Monday, November 30, 2020

Starting To Take This Personally! lol

Hi everyone. My bad 2020 continues. After having severe strep, which inflamed my lymph nodes and gave me a sinus infection, I have somehow got a skin infection. Basically, for the past three weeks, I've had sores all over my body and no one knows why exactly. These things honestly are covering most of my skin. So lots of antibiotics. I will post more when this finally ends. Thanks for your patience.
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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Media Bias

Evidence of liberal media bias is so overwhelming and so pervasive that only a fool (or a liberal) couldn't see it. It's to the point that it's hardly even worth pointing out. It's like pointing out a blue sky. Well, duh. That said, there's a really good example right now which I think tells us how the next four years will go.

Biden has a problem. He's attacked Trump for not fixing the covid crisis even though the crisis can not be fixed, not as long as we intend on being stupid, which is the normal human condition. He owns that now and people expect Biden to "do something" ("won't someone think of the children?!") about the crisis. Liberals in particular are expecting miracles because they believe in the magic idea that all problems can be solved by the easiest answer they can think of. The problem is that whatever Biden does will be wrong because there is no right answer. Shutdown and you kill people and jobs and solve nothing. Stay open and you kill people and jobs and solve nothing. Everything you do causes problems and solves nothing. There is no right.

So what should Biden do?

On the campaign trail, Biden promised a 4-6 week shutdown. When that didn't poll well, he flip-flopped and never-saided it. Now he's put together a panel (which does not include the noble and perfect Dr. Fauci -- after attacking Trump for threatening to fire him, note that the media has gone silent on Biden not hiring this perfect man). One member of the panel announced a 4-6 week shutdown. That went over like a turd in a punch bowl, so the other "experts" shot that idea down: "it would be a disaster, we should NOT shutdown!" Biden said nothing.

What did the media do? Nothing about Biden. They attacked Trump.

No kidding. They're trying to protect Biden by spinning how Trump has done nothing to stop this crisis and because of that, by the time Biden takes over, it will be unsolvable. Bullship.

Notice how different Biden gets treated. They do not call him out on backpedaling ("He's confused! An idiot! Biden lets politics decide science!"). They did not call Biden out when his first expert contradicted him ("Even his own people point to how stupid Biden is!"). When the others shot him down, the media didn't claim they silenced the oracle of truth ("Biden shuts down own experts who reveal the truth!"). They didn't attack Biden for creating a confused, conflicted panel. They didn't dig into the qualifications of these experts and destroy them. They didn't point out the contradiction. Nope. They gave this a total pass.

That's bias. If this had been Trump, each of the above quotes would be headlines going out all over the world screaming about Trump's incompetence, how he was shutting down science, how his experts are industry whores, how they're idiots, and how the whole thing is just one big cluster. But with Biden? Not a peep.

It must be nice to have an entire industry of bootlickers who view their sole jobs as covering up your mistakes. Ah, to be a Democrat. As for the media, do you think the media gets paid by direct deposit, or do the Democrats just leave money on the nightstand for them?
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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Go Fill Up On Groceries Now

Go buy groceries. Panic buying is coming.

We got hints a week ago about panic buying. We know some people who work at two different grocery stores and they said they are seeing more people panic buying.

We went out last week and started buying more stuff to fill the shelves. A large number of long-lasting goods were gone. Toilet paper was all but gone. Cleaning supplies were picked over.

This weekend seemed to bring some of it back.

Tonight, there's a huge headline on Yahoo that stores are going to start restricting purchases again because of Covid. If that doesn't spark a panic, nothing will. Add the fact that Biden's advisor wants to shut everything down for 4-6 weeks and places like New York just announced that pretty much everything is being closed.

Time to go stock up, just in case. If it never happens, great. But it looks like human nature alone is going to make this happen again. //sigh
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Yay, We're Saved!

It never ceases to amaze me how dishonest the media is and how their agenda can change on a dime depending on who is in office. Remember how the homeless vanished overnight when Clinton took office, reappeared the moment Bush took over, and vanished the second Obama took over? AIDS mysteriously disappears and reappears. Social Security is doing fine or is ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY!!! Foreign threats, crime, EVIL CHINA!!! You name it, its existence depends on who's in charge. Now we have another example.

Make no mistake that Pfizer waited to announce its vaccine until after it was clear that Biden won. They didn't want to help Trump. They would have happily announced if Obama had been running, but not Trump. That's not what interests me most though.

What interests me most is the media response.

When Trump was in charge:
1. Can we really trust a vaccine created in the Trump world? They're rushing it to please him.

2. Didn't Trump tell the FDA to rush these things, that's not safe.

3. Don't trust Trump period. Don't be the first to take this thing. Most Americans say they won't take it.

4. It may take decades to know if this thing is dangerous.

5. Vaxers are nutty Republicans, but this vaccine could do everything they say.

6. Corporations are going to benefit from this, and you know how they are.

7. Even if there is a vaccine, how will people get it? It won't solve anything.

8. Racism.
With Biden about to be in charge:

And best of all, it was developed by a couple who are in love. It's the underdog story of the Century!
And they wonder why we don't trust them...
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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Don't Panic

Yes, yes, yes, there are legal challenges coming... but it's over. Trump lost. Let's process that and get on with our lives. Let's talk pros and cons, and let me assure you this is not the end of America or even conservatism.


1. We kept the Senate and gained in the House. This looks like America is still doing what it always does, which is splitting the baby and weakening the leaders it does not trust. So we should retake the house in 2022. That's where the power actually lies if you have the Senate.

2. We made gains with Hispanics and Blacks and Muslims and Asians. If we can learn from that, we can destroy the Democratic coalition -- it only takes a couple % points for the whole house of cards to collapse. This election was lost by Trump pissing off suburban moms, and I doubt that repeats.

3. There is no wave for the left. In fact, the articles I've seen are lamenting how the Democrats couldn't get a wave even against Trump and how Biden is the weakest President to take office in 32 years with no mandate whatsoever. Biden really is as illegitimate taking office as Bush Jr. was.

4. I think the GOP has changed. It's become more aggressive. That's something we've needed. We just need a leader who isn't the world's biggest asshole. Let me tell you, while I like a lot of what he did, I despised the man. In fact, I despised him all the way back when the liberals loved him. Hopefully, the GOP will learn to fight finally.

5. The Dems are in for a massive civil war. Biden is the last hurrah of their older voters. Pelosi is too. The younger ones are super angry and want to start nominating angry women. That will hurt them with voters and it sets them on a course to become a much smaller party.

6. The GOP has started to run a lot more women and blacks, and that will make a huge difference in the future with fence sitters. It's entirely possible that this may lead to us becoming the majority party again.

7. Biden is a fool and a joke and will soon become an embarrassment to the left.


1. A loss is a loss.

2. Colorado looks permanently lost. Georgia seems to be tipping purple.

I've lived through lots of Presidents by now and, honestly, I don't think there's all that much to worry about. Biden had no agenda, has no mandate, and has no ability to pass anything through the Senate. The economy is crap, the virus is a mess, and Biden will get to take the blame for that. The stock market has nowhere to go but down (it's super frothy). Foreign policy doesn't seem to change between Presidents anymore, so nothing happens there. Moreover, Biden and Harris, no matter what you hear, are corporate properties... they aren't radicals. They will take no risks and what they do will be along the line of Bush Jr. and Obama, giveaways to corporate buddies. There will be no reparations or new "civil rights" crap. There will be no more socialism than usual. There will be no environmentalist lurch, no peace movement, no equal pay amendment. None of it.

And ultimiately, this is the best part: they will infuriate the left because this will be four wasted years for them... and that's good for us.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Trump is Ahead 16-10... 160 million to Go

Good morning, everyone. Today is one of those days where we prove what for a bad idea it can be to let stupid people vote themselves goodies from other people. Ah democracy.

It's impossible to tell how things are going to go. I did an informal project with my daughter last night and ended up predicting that Trump wins with 283 votes when we went state by state, but there are a lot of 'ifs' in there.

I keep seeing strange signs... articles written by angry Hispanics that so many Hispanics are being fooled by Trump, a shocked article that Muslim support for Trump has rise from 4% to 16% (which would win him Michigan), articles about how stupid Vietnamese people are backing Trump, and LOTS of blowback at black male rappers who are supporting Trump. It's entirely possible this all adds up to something, that this is a real glimpse of what is going on.

But then there are the polls which really seriously point in the other direction. Arg.

Trump is winning a dozen "this sheep's bladder always picks the winner" type things. Biden is winning a different dozen. Trump won some baked goods thing in Pennsylvania overwhelmingly.

Supposedly, Trump's "working class" white male support fell significantly, but when I look at his rallies in the rustbelt, that's who I see in massive numbers at his rallies. I'm not sure who is attending Biden rallies.

I'll be very interested in Oregon. The BLM idiots spent last night burning and rioting and throwing molotov cocktails. If that doesn't swing Oregon, then those people are f*ckedup. Of course, we already know they are... wiccas (read: fat women running naked in the woods), communal living, Portland smells like piss. Oregon is like a hippie urinal.

As an aside, I'm amazed at how flat out dishonest leftists are to their readers. I see stories at Yahoo and Huffpo and they are quite obviously lies packed with hyperbole. It's propaganda that would have made the Nazis blush. And yet, they don't seem to have any shame, nor are they losing their readers. What does this tell us about the left? Nothing flattering.

Hang in there today, people!
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