Monday, December 14, 2020

Still Sick

Grr. We thought we had this figured out, then it kept right on going. At this point, about 60% of my skin is covered in lesions and this sucks. Tryanmax's Pharaoh joke wasn't that far off, though I'm pretty sure I'm not holding any group of people hostage in my basement.

I saw an interesting thing on ratings today. I've pointed out before that the NBA ratings falling as much as 50% meant people had rejected their woke stance. The leftist media bent over backwards to claim this wasn't the case, coming up with all kinds of BS ideas. There was no reduction in ratings... uh, yes, there was. This was the result of a Presidential election stealing eyes! Too much competition from, uh, reruns. It's Covid, no one cares about sports, all sports are down. You'll see, the NFL will crash too.

Well, the NFL is down all of 6%. It was down 15% in 2006 during the last election. So the election was not an issue. The NFL didn't go woke either. It pretended around the edges and then didn't, so don't believe this means people now like woke things.
What's more, it was already about as woke as it got because of the kneeling thing. So it makes sense that 6% is the Covid drop.

So why did the NBA suffer a 50% drop? It's best teams played a really exciting tournament. It's top viewed teams were in it and competitive. It's stars all played. It's next level had break out stars. This thing should have gone up, even with Covid depression. But it fell 50%. That's societal judgment on their politics. The question becomes now, can they recover?  I'm thinking not and I'm looking forward to the financial punishment to follow as profits crash.

As an aside, I will start writing again soon. Kind of tough at the moment, but I will. I'm seeing a lot of interesting things about the war between moderate Dems and the Democratic future. Things will be ugly.

Hope you're doing well!
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