Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Primary of Fools

The Democratic primary marches on.

● Bloomberg keeps taking hits. There is now a video of him in 2016 where he mocks his own endorsement of Obama, calling it "backhanded" and claiming that Romney would have been a better President. As anyone with a brain could tell him, his plan to release three women from their nondisclosures stopped nothing. It just makes him sound like he's holding an army of female prisoners in his basement and he let some out as a show of goodwill. That said, he did finally get a decent commercial in Colorado, but he still needs to say "I'm Mike Bloomberg and I approve this message" at the end, and his voice grates on the nerves. His whiny, effeminate voice makes Trump sound like Darth Vader.

● Elizabeth Warren has gone into full attack mode after promising not to do that. Too little too late. It's a desperation tactic and while it excites her few remaining followers, it just adds to the sense of crankiness. All she's doing now is managing to hurt her competitors. As an aside, she just release a very bad commercial in Colorado (HERE) with a bizarre visual where she's in color and the background isn't, which makes her look superimposed, and her style changes enough that it makes her look unsettled. Bad ad.

● Biden continues lying. Imagine that. He's now claiming that he got arrested trying to see Nelson Mandel. LISTEN UP BLACK PEOPLE, I WENT TO JAIL FOR YOU!!! But even the leftist media has debunked that one. Time to whip out another dead son and gin up a few tears.

Politico publishes two types of articles: those slavishly praising Elizabeth Warren as groundbreaking and those breathlessly calling Bernie our lord and savior. After Nevada's "stunning" win, it was Bernie's time for praise. The problem is Bernie specializes in caucuses because it's easy to get 1,000 hardcore dipsh*ts to turn out, but not so easy to brainwash the public at large. So Bernie's win means nothing more than that his cult is dedicated. But Politico (and some leftists at Yahoo -- most are proWarren, but some are Bernsters) assures us that this proved all the narratives wrong. That idea that Bernie can't attract old people... wrong. That idea that Bernie can't attract moderates... wrong. That idea that Bernie can't attract brown people... wrong. That idea that Bernie's plan of medicare for all will kill him... wrong. The proof?? Isn't it obvious???!!!

Wishful thinking. A small caucus in a strangely union dominated state means nothing and Bernie showed nothing.

● Speaking of the Bernster, a lot of Democrats are getting really angry at the hate the Bernie boys are putting out online and in real life. They are true trolls, and it seems that like all their socialist ancestors, they do not accept dissent. Some of them have even been vandalizing the offices of Mike Bloomberg. Interestingly, the campaign tried to blame the Russians for a lot of this, but nobody's buying it.

● One thing the Nevada caucus did do was let the air out of the Klobuchar balloon. So it turns out that when you run out of states where white professional women aren't the majority of voters, as they are in New Hampshire, Klobuchar doesn't even rate. Surprise.

● This was actor week. Some came out for Buttguy //snicker snicker. Michael J. Fox in particular. Some came out for Bernie, sadly including Dick van Dyke. Clint Eastwood came out for Bloomberg, which honestly doesn't surprise me -- Eastwood has always been a strange mix of establishment libertarian and California moderate, and in truth, Bloomberg looks best on paper. Amy and Warren didn't have any big endorsements this week. Biden endorsed himself. Is there anyone else left in the race? Even Trump got an odd sort of endorsement. Goldman Sachs CEO said he would find it easier to vote for Trump than Bernie. Go Trump!



LL said...

A friend called me from Nevada last night, post caucus and expressed her frustration. She's a Democrat and said that she can't vote for a communist (which eliminated Bernie and Liz), Mr. Butt seemed like a petulant child, Biden is senile and Klobuchar has deflated. So she changed her affiliation to "Independent". She admitted that though his bombastic style grates on her, she'll likely vote for Trump.

tryanmax said...

Biden has announced his candidacy for senate. I really don't think running for president was his idea.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, A good chunk of my wife's family are hardcore leftists. They've gone completely silent since the impeachment fiasco and none of them have said a positive thing about any of the democratic candidates. I think the Democrats have a real problem with their field.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Between Biden's lack of grasp on reality and hostility to the truth and Hillary being stuck two years behind the news cycle, Bernie longing for his Soviet youth, Warren lying about being an elitist who sends her kids to elite schools, to Bloomberg's plethora of screwups, to Amy's terminal blandness, to Mickey Mouse's failure to launch and his dalliances with wine caves, to black-but-not-really Kamala and Booker, to billionaire hating billionaires... the Democrats are quite a crew. When Nancy Pelosi seems the most normal, that's bad.

Tennessee Jed said...

I don’t get down in the political weeds so much anymore. It looks like comrade Sanders is the man unless the Dems take him out. They have proven playing by the rules is not required when they believe so strongly in themselves. I do have a question I would be interested in getting feedback from the folks about, though. What does anybody think works more to Trump’s advantage? Bernie who is so clearly and obnoxiously socialist or a “moderate”. My guess is, if denied the nomination, sanders cultists are more likely to sit out the election. Suburban professionals are most likely to hate Trump and adopt a hold the nose anyone else approach. I honestly do not think Black Americans will come out in large numbers for any of these candidates, but see a relatively lighter turnout for Buttigieg or mini-Mike

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jed, Sorry, I remember responding, but apparently I didn't. Let me respond more fully later. For now, I agree that they have a serious problem with this field and with their people turning out to support this field.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm back...

Jed, There is some polling out today which suggests that (1) they all beat Trump except Bloomberg, and (2) Biden is the strongest. Take that with a huge grain of salt. I suspect that Biden is the most tolerable across the board, but he's a painfully weak candidate, and I doubt any of them will do too well against Trump. Bloomberg does seem to be a train wreck though.

In terms of turn out, they have problems. As I see it:

(1) The Bernie Bros don't turn out for anyone except Bernie;

(2) angry women don't turn out for anyone except an angry woman, and will never support groper Biden, harasser Bloomberg, mansplainer Bernie. I suspect they won't turn out for gay Pete either because their relationship with gay men is currently strained too.

(3) black turnout will be low because there's no reason for blacks to be excited, and even lower for Gay Mayor Pete or a woman because of cultural-sexist issues;

(4) Hispanic turnout will be low because the Democrats have neglected the scare tactics and have proven not to care about them;

(5) Gay turnout will be low and I'm honestly not sure who they would support even if they turn out. The gays I have heard speak are frustrated with their "embarrassing" list of candidates;

(6) Youths might turn out for Bernie, but I doubt it... they never turnout. They won't turn out for anyone else.

(7) Moderates probably turn out for anyone, though there is a chance they won't vote for Bernie.

Each of those groups is probably 1-2%, so that can add up fast in a 50-50 electorate. And what this tells me is that they have a problem because no matter who they pick, they lose chunks of their natural supporters.

Tennessee Jed said...

Thanks Andrew.. That makes good sense from where I sit. I feel like the Dems are feeling despair at the moment. Hard to know exactly how factions will react in a fractured party. I will say I have never held Democrats in lower regard. The whole resistance, “insurance policy” Kavanaugh hearings, Mueller investigation, impeachment, impeachment,, Politicization of Coronavirus, reminds me of how morally bankrupt their leadership actually is


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