Sunday, August 23, 2020

Some Thoughts on Biden and the Convention

That title sounds like a Aesop's fable, doesn't it? Sour grapes might apply to the media. Hmm. Well, here are my observations on the whole Biden/Convention thing.

It was a failure.

Why would I say that? How about this:

1. tryanmax sent me two comments the next day that were very insightful. First, he noticed that none of the headlines about how successful the convention was included any lines from Biden's speech. That means that nothing resonated. I think he's right and I agree.

I responded that I'd seen articles talking about how strangely indifferent the audience had been to the whole convention and asking rhetorically if a convention was even possible in these trying times -- always a bad sign when the left speculates that NO ONE COULD DO IT! tryanmax later replied that things were worse than he thought as the best he saw throughout the day were articles talking about how Biden didn't blow it. With the media being nothing but a PR machine for the Democrats, that's a huge sign that they had nothing to work with and they were playing with "managed expectations." All very bad signs.

2. Still, the media tried to sell him: "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! there were a MASSIVE number of people who watched, something like 21.6 million! That's huge." So said many articles. "Sure, this was down 18% from Hillary who lost, but it's still a big number, amiright?" Is that a big number? This means that two in ten people who watched annoying Hillary cackle her way through the nomination didn't bother watching this time despite four years of hate-stoking by the left. That screams a lack of voter enthusiasm. The left should have been dying to watch this moment... but they didn't turn out.

A lot of excuses were given for this including a worse television landscape to attract viewers and people not being sure what to expect from a virtual convention, but those things normally raise interest, not lower interest. Also, they don't at all explain where all this supposedly unfettered enthusiasm went to. Aren't people dying to dump Trump? Eventually, the leftist media was happy to console themselves that Fox had the worst ratings and MSNBC beat everyone without even realizing this pathic vindicitive victory actually means few independents or Republicans cared.

3. The left was not tamed either. In fact, the left continues to snipe. The BLM white kids continue to riot. A few celebs came over for the sake of winning, but they did so reluctantly (and always planned to). Most on the left continued to act insulted. Rose "I was raped by everyone" McGowan attacked fellow #metoo founder Alissa Milano as a "f**ing fraud" for supporting Biden. Yikes.

4. But he did win over the public, right? Uh, no. According to polls, Biden got a 5% bounce. That's within the margin of error and most successful conventions (especially for Democrats) have given a 15-18% bounce. This was 5%. Pathetic. This could mean that opinions are hardened so there's little to change, but I don't think so. I think this means they just didn't win anyone over. Moreover, a CNN poll taken afterward shows Biden trailing in the battleground states and only leading nationally by 8%. Those are all terrible numbers for a Democrat. Even worse, Trump leads Biden by 8% on the economy, which is usually the issue that settles it.

5. Then there's this. While many tried to claim Biden's speech was nice, there was trouble brewing in Canada. You might recall that, in his 1980's run for President, Biden famously plagiarized his background from Neil Kinnock, British Labor Party Leader. He'd also been caught plagiarizing from Kennedy and some others. This was such a problem that his campaign even said they would run every speech through a plagiarism checker. Yet, as he spoke his best lines, a group of Canadians suddenly realized that his speech sounded a lot like one given by Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton. Biden is a fool.

6. Finally, Biden apparently announced shortly afterwards that if he gets elected, he's going to shut the country down to fight Covid. Uh, that's blowing up on Democrats.

Thoughts? Observations?
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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Significant Booing

As much as the media wants to portray the world as changed after all those angry white kids exploited the death of a black man to burn down liberal cities... uh, the black lives matter protests... I keep telling you that nothing has changed. Here's some fascinating proof.

Last night, major league soccer held its first game back with fans in the stadium. About 3,000 people showed up. Soccer fans. Keep that in mind... soccer fans. Not real Americans. Squishy, smug soccer fans. And guess what? When the douchebags soccer players took a knee during the national anthem, they got booed.


If anyone outside of a black audience should have supported the disloyalty of kneeling, it was soccer fans. Yet, they booed.

The players were angry and "baffled" (direct quote). They couldn't understand how someone could boo them "for kneeling to protest racial injustice." They were even more "baffled" because girls soccer did it and the NBA has been awash in this crap and all they've received is praise. How could anyone boo them? Boo hoo hoo.

Well, let's start with that. The girls and the rich thugs received praise because they controlled who could comment. There were no fans in attendance. The only people capable of commenting were sportswriters, who are all hard-core leftist assh*les and celebrity followers and the athletes themselves. Those are all fellow travelers... preaching to the choir. Like all liberals though, they don't understand they live in a bubble. They actually believe the echo chamber in which they live is reality and reflects the world.

It doesn't. As they were shocked to discover.

If there was even the slightest hint of change, politicians would have jumped on the bandwagon. You would see racial bills all over the place at the state and federal level with everyone lining up to sign them. Hasn't happened, even in liberal states. Even the Democrats aren't touching this one. Heck, look at Biden's selection of Harris. That honestly seems meant to please guilt-ridden-liberal white women with a calculated loss of BLM support within acceptable parameters.
If change had happened, soulless corporations would be proudly exploiting the new normal. They haven't. In fact, outside of corporations that pander to blacks, businesses have been remarkably silent on this. Even Nike, whose target is angry blacks and vapid white women has been super careful to hide what it says to blacks from the white chicks, and their commercials are not nearly as uber-macho-angry-black as they have been in recent years. Gatorade too seems silent. The few companies I've seen that ventured into supporting BLM dropped it fast and are in damage control mode now using the same tactics you see when a company gets accused of massive consumer fraud... commercials talking about years of trust and being solidly in favor of the American dream. Even companies like Modello, a pretend Mexican beer company which used racist appeals to Hispanics as its chief marketing strategy, has suddenly decided that Irish people might be as worthy of being singled out as hero immigrants as Hispanics.

All this tells us that the racial tantrum did not take with the public.
Did you know that Yahoo shutdown their comments section because people were making a mockery of their liberal crap and they couldn't bear the overwhelming wave of disagreement (about 20-1 against)?  So they silenced the voice of the public.

I think the sports leagues are blinded by being buried in an echo chamber of nouveau-rich ghetto blacks and hardcore leftist sportswriters without any real access to the rest of the country. They will be horrified to discover that audiences have not changed. That audiences were never going to change. Struggling Americans will never agree to defund the police who protect them or excuse crimes and abusive misbehavior simply because of someone's skin color. Struggling Americans will never agree to create a sacred cow class in America. Struggling Americans will never accept the false labels of racist, sexist or any other sort of victimizer. This was never going to sell. And the booing suggests to me that there's a lot more pent-up counter-anger than the left realizes... anger that still lingers long after the BLM movement has evaporated into yet another talking point. That is very suggestive to me that the public is not accepting this tantrum. All that should have faded by now, but it clearly hasn't.

Finally, one more interesting bit of information. In a world starved for sports since February, HBO put out its annual football show "Hard Knocks." This show follows an NFL team through preseason until the regular season begins. It's gotten old so its ratings keep falling each year, but this year should have been different. This was the first taste of football for a population that craves NFL games on the order of 40 million viewers a week plus college games and has been starved of it. The audience should have been massive. Worst ratings ever. Under 273,000 viewers. That's a 66% drop from last year alone and an even more massive drop from the past. For "some reason" football starved fans aren't interested. I wonder what that could be? Could it be they don't want to hear spoiled thugs and wife-beaters lecture them about being racists?

BLM/NBA games are averaging television audiences around 1.5 million viewers. They used to get around 2.5 million.

So maybe sports are just down? Doubt it. The golf game between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady drew 5.8 million viewers.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kamala Harris... A Good Choice?

So Biden picked Kamala Harris. Not really a surprise in hindsight. Sure, she insulted him, but he always plays it safe and she's him in black-drag-face. How much safer can it get than to pick a clone of yourself? But was this good or bad? Let's explore.

Let me start with this: In my lifetime, no Vice Presidential candidate has ever mattered. It's true. As bad as Palin turned out to be, as steady as Bush Sr. and Biden were supposed to be, as religious as Pence was next to heathen Trump, as whatever the others were... none has ever changed anything. The Presidential candidate is all that matters. Vice Presidents don't even guarantee their own states. This is why Vice Presidents rarely become Presidents because they are also rans who don't matter or influence anyone and are given a pointless job. They are, at best, a joke.

Harris fits that mold perfectly. Does she inspire people? Hardly. She flamed out as a candidate. Does she really give a spark to Biden? From where would this spark come from. She got her job by dating Willie Brown and she's a terrible candidate. She's never managed to climb on her own. She's never started a movement or done something to excite people. Her speeches are forgettable. Nobody's writing books about her.

Maybe she brings a constituency Biden doesn't have, right? Hardly. She wanted to be the women's candidate and women didn't care. She wanted to be the black candidate and blacks didn't care. She wanted to be the healthcare candidate and that didn't interest anyone either. She's basically a moderate empty suit. She has no credibility with the progressives who power the party. To them, she's a moderate just like Biden. She doesn't inspire blacks despite being kind of black because she's not fire and brimstone, she's not all about grievance, she doesn't have an inspirational story, she's not ghetto, she's a former prosecutor who is now afraid to mention her past. She's a political animal, not an activist. She's corporate.

What about women? What about them? Women aren't women. Women are (1) black women, (2) single white women, and (3) married white women. Group 1 will vote for a sista (they are increasingly racist and won't vote white). Group 2 are progressives who will struggle to like her because she's a non-inspirational, moderate cop who never screamed rape and lives the high-life. Group 3 mostly votes Republican. So the only group she really "inspires" is black woman and she's shown she doesn't inspire them. She invokes their racism, that's about it. That will help Biden, but not like an Obama.

What about other groups? White men have been the Democrats problem for several elections. Does Harris help or hurt with them? I think she hurts with them. They feel abandoned by the Democrats and here is Joe Biden picking a rich, black woman of privilege from wine country. How does that play in the steel mills? How does that play with an unemployed white guy who feels like the Democrats have become a racist party opposed to him? Not good.

All told, I see her as a neutral. I don't see her inspiring anyone. She doesn't hurt Biden with the moderates, but she may hurt him with the progressives. She doesn't create passion among blacks or women or the young. She confirms the prejudices of low-class white males. That's not good math.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Leftist Disconnect

The Democrats don't seem to get it.

Trump did an executive order to expand some unemployment benefits and cut the employment tax after the Democrats wouldn't reach a deal with him. Politically, I think that was huge... Republican resistance notwithstanding. Joe Biden pounced like a Tigger, claiming that this was a dangerous assault on social security and he was going to shoot a gun through a closed door. Nancy Pelosi attacked that this didn't go far enough. So which one is lying? Was it too much or not far enough?

Joe is getting picked on for the demeaning way he's not picking a Vice Presidential running mate. Uh, this is how it's always been done. But apparently, the process needs to be more dignified when you're supposed to pick a black chick. I guess they are too delicate to be treated like everyone else. I'm actually thinking Joe might go with a WHITE woman... a honkette. There's going to be hell to pay if he does. Either way, white or black, this will help Trump hold white men and suburban women.

In Portland, we were told the animals only acted like animals because Trump sent in Federal agents to protect Federal property. Trump withdrew them and the animals promptly tried to burn a bunch of cops alive. The wussbag mayor whined that this was attempted murder. No sh*t?! Maybe someone should call the Police? Maybe we should let Portland burn as an example to the rest of the country?

The destruction of Ellen is almost complete. I told you this was coming right as it started a few months back, if you will recall. There's lot of vague talk now of how Ellen is disrespectful and mean etc. ... ephemeral allegations of de-self-esteeming. Her real crime though was shooting with a non-union crew during Covid. That's what this is all about. Interestingly, this means that pro-union trumps gay in Hollywood now, which tells you how far gays have fallen of the PC food chain. Everyone has known about her behavior for years, but with gay being protected, no one dared to speak. Now she's sinned, so they all want to destroy her and anyone who defends her.

A word on Russia and Beirut. I'm sure you all saw the nuclear-like explosion when a Russian ship carrying explosive chemicals went up the harbor. The debate is whether this was an accident or some terrorist action that blew up the ship for reasons unknown -- no one has claimed it, suggesting it was not terrorism. I think the most likely truth is that this was a Russian experiment. And now they know what will happen if they set something like this off in a major city. That's troubling, but watch for it to happen in the near future.

Interesting article on Covid the other day. After the steady stream of articles blasting the US for being the worst in the world on Covid, this article mentioned that South America has just passed Europe for having the most Covid deaths. Huh.  Notice that neither of those is the United States. In fact, US deaths are apparently about 40% the number in Europe and South America. And not a single American journalist connected those dots. Imagine that.

Finally, it looks like college football is about to end its season. I think baseball goes next. And I don't see the NFL making it through a season. Unless people are willing to accept the fact that Covid is now a fact of life, there will continue to be backlashes that shut everything down.

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