Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What 2020 will bring...

As we near the end of 2019, I say "Thank God!" 2019 has been brutal. Several deaths. Surgeries. Medical issues galore. A suicide threat. Five root canals! A failed set of braces. Destroyed appliances. Car issues that ran into the $10k range. Kids imploding spectacularly. A lost job. And so on. It even extended to our friends. It hasn't even quit yet. Just yesterday, we had a failed dental implant... these things don't fail, and a friend with an ulcer. So good riddance to 2019. If Karma is a thing, 2020 owes me big. It's going to need to make me an immortal billionaire just to even things out. I hope your year went better and I hope your 2020 is fantastic! Speaking of 2020...

It's time for predictions!

1. Buttguy wins the Democratic nomination.
2. Trump wins re-election in a squeaker. Dems keep the House, but don't win the Senate.

3. England finally gets its Brexit deal and the world does not end. England does not sink into the ocean. In fact, little changes, apart from the thousands of "see how bad it really is" articles that will highlight silly things like needing a passport stamp as if they are the end of the world. Look for Spain to start the breakup into three countries.

4. Stock market takes a serious dive in February, but recovers by November and ends the year right where it is now.

5. LSU wins the national championship by 40 points. The Saints get to the Superbowl and lose to the Patriots, who have been written off by their loyal fans, but will swear they had faith the whole time.

6. Hollywood realizes that they haven't made a genuine story in years and they all commit collective suicide. Wait, that's wishful thinking. In reality, they keep turning out superhero stories and raping old properties while spewing lies about being in it for the art. It's time for Mork and Mindy, Golden Girls, and Mr. Ed reboots. The public is screaming for those, especially with a genderfluid Mork, four gay old men as the Golden Girls, and a tranny Mr. Ed who wants to be a cow.

7. The world seems pretty stable, so I don't see any new wars or revolutions.

8. Greta Thunberg wears out her welcome when leftist celebrities get tired of being told they are expected to follow her advice as well. Accepting that other people need to be more responsible is more fun than having to be responsible yourself. She's then mysteriously run over by a German train... in Sweden.

9. The demographics people finally catch up with the truth and our whole view of the future changes as Hispanic growth peter's out, Asian growth soars, and mixed race kids are projected to become largest minority group in 50 years. I'll have to write an article on this. The genetics of it are going to be fascinating.

10. Finally, some truths come out: Buttguy is not actually gay... Warren is not American Indian... Harris is not black... Biden is not senile (Hillary is)... Cory Booker is a real person... Beto O'Rorke is now a stripper in Texas... Pelosi and Trump are Russian moles... Micheal Bloomberg secretly drinks soda from a 42oz cup (athletic supporter) at home... Andrew Yang hides in wine caves hoping to circumcise unsuspecting billionaires. It's all true.

What did I miss?
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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas, my friends. I wish you all peace and happiness in this joyous time of year. Be with your friends and family and remember the things that are truly important to you. Remember why we are here. Remember that life is about the things we love, not the things we hate. Remember that forgiveness and caring are the core to happiness. Thanks for being here!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Interesting Shift

We're on the verge of Christmas, so be ready. Word on the street is that a man in a red suit is intending to commit a home invasion on your place. While you're waiting for that, here's an interesting observation about the election... specifically, the Democratic race.

They suck.

Just kidding. No, I'm not kidding about them sucking, I'm kidding that that was the observation. The real observation is that I'm seeing something that tells me the race just crystallized down to two candidates: Buttguy for moderates and Warren for moderates pretending to be progressives. Seriously.

What brought on this conclusion? The past two days have seen a strange surge in terms of famous people (especially Hollywood types, but others too) endorsing either Buttguy or Warren. It's like a damn broke. The pattern seems to be that white male moderates (and cross-over Republicans) are endorsing Buttguy. This includes Kevin Costner, by the way. At the same time, women and moderate blacks have been backing Warren. Confirming this shift, both Buttguy and Warren were the two targets at the last debate. That means the others see them as the leaders.

This is interesting in several ways. First, it leaves out Biden. I'm not surprised by that actually. For while Biden still leads Buttguy, the momentum is going in Buttguy's direction. Buttguy is rising and the media loves him. He's the one the progressives fear too and they've been smearing him hard, while moderates are rallying around him. At the same time, Biden's support is evaporating, the media does not love him, Obama does not support him and he's made some serious missteps. Letting it be known he would only serve one term is a huge mistake. So it's easy to see Buttguy ascending whereas Biden is fading away. I think this will prove itself in upcoming polls soon enough.

On the other hand, Warren is a strange choice for progressives. They've been slamming her for weeks now as not really progressive. So how can she be their candidate? These are different "progressives." These are fake progressives, like Obama, who have latched onto her because they see her as center left and a woman and that appeals to them. Real progressives have been savaging her for weeks now.

What I think is going on is that desperate moderates have realized that Biden is a dry well, so they have looked for another candidate. The males want Buttguy and are straight up selling him as a moderate who can replace Biden. The females want their female candidate and Warren is the only who doesn't seem nuts. But to keep other women in line, they need to sell her as a progressive rather than moderate (which means "old Democratic party" to women). Hence, she's mislabeled.

If both succeed, and I think they will, the race will come down to Buttguy for moderates and Warren for everyone else. Who wins that? Hard to tell. I don't know that Buttguy can attract old people or blacks like Biden. I don't think he can attract women who are the biggest voting block for Democrats. But the media will push his electability. That is a strong influence. Is it enough? Could be. Democrats are sheep, after all. The problem is: either one will be bad for Democrats. If either wins progressives will vote third party. If Buttguy wins, female turnout will be depressed. If Warren wins, she's perhaps one of the worst campaigners they have and her appeal is elitist; she'll never reach white male workers. Those are all bad things for the Democrats.

Who will win? Buttguy. He's more likable, more electable, and has media support. Will he beat Trump? I don't think so. I think the progressives walk and neither candidate brings back white males.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

That's Debatable

So I saw parts of the Democratic debate. Don't ask me how or why. Basically, I was looking for white noise while I did something else. Huh, white noise. Is that racist now that they're all honkeys? Perhaps. I guess I should feel ashamed. I'll add that to my to do list. In the meantime, here is what I saw:

1. Bernie Sanders is old, but he assured us with his bent pointerfinger that he was white too (seriously), as he dodged questions like how he would pay for anything he proposed or what he really means to do with most of it. He's looking more and more like a crank. He made the most attacks of anyone in the debate (24 apparently). He kind of attacked everyone. Get off the commune's lawn you damn kids!!

2. Buttguy took a lot of fire. Elizabeth Warren warned us that he's the devil!! and he cavorts with Billionaires! He once worked for a consulting firm which recommended job cuts too. Then she chewed the cork off a domestic beer, insisted that her children went to sh*tty public schools instead of an elite private school, denied she made millions as a lawyer, promised to meet with some Injuns to apologize for lying about her Indian heritage -- the one she used to get into an elite law school and then become a high priced lawyer.... which never happened. She is SO not rich, or elite or privileged and not a wine drinker. Did you know Buttguy lets billionaires pet him for cash in a wine cave? Billionaires shouldn't exists. She would wish them into the cornfield. Oh, and she didn't mean she would ban all private insurance when she promised to ban all private insurance. Buttguy likes Billionaires.

3. Joe Biden only wants one term because two is too hard to remember. He looked sleepy and spoke least of the big candidates. But by gosh, he's got a letter from a doctor who swears that he's healthier than some people!

4. Andrew Yang wants women to run the world, except he should still be president. Then he would ban circumcision and pay college athletes and put on a tiger costume and growl for us all. Grrr, baby. No word if he would have a circumcision test for his cabinet, but he seems like the type.

5. There was a chick on stage. I'm pretty sure she was just there for decoration. She answered to Amy. She thought Buttguy was cute, but he lost a race in 2010 so he's automatically disqualified. She also said that Buttguy is so inexperienced that if he was a woman he wouldn't have made it that far! Not sure if she's saying that men are better or if she wants affirmative action for homosexual female mayors in Democratic debates. Probably both.

6. Sanders, Warren and Biden are all old and all white. But age doesn't matter, as you can be a retard at any age. Actually, they said that age is just a number... yes, a number which tells us what state your body and mind are most likely in.

7. The only nonwhite on stage was Yang, but he doesn't count as a nonwhite because he's Asian. So there are lots of articles about how the debate lacked diversity. Yang bizarrely said that he liked Harris, who is black, which I guess counts as virtue signalling in the awkward Asian community... or flirting -- Yang reminds me of the Asian guy who cries in Fargo. "I'm so lonely!" He then condescendingly said that he was sure Corey Booker would qualify for the next debate if he studies and keeps his grades up. But then he suggested the reason none of the nonwhites made it was some sort of strange conspiracy by (Democratic) donors. Actually, racist Democrats makes sense. By the way, Yang is selling $1,000 shirts with a rapper as a fundraiser. I think the guy's name is SirCmSiziO.

8. Did you know that Buttguy likes white billionaires?

9. There was some dude on stage too. Not sure who he was. He answered to "Tom" and he's a billionaire. He wants to pet Buttguy in his wine cave.

By this point, Warren is under full attack by her former progressive allies, as is Buttguy. Several of the dudes have been accused of sexual harassment, as is Bloomberg. Amy is accused of being a total monster to her staff. Warren has been caught repeatedly lying to try to prove she's not an elitist. She even tried swigging a hops brewed drink straight from the bottle on camera. She looked like a nun fellating a horse, it was that awkward. Biden is..., well, Biden and he rides the shortest of short buses. That leaves Buttguy as the most normal, but he's got billionaires in his wine cave. This really is a party of freaks and morons. They make Trump seem like George Washington.


P.S. I'm laughing at how impeachment is falling apart. Yesterday, the Democrats were screaming that the Republicans are evil because they don't want to do their own investigation. How can we impeach if we don't know what really happened, they were whining?! “Are they going to literally vote against getting information we all know is quite relevant?” said Democratic Rep. Pete Welch. So let me get this straight. You didn't do your job despite years of hearings and now you expect the Republicans to do it for you? Are you f***ing nuts?

Ironically, today Pelosi decided to try to hold impeachment hostage by refusing to turn over the Articles of Impeachment. That was like the moment Cleavon Little put the gun to his own head in Blazing Saddles, only this time the town folk weren't stupid.
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Friday, December 13, 2019

Interesting Times

This has been an interesting couple days. I think Trump may have won the election and Europe is about to change forever.

On the first point, we've had the failure of impreachment... uh, impeachment. Not only did it not help the Democrats, but the polls are suggesting that the opposition is actually growing. This seems backed up by three things: (1) Republican unity, which only happens when all the scaredycats are 100% sure they can't get hurt, (2) the downplaying of impeachment in Democratic ranks -- the media is almost ignoring it, the Democrats are rushing out to make other announcements, and there are open admissions that lots of Democrats will be voting against it, and (3) a growing number of angry, angry articles blaming the Democrats for their tactics and whining that they actually helped Trump. //snicker snicker This looks like it may save Trump.

At the same time though, to save their butts, Pelosi gave Trump a victory on the new NAFTA. Yes, there are articles today talking about how Trump didn't get everything he wanted and the Democrats really got the things they asked for blah blah blah, but they fundamentally misunderstand the math on this. The people who cared about changing NAFTA were white, male union workers in the battleground states. This treaty delivers on a promise to them from Trump. What's more, the Democratic additions were all pro-union. So the union guys got what they wanted. And while the Democrats will try to claim it was them and not Trump who gave it to them, that's not how politics works. Presidents get the credit/blame for treaties and this will help Trump with the very people he needs to win states like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It seems this will hand him the election.

Then we have this, Trump has announced a deal with China. Who cares about this? Well, the stock market. But even more so, farmers who had been bearing the brunt of the trade war. If China does buy more manufactured or farmed goods from the US, that again helps Trump with the very voters he needs in midwestern states like Iowa and Wisconsin.

In effect, the last couple days have shored up Trump's support with the very people I was afraid he was losing and I think he needs to be seen as most likely to win the battleground states now.

Then we have the British election. This was fascinating to me because Brexit was always a bit of a surprise that it passed, and it seemed that the British public had major remorse after the election demanding it. Then you have a years-long war of smugness against it by British elites. That seems like a change of heart should be coming. Yet, last night the British public overwhelmingly destroyed the left to make sure that Brexit happens. What interests me about this for us is that it suggest that "the public" (worldwide) is no longer willing to be led by the elites, especially when they get smug. We've been similar in the last couple election cycles and the British election suggests that despite the unity of media opinion, the public will rally behind Trump.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019


What if we had an impeachment and nobody cared?

So the Democrats came out with articles of impeachment. This should be a BIG thing. This should be a headline dominating thing. This should an interrupt your football game for a special announcement kind of thing. And yet, I could barely find any mention of it on Yahoo. There was one small article buried in the rotation. Ditto on the other news sources I checked. Gee, it's like nobody cares?!

Then things got even funnier. Pelosi and Trump announced a revised version of NAFTA... and that became the big news. An event happened that could in theory destroy a presidency, an event the left has been salivating for since election night, and yet a revision to a treaty on trade was the big news. Not even that, the really big news was that Simon Cowel had lawyered up to defend himself against charges of creating a hostile work environment and some truly stupid whining in the wokesphere about a Peloton exercise bike commercial.


As an aside, the Democrats are taking flack because their top four candidates are all honkeys. This week, they visited Mexico Nevada to talk to the nation's largest Hispanic union and got a lot of unhappy comments about them all being white.

In related news, the Progressive left is savaging Buttguy right now because he's not leftist enough for them. They want Elizabeth Fauxcahontas. Meanwhile, in senile town, Biden has apparently told his staff he only wants to serve one term. That's going to hurt him with voters and give Buttguy the chance too slide in there. Yuck. Innuendo.

There are two movies that actually interest me this year. I want to see Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell and I want to see 1917. I've seen the trailer for the remake of Revenge of the Jedi The Rise of Skywalker and I've discovered I just can't care about that. Disney Presents Star Wars is dead to me.

What about you?
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Hmm. Interesting.

So let's talk about impeachment, particularly Pelosi's interesting move.

Let me start with what I've seen of the impeachment process, before we get to Pelosi...

Impeachment has been a disaster for the Democrats.

Before impeachment, I was pretty sure that Trump was doomed. Trump's overall poll number have remained steady, but he's lost support in key groups -- groups who will decide states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. In particular, he's losing a tiny slice of white working men and a bigger slice of suburban women. His support should be growing in these groups given the economy and the herd effect which makes these people vote for incumbents, but it's dropping. That's a problem, and it's resulted in disaster in the last half dozen elections for the GOP.

His problems include turning women off personally, trade fights that cost farmers dearly, not bending a little more pro-Union in the rustbelt, and now picking a series of strange fights with the military.

This was the trend when the Democrats began impeachment, a slow motion implosion for Trump.

Then came impeachment.

Impeachment was always a mistake for a number of reasons. The public doesn't like revenge politics. The Democrats picked an issue out of the Ukraine... where? The Democrats have been screaming impeachment for so long and about so much that they made it all but impossible to appear to state a legitimate case rather than just revenge. So things were going to go poorly.

But the actual hearings have been way worse than expected. Essentially, the Democrats brought in a small group of people with serious grudges against Trump who all gleefully testified that they knew nothing but they were sure that was meaningful: "I saw a man in a hat, Ukrainians wear hats, Trump must have had a quid pro quo. DESTROY HIM!!!" And the Democrats stroked themselves and called for ever greater punishments. This was obvious revenge porn. At the same time, the Ukraine came out several times to say they don't recall any sort of quid pro quo and the transcripts suggest that the things they Democrats say were talked about just never came up.

All told, it's a bust, and that's become obvious as the media doesn't seem to be able to find any themes or any dead horses to beat. Add in the clear bias of all the witnesses, the utter lack of even a warm gun (much less a smoking gun), and this is all very bad for the impeachers. See, to the average American, the lack of a 20 inch headline on every paper means that nothing has happened. Here you have the biggest issue of our time and it's not being covered on local news, the internet is more concerned with Jeffrey Epstein than Trump, and the media is strangely contemplate when they should be beating the drums of revenge.

Suggesting that this is all true, the polls just aren't moving. If anything, they're moving a tiny bit away from impeachment, and that has the Democrats freaking out. We know this because their candidates have started to avoid talking about the issue. Then several Democrats came out against impeachment. And now we're starting to see sour grapes articles saying that it might be better to leave Trump in place as an example to us all or something. Add in that not a single Republican has broken ranks, even Mitt Romney whose balls are in Nancy Pelosi's purse, and you have a total failure. Even worse, you have the sense that this has always been a witch hunt which has now been laid bare.

It's a disaster. How bad? Trump's support has firmed up and grown. He seems like the victim. Wow.

Now let's talk about Pelosi.

The Democrats are in trouble. The public has turned on them on this issue, but their progressive core wants blood, even as their moderate core wants to bail out (you see a lot of moderates arguing about getting it over with and moving on with the loss, even as progressives are claiming they could impeach him again and again if this one doesn't take). So the Democrats are in a trap: damned it they do, really f**ing damned if they don't.

Enter Pelosi. She suddenly announced that she is commanding the Democrats to impeach him. Huh.

So she's progressive, right? No. What she's doing is playing lightening rod. By ordering impeachment, she's basically taking responsibility for it. It will happen. Progressives will be happy. They will celebrate. But at the same time, all the "moderate" (worried) Democrats will now have the cover that they were forced to take the vote: "If I'd had my way, there would have been no impeachment... don't blame me for this, I washed my hands."

It's actually a brilliant move born of desperation. If she hadn't done this, the Democrats would have become the lemming party. Now they can claim it wasn't by choice. That may save some of the moderates. Will it be enough? Not sure. Will it satisfy the progressives? No, not once they figure out what it means. For now though, they will be in that post-coitus glow... until they realize, "Hey, you were faking!"

So we'll see how it plays out, but it strikes me this is an admission that impeachment has been a true disaster for them and they are on the verge of falling apart.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Another One Bites the Dust

Kamala Harris is dropping out. Both of her supporters are quite upset about this. So apparently, being the only black woman in the race was not enough to get Harris through to the presidency... or even to the first primary. I know what the media would be saying if this had been a Republican Primary, so I'll say it for them here: clearly, the Democrats are racists and sexists. They are gender-racists. Yup. Always picking the old white dude over women of color. For shame!

I think what I will miss most about Harris... uh... that she was Willie Brown's girlfriend. Other than that, I've honestly got nothing. I'm not sure what she stood for, except regretting throwing young black, male drug dealers and killers into jail. Beyond that, it all gets murky. I think she was in favor considering various issues though.

If there is a lesson here (other than Democrats being racist genderists), it's that you need to be screaming like a lunatic to get noticed by Democratic voters these days and be gay, white and male to get noticed by the media. Beyond that, it seems that you have no chance.

So congrats, Democrats. Better to chose an old white guy or a fake Indian than an inauthentic black woman.
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