Saturday, February 29, 2020

South Carolina And The Future

I'm going to make some educated guesses and tell you what those will mean when they come true. Enjoy your look into the future!

South Carolina Results
51% Biden
37% Sanders
4% Fauxcahontas
3.9% Bloomberg
3.8% Bland Amy
7 votes Buttguy

Rough estimates.

● Biden will claim this is a tremendous victory which means he's back and still the front runner. But this changes nothing because he was supposed to win this state in a big way. Basically, the expectations damn him: if he wins, it's expected... if he doesn't win by enough, he's seen as a loser. In other words, he can't win. So he'll claim victory but the narrative will collapse within hours -- certainly by the first poll to show him coming in fourth in some Super Tuesday state.

● This will confirm that Warren is finished. She'll hang on just long enough to lose her home state of Massachusetts and then put her campaign to sleep -- interestingly, I don't think she will quit because the lack of a clear moderate winner lets her hope for a brokered convention. She will stop campaigning though because she actually has no choice as apparently she's out of money.

● Amy is out of cash and out of states where professional, single white women can control an election. Look for her to unofficially stop campaigning while praying for a Super Tuesday shock victory to keep her alive. It's not coming though, and her campaign ends after Super Tuesday. I think she quits rather than hibernates.

● Bloomberg confirms that money can't buy you love, but he won't quit. He's hoping for a brokered convention. He can't attract women, teachers, antiSemites, or blacks though, and these are the pillars of the Democratic Party.

● Buttguy will now face serious doubts that he can reach black voters and southern voters... neither of whom like gay little white boys. The thing is, he's the only moderate left standing and most Democratic voters live in the big coastal states where gays are more acceptable. So I think he does well on Super Tuesday and comes out as the anti-Bernie candidate. He will be dogged by blacks and feminists refusing to support him, however, and this may make those voters even more likely not to support him.

● Sanders. What to say about Bernie? He'll call it a tremendous victory in a state where he wasn't supposed to win. But this result will actually show tremendous weakness. It means he's not attracting blacks. It means the college kids who are supposed to lift him up didn't show up. It means he's a lot better in caucuses than primaries -- his supporters are still trying to call Nevada a decisive victory, but it's just a caucus result. Super Tuesday is likely to be a big disappoinment to him, and while the MSM will call him the strong, clear winner in Carolina, this result will bode poorly for Super Tuesday as it shows a ceiling for his support even as a supposed runaway front-runner.

● Ultimately, South Carolina will bring more confusion than anything. While I think it confirms that Warren and Amy are finished, they won't quit yet. It will give false hope to Biden. It will give doubt (doubt=weakness) to Buttguy. The media will sell it as a Bernie victory, but the reality is that it will show that he's weak. All that weakness will encourage them all to stay in much longer than they should, which increases the odds of a brokered convention.

● BTW, the talk of Michelle Obama being made VP is just pandering to blacks, no one is serious about it. And the talk of Sherrod Brown being picked as a savoir is the kind of thing that always happens at this point in primaries and means nothing. This is their field and that's not changing.
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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Primary of Fools

The Democratic primary marches on.

● Bloomberg keeps taking hits. There is now a video of him in 2016 where he mocks his own endorsement of Obama, calling it "backhanded" and claiming that Romney would have been a better President. As anyone with a brain could tell him, his plan to release three women from their nondisclosures stopped nothing. It just makes him sound like he's holding an army of female prisoners in his basement and he let some out as a show of goodwill. That said, he did finally get a decent commercial in Colorado, but he still needs to say "I'm Mike Bloomberg and I approve this message" at the end, and his voice grates on the nerves. His whiny, effeminate voice makes Trump sound like Darth Vader.

● Elizabeth Warren has gone into full attack mode after promising not to do that. Too little too late. It's a desperation tactic and while it excites her few remaining followers, it just adds to the sense of crankiness. All she's doing now is managing to hurt her competitors. As an aside, she just release a very bad commercial in Colorado (HERE) with a bizarre visual where she's in color and the background isn't, which makes her look superimposed, and her style changes enough that it makes her look unsettled. Bad ad.

● Biden continues lying. Imagine that. He's now claiming that he got arrested trying to see Nelson Mandel. LISTEN UP BLACK PEOPLE, I WENT TO JAIL FOR YOU!!! But even the leftist media has debunked that one. Time to whip out another dead son and gin up a few tears.

Politico publishes two types of articles: those slavishly praising Elizabeth Warren as groundbreaking and those breathlessly calling Bernie our lord and savior. After Nevada's "stunning" win, it was Bernie's time for praise. The problem is Bernie specializes in caucuses because it's easy to get 1,000 hardcore dipsh*ts to turn out, but not so easy to brainwash the public at large. So Bernie's win means nothing more than that his cult is dedicated. But Politico (and some leftists at Yahoo -- most are proWarren, but some are Bernsters) assures us that this proved all the narratives wrong. That idea that Bernie can't attract old people... wrong. That idea that Bernie can't attract moderates... wrong. That idea that Bernie can't attract brown people... wrong. That idea that Bernie's plan of medicare for all will kill him... wrong. The proof?? Isn't it obvious???!!!

Wishful thinking. A small caucus in a strangely union dominated state means nothing and Bernie showed nothing.

● Speaking of the Bernster, a lot of Democrats are getting really angry at the hate the Bernie boys are putting out online and in real life. They are true trolls, and it seems that like all their socialist ancestors, they do not accept dissent. Some of them have even been vandalizing the offices of Mike Bloomberg. Interestingly, the campaign tried to blame the Russians for a lot of this, but nobody's buying it.

● One thing the Nevada caucus did do was let the air out of the Klobuchar balloon. So it turns out that when you run out of states where white professional women aren't the majority of voters, as they are in New Hampshire, Klobuchar doesn't even rate. Surprise.

● This was actor week. Some came out for Buttguy //snicker snicker. Michael J. Fox in particular. Some came out for Bernie, sadly including Dick van Dyke. Clint Eastwood came out for Bloomberg, which honestly doesn't surprise me -- Eastwood has always been a strange mix of establishment libertarian and California moderate, and in truth, Bloomberg looks best on paper. Amy and Warren didn't have any big endorsements this week. Biden endorsed himself. Is there anyone else left in the race? Even Trump got an odd sort of endorsement. Goldman Sachs CEO said he would find it easier to vote for Trump than Bernie. Go Trump!

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

"Y-Chromo!" "Facist!" "Billionaire!"

So I'm reading reviews of the Democratic debate, as I could not bare to watch this foolfest, and I think it's hilarious. These people really are nuts. Some observations...

First, the anti-penis crowd has not taken to Amy Klobuchar. They want Elizabeth Warren and, by Gaia, they're going to have her. The articles today are full of sneering lines about all those "right-wing" journalists who "wrote her campaign off too early!" Take that penis, boys!

What they loved about Warren is that she attacked attacked attacked. She smeared Bloomberg like she was lathering him up with mud. She attacked macho macho man Mayor Peter. She "proved that Klobuchar is no bigger than a postage stamp." Ouch, feel the Bern. They seemed to forget that politics isn't about bitchslapping secondary competitors, it's about winning the like, comfort and respect of voters... and Warren just doesn't have that. She comes across as a crusty, angry school teacher. Slapping Mickey Mouse around doesn't add to your popularity.

As for Mickey Mouse, these same women hypocritically hated Mayor Pete because he "attacked" a woman... Amy Klobuchar. That "came across as mansplaining" wahhh or is it "manspreading"? Maybe it was just "manwinning" or could it be "gaysplaining"? Either way, they want a candidate who will throw out pissy bitchslaps... but he better not be male.

The resounding loser seems to be Bloomberg and I don't doubt that. The complaints are that he faded into the background and had no personality. I don't doubt that either. Bloomberg will never light the world on fire. But his bigger sin seems to be being a billionaire. That, naturally, means he's out-of-touch. Add in allegations of racism and sexism and the gurl army does not like Mike. As an aside, I mentioned the other day that Bloomberg keeps stepping into one problem after another. They've now released videos from his time as mayor where he smears the teachers unions and the ACLU as being as crazy as the NRA... what a monster, he's worse than Hitler! And he's released a video in which Obama appears to endorse him, which had brought out howls of rage from the left that he and Obama really hated each other and that this video is simply a lie. And let's not forget that he's a J-E-W, which isn't so popular with the party of Occupy Wall Street. Either way, they universally sneered at him and "those with a financial interest in his campaign who declared him the winner." See where that's headed?

No one is talking about the Bern or Mayor Pete, which makes me think they did well. Bernie seems to be building momentum right now in the polling, but I suspect that's just eating Warren's fleeing supporters. We'll see how high it gets.

Biden's black support in North Carolina has fall from 90% to 52% in the past week. Expect a terrible finish for him now and he may bail out after Carolina rather than Super Tuesday.

Reading the criticism of the Democratic candidates, it seems that (1) being a prosecutor is now considered poison (Harris, Klobuchar are both called "problematic"), (2) their ideal woman is someone the public will never accept - a nasty, nasty manhater, (3) being gay is no longer a double-plus good, and (4) there is a pretty open civil war going on between calm-leftists and rage-filled leftists. I'll be curious how this last one resolves itself. It's not clear yet. The calm ones have the vote now, but the rage-filled ones seem to be the future.

Finally, interestingly, Trump is receiving a massive number of votes in the primary so far. This has smart Democrats freaked out and dumb ones "demosplaining" that this is just because Trump is trying to generate turnout... unlike the Democrats. Uh huh. Anyways, he got 150% the turnout in Iowa that Obama got in 2012. He got four times what Bush got in 2004. In New Hampshire, he doubled both Bush's and Obama's totals. It sounds like Republicans are energized. The Democrats, on the other hand, are not. Iowa, for example, saw only 170,000 votes, about the same as 2016 but only 2/3 as much as 2008.
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Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Democrats: Who's Out?

Let's talk predictions and Democrats. This is how I see things shaping up...

● Elizabeth Warren is done. The evidence comes from the growing army of bitter articles blaming sexism for her failure -- especially before New Hampshire, which was supposed to be her shining moment. They note in particular... this might get crazy, but it's their logic (corrections in parentheses)... that the "country" (Democrats) is sexist and just isn't willing to "elect" (nominate) a woman, and evil Buttguy has unfairly taken advantage of this. That little gay sh*t is using "optimistic platitudes" to "steal" her voters because "sexist" (women) voters are programmed to see a strong woman as nasty but find him likeable -- likeability is itself a sexist construct meant to keep women down. He's young enough to be one of her students, can you imagine?! Yet, "mature" women (60+) are flocking to him instead of her because the gay-male-centric media push him on these (weak-minded) women because the media see a "gay millennial" as more like themselves than a "70 year old woman", no matter how "barrier breaking" her candidacy is, so they are supporting him.

Some thoughts: (1) So the media is biased? (2) Maybe the country isn't sexist, maybe she's really just not likable? (3) So gay Pete hasn't said anything of substance? (4) So these elderly women are too stupid to make up their own minds? Bernie's voters aren't shifting to Pete, are they smarter? (5) Ageism is cool? (6) How exactly is she "barrier breaking"? Was Hillary not a woman? Didn't she do better? (7) While they call her supporters sexist for leaving her, her appeal is supposed to be to elite white women who want a woman, i.e. reverse-sexist women. Something is wrong with this paradox. //head spins

Anyways, once you start to see a lot of articles trying to explain why someone is failing -- especially when written in a predictive tone that is nearly past-tense, and especially when they blame conspiracies or corrupt human nature or deus ex machina -- then you know it's over. Up to now, she's struck me as someone who would always end up third. I think her supporters see that now too and they are drifting to someone they think can win... someone more likable, gay Pete. This is frustrating her hard core supporters who see her other supporters bleeding away and are writing these bitter articles knowing it's over. She's done. Put a spork in her.

● Does anybody else think that Pete Buttguy looks like Mickey Mouse?

● Biden is done. The country's just too sexist to elect an idiot. Ha ha. Actually, I think Biden was never anyone's choice. Biden was seen by Democrats as the only moderate candidate with a resume -- did time in the Senate and was Obama's buddy meaning he has black friends -- so he was seen as the only rallying point to stop Colonel Sanders from dragging the Democrats to Stupidville. The alternatives were some gay mayor (who?) or some chick from flyover country who abuses her staff (who?). Neither had what it takes, so Biden it was. But a funny thing happened. Biden turned out to be an idiot... gee, who knew? He fell flat on his face in the #metoo world and keeps touching women, he's gaffe prone, he French kisses his granddaughter, Obama doesn't actually like him, he sleeps during debates, he's gaffe prone, he's not sure he's going to run for two terms... heck, he might even die in his first, he's gaffe prone, he's supported lots of things the Democrats see as war crimes (like welfare reform, gun rights and the Gulf War), he's creepy, etc. Suddenly, Mickey Mouse became the better choice in Iowa.


With the spell of "he's the only rallying moderate" broken, it's all falling apart now. His voters are flocking to gay Pete because he's not stupid or unlikable or creepy. Biden's falling in the polls to below Warren. His campaign is responding angrily. Anger never sells, it just makes the problem worse. He's bringing out the dead family members for sympathy. Voters smell desperation, which makes them flee. The media is doing post mortems about his strategy (once seen as brilliant, now seen as foolish), which gives his demise a sense of inevitability. His debate performance is now being analyzed more honestly and people don't like what they see. And worst of all, as a moderate, he needs to sell hope to win. He needs to come across as a happy guy looking to get along with everyone. But gay Pete has the high ground and the only way to undo him is to attack, which flies in the face of what he needs to present as a moderate. In other words, he needs to abandon the only selling point he's ever had to dig himself out of this hole, but how does that help? That's all she wrote.

● I think Bloomberg is done too. Despite spending trillions of dollars spreading his whiny voice everywhere on television, he's just not gaining much traction. He seems to have lobbed himself right into the pack of also-rans and can't gain escape velocity. Not only does he not have anything to offer (the gun issue doesn't resonate -- where are those gun kids?), but he's facing a series of body blows. Warren won't let go about him harassing women on staff, reaching settlements and making them sign nondisclosure, killing him with white professional women. Now comes a transgender scandal where Bloomberg dismissed them in 2016 as "a man wearing a dress." This is raising anger all over their community and they want his head... no pun intended. Of course, the media is further spinning this because his statement implied that we rube midwesterners could not understand social issues. It just never ends. In fact, it seems that every other week or so, he's tripping over himself.

Also, Bloomberg has three fundamental problems: (1) he's a Jew in an increasingly anti-semetic party, (2) he's a billionaire in an eat-the-rich party, (3) he was elected in NYC as a continuation of Republican rule and has no street cred with liberal activists, and (4) he's just not exciting. His money can keep him in, but only as a spoiler.

● Amy Whatshername is done too. She's cute and all, but she offers literally nothing other than being the only woman in the race... unless you count Buttguy. And it seems that having a gay friend is enough for white professional women, so they have chosen their gay friend Pete over boring Amy, who has failed to reach out as a woman.

That leaves gay Pete and Bernie. Unless something really dramatic changes, I think Bernie wins New Hampshire, with a close second by Pete and Warren third -- she was supposed to win New Hampshire, and her failure will confirm her death. Biden buys time buy winning South Carolina based on black votes. Then Super Tuesday ends Warren and Amy. Bloomberg fails miserably on Super Tuesday but stays in to the ego, uh, end. Biden hangs on to the end also, running an increasingly distant third. As between Bernie and Pete, I can't say yet, but I suspect Pete pulls it out. That said, there is a very high chance of a brokered convention. That will be ugly.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Democratic Debacle

These are not good days to be a Democrat.

Obviously, they lost the impeachment drama. Not only will Trump not be impeached, but they kind of came across as a**holes. Adam Schiff went too far, throwing mud recklessly, turning off all the moderate Republicans. They whined about the Senate not calling witnesses, which was meant to make the Senate look bad but only raised questions about why the Democrats didn't do that in the House. I guarantee you that none of this will play well with the impeachment-frenzied left, who will accept nothing short of victory. Pelosi's tearing up Trump's speech at the State of the Union, while meant as a protest, looked more like a rude, desperate act of frustration than anything.

Then we have Iowa. I was going to talk about the Iowa results today -- kind of a winners and losers thing -- but there were no results. Now we have some, and the result looks like everyone is a loser:
● The Democrats look incompetent to the public. Seriously, who can't count?

● The Democratic Party looks like it's rigging the game against the left. This was made worse by (1) prior attempts to rig the game and (2) their constant harping on voter fraud, which has left their idiot followers conspiracy minded and prone to seeing voter fraud. This could be the trigger that sends the Bernie people away.

● Hillary Clinton's name came up as her campaign people designed the app that failed. She truly is the gift that keeps on giving. She's like a plague ship moving through Democratic ranks.

● Biden seems to have been blown out. As the only "electable" moderate, he should have won easily. Indeed, the narrative is that moderates were picking Biden because they saw him as the best hope for moderates. But then fellow moderate Buttguy blew him (uh) away. This is the kind of loss that can allow Democrats to make a move to a different moderate as Buttguy has shown he can win. That's bad for Biden. Of course, it doesn't help that he French kissed his granddaughter for the media.

● Bernie looks like a loser because he should have won with Buttguy and Biden "slitting" the moderate vote, leaving the left to him. Not to mention, caucuses are his homefield advantage -- primaries are where he gets killed. Yet, he came in behind Buttguy and the vote that should have gone to him got split with the others... or doesn't exist. That's a danger sign and, I suspect, will strengthen the calls of voter fraud. Angry Bernie is about to become spittin'-mad Bernie.

● Warren is a loser because she keeps looking like a distant third no matter what the race. She's not the choice of progressives or moderates or women. So how does she win? Candidates like that can fade fast.

● Klobuchar is probably the only winner because she drew 12% when the people who voted for her should have been swayed by a better candidate who needed the votes more. She lives to lose another day.
And laughably, we don't know if any of this is true because we don't have all the results yet.

What else could go wrong? Well, the week is young.
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