Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh Wrap-Up

So here's what I'm seeing.

1. The AP says that Ford won the morning, and the GOP was ready to give up, but then Kavanaugh was so strong that the GOP reversed course and supports him. A surprising admission for leftists. So Kavanaugh must have won.

2. Expect the polls to show Ford won, but that will be because of a +15% Democrat advantage.

3. I see no articles on the left declaring victory. I see articles talking about the electoral advantage of this becoming "the year of the woman" and articles where they whine that it was all men on the committee. Talk of how to take down the woman Trump would appoint next seems to have ended. That suggests the left has given up.

4. Rob Portman, a liberal GOP Senator, strongly supports Kavanaugh. Left-lover Lindsey Graham expressed intense outrage at the left (he won my respect on that). Jeff Flake, a crazy anti-Trumper, has said that we must admit we don't really know what happened -- the comment had the ring of leaning pro-Kavanaugh.

That leaves Susan Collins and Crazy Murkowski from Alaska as weak links. They met with conservative Democrat Manchin of West Virginia today for reasons unknown. If any Democrat will support Kavanaugh, it would be Manchin. They may be looking for cover... some semblance of a bipartisan vote.

I'm thinking... thinking that Kavanaugh gets voted through by 50-50 with Mike Pence casting the final vote. Murkowski votes No, Collins votes yes, Flake votes yes, Manchin backs out and votes No.

5. No matter what happens, the left will play this up as the next War on Woman. I don't see that working though for a number of reasons. (1) Married women support Kavanaugh, (2) the #metoo movement has lost any semblance of legitimacy, (3) all the women's marches, etc. have proven that women as a political group just don't work: (i) they seem to expect others to do it for them, (ii) they think their goal is to be handed power rather than take it, (iii) their goals are unclear and at odds with how real women live, and (iv) they aren't really a party of women, they are a leftist movement that uses women and will even support "better" male candidates and ignore the sex crimes of male supporters.

6. I think the media will lose interest. In fact, they seem to be losing interest already and are switching to other, sexier scandals. So the story dies no matter how the vote goes.

7. If the GOP votes no, look for a massacre in November.

8. If the GOP votes yes, nothing changes in November.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Hi everybody! Sorry for the lack of articles, but frankly, the news is disgusting right now. The MSM is on a genuine McCarthy-esque pogrom to destroy Kavanaugh and everyone related to him or who might support him, and is bending over so far backwards to sell his accuser's claims that their spines would snap, if they had any. It's so obnoxiously retarded that I'm sick of even turning on the internet.

Anyways, Thursday is the big day, I guess. They'll both testify and we'll see if this female prosecutor is any good. Hopefully she is and she provides enough that the weak-link Republicans vote for Kavanaugh. Then the whole thing is over. If not, then this ugly affair will drag on. We'll see. They're considered weak for a reason.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this. The drones on the left have lost their minds... tiny and useless though they always were. The perfect example of this comes from a new scandal involving Harry Potter. In the latest Harry Potter incarnation, Rowlings has hired a Korean woman to play a character from the 1920s who is cursed to turn into a snake. That snake will become Voldemort's pet and he hides part of his soul in it before the snake gets beheaded by Neville Longbottom.

Why has this hit my radar? Because the drones on the left have been programmed to see racism under every rock, and they see it here. Why? Because they hired a Korean woman to play this part!!! Isn't it obvious?!!! She's Korean!! I'm not kidding. They are doing some serious mental gymnastics to see this as racist. To get there, you first have to say, "Gee, white people were racist to Asians, so a white person hiring an Asian is racist" (note that liberals used to push for diversity). Then we add the "dragon lady" stereotype, which doesn't apply in any way shape or form here except that the drones are sure it does because white person hires Korean... duh! Then they add she is simultaneously the submissive Asian woman stereotype (good luck with that contradiction). How do we know she's submissive since she doesn't do anything in the trailer? Because she's Korean, duh! Plus, why else would a white person hire a Korean woman? (Mental note: whites may not hire Korea women). Even worse, she will become Voldemort's slave, thereby fulfilling the submissive woman fantasy. See?! See?! Add the fact that he injects part of his soul into her is somethingsomething even worse racism!! Finally, she gets killed by a white boy fulfilling the somethingsomething racism. Oh the horror!

This is what is wrong with the drones. They have been taught that the mixing of two races in some endeavor must be racists, so they keep spewing until they say enough tropes to form a racist theory. Then they act all smug about it on twitter (where idiots go to prove their idiocy, triggering other drones). Soon it's a festival of moron-induced hate and smugness. It's the same time with Kavanaugh. When men and women engage in some endeavor, the drones know that it's about sexism and they decry the racist, sexist male involved. Rape! Rape!

It's like an idiot computer stuck in a loop screaming 404 Error at the top of their lungs and mistaking this for wisdom. Honestly, we've hit a point where these people are just a menace.

As a final aside, the owner of the LA Times said something interesting about social media today. While calling it the cancer of our time, he noted that it wrongly teaches "people" (the drones) that popularity equals truth. Yeah, that just about sums up the modern left.
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

What You Need To Know About Kavanaugh

Here's what you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, "Dr." Christine Blasey Ford.

Dr. Christine accused Brett Kavanaugh of trying to rape her in 1982 at a party she attended when they were in high school. She first raised the allegation in 2012 while in couples therapy trying to save her failing marriage. At the time, she accused four men of participating and apparently named someone other than Kavanaugh. After thirty years of silence and then this story, she now knows it was Kavanaugh and one friend. The other two must have been a false memory... just like the name she originally accused.

Of course, memory is very unreliable and therapy often raises false memories of things that never happened. Hence, an allegation that didn't exist for 30 years should be basically dismissed... unless the allegation can be used to destroy a Republican.

Her attorney claims she has no obligation to support her allegations, which is utter bullsh*t. Guilt by allegation is Kafkaesque and there is no legal system in the world that doesn't require the accused to pass some initial burden of persuasion. Even the Nazis required that.

In any event, she has pointed to four witnesses. However, all four have denied any knowledge of said party and none witnessed the supposed event. The Kavanaugh friend she accuses of helping rape her denied that it ever happened. One friend who wasn't named tried to claim that "everybody knew" about the party, but then backed off and said she knew nothing.

Despite the entire MSM and Democratic agents desperately investigating their little hearts out to find support for her, none have been able to add any bit of support. Nada.

On the other hand, Kavanaugh apparently kept calendars at the time of things he did and places he went. There is no mention of this party. He also has 46 years of documented behavior that entirely conflicts with these claims.

The obvious answer: this is a false memory... or a lie.

Nevertheless, the MSM and the Democrats have been in character assassination mode. They have run articles telling us that Kavanaugh's prep school was full of evil drunk males... you know, rapists. Kavanaugh once told a joke, 'What happens in prep school stays in prep school'... clearly admitting he's hiding rapes. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW BAD REPUBLICANS WERE TO ANITA HILL?!! 54 women came out in support of Kavanaugh, but they're all attractive so they're lying sluts. In fact, did you know that Kavanaugh only hires attractive women? A professor at Yale advised women who applied to clerk for him to dress "in a certain way" (//wink wink) and her husband once told one them, "You know he only hires women with a certain look." (//wink wink wink) Both the professor and her husband flatly deny this, but they're liars. Rumor has it Yale is now even investigating the husband for "grooming" young women for Kavanaugh. In other words, he's sexually used those 54 women. (//wink wink)


Then there's article after article trying to bolster the usual sexual assault crap:
1. Women don't lie. False. Apparently, the women who accused Bill Clinton lied, as did the woman accusing Democrat Keith Ellison right now... among armies of others.

2. Women don't report because of fear. Fear of what? A high schooler from a different school? Isn't it funny that women who accuse famous Republicans never seem to report like real victims do?

3. There's nothing unusual about women making false allegations first so long as they eventually remember the truth. Women might even tell wild ass false stories before they zero in on the right ones. False. Memory is inherently faulty to begin with. Evidence that the memory keeps changing should be discrediting.

4. To question her story makes her a victim a second time. False. To let her make an allegation without being subject to cross-examination is star chamber justice. By the way, Hillary Clinton once gave me a handjob against my will in an opium den... or maybe it was the White House? It was horrible. Four people saw it, including Bernie Sanders, but they won't remember it. To question me on this will only victimize me again. So, somebody go tell her that she needs to withdraw from public life. It's only fair to me.

5. She has nothing to gain. False. She's stated that she wants to stop him. To be the person to destroy a political opponent is a powerful motive. There is also fame, glorious victimhood with its lifetime speaking engagements, and the same thing rapists get out of committing rape -- the feeling of power they get from destroying someone else.

6. She didn't even want to come forward. Yeah, bullsh*t. She called a Democrat with the intent of this destroying Kavanaugh, which only a retard would think would not require her testifying. When she didn't get the traction she wanted, she hired a famous feminist attorney to get this out. Then she did an interview with a national newspaper. You can't get more "I want this public" than that! Her claim of "reluctantly" agreeing to come forward on a national stage is for PR purposes only.

7. She's getting death threats! So? So is Kavanaugh. That's part of modern political life. That doesn't make her allegations true.

8. All her friends say she can't be lying. Ironically, this comes from the same people who acted confused why it mattered that 54 women would support Kavanaugh. His supporters meant nothing, they told us. But her friends and family saying they support her is apparently proof that she couldn't be lying.
Finally, almost all of the Democrats have publicly said they believe her, even though she supposedly hasn't spoken to any of them or told her story. So what are they basing this on other than wishful thinking and bias?

This is a smear of the most despicable kind.
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A Drone Without Guidance

From the corner of my darkened room... hugging my knees...

I ended my decades long boycott of Nike over their labor practices in foreign countries. Something about child labor... I'm not sure. I bought the Nikes because they hired Colvin Kaepernack as their CEO, something which upset the hateful conservatives I know. He hates America and that's patriotic, so I needed to support him. I felt so proud.

Today, I learn that Nike gives three times as much to Republicans as they give to Democrats. I'm boycotting In and Out Burger because they give to racist Republicans. I feel I should boycott Nike now too, but I need to support Colvin Kaepernack in his quest to prove how racist America is.

What should I do? Should I burn something? Tell me who to hate! Why doesn't someone tell me what I deeply believe?!! Why doesn't somebody do something?!!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The End Is Nigh

There are still no big stories worth writing about, so more thoughts!

● The left loves to claim that they are on the right side of history. Yet, the Kavanaugh smear and other instances like it will be remembered historically as the second age of the witch hunt... or perhaps The Age of McCarthy Redux.

● The Carolina floods have claimed the lives of 1.7 million chickens. Without those votes, the Democrats are sure to lose. In all seriousness though, doesn't that seem Biblical. And the Lord did say, "I hate chicken" and he wiped out 1.7 million chickens. So we ate beef, and it was GOOD!

● Speaking of Biblical things, Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street are not gay. So says their creator, Frank Oz. In fact, he said, they are just puppets and puppets don't have orientations. I'm glad to hear this from him. To claim otherwise, as a former Sesame Street writer has (he tried to claim they are gay), sexualizes something that should not be sexual. It also puts an intolerable suspicion on same-sex friendships, which of course is what the left has done -- take a history course and you'll hear how every single person or person who had a same-sex friend just had to be gay. Idiots. Maybe some people just don't think with their genitalia? Ever consider that lefties?

● I'm still high on the Dorco razor stuff (no, they have never paid me a penny or offered anything). I finally got through the whole sample pack I bought and I'm super happy. $40 for a year and a half worth of razors is amazing. In the end, I like the 3 blade ones. Anything higher than that clogs too quickly and wears out to fast. So if you're thinking about razors, that's my recommendation.

● It is not news when some celebrity "claps back" against some troll. That just publicity.

● Anderson Cooper looks sooooo pissy responding to Don Trump Jr. calling his water stunt fake. Trump definitely got under Cooper's skin. Ha ha.

● Cruz is up by 9% in Texas now. No surprise. Despite all the media shock, Cruz was always going to win.
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Monday, September 17, 2018

More Random Observations

The sound of one brain cell shaking...

● The Kavanaugh attack is pretty despicable and it really reflects poorly on what's left of the #metoo movement. This is so obviously a smear, and to have the #metooers whining that it's unfair that she had to reveal her name, her lawyer saying it's not the accuser's job to back up her claim, and progressives whining that the allegation alone is enough to force him to withdraw really eviscerates any credibility they had left. I guess they never read Kafka. Or at least, they took the wrong lesson from it.

I love too how they all acted confused and outraged that 54 women who knew Kavanaugh throughout his life all wrote a letter saying he would never do such a thing, or how they tried to dismiss as irrelevant the woman's only witness saying this never happened. There's no credibility there.

● Monday Night Football has a "commercial free" halftime show. It starts with a commercial. Then halfway through it does a sort of music break which is really just a slick commercial/video for their product. On several occasions, the hosts talked about the sponsor. And finally, it ended halfway through the halftime, so the other half was almost entirely commercials. Sadly, I'm not surprised.

● The rabbits in our neighborhood have gotten uppity. We have one who suns his rather husky self in the backyard with impunity. The little bastard lies on his back sleeping!! Talk about living the good life. The only predator they have at the moment is cars and those try to miss them.

● Spent Sunday up in the mountains looking at the Aspens as they changed from green to yellow to gold to red. It was beautiful. I love going into the mountains, it reminds you how amazing this planet is.

● According to some study, machines will do more "tasks" than humans by 2025. Of course, that's bullship. That's one of those things that is simply impossible to measure. In fact, when you consider what cars and computers do today, I'd bet that machines already do billions more "tasks" than humans.

● Our youngest is upset. The school has told the eighth graders they need to stop "butt slap Friday." Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, they were sneaking up on each other and slapping each other hard on the butts... on Fridays. They saw nothing wrong with this. LOL! I love kids. Anyways, the school disagreed. The students claim they won't stop. I guess we'll see Friday who wins. Might need the national guard.

● It sounds like the Emmy's were a nasty little affair... stress the word little. The more political these dipsticks get, the less relevant they become. MTV apparently can't even attract a million kids anymore. 11.5 million viewers watched the Emmy's last year, the lowest ever. I'll bet they fall even farther this year. The Oscars and Grammys are at an all-time low as well. Keep going jerks, you're doing fine.
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Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Nike Ad

I told you the other day that Nike is in trouble and that I know this from them running an ad, right? Well, I found it again. In fact, I don't seem to be able to avoid it. So let's discuss...

As I pointed out, when companies make stupid decisions, they publicly deny that their decision was stupid or that it cost them anything. This is part of a herd policing strategy -- if you tell everyone that everything is ok, most people will accept that as true. Then their supporters (paid or otherwise) will back this up by spinning whatever news they can.

So how do you know they're in trouble? They start running ads you've never seen before that try to whitewash what they've done. You see this all the time in DC, whenever Lockheed or Boeing gets busted for some accounting issues or whatever, their ads mysteriously appear overnight on television in the DC area touting how trustworthy and indispensable they are. There's never an announcement that they started this advertising, nor do the ads directly mention the controversy nor have you usually seen ads from them before, but they suddenly appear all over the place in an attempt to bolster the company image, and they usually say the direct opposite of the trouble they are in.

When they get in deep trouble, like Wells Fargo, the ads can even get rather pointed and might make a heavily-spun reference to the scandal. Recent Wells Fargo ads, for example, talk about how they are a company built on trust starting in the 1880s and continuing until today until something nebulous somehow kinda sorta happened to the company... but it will never happen again... we're winning back your trust from that thing that may or may not have happened! Usually though, these ads aren't that clearly connected to the scandal, they just say the opposite of whatever has happened.

You see this with actors too. A great example is when actors are exposed as utter morons. You will suddenly see all kinds of publicity stories which tout how smart the actor supposedly is. Alicia Silverstone and Hilary Swank are examples of this. Ann Hathaway is forced to deny that she's a total b*tch. Etc.

Anyways, the Colin Kaepernick thing is the perfect example of this. Nike hired Kaepernick for a particular reason, which I'll discuss in a moment. The media, which supports Kaepernick's ideology, tells us that everybody loves him and produces oddly skewed, limited polls that suggest that the public either supports him or isn't bothered by him. They interview only people who support him and describe those who are offended by him in racist terms. They ignored Nike's initial stock price fall of 3% the day the Kaepernick ad campaign was announced, but now are touting that Nike is "at an all time high" as if the two are related (Nike was at an all time high the day it made the announcement, so really the needle hasn't moved). They even did stories on how brilliant the campaign is because Kaepernick brought them millions in free publicity.

So all is good right? Well, no.

See, Kaepernick makes people angry. Kaeprnick is a failed quarterback who got benched after going 3-16 in his last two years. When he got benched, he suddenly started kneeling through the national anthem in protest of whatever. He later claimed it was American racism, police violence and a dozen other things. He then wore socks that called the police pigs, praised Castro in Cuba and became a supporter of angry, radical black racism. This angered vast swaths of white America. The MSM, however, loves him and has done their best to promote him. And what's resulted is that Kaepernick has become a symbol of black anger, like Black Lives Matters -- whom he supports, with blacks supporting him at about 70% and whites opposing him at about 70%.

Enter Nike. Nike signed him to a ridiculous new campaign in which this multimillionaire celebrity claims that he gave up everything to fight for what he believes. He must be a fan of Florida bankruptcy laws, because nowhere else does keeping millions of dollars and staying in all the right social clubs constitute giving up everything. But hey, more power to this fraud.

Why hire him? Nike made this decision because they tap into the black thug market for customers. Just check out their ads and you can see this. Their ads are aimed at ghetto blacks complete with bad sportsmanship, hyper-machoism, the flashing of gang signs, and suggestions of race hate. So signing Kaepernick was a no-brainer. He fits their target market perfectly! Here's the Kaepernick ad:

Unfortunately for Nike, the other part of Nike's market is Starbucks moms who like to wear the gear because it's comfortable and it makes them look like they've been working out. Nike, I suspect, assumed that Starbucks moms wouldn't be offended by their hiring Kaepernick because they probably wouldn't know about it. And even if they did, Starbucks moms like to think of themselves as good liberals who support those cute little black people who need our help so much. Noble savages + white woman's burden.

Something has gone wrong, however, apparently. How do I know? The advertising. Nike didn't advertise on pinterest before this. Now they suddenly are. I'm betting that Kaepernick scared these women. They love supporting neutered black people, but don't like threatening ones and Kaepernick is threatening. He does not give off the warm fuzzies, he gives off the angry gonna-get-yous, and I'll bet they stopped buying Nike yoga pants and leggings. So lo and behold, Nike has suddenly released an ad on pinterest, where Starbucks moms spend their days, and that ad involves a gosh darn cute little black boy. See below:

Isn't he so cute? Look at those fat cheeks and that hair and the oversized clothes! He's so cuddly... he's like a teddy bear... he's so... so harmless. And aw, he's all by himself. He's so adoptable.

What this ad is designed to do is to dissipate Colin Kaepernick fear by reminding these liberalish white women of the types of blacks they like and have been adopting for years. It is designed to convert Kaepernick into a harmless teddy bear and to remind these women that they see blacks as noble savages. Best of all, since the thug community don't go on pinterest, the thug market will never know about it. This way, Nike can sell them black power revolution at the same time it's selling white women tame black people. Interestingly, it seems the only thing Nike doesn't sell in this debate is independent, competent blacks.

I will be curious to see what Nike's next move is.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

More Stuff

Some things to consider. Deregulation plus tax cuts on the people who do the hiring and produce the nation's wealth. Shortly thereafter...

Lowest unemployment in forever.
Lowest jobless claims in forever.
Lowest black unemployment in forever.
Lowest female unemployment in forever.
Highest middle income worth ever.
Highest middle income assets ever.
Highest stock market ever.
Highest growth in decades.
Highest Democratic anger in years.

It's like Reagan all over again. Gee, I wonder what the common threat could have been?

The Democrats are hilariously whining that income inequality hasn't gone down since 2001 and this is Trump's fault. Notice whose entire administration rests in the middle of that period. Notice also that if income inequality didn't change, but growth is up, then everyone benefited from Trump's economy.

As an aside, I've been thinking. Do you know who Trump is? Trump is Andrew Jackson. He's the nutjob outsider who got elected despite a system rigged toward insiders, and once he got there, the insiders sh*t upon him so much that he retaliated in shocking ways like wiping out their Second Bank of the United States.

At the same time, Bush/Obama (who could easily be the same man) are basically the modern version of Ulysses Grant, generally likeable and useless, they presided over an age of massive corruption and insider dealing when the US government was for sale to the connected.

Continuing on a thread, Lebron James wants to be Oprah. He's at the end of his career and is now trying to follow in her footsteps by venturing into television production and advice giving. He opened a school, and he's even stating not-at-all controversial "controversial" opinions to sound edgy without offending anyone, just like Oprah.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I'm having one of those depressed days looking at the news. It's hard to remember that the news is essentially controversy junkies cherry-picking the worst of humanity and that the rest of the human race isn't like that. Sigh. Anyways, here are some random thoughts.

● "OMG! There's a hurricane! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" I hate the media. They do this every time anything happens, especially hurricanes. They pull a freak out and talk about imagined worst case scenarios so far beyond the point of reality that they rival apocalypse fiction. It's ridiculous.

● I'm sick of clickbait. If your headline reads like clickbait, I don't click anymore. I don't care who you are.

● The NFL season "is over" for about 20 teams now... according to sportwriters. The same sportswriters who, by the way, have gone right back to glorifying big hits after whining about concussions all off season. Some even said they couldn't morally cover the league anymore and yet here they are. Hypocrites. Anyways, after one game, they have pronounces most of the league finished. Hot takes are for morons.

● I think Nike is in trouble on the Colin Kapernick thing. When Nike signed America hater Colin Kapernick, the calculation they made was typical, but ridiculous. Nike made the assumption that their market is basically angry blacks and young whites who don't care or who might not like it, but won't do anything about it. Basically, this was virtue signalling for their target audience. Based on that, some analysts have claimed that Nike scored over $145 million in free publicity. Victory, right?

Ok, but whenever corporations get in trouble, they deny they are in trouble and then you see them suddenly open new avenues of advertising in which they try to paint a picture of how great they are without ever mentioning the scandal. Wells Fargo did this most recently, but I've seen it regularly from groups as diverse as Monsanto, Boeing and Kraft. It's what companies do. (Watch for Serena Williams ads to appear touting her niceness and shyness.) So in the middle of all this talk about how Nike scored and how twitter likes the Kapernick ad (Twitter is a worthless measure of anything), and how their stock price has regained all it lost... I'm suddenly seeing Nike ads on Pinterst, where they've never been before. Why pinterest? Because Nike's biggest market is Starbucks moms, the group Nike thought would be sympathetic to Kapernick or would remain passive. That tells me Nike has a problem.

● I'm amazed at how often a "fact" gets repeated by newspapers even after it's been debunked.

● Did you know that Subway got rid of ham because of complaints by them Muuuslims? So said this GOP bulletin I get every few days. Funny, mine still sells ham.

● It looks like the cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, have been exposed as, well, worthless. Duh.

● I actually don't care that Alex Jones is getting banned. I'm a big believer in freedom of speech even being extended to cover big companies that make themselves akin to utilities, but I think the crap Jones sells is beyond free speech. It's in the realm of fraud and lies and slander, which has never been protected. I am troubled that conservatives are latching themselves onto him. Pick your figurehead victim better folks.

● Some numbers that might interest you. Sports talk is as poisonous as political talk radio, maybe even moreso. It's pure hate. And the television now seems to be full of these sports talk shows. So what are their ratings? The biggest is around 150,000 people with most in the 100,000 range. So we're talking less than a million if they all have totally unique audiences, which they don't. So just like with talk radio, which is about 5,000,000 people TOPS, sports talk isn't even a statistical blip. Hence, all this hate you see floating around the internet and the newspapers is being driven by about 1% of the population. Similarly, did you know that the American socialist parties have about 50,000 members? They can't even fill a stadium.

● I hate mommy bloggers. Just hate them. "Like, OMG, like 10 things you'll just hate about Disney! //giggle giggle Like, it's so great that OMG you'll hate to leave. //giggle giggle unicorn fart" If I ever meet a real person who acts this plastic, I will savagely beat them to death. Hopefully you can come watch the trial.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Race and Gender Stuff

Quite a bit of race and gender stuff in the news.

● The big thing in the news right now is Serena William's outburst. What a spoiled brat. Her coach tried to cheat by offering her advice while she was on the court through a hand signal. The referee caught this and gave her a penalty. She promptly lost her mind and spent the next ten minutes railing against this umpire. She accused him of sexism for making the call and for adding more penalties after she called him a thief and accused him of bias (a huge no-no in sports). She then lost the match and, even though she was outclassed, she has been suggesting that this referee's sexism is what cost her. Poor sportsmanship. What's more, she's stripped her opponent of her tremendous victory and made it all about her.

Naturally, some of the #metoo'ers jumped up and said that this had to be sexism because a woman said it, but it wasn't. It's a rule. She knew it. She broke it. She got punished. How is that sexism? Moreover, her opponent was also female, so how can it be sexism? What's more, she lied. She made a huge point that she doesn't cheat and then her coach admitted that he was trying to cheat. And none of her supporters seem to care that a nice, impressive your lady got screwed out of her moment in the sun. Nice.

● Speaking of racism, Adrian Peterson, an aging NFL Player, attacked one of his critics in the most interesting of ways. Cris Carter said that Peterson is washed up (his last two lousy season justified that comment) and shouldn't play. Peterson naturally objected, which is fine. Except Peterson added that he was outraged that Carter and others had said this because "they [are] black men... how dare you." So according to Peterson, it was wrong for a black man to criticize him because, apparently, blacks should not criticize blacks. If a white person had said that, it would definitely be shocking and considered racist. Yet, all the sports writers who keep looking for racism and outrage everywhere seemed to miss this point.

● For some reason I cannot imagine, they have rebooted Magnum PI. Why? Anyways, the guy playing Magnum (Jay Hernandez) is Hispanic and Magnum is supposed to be Mexican American. Ok, whatever. But an interview in which he describes getting the role, this dude spread a very standard minority victimology myth. He said he was proud to put an heroic Mexican American up on screen because when he was growing up, the only brown faces you ever saw on screen were the villains. Huh, ok. Name them. Seriously, you can't because they didn't exist.

This is something that is taken as a matter of faith on the left. The only brown faces on screen were either maids (Gone With The Wind) or villains until the modern era, with the idea being that this is how what America viewed them. But this is crap. Hollywood never used minorities in as villains. Maybe in the 1940s they were rare and took bit parts, but so did all but a handful of famous whites. By the 1950s, the blacks appearing on screen were people like Sidney Poitier and action heroes like James Brown, or women like Ertha Kitt. Each decade thereafter saw more and more of them too. This idea that evil racist Hollywood created a stereotype of brown people as villains is bull. Even inn Westerns, where there was a Mexican villain whenever they went to Mexico simultaneously found most of the Mexicans on screen treated very sympathetically. This claim is racist myth-making.

● Finally, I had to chuckle. Marvel DC has created a lesbian superhero: Batwoman. They even picked a lesbian actress to play her, as you must. Hurray, finally! Right? LOL! Wrong. Apparently, she's not lesbian enough as she once claimed to be bi, and the lesbian community is angry about it. Snicker snicker. Idiots.

The left really is packed with idiots.
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Friday, September 7, 2018

Two Thoughts on This Mole

For those who haven't heard, there is apparently a high level person in the Trump administration who considers themselves part of the "resistance". They've outed themselves rather stupidly by writing an anonymous article for the New York Times. I've been debating this all day and here's what's been on my mind.

First, I think in all honesty, this person needs to be considered a traitor to the United States. Take Trump out of the equation and I think you can see why. Not only is this person openly bragging about undermining the President of the United States, but they are apparently revealing information that is normally considered confidential and covered by Executive privilege. If this had happened under FDR, I guarantee you that this person would have been shot as an enemy agent. We don't quite have that environment today, but the effect is, in essence, the same. I would recommend that Trump engage the FBI to find this person and prosecute them.

Secondly, I think this will backfire on the left. They are enjoying it right now, and Trump supporters are in shock, but as the shock of this clears, Trump supporters and those on the fence (1) will find this to be a violation of trust that will make them sympathetic to Trump, (2) may become a basis for explaining away many of the problems Trump has faced -- stories of chaos, for example, and will justify Trump's more paranoid moments, and (3) makes the left (anti-Trumps included) seem like they are willing to destroy our government just to spite Trump; that won't play well with the public who don't like their institutions used for personal vendettas.

Third, on this third point, I've noticed for some time now that the left/anti-Trumps seem to be making this strange argument where they cause chaos and then they claim that the chaos is proof that Trump needs to go. It's like they are arguing, Trump makes me do bad things so he needs to go so I can stop doing bad things. I'm seeing this argument in many forms of late and I don't think it's going to sit well with the public. You can't be the problem and then blame someone else for making you want to be the problem so you can hurt them. That's the kind of garbage serial killers argue.

Fourth, these things seem to be helping Trump's popularity. Trump's popularity tends to be drifting up actually with only minor blips when the establishment GOP wing tries to destroy him. The more the Democrats attack, the higher his numbers go. Things like this seem to be driving that. We won't know until the McCain wing wears out this latest attack, but I think Trump will be around 50% come November.

We'll see how this goes, but I'd bet that they find this mole fairly quickly, he turns out to be not nearly as highly placed as assumed, he will have links to the Democrats, and he will go to jail.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Thoughts On The Aretha-Franklin Event

This past weekend was a good one for leftist celebrities. John McCain gave them a chance to talk about how bipartisan they are -- they will happily wish dead traitors well. Then Aretha Franklin's funeral became a fantastic opportunity to be seen, to virtue signal, to touch a little ass, to display a little ass, and to revel in the warmth of a big old herd hug. Unfortunately, one rotten man didn't get the message, and he delivered a eulogy based on morality and common sense rather than social justice. Tisk tisk. Anyways, I've had some thoughts.

● This "funeral" proves again that leftist celebrities are shameless publicity whores. It doesn't matter if there's a purpose to them being there or not. They will also politicize anything.

● This "funeral" also showed again that social justice really does disdain logic, genuine problem solving and morality. For all the talk about it being something moral, it really isn't. It's about power. What's more, I don't find it coincidental that black America is at an all-time low in terms of moral high ground now that they have bought into this social justice crap. Being kept down by the police gives you the moral high ground. Inventing an epidemic of "racist" cops "killing black men" loses it for you. Legal inequality give you the moral high ground. Whining about cultural appropriation and getting caught time and again lying about police misconduct loses it for you.

● I think it's more clear than ever from this "funeral" that the new left is about women and blacks and nothing else. The only things that mattered here were feminist issues and black issues. The only outrage the left generated was when feminist or black sacred cows got gored. Add to this other recent evidence, like the left mocking DOJ's lawsuit claiming Harvard has discriminated against Asians, and you'll see that the only thing that matters to the left is feminism and black-oppression theory. It's interesting that Louis Farrakhan was given a seat on the stage. Farrakhan is both anti-Jewish and anti-gay. It looks like the left is done with both groups.

● #MeToo was confirmed dead at the "funeral." In this nest of feminists, Clinton stared openly at Ariane Grande's ass throughout the funeral. Bishop Charles Ellis groped her breast. The left chuckled about Clinton and accepted a half-hearted apology from Ellis without ever even really demanding one.

● Now the biggie. Rev. Jasper William Jr. made a huge mistake at the funeral. He thought this was a time to discuss morality. Silly man. This was a time for social justice, not morality. Nevertheless, he mentioned that black America has lost its soul and he said that black lives won't matter until blacks stop killing each other. Oy vey. The outrage was fast, furious and hateful. He "negated" Black Live Matter. How dare he blame blacks for things that blacks do! Then he went further and said that single mothers couldn't raise sons... and the feminists did howl. The last couple days have involved everyone on the left being shocked and horrified and demanding an apology that he would say things in opposition to feminism and black oppression theory.

This is the new left for you in a nutshell They politicize everything. They hold nothing sacred except their dogma. They are powered by the anger of blacks and feminists, and exclude all others. They engage in extreme groupthink and don't want to hear any truth that conflicts with their narrative that they are helpless victims of everyone else. What an unpleasant group! Neither group is capable of helping themselves. Neither group is likable. Neither group fits with any other aspect of America. And if they keep pushing like this, they will soon be an electoral irrelevancy.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

In Honor of Labor Day, Comrades!

Labor Day is a strange holiday: we honor labor by taking the day off. That's a bit like honoring the Christmas Spirit by robbing an orphanage... or breaking up on Valentine's Day. Anyways, here it is again, and it's making me reflect on the left, seeing as how they once associated themselves with "labor." But here's the thing, the left isn't what it once was...

The Old School Left: Karl Marx, Engels and others envisioned a new means or organizing the world with workers pitted against capital holders in a system that would eventually wipe out government when all contributed what they could but took only what they needed.
Modern Leftists: Want a $15 minimum wage... phased in slowly... for some workers... who will be replaced by robots.

The Old School Left: Fought pitched battles with Imperial soldiers in Russia and their National Socialist cousins in German streets to seize power. They fought wars in dozens of countries, overturned governments, rounded up millions who stood in their way and purged their ranks mercilessly to get their agenda in place.
Modern Leftists: Worry that they don't have enough Republican support to pass their agenda.

The Old School Left: Fought for civil rights in America for minorities... after enslaving them first, of course.
Modern Leftists: Worry that a singer culturally appropriated a hairstyle.

The Old School Left: Claimed a brotherhood of man where all men were equal, though some were more equal than others and some were redefined as not men. But after changing their minds about slavery, colonialism, gulags, and sterilizing the infirm, the left claimed to stand for equal legal right for women and minorities in the West against determined, sometimes-armed opposition.
Modern Leftists: Is outraged when a doctor says that female doctors earn less because they work less.

The Old School Left: Spared no toxin in their quest for economic, military and political power, but then did eventually come around and pushed for clean air, clean water and clean land. They pushed through consumer laws that protected consumers from (some) predatory lending practices, shoddy construction standards, unsafe ingredients and handling practices, and workplace safety.
Modern Leftists: Worry that films and toys send the wrong gender signals. Want to ban 16 oz. sodas. Want magic to make renewable resources work better than they do.

The Old School Left: Put you in a gulag or concentration camp if you stood in their way.
Modern Leftists: Cyberbully you on Twitter if they don't like you.

The Old School Left: Used strikes to cripple industries to get their way.
Modern Leftists: Hold cute little one-day rallies in pussyhats before going home to wait for someone to do something.

Not that the old school left was good. They weren't. They were monsters who occasionally made use of a good cause to mask their agenda. But they did have an agenda. And they had a plan of action. They were an enemy to be feared and respected. The modern left is to the old school left as a Chihuahua is to a wolf. Indeed, old school leftists must be rolling over in their unmarked graves. I supposed we should be thankful that the modern left has become so pathetic and feeble, but I will admit that they are much more annoying than their forebearers. Both suck, they just suck in different ways, and right now we are going through a period where the left is an intolerable whiny infant. Happy Labor day.

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