Saturday, September 26, 2020

And More Observations

Some more recent observations.

● BLM keeps getting uglier. The Kentucky AG is black... a black Republican actually. When he refused to indict each of the cops in Kentucky, a torrent of race hate was unleashed by the BLM thuggery. This included black elected officials attacking him with the old "you ain't black enough" line you see all the time when black people aren't ghetto leftists. They turned on Charles Barkley and Shaq too for pointing out that the dead woman's boyfriend shot at the cops to start the whole thing. Hilariously, some of the dipshit trolls attacking them accused them of not letting others have their own opinions. Talk about ironic performance art! Anyways, in the riots that followed, they shot a black cop to add to the list of young black men killed in the BLM zones. They've also taken to harassing old couples in restaurants now -- caught several times doing that. And of course, they keep trying to destroy far-left Portland and Seattle. Ha ha.

All of this has led to a collapse in the public support of BLM to 39%. I say "public" because that includes a number of people who don't actually support them but don't want to be seen as racists by the pollsters. Either way, their support is well below the far-left percentage in the country, i.e. 43%. The fact they won't stop is costing them the election.

● The Dems are about to make another huge mistake with Trump's justice. They're going to smear her religion (Catholicism), which will undo all the attempts they've made to sheer off a portion of religious people to their party.

● The Emmy Awards hit a record low of 6.1 million viewers. That's not quite 2% of the population. At this point, that's not much more than the number of people in the industry. I guess nobody wants to watch a bunch of smug leftist hypocrites pat themselves on the back. This is another clear sign that celebrities turn people off these days.

● Did you know that half the Emmy awards went to minorities? Wow! Amazing! I'm so sure they earned them too... yup... couldn't have anything to do with political correctness. Enjoy those "well-earned" awards! We're all very proud of you.

● This is kind of funny. Quibi is asking for help -- hoping to sell itself actually. Quibi is a streaming service that is crashing and burning. They claim the problem was that they were hit by Coronavirus, but that actually helped all the other streaming services. What's killed them, though they won't admit it, is that they signed up every leftist agitator they could find -- all B-list but famous for being anti-Trump -- and that's their programming. As a result, they are running 80% behind what they anticipated in terms of viewership. Ha ha.

Finally, I'm seeing something interesting. In the midst of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg orgasm, there is a voice of dissent going out... an interesting one. While RGB was a feminist icon, (//snicker snicker, talk about a low bar), she was only a "white feminist" icon. Yup. According to brown women, "white feminism" is a thing, and a delusionally bad thing. The left really does hate each other.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts. Was RGB a cult figure? Why have so many women pretended to be black? J.K. Rowling a hater? You betcha.

(1) Ruth Ginsburg is dead. My political thoughts in a moment. Before that, I don't know if you knew this, but there was this strange cult of personality built around her on the left. They wrote fiction about her, songs and films and the such (LINK), and made her into an icon to a set of leftists like Castro. That doesn't really say anything out her except that she was shaky intellectually, but it tells us that the left has gotten oddly desperate for heroes.

Now that she's dead, the question: what effect? I fear that her death will bring the far left into the election to stop Trump from appointing her replacement next term. That could be the votes Biden needs, though I guarantee you that whoever Biden appoints won't be as liberal... Biden is a corporate liberal.

Romney and the never-Trumps seem to want that to happen. But Trump is about to play a fascinating card. If he appoints an Hispanic woman (and it sounds like he might), not only does that shake up Romney and the rest, but it shakes up the race. If 3%-5% of Hispanics shift over this, that guarantees Arizona and Florida and might add Nevada, which is in play. It also might defuse the re-energizing of the left. Interesting. Let's hope.

(2) A growing number of black activists and black professors have turned out to be white women. Interesting. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. It could be simple opportunism, i.e. white women taking a job or position they wouldn't get without the ethnic claim. It could be something sinister-paternal. I think most likely this is about attention. These women want attention badly, and they aren't getting it as white-women-victims, so they decide to sell themselves as black-woman victims to get noticed. Not sure, but it's an interesting phenomena.

(3) J.K. Rowlings is a leftist who has spoken heresy. She is now learning just how vicious the left can be. After screaming that she was anti-trans, and trying to destroy her online, she's now fair game. Not only does this open the door for others, like Muslims, to scream that she's anti-Muslim, but the cancellists are removing her books from book shelves to create safe spaces for their sick little friends.

(4) The Minnesota city council as well as Mayor Moron DeBlasio is New York are both shocked SHOCKED that crime has gone up... soared actually. They've gotten lots of people killed. Well, they are looking for cover by accusing the police of not doing their job. Talk about irony. First, they are the ones who slashed police budgets and encouraged their thugizens to riot and steal and commit crimes. Secondly, these same people have always told us that policing has not effect on crime, so how exactly are they to blame for crime going up now?

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Friday, September 11, 2020

America(ns) Speak

Last night was interesting. The NFL returned. Why does this matter? A crowd.

Since the BLM thing began, we have not been able to hear from the American public. Why not? Because there have been no crowds allowed. Yes, you have protestors on either side, but they're idiots. They don't represent anyone except a few thousand on the fringes of either side. You had a rally in Sturgis, but they had no moment to confront BLM.

As for the media, they've done their damnedest to keep the American public out of the debate. They talk to each other only, doctrinaire leftists. They talk to "opinion leaders" like actors, but they only pick the ones they like. When someone does speak against BLM, they treat them like a freak, a racist or a criminal... someone who somehow snuck through the rest of the human race and doesn't get it. Yahoo even shut down their comments to stop people counter-pointing their leftist articles. Full cultural censorship. In effect, the only free voice to discuss BLM has been Trump.

We've had hints. NBA ratings are in the toilet. Places like Netflix and Amazon abandoned their black movie sections. Congressional critters never joined the barricades or pushed legislation or even upped the rhetoric. But the public never got to speak.

So last night, the NFL held a game. In Kansas City. They allowed 17,000 actual Americans into the stadium. No other leagues have allowed this. The NFL opened with the Houston Black Texans cowering in the locker room as the National Anthem played. One of the Kansas City Native Americans disloyally took a knee. The NFL's soulless announcers babbled how we are all BLM now. Then the NFL announced a moment of silence for Black Lives Matter.

And the crowd booed.


The public has spoken. After months of harsh indoctrination and attempts at isolation... the public booed the new media sacred cow. And it isn't like this is an audience of racists. These are people who cheer black athletes, buy jerseys with their names on them and hang pictures of them on their walls. And they booed.

As an aside, they will announce a massive ratings success, but I learned something interesting. Neilson has changed the way they count viewers now, adding a massive estimate for people watching from (closed) sports bars and in groups. So the number they will announce cannot be compared to any prior number. So don't believe there is any increase. Also, this means we need to consider basketball ratings far far worse than the 30% drop estimated.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

More Signs

I've always pointed out that polls lie. What you really want to look for is solid evidence that isn't run through a political filter. What I'm finding is actually surprisingly good for Trump at the moment. Observe.

● Let's start with this: Is BLM taking hold? Will it drive black turn out and help the Democrats? Has anyone noticed that there are no black people at the BLM riots? Does it seem a tad strange that everyone being arrested has been either a scraggly 40 year-old white male barista or a 30 year-old smelly white eternal-collegegurl? If BLM ever was about blacks, it's not anymore. It's about whiny upper-class progressives. What's more, people are sick of it. How do I know? There was an article the other day which collected a bunch of quotes from leftist writers about the future. Each one was deeply pessimistic. Each one suggested that their best chance at police reform was over, that too many people had faked their support, and that the Democrats failed them... plus, of course, inherent racism. This was a blame session which means its over. A couple seemed desperate to turn Minnesota talking about defunding their cops (something now stalled) into an enormous moral victory. Moral victory = loss. So I think BLM as not motivated blacks.

● BLM hasn't motivated whites either, at least not in that direction. There is no wave of black candidates. No proclamation of the Year of the Black Whatever, either. The whites on the left have not given up their shot to let blacks have a chance. There's no evidence of white support among the public either. Consider that neither Biden nor Harris is talking about it. In fact, the talk is to the contrary, that the Democrats are disrespecting cops and they are driving away the people who decide places like Michigan. Micheal Moore is freaked out that they are going to lose Michigan, so are some Democratic Reps up there.

● Then consider basketball ratings. Basketball has been a hotbed of BLM activity. In fact, I would say it has become the focal point for the political movement as the riots have turned into smelly white tantrums. As I pointed out before, basketball ratings tanked by a third. The left has tried everything to explain this away from people suddenly not caring about sports to too much competition from reruns to blaming the owners' sincerity. All B.S. Now they've settled on the product not being good and the pandemic affecting it in some nebulous way. Yet, overseas rating (which see the same product and also have the same pandemic) are soaring -- like 150%. So something about basketball has turned off Americans but not anyone else. There's only one answer: politics. Add in that everyone like Netflix and Amazon who rushed to post black movie sections and the such has largely abandoned them. There is no surge in blacks appearing in commercials or in movies. The public has voted no.

● Women? Ha. Do you hear anything about women? Metoo has devolved into cat fighting. There is no band of women pimping for Biden. The media hasn't even dragged out the Trump-raped-me chicks.

● There's more. There has been a lot of nervous talk of Biden losing Florida because he's not drawing in Hispanics. Now there's a poll showing Biden 4% behind Hillary on Hispanics... and she lost Florida. Hispanics also make up Texas, Arizona and Nevada (remember that thought).

● Biden's convention viewing was down 18%. His bounce was pathetic at 5% and vanished after Trump's bounce.

● The Democrats are now ringing the alarm bell in North Carolina, where blacks were supposed to get him through. The only thing worrying me there is that the Democrats have a surge in absentee ballot requests, but that's not enough data yet to explain, especially with lots of colleges being closed.

● I saw a list of "battleground" states the other day which was surprising. Here's the list: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. None of those are red states, despite the left saying places like Texas and Arizona were in play, they aren't on the list... see Hispanics. Note too that Minnesota, Colorado, Wisconsin and now Virginia and Nevada have been reliably blue. This suggests something bad is happening for Biden.

● Finally, Biden has been spending a large amount of time apologizing for gaffes when normally the media covers for the Democrats. What's more, his campaign has devolved into wrapping himself in the blood of his dead son and hoping the same old people can smear Trump with his supporters. That didn't work before. Why would it work now?

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