Saturday, February 29, 2020

South Carolina And The Future

I'm going to make some educated guesses and tell you what those will mean when they come true. Enjoy your look into the future!

South Carolina Results
51% Biden
37% Sanders
4% Fauxcahontas
3.9% Bloomberg
3.8% Bland Amy
7 votes Buttguy

Rough estimates.

● Biden will claim this is a tremendous victory which means he's back and still the front runner. But this changes nothing because he was supposed to win this state in a big way. Basically, the expectations damn him: if he wins, it's expected... if he doesn't win by enough, he's seen as a loser. In other words, he can't win. So he'll claim victory but the narrative will collapse within hours -- certainly by the first poll to show him coming in fourth in some Super Tuesday state.

● This will confirm that Warren is finished. She'll hang on just long enough to lose her home state of Massachusetts and then put her campaign to sleep -- interestingly, I don't think she will quit because the lack of a clear moderate winner lets her hope for a brokered convention. She will stop campaigning though because she actually has no choice as apparently she's out of money.

● Amy is out of cash and out of states where professional, single white women can control an election. Look for her to unofficially stop campaigning while praying for a Super Tuesday shock victory to keep her alive. It's not coming though, and her campaign ends after Super Tuesday. I think she quits rather than hibernates.

● Bloomberg confirms that money can't buy you love, but he won't quit. He's hoping for a brokered convention. He can't attract women, teachers, antiSemites, or blacks though, and these are the pillars of the Democratic Party.

● Buttguy will now face serious doubts that he can reach black voters and southern voters... neither of whom like gay little white boys. The thing is, he's the only moderate left standing and most Democratic voters live in the big coastal states where gays are more acceptable. So I think he does well on Super Tuesday and comes out as the anti-Bernie candidate. He will be dogged by blacks and feminists refusing to support him, however, and this may make those voters even more likely not to support him.

● Sanders. What to say about Bernie? He'll call it a tremendous victory in a state where he wasn't supposed to win. But this result will actually show tremendous weakness. It means he's not attracting blacks. It means the college kids who are supposed to lift him up didn't show up. It means he's a lot better in caucuses than primaries -- his supporters are still trying to call Nevada a decisive victory, but it's just a caucus result. Super Tuesday is likely to be a big disappoinment to him, and while the MSM will call him the strong, clear winner in Carolina, this result will bode poorly for Super Tuesday as it shows a ceiling for his support even as a supposed runaway front-runner.

● Ultimately, South Carolina will bring more confusion than anything. While I think it confirms that Warren and Amy are finished, they won't quit yet. It will give false hope to Biden. It will give doubt (doubt=weakness) to Buttguy. The media will sell it as a Bernie victory, but the reality is that it will show that he's weak. All that weakness will encourage them all to stay in much longer than they should, which increases the odds of a brokered convention.

● BTW, the talk of Michelle Obama being made VP is just pandering to blacks, no one is serious about it. And the talk of Sherrod Brown being picked as a savoir is the kind of thing that always happens at this point in primaries and means nothing. This is their field and that's not changing.


Tennessee Jed said...

I have never quite determined who annoys me more, Warren or Amy. I do know mini-magic Mike is driving me insane with his non-stop commercials. On a slightly different note, I give a shout-out to Newsbusters or whoever it was that tracked the number of times a CNN on-air person invited, egged on etc. a guest to blame Trump for corona-virus

Critch said...

Buttguy is not a moderate, maybe in relation to Bernie the Bolshevik, but he is certainly no moderate. Bloomberg will cause the convention to be brokered, Bernie will lose and his army will torch Milwaukee....Amy and Fake-a-hontas are kaput...

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, His ads are driving me nuts too.

Trump is absolutely right about the left hoping people die so they can turn it into a political issue. I think it's fascinating too how angry the "experts" suddenly have become about not wearing masks just because Trump mentioned them. Before he said anything these people would have recommended masks as normal daily attire.

Warren annoys me because she's such a blatant liar, but Amy never bothered me. She just bores me. Mike bothers me... that whiny, pathetic voice. Biden amuses me. He's a fool.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, No, he's not, but by their standards he is. He's basically a "corporate America" democrat.

AndrewPrice said...

So Biden issued an announcement on the Nelson Mandela thing. Here's what he said:

"I mistakenly claimed to have been arrested when I went to visit Nelson Mandela. I misremembered that from a time when I was arrested for trying to stop White Supremacists in South Carolina from burning black churches. I said, look, man, you can't burn those black churches. It's not right. And the police arrested me so they could keep hunting black men in the streets like ducks. But I told them. I said, look man, one day I'll be President and then your days of hunting black me in the street are over.

Anyways... Nelson Mandela. My wife had just died. She had been raped and then sexually harassed to death. And her last words were, "Joe, look, man, I know you would never exploit my death, but you have to tell people... you have to tell them how I was raped by a man named Donald Trump and how you need to protect women from men like Trump. So run, Joe, run! Be President in 2020! Do it, Joe." And then she died. Oh, but she also told me to see Nelson Mandela because he was so wise. So I went to see him with the American Ambassador, and sure enough, as we walked toward the place he was living, this group of not-cops, but Afrikaners dressed like cops tried to stop us. They didn't arrest us, but they tried to beat us. And I said, look, man, you've to let me see Nelson Mandela because I've got to stop White Supremacists from shooting up black churches in South Carolina. Well, they started punching and hitting us and then suddenly they stopped. They looked at each other and they suddenly knew what they were doing was wrong and they told that I needed to go home and run for President so I could stop church burnings in South Carolina. I'll be damned if those White Supremacists didn't endorse me.

AndrewPrice said...

Hmm. They've just issue another announcement:

Joe Biden was not endorsed by white sSupremacists.

AndrewPrice said...

And now this. We found someone who can tell us the real story. It runs out Joe actually went to visit Willie Nelson, not Nelson Mandela, but Willie was too high to let Joe in to see him... "Joe's not here, man."

Kind of a let down, if you ask me.

Joe Biden said...

I was never endorsed by White Supremacists and anyone who said so is a liar. I hate that word. I wouldn't even listen to the Supremes as a kid because I hate that word so much and I flat out refuse to order a Supreme pizza. If I get elected, I swear, I'll change the name of the Supreme Court because there's no place for that word in our American language.


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