you have a job)

That is the agenda of an America-hating asshole if you ask me.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year - Predictions

Here are some thoughts of what I see happening this year.

● The left is on the verge of fracturing. You can see it coming. The problem is that each group's claim to the party is that they are the true victims. Being a politicized victim means that your pain counts for more than other's pain. Hence, single white women and blacks are in direct competition for being the morally superior-ist. That puts them in direct competition.

Keep this in mind too... the white woman's movement is based on the idea that any woman's discomfort/embarrassment (either in sexual terms, i.e. he did something I see as creepy, or in "body positive" ways, i.e. don't call me fat!) should be criminalized. Black men, however, are cultural troglodytes in this regard. For one thing, they are men by definition, which makes them oppressors to these women. But even worse, black male culture is steeped in things white women have tried to rid from the culture for decades, resulting in snowflake males. At the same time, the black male movement demands absolution for any misconduct, up to and including rape and real crimes. This flies in the face of white women demands to criminalize pet peeves. That puts these groups in opposition. Meanwhile, the black woman movement seems to be based on the hatred of white women being seen as more beautiful, which they have morphed into the idea of white woman privilege. They are also particularly upset that black men prize white women, see e.g. almost any black rapper, athlete, or actor, which makes this anger visceral. The end result is that black women see white women as oppressors. White women see black men as oppressors. And black men seem largely absent from the debate, except for some doctrinaire leftists, who tend to be racial separatists and view all whites as oppressors.

That's not a coalition that can last. And you're seeing evidence of this. For one thing, black women are abandoning the chick rallies. They just cancelled one in California out of fear that only white women would show up. I can also show you a steady flow of articles by black women attacking white women for not understanding that black women have a morally superior claim to victimhood.

So what does this mean? I think it means that they will have an increasingly difficult to turn out their voters. It will also make it very hard to attract other minorities... if either group even wants to.

As an aside, I've got some really great evidence that leftism isn't making any inroads with the public. I'll present that next week.

● 2019 will also see an ugly fight between conservative Democrats, if there are any left, and the new socialist kids. This risks wiping out the gains the Democrats just made in the heart of the country.

● I suspect that a handful of Republicans will give the Democrats cover to impeach Trump.

● I still think Hillary dies before Trump's term is up. She seems to be hiding medical issues that make her physically infirm. I'm also suspecting now that Pelosi will leave office for medical reasons. She seems to be in the not-so-early phases of dementia.

● New government in France within weeks. Marcon seems to have pushed his base away too far and they are trying to bring him down now. Marcon has actually been a friend of the US, so I don't see this as a good thing.

● Brazil is going to be interesting to watch. They are sending out snipers to shoot armed criminals now without warning. On the heels of the Philippines war on drug dealers, this is an interesting step away from the global liberalism of the past half century.

● There are lots of things the Democrats could do which Trump would sign: gun control, path to citizenship, etc. But watching them handle budget issue, I'm fairly certain they don't want anything to happen until after 2020... except Trump smears.

● Lastly, I think there's a short, minor recession coming this year. Duck and cover.
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Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays. Thanks for all your support this year. Thanks for being rational! Thanks for reminding me that the world is full of good people, even if they don't make the news! May you all find happiness and peace.
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Impeachment Thoughts

There's been a lot of talk about impeachment again with the Democrats taking power and Trump's former lawyer turning rat. I figured this would be a good time to talk about that.

● Blowing a hole in Trump's former lawyer's testimony will be the easiest assignment a defense lawyer can get. The man has admitted on television (repeatedly) that he's looking for revenge and the different stories he's told are tailor made for cross-examination. What's more, a dirty witness trying to shift blame for his own crimes rarely succeeds in court. Even worse, he's the lawyer. All Trump has to say is, "I relied on him to advise me." Checkmate.

Even assuming everything Trump's lawyer has alleged is true, none of it comes close to a legitimate case for impeachment. Impeachment is for "high crimes" and "treason." Treason means acting in a way with the intent of causing the downfall of the United States. That's rare and doesn't come up here. High crimes isn't really defined, but tends to mean shocking crimes... murder, violent rape... terrorism. It does not mean administrative violations. It does not mean minor instances of graft. It simply is not implicated in what is alleged against Trump.

That said, it turns out that impeachment is a political issue more than anything. The Congress can impeach him for any reason they want, really, and I doubt very much that the Supreme Court is going to step in and limit that power by defining "high crimes." So if the Democrats want to impeach him, they can and the Court will leave it to the voters to stop them.

● That said, impeaching Trump would be a nightmare for the Democrats. The public hates these kinds of political games and they punish the party that does it harshly. By impeaching Clinton, the GOP turned him into a national hero and made themselves into a pariah. Only the foolishness of the left saved them. And even then, by 2008, they faced the possibility of de facto extinction.

● That said, the Democrats won't be able to help themselves. Their leadership knows impeachment would be a disaster for them, whether they get Trump or not, and they are hoping to walk a line where they keep talking about it but never let it happen. They have misread their supporters, however. Far too many of them can't stop talking about it. They are even looking for other reasons like his tax returns. They want his blood and they won't take anything less from their leadership. At the same time, the public doesn't want to hear it.

● If it does happen, look for it to eat up about a year before it happens and then six month of legal battles after the vote. That puts it right into the heart of the election season. With tempers already running high and the crazies getting crazier, look for lots of death threats against candidates and total paralysis in Washington. I suspect the Democrats are not prepared for the anger they will unleash.

● It's nearly impossible to predict how this will go with voters, but I can totally see this destroying Trump and the Democratic candidates for President, and leaving some little-known Republican as the last man standing in 2020. If I were advising this person, I would say stay clean, ignore Trump, and hope the impeachment happens.

In terms of the Democrats, I don't think they can avoid the issue. They might as well dive in deep and try to steal opinion. I don't think they can, but they'll knee-deep no matter what they do.

● One thing is for sure, the next year could be pretty ugly.

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Friday, December 14, 2018


Hi folks. Sorry for the lack of anything this week. It's been a tough week. One kid has a deep concussion and the other needs one... I terminated her digital life this week and sent out lots of warnings about contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Lots of other things all blew up this week as well. Ug. Anyways, I'll start writing again asap.
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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Controversial Trump Controversially Flips Coin

AP - According to sources, President Trump was given an alleged coin by Russian sources who took the coin from US circulation, diminishing the economy. Trump fondled the coin, drawing criticism from women's groups. Said Patty Mannhater, "You just know he was thinking about raping some poor woman as he turned that coin in his hands." Added, Whinyfred Uglee, "That coin would have been 63% smaller if they had given it to a woman."

Trump then tossed the coin into the air, possibly causing the death of an American Eagle according to completely reliable unconfirmed reports. It came down on the side depicting the human head, known as "heads." This called into question the validity of the toss. "The odds of Trump's first coin toss ending on heads are astronomical," said statistician Pade Whorr. "Seriously, how many sides are there? And it ended up on heads? No chance. This had to be faked. Someone paid a lot of money to make this happen. Dark money."

Others noted that the depictions were racist and anti-animal. On one side of the coin was a slave-owning white male named Thomas Jefferson, an indication that the maker of the coin is a white nationalist. "It was the most racist coin toss I've ever seen," said moderate progressive. "Racism at its worst," said another Democrat.

On the other side was the buttocks of an eagle, a display of feathers that triggered many people this reporter knows think of the Trail of Tears, an atrocity to which Trump's ancestors have been linked on Twitter. Animal right activists note as well that depicting an eagle on a coin could endanger the species survival. "Trump wants them to go extinct."

Others were less kind. "Why is Trump supporting a barbaric sport designed to create brain trauma? With football players being 60% African American, it's clear that Trump wants to harm African-American brains," said the fundraising arm of Black Lives Matter And Yours Don't B*tch.

Even members of his own party criticized Trump for his horrific actions. "He tossed that coin too hard. Someone could have been hurt," whinnied Mitt Romney. George Will added, "Hate is a natural emotion when dealing with this President." Speaking on condition of anonymity, another Republican added, "I will no longer vote Republican and I encourage all decent people to follow my example."

Twitter too was full of disdain:
"Like, OMG, Trump." - dumbsh*t67

"Moste. Pathertic. Coin. Tass. Evr." - teachersmart

"No, just no." - deepthinker

"His racism is so racist." - tosmart
Asked for comment, Trump responded with some lunatic crap we didn't think was worth repeating. It was probably a lie anyways.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Thoughts On Bush

Sorry for the delay, but it's been one of those weeks/weekends. I was asked for my thoughts on Bush and I figured I would share them. To sum it all up, Bush seemed to be a genuinely nice man... but he should never have been President.

Looking at Bush's biography, the man lived an interesting and impressive life for the most part. As he aged, he became more of a bureaucrat, but before that he was an heroic fighter pilot who defended the US bravely in World War II. I respect that. I also respect that he seems to have become a genuinely nice person after he left office, befriending everyone and living the kind of life we would hope all retired people could live. There are dozens of stories too of good deeds and kindnesses that he did throughout his life which back up the public persona. For example, there was a story the other day that he stayed in Washington, D.C. at Christmas so the Secret Service team protecting him could be with their families.

He also did seem to care about people, though I always felt that he didn't really relate to people. Indeed, I think here is the crux of the problem with Bush. He lived in a world of elites. He knew those people. He related to those people well... he did not relate to normal people. Hence, it is no coincidence that since his retirement, many of the stories about how good of a person he is are connected to relationships he's had with elites, e.g. Michelle Obama. What is less common is stories of Bush interacting with average people. What's more, the times Bush is described as good to average people tend to come in the vein of "he's good to servants." The Secret Service story is an example, this is Bush doing a favor to employees.

By comparison, consider Peyton Manning. When he retired, we started hearing amazing stories about this man. On his own, he handwrote thousands of letters to people he met expressing gratitude for things related to them personally -- ways they touched him. I saw a show on this with people reading the letters and most cried as they read them to the camera. We learned that he volunteered his own time religiously to visit sick kids and spent hundreds of thousands of his own dollars buying food for Katrina victims and personally delivering it. Or take Roger Stabach who has a legion of people who swear their love for this man. A couple talk about the lengths to which he went to stop them from killing themselves when no one else even noticed. Others talk about him personally rescuing their imploding lives through personal gestures. Stories like this are typical for these amazing people. Bush, while awash with stories of being pleasant or volunteering as a spokesman for one thing or another, has no stories like these where he connects on a personal level with average people.

Why does this matter?

I think it explains the problem with Bush. He never related to real people. Bush was amazing at dealing with Kings and other Heads of State. He was quite adept at running an organization like the CIA. But he was clueless at understanding us. That was the scandal when he was asked the price of milk and couldn't answer it. That was the problem when his rhetoric sounded like an accountant reading code rather than a neighbor talking to you. That was why he was so slow to understand how his actions hurt the average person, why he never fought back when the Democrats smeared him and conservatism (because to him, it didn't matter -- he didn't believe it and none of his friends at the cocktail party wanted to hear it, even as it felt like a heinous personal slander to millions of us), why he didn't understand how fuel taxes and income tax increases would break the people who supported him, and why it always felt that he was more comfortable at international conferences than meeting people in diners.

This kept him from seeing how he was destroying conservatism, and I would honestly say that Bush destroyed conservatism.

Reagan's administration was the culmination of decades of real people fighting back against liberal experts. Reagan saved America -- and that is not hyperbole. He built a multi-racial, multi-gender, broadly American coalition of common sense believers who were busy rebuilding an America that had been brought to its knees by decades of liberalism: weak military, horrible military doctrine, defeatism, hyper-regulation, excessive taxation, a world clogged by lawyers, a pro-criminal criminal justice system, lunatic courts, growing racial spoils, etc. Reagan and his followers worked hard to turn these things around.

Bush, however, came from that world of experts. And when he ran after Reagan left office, he slandered conservatism (calling for a "kinder, gentler nation" as if conservatism were hateful) and he cut deals to undo large parts of Reagan's agenda. What's more, he let the left slander and smear him and conservatism without defending either. This crippled conservatism and let the left dump all kinds of hateful ideas onto conservatism -- ideas we still need to refute today because they came to be seen as "fact" when he seemingly verified them.

(As an aside, the view of Bush as "nice" did not arise until after he befriended the Clintons. That's when the media fell in love with him. Before then, he was portrayed as an out-of-touch, rich corporate-tool, too-white racist who was too stupid to run the country. They even knowingly lied about him having affairs.)

It also revived the anger conservatives felt at the country clubbers (of which Bush was a member) who seemed to like losing to the Democrats because that made their cocktail parties less contentious. This sheered off a chunk of conservatives who drifted to "true conservatism," a destructive ideological purity that still costs the GOP several percentage point each election. It also made the rift between the party power brokers and the public much larger than it had been in decades, making the GOP an ungovernable party at the national level.

Then he pushed elitist ideas like creating the "New World Order" along international lines. This generated massive paranoia in the fringier elements of conservatism. All those idiots screaming about black flags and secret this and that got their start believing that Bush had sold the country to foreign elements.

I think Bush was a nice guy, but out-of-touch with real people. He played by the rules of elite society and, in those terms, he was a decent elitist, unlike so many of the rest. But as a President, he was a total failure. He destroyed America's momentum, devastated his friends, and let us be painted with moral-crimes that the left continues to hold against us today. I also see him as the guy who spurred the paranoid, hyper-purity-obsessed state of modern conservatism through his failures.

I know a lot of people like him and you're not supposed to talk ill of the dead, but that was what I saw going through those years. I truly get why so many people abandoned the party of Reagan to support H. Ross Perot. In 1988, the public at large viewed liberalism as a failed experiment and saw liberals as crazy. By 1992, liberalism had become hip and conservatism had lost its meaning and was seen as the ideology of corporate lobbyists and out-of-touch rich whites. That was Bush's legacy.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tech Company Hypocrisy

A couple weeks back, a group of Google employees walked out in protest of somethingsomething Google doesn't care about sexual harassment. Imagine that! Google, whose motto was "do no evil", is an evil giant? Yep. Most of the tech companies are. Check this out.

● Those same Google employees who whine about being harassed have fought a running battle to stop the company from selling its skills to the military. Yep. Those same bastards don't want to support the American military because they view it as evil. That would be the American military which protects people from tyrants and dictators the world over. Google isn't alone either -- several others are doing the same. Traitors.

● But wait, it's a principle, right? Ha. Did you know that Google is producing a censored web search engine for China? Yep, the same people who don't support the US military support the Chinese secret police.

● Apple won't help the cops break the passwords on Iphones even when the person being investigated just shot a bunch of people. Privacy, you see. Indeed, as the government has found ways to break the passwords (without Apple's help), Apple has worked to improve their encryption to stop the government.

● That's ok though, because they believe in privacy, right? Ha. Apple, Facebook, Google spy on you through their products. They have been caught repeatedly violating their own privacy promises. They collect massive amounts of data on you too. And they sell it to anyone... except our government apparently.

● Each of the big tech companies engages heavily in outsourcing because foreigners are cheaper than Americans. So making an obscene profit is more important to these good liberals than American families.

● Twitter's CEO has admitted that the company's conservative employees feel scared to speak their minds. Conservatives at other tech companies have said the same.

● Tech companies pimp diversity in their ads and claim to be champions of that. Yet, study after study shows that they don't even come close to practicing what they preach. Ultra-hypocrites.

● Companies like Twitter have begun banning thought they don't like. It is now a ban-able offense to use the birth name of a transsexual.

● Tech companies are the worst environmental offenders.

● And let's not forget the consumer issues. Apple is a good example of the rest. It makes it almost impossible not to deal with Apple. They've been caught programming batteries to slow down as products age. They make it virtually impossible to maintain or upgrade the product yourself. You can't replace the battery, as you can with Samsung. Microsoft has been caught repeatedly illegally restricting trade in browsers. Each of the companies has been caught with bait and switch, surprise charges, hidden fees, contracts you can't break. And here I thought McDonalds was the corporate America the bad guy?

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. By comparison, companies like Blackrock, Halliburton, and coal companies are angels. The tech companies are evil to consumers, unpatriotic/disloyal in the worst way, Orwellian in surveillance and behavior, and entirely unaccountable. And guess what? They're run by liberals who push hard-core progressive ideas by which they do not live.

Frankly, it's time for some regulation on these bastards.
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Sunday, November 25, 2018


A short thought today, but a difficult one.

John Kasich, who is not my favorite "Republican" by any stretch, is toying with the idea of running against Trump in the primaries. It's usually impossible to unseat a sitting President in a primary and Kasich really might not be the guy to do it -- too mealy, too weak, too liberal, too unexciting. So it might be impossible for him to win either way. In fact, he's most likely just to implode and then cost Trump the election. And truthfully, Trump has done some great things. He's really changed a lot of policies to the way they should be (things both parties should accept if the Dems acted in good faith). So he probably should be supported. Not to mention, it seems crazy to change horses when the horse is a winner.

But honestly... I think I would support Kasich if he ran.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Quick Thought

I should have mentioned this before the weekend, but before you go nuts on Black Friday, check out the prices of things asap. Odds are that many of those prices will go up this week only to be "discounted" back to the normal price as a sale. This seems to be a new tactic that I'm running across everywhere. I've been watching some converse sneakers for our youngest. Their regular price is $49.99 at Zappos and "on sale" at everywhere else. Monday, most places made them $55. Wanna bet on Thursday they get offered as a Black Friday super sale at $49.99?
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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ridiculous Media Trends

The media has become a joke. From click-bait headlines to opinion masquerading as truth to the taking of hyperbole and jokes as earnest statements to generate controversy, the media has become a ridiculous creator of news and deceiver of its readers. Even beyond that though, here are some recent media trends that I find truly despicable.

● The media has turned to voodoo. They've been hiring "face readers", "body language readers" and "handwriting experts" to analyze people they don't like and declare judgment on their sanity, their honesty, and their moods. This is utter crap. These people are pure bullsh*t. Trust me, I've dealt with them in court and I KNOW they are total frauds. Hiring these people is not journalism, it is story telling by pretend experts. What's next? Psychics?

● Speaking of fake experts, the latest trend involves the creation of "studies" to back up liberal opinion that isn't playing well in the press. The media has been flooding us with utterly incredible, total-nonsense studies of late. These are reported as fact, when they are at best fantasy or fiction. Want to prove that voting Republican is harmful to your soul? Are whites evil? Are robots better lovers? Do guns cause autism? Does football cause brain damage? Hire an expert to run a study. Don't worry, the media won't report that your methodology involved cashing the check and little else. This is not journalism. It's quack "science". (And I hesitate even to use the word.)

White woman calls cops on... This is not news. In fact, to the extent it is news, it is news that no one got shot. It is news that this mild annoyance is what the evil of racism has devolved to. This is not journalism, it's the creation of a narrative. It is no different than reporting every black rapist you can find, every Mexican immigrant who robs a white woman, or every Russian person who molests a child. It is an attempt to create a stereotype where none exists by making people mistake repetition with commonality. This is not journalism, it is immoral smear-making.

● The fake misunderstanding. The media suddenly seems incapable of understanding obvious hyperbolic statements. The perfect example this week comes from sports, but the examples abound everywhere. This weekend, Rams running back was asked about the over/under on this week's game. The running back (Todd Gurley) said, "I don't gamble. I don't know about those things." This brought a series of idiotic "shocked" articles from sports writers asking if he truly does not understand what an over/under was. Of course he does, you idiots. That was a hyperbolic way of saying, "it does not matter to me." This has become the go-to way for media people to create click-bait headlines, articles when there is no story, and getting to try to embarrass someone they don't like. "Could he really be that stupid???" No... you are.

● Twitter is not a news source. Twitter does not speak with a single voice. Citing people from Twitter is as journalistic as citing what your mother and her friends told you. Citing people on Twitter is not journalism, it is sifting through a cynical pile of sh*t to bolster your opinion.

● There is no journalistic value in gushing about what some assh*le celebrity said about a politician. "Like, OMG, Assh*le Smith just had the perfect put down of Trump!" You are not a journalist. You are a publicist... a fellating publicist.

Finally, some news...

(1) It looks like the Governorships of Florida and Georgia will remain in Republican hands, and the Republican wins the Senate in Florida. In the process, Broward County proved to be yet another Democratic disgrace. They admitted Saturday to recounting the results for the wrong race and losing around 2,000 ballots, among other issues.

(2) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the little socialist girl in New York (seen to the left, I believe) is already calling for challengers to incumbent Democrats in the next primaries. Bless you, Stupid Girl.
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Random Thoughts

I shake my head...

● I 'love' the new LL Bean commercial. Apparently, the Crips and Bloods are meeting for a football game. (And yes, I know it's meant to be West Side Story, but it sure seems like Crips and Bloods).

● OMG do I despise this Geico ad with this a-hole who winnies about how great a day it was when he mowed his lawn and the last stripe fit his mower exactly and he... ug shoot me... posted it on social media and got 127 likes. Seriously, someone put this loser out of his misery.

● Scientists have now concluded (long after anyone with a brain should have) that we humans did NOT kill off the Neanderthals. Instead, we interbred with them and they ceased to exist. That's good sex. Anyways, this should have been obvious a long time ago as they can trace Neanderthal DNA through us and even linked Neanderthal DNA to things like autism. How did it get there if we didn't interbreed with them? Did our ancestors get it from sharing a toilet seat?

More interestingly, this now puts the lie to a liberal belief that underpins our evil nature: the idea of the killer ape. Liberals believe that humans evolved from a killer ape who wiped out all competitors. Hence, we are violent because we evolved from a violent ape. The idea that we wiped out the Neanderthals was part of this. But now that's not true. Suddenly, their understanding of human nature is faulty. Think they'll admit that? Doubt it.

● I have zero sympathy for the celebs whose palaces are being burned down. I'm sure they're all insured. And in the meantime, they can live happily in their vacation homes, as they lecture us about our carbon footprint.

● Trump apparently signed a law allowing families with terminal kids to try experimental treatments. Good for him.

● I've seen several investor reports recently that say that Victoria's Secret is dying. That doesn't surprise me. I think their vision of beauty is too elitist and doesn't really resonate with people.

● Isn't it funny how the voting irregularities and found ballots always happen in Democratic districts and help Democrats?

● Check this out. This is the advertising pitch for a watch company supposedly started by two normal dudes who found crowd-source funding and created this new company outside the system, man. When you read this, tell me if this doesn't sound like it was produced by a marketing robot:
In 2013, we started MVMT to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry. Empowered by the people through crowdfunding, our original watch line set us apart by bringing you quality, minimalist designs at radically fair prices. Through social media we grew far beyond our Los Angeles home, becoming a global community of 1.5 million MVMT owners (and counting).

We’re inspired by the go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers; and our designs embody this very spirit. They’re built for adventuring, creating, and daring to disrupt the norm. Above all else, we create with the dream of enlivening our ultimate mission: to inspire you to live life on your own terms.
Ouch. That hurt my soul. So I'm supposed to be inspired to live my life by my own paradigm by buying a mass produced watch... because that will make me unique. Seriously, could you squeeze in any more marketing nomenclature?

● Finally, I'm pretty sure there is an ancient Indian burial ground under my driveway. Nothing else explains why it's the only driveway on the street where the snow won't melt. I need an exorcist... with a snow shovel.
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Friday, November 9, 2018

Why We Know The Media Lies

The media lies to push its agenda. We know this. How do we know? Some thoughts.

Let's start with something basic. The media tells its stories very selectively shading the truth, hiding facts and distorting the picture. For example, Muslims shootup a bar screaming about Allah and the media goes out of their way to wonder what the motive could possibly be. They don't even mention that these guys are Muslims until the last possible second. Conversely, a white guy does it because he's crazy and the media zeroes in on their racism narrative. You can't trust people who distort the telling of facts like that.

Last night's football game had a great example. Eric Reid, one of the two big kneelers (and one of the only ones left in the league) took a cheap shot at Ben Roethlisberger. As QB Roethlisberger was sliding, Reid dove about as low as humanly possible and tried to place his elbow and shoulder into Roethlisberger's helmet. His aim was off, but he still connected, snapping the QB's head back. He was rightly ejected from the game. A leftist reporter, who normally screams about cheap shots and how the NFL doesn't protect QB's heads enough, wrote about this in a way which totally downplayed it. He wrote, "Reid tried to go over Roethlisberger but glanced his helmet with his shoulder." This is basically a lie. Reid aimed right for him, he didn't try to go over him. Reid also went late, long after Ben started sliding -- something not mentioned by the sports reporter. And it wasn't a glance, it was a solid hit that snapped Ben's head back, another fact omitted. Why distort like this? Because the reporter's made Reid into a hero for kneeling. Said differently, because he wants to protect Reid, he wrote a story that paints a completely false picture.

How can you trust a media that does this routinely?

Let's consider another example. Trump called the caravan an invasion. The media scoffed. This is just one little group of people they said condescendingly. Then a second and third and fourth caravan followed. They barely covered those and none of them admitted that this looks more and more like a mass migration than just "one little group of people." A week in, one of them even spilled the beans by writing, "these caravans happen all the time. This one is only a big deal because Trump chose to make it news." IN other words, while accusing Trump of scaremongering by saying this was mass migration, they failed to report that they knew this was mass migration. And while they claimed this was only one little caravan, they knew it was part of a never-ending train of caravans.

Today, we have more. Trump said that this group was not just mothers and kids from Honduras. He said it was full of people from all kinds of countries. "Paranoid!" screamed the media. "Why, I've seen(looked) for no evidence that those people exist!" Well, today, the AP has a glowing article about how it's not just Latins coming through Mexico anymore. Nope. It's Arabs, blacks from Africa and Asians too. Isn't that great?! It's easier to come in that way than the legal way. In other words, while calling Trump a liar, they knew he was right and they were lying.

Again, how can you trust these people after that?

NBC withheld evidence that one of Kavanaugh's accusers had recanted her tale and accused Michael Avenatti of lying. They routinely withhold claims of scandal against liberals until after elections. They "fact check" away bad facts against liberals as they report them, but keep reporting known false "facts" against conservatives. Yahoo will run with debunked anti-conservative stories up to three days later.

Again, how can you trust these people?

Don't forget the absolutely uncritical manner in which they report false claims like this supposed vast number of black men killed by cops. Name them. They repeat this lie that women make less than men, which isn't true for most women and is reversed for young women. Why? Because they want these groups upset. Now they are posting videos of idiots saying racist things. How is that news It isn't unless you want to create a narrative... and with bodycams on cops killing the "I am victim" argument, they need a new narrative.

And let's not forget that surveys show that media types tend to be liberal in the 90% range. They donate to Democrats in the 95% range. And many of them are from the revolving door between Democratic campaigns and the media. That kind of profile would be considered hopelessly biased in any other field, yet we're supposed to believe they can be fair? Hardly.

The media cannot be trusted. This is why.
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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Save Justice Ginsburg

For those who don't know, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell yesterday and broke some ribs. She's apparently been hospitalized and is being well-cared for, but there are concerns about her failing health overall leading to her retirement. What's more a great many liberals have apparently offered to give her their own ribs and organs to keep her alive. A couple thoughts.

First, I'm happy to see liberals finally getting into charity. It must feel so strange to finally offer something of your own rather than just demanding that the Government take it from some rich guy. Congrats on becoming somewhat human!

Secondly, as you note, it is vital that Ginsburg received those organs and ribs. So don't wait to send them. Go to your kitchens, take the safety coating off your little round knives, and rip open your chests. You'll have to fish around, but go ahead and rip those organs out. You'll be fine. Trust me. Make sure you put your organs on ice in the freezer. Then call 555-0911 and someone will come pick them up. Bless you, you brave liberals.

Third, obviously, I'm kidding... no liberal is ever going to donate anything of their own. That's not how they work.

Fourth, still, this has me thinking. What if Ginsburg did die or needed to retire and Trump got to pick her replacement? Do you know what for a spectacle that would be. Leftists would hold mass rallies led by Hollywood types demanding that the decision be taken away from Trump... and made by Oprah. The Dems in the House would try to rush an impeachment. And ordinary liberals would lose their minds.

That could be a lot of fun.

Fifth, I actually kind of like Justice Ginsburg. Although I disagree with her politics (and she reminds me of Count Dracula), she's not some modern leftist fool. So I wish her well. (Don't stop cutting out those organs though, liberals!)

Sixth, I think Trump may get 1-2 more justices in this term, with one being a liberal. I'm hoping he picks women both times. An Asian woman would be fantastic, as would an Hispanic woman. But I'll take honkey chicks too. In fact, I'd love to see him start appointing lots of women. That would blow the minds of feminists. They would be SOOOOO angry. Talk about flipping the script!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Post-Elective Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on last night's little soiree.

● If I were a Democrat, I would be really, really, really upset about last night. They have never had a better chance to win the House and Senate than last night:
(1) History was on their side,
(2) Trump is hated,
(3) Women were energized by rapey Supreme Court nominees,
(4) Black people were energized by imagined racism,
(5) Hispanics were "more energized than ever",
(6) young people were energized by gun violence in Florida,
(7) the MSM blamed the GOP for sparking terrorism,
(8) the MSM linked the GOP to white supremacists, etc.
You couldn't ask for better conditions for the left. And yet, there was no blue wave. They lost seats in the Senate. They barely took the House with 26 seats after talking about a hundred. They won some governorships but not in purple states like new Georgia, Ohio, New Hampshire, and not in blue states like Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut. Pathetic. This must sting... if they're capable of being honest.

Add this to the failure of 2016 and they have to wonder if they don't have a bigger problem. Maybe the public just doesn't like them? Maybe they miscalculated the demographics? Maybe their collection of losers just aren't reliable voters? Shouldn't have satisfied the gays... shouldn't have dumped the white union guys.

● I wonder if this result won't make the Democrats even crazier in the House? It wouldn't surprise me if they conclude that they can't win with the current demographics and they take up an even more hostile posture, especially being weighed down with a fresh generation of socialists, in the hopes of upsetting the game and creating new conditions.

● The media painted this as a referendum on Trump. IF that's the case, then he passed with flying colors. Why? There was no blue wave. A wave would have been apparent in the Senate races, which are statewide. The GOP did really well in those. Where the GOP lost was Congressmen who failed to keep their districts happy, ie. local issues.

Ironically, I already see articles that read: "Democrats capture House in rebuke to Trump." Does that make any sense to you logically? Why didn't they win the Senate then? Why was it only races with scandals or purple districts where this happened? These are the lies liberals tell themselves to soothe the hurt.

As an aside, playing Devil's Advocate, you could argue that the GOP could have survived these problems and kept the House if Trump had been more popular, particularly with suburban women. There might be something to that. It would have helped if (1) Trump had appointed more women and (2) he sent his female appointees out to campaign earlier. But at the same time...

● The GOP needs to connect to city dwellers, i.e. female suburban women. Run women. Run teachers. Develop an agenda that protects families from economic and social harm and helps middle class people help their kids succeed. Lindsey Graham said this too. Man, my respect for him keeps skyrocketing suddenly. Weird.

● Every race in which celebrities turned out to help the Democrat went to the Republican. The public hates celebrities. Sorry Lebron... Oprah... Taylor and all the rest of you dipsticks. Thanks for helping!

● I'm not seeing the year of the woman... again. Hard to tell though. All those articles proclaiming this the Year of the Woman kind of vanished suddenly. That said, there are now 85 women in the House. This beats the current tally of 84. Oddly, NBC had predicted that between 35 and 40 new women would be seated in the House on the strength of the #metoo movement, but that seems a tad optimistic now. Still, +1 is an improvement, right? Of course, Claire McCaskill lost in the Senate as did Heidi Heitcamp (who voted against Kavanaugh), so maybe we just broke even. Next time!

● The GOP is probably stronger in the Senate than before with the retirement of Jeff Flake.

● The left was trying a "Medicare for all" platform. It failed. Identity politics did not extend to being a tranny in Vermont, where the GOP candidate won the governorship. "Vote black to show you're not racist" failed in Georgia and Florida.

● Ted Cruz looked super beatable. Running a far-left progressive was apparently a mistake.

● This will add a lot of fuel to the Democratic civil war. The progressives who survived the primaries tended to win, all be it because they were in safe districts. At the same time, the progressives pretending to be moderates came very close to winning, but ultimately lost. That will give each side unshakeable confidence that they are right. That's a recipe for a split. Look for the post mortem on Beto O'Rourke to become a flashpoint in this debate/war.

● Here's your Democratic lineup for 2020: Media Darling Beto O'Rourke... Californian Kamala Harris... Californian Gavin Newsome... Grandpa Joe Biden... Fake Injun Elizabeth Warren... too-moderate Coloradan John Hickenlooper... sleazeball Michael Avantti... 16 oz. Michael Bloomberg... Ron Paul Bernie Sanders... with possible guest appearances by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and the Draft Oprah choir.

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