Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A Quick Post

A short one today.

● According to the latest from, by 2020, the world's coastal cities could be facing non-denominational-Biblical world-ending storms and other events every year. Of course, they could also be facing butt-probing alien invasions, floods of honey, and STD carrying robots every year too. Me thinks someone forgot to carry a one in that equation.

● The Democrats seems to be facing momentum on impeachment suddenly. I hope they do it. That could only end poorly.

● It looks like attempt number two at making Justice Kavanaugh into a rapist has failed and is dying miserably. That's the problem when your story is made up.

● It's funny how you can sense things about people. Do you remember "Thomas" from the Verizon ads? The guy rubbed me seriously wrong. He was a total snowflake virtue signaler who thought he was lovable because he faked being humble. You could see it was an act. And in fact, in one of the last ads, they had some people disagree with him and he was supposed to playfully be upset by this, but he flashed serious anger at not getting his way -- very snowflake. Well, now the guy has announced that he "saved his marriage" by telling his wife (who looks really unhappy) that they are going to have an open marriage and both are going to be able to see other people. Some marriage.

This reminds me of the real problem with the sexual liberation movement. Feminists thought it would liberate women from male oppression, but it really only made it acceptable for self males to abandon their mates. That's essentially what Thomas has done here. He's turned his wife into nothing more than a mistress and he's proud of that. Welcome to the snowflake generation... no sh*tty selfish deed is too much not to be proud of.

● Trump should not be fighting this Greta kid. He should just ignore her. As for what she says, I don't care. She's just the latest monkey on a stick -- a child programmed to be a self-operating prop by liberal parents. The parents should be ashamed.

● And speaking of ashamed, fresh from their massive carbon use to party at Caan, the celebrity world is blowing carbon to be at New York fashion week now. Don't lecture me about wealth or environmentalism aholes.

● I thought I had broken a tooth on Sunday, so I went to my dentist. Got in yesterday. I've now discovered why my summer has been so miserable! (Apart from kids lol). The tooth wasn't broken. I had a one inch by half inch piece of infected bone that had broken loose during the July surgery work its way up through the gum along the teeth. He pulled it out yesterday. Yay.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

What A Weekend!

This was one of those weekends, to add to one of those months to add, to add to one of those years.

● Spent Saturday night (about 7 hours) in the ER after my father fell. He's alright, so that's good. But he said something that bothered me. I was there with him the whole time of course, but he thanked me for coming. I said of course I would be there, and he said that it seems a lot of people wouldn't do that anymore. This statement bothers me. I've been wondering what he sees in the world that makes him think that's true. Have we become that shitty as a human race that this could be true? I know some people that I doubt would go... that makes me really sad, actually. It seems like the shitty among us keep finding new depths.

● Ric Ocasek died, adding to the toll of dead musicians in the past year. I guess there's a race between musicians and billionaires to see who can pile up more dead this year. I don't miss the billionaires. I do miss the musicians. That actually confirms something to me that I think conservatives have wrong: artists are more important than businessmen.

● Felicity Huffman got sentenced to 14 days in prison for the college bribery scandal. This has brought howls of "white privilege." Ridiculous. The reason she got no real jail time is because her "crime" involves handing large amounts of her own money to a school in the hopes that her kids could enroll there. Who is actually harmed by that? Yes, I know, some other student who didn't make it, right? Yeah, but since she could have donated the money openly and gotten the same treatment, is there really a genuine harm? Now compare that to all the "innocent" young black men we're supposed to believe are in jail because they lack white privilege. (White privilege apparently extends to black women, as they don't go to jail either.) What did they do to get there? First, most (like their white prisoner cousins) have long, long, long histories of violence, robberies, B&E, beating their girlfriends, etc. NONE of them are in on a single charge. And what they did was shoot a fellow black male over drug turf, beat a black girlfriend to a pulp, rob and beat some old black woman for her money, or rape someone. Don't talk to me about white privilege over this. That's BS. A white woman who gives away millions in a bribe to help her daughter is not the moral equivalent of thug who terrorizes his own neighborhood and destroys lives.

● Also on Huffman, I do think that this scandal has exposed the issue with elitism. But I find it rather disturbing that the elitist left is crapping on her as a sacrificial lamb. They're all doing it. They're all rigging the game. They all protect their own across the board for all their behavior. Burning Huffman at the stake will not rid them of that stain.

● I think the Democratic field is set, and much quicker than expected. No outsider jumped in. Starbucks guy bailed out. The fringe freaks are done, even if some are still talking. I think we're looking at Biden v. Bernie v. Warren with a VP lineup of Harris, Buttguy, and (insert accent-wall outsiter here).

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

This Week in Stupidland

I swear people just keep getting more and more stupid all the time. Maybe it's time for another Bible flood or a good plague: "Giant crickets descended from the Heavens and ate everyone with a coexist bumper sticker... and it was good.

● Margaret Attwood, author of the feminist wannabe-victim porn Handmaiden's Tail, which inspired far-left elitist white women to come in costume to Senate hearings to show how little grasp they have on reality, now tells us that she thinks it's "empowering" for women to work at strip clubs. //scratches head Hmm. I'm confused. See, other feminists tell us that forcing women to work at places like that is meant to oppress women (and they're all "forced" by male pressure, btw). Wait, I get it... so the feminist position is that women should be allowed to work at strip clubs so long as men don't enjoy it. Got it. Phew. I'm glad we solved that one!

● Kamala Harris is worried about "segregationists." Seriously. So either she spent the week at a black power rally, or she got stuck in the wayback machine, or she's making that up to try to upset black people... or white women who drive Subarus. Who knows. Let's hope she finds the segregationists she's looking for.

● Biden is worried that Trump is changing the character of the country. Hmm. This is from the king of a group of idiots who want to import vast number of poor brown people who don't speak the language and have no Western tradition, decry every tradition known to man, try to use thought police to change the way people think, want to remove historical figures from history, believe that pledging allegiance to America is racist, want to disarm the military, set criminals free, eliminate meritocracy, ban cigarettes and soda and sugar, take away guns, eliminate the car, ban free speech that doesn't favor them, convert the press into a leftist attack dog, and neuter or omnipowerize the presidency depending on who has it or stack the court or eliminate the fillibuster. And you're worried about Trump? Heck, these idiots have even started swearing because they think it sounds tough. Beto sounds like he has Tourettes now.

● To tell you how absolutely nuts the internet left has gotten, they're furious that they could imagine the stitching in Melania's coat looking kind of like the outline of the body of an airplane, i.e. a tube, if you squint and kind of look at it just right and then do a whole lot of pretending. Clearly, Melania is a monster with some hidden message! Where was she when planes decided on their own to crash into the World Trade Center for no discernible reason? Oh, and Kobe's a monster too for not praising his daughter's team for losing a basketball game.

● The Harvey Weinstein thing keeps getting worse for the #metoo crowd. He just release a bunch of emails from a Netflix producer who claimed he raped her. In these emails, said rapee tells him that she loves him and she praises him profusely even after the rape rape. He also released some Gwenyth Paltrow stuff showing similar praise long after he supposedly assaulted her.

● The game of claiming to be raped or abused as a child or having strange diseases to get publicity/sympathy continues in Hollywood. If you need publicity, pretend to be a victim. Simple. Effective. Just make sure you step your way up. Don't reach for the best stuff at first. This week's "victims" are Demi Moore (rape at 15) and repeat offender Lea Michelle (disease).

● Huh, vaping is dangerous? Nobody could have seen that coming! Yay, Darwin.
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Monday, September 9, 2019

What A Week

Last week was a real head scratcher of a week.

● Joe Biden has "guaranteed" some loser leftist protestor that he will get rid of fossil fuels. Little does she know that his plan is to burn them all. He's going to ban dinosaurs too. Seriously though, what a genuinely retarded thing to ask for and to promise. He might as well promise to feed the world unicorn meat. Someone who could honestly make such a promise lacks the mental capacity to be put in charge of anything.

● I swear to you that Hillary Clinton's newspapers must be two years behind for some reason. Whatever issue she raises is always well past its due date... always. And it's usually a year or so out of date. Well, this week she issued a statement saying that she's "inspired" by Megan Markle. The only problem is that was conventional wisdom a year ago. Now she's seen as a social climbing leftist (though not leftist enough) elitist fame hound who flies on private jets to Hollywood parties and is generally a bad carbon-foot-printed human being. Watch for Hillary to endorse this Alexandria Ocasio Cortex person: "Hillary thinks she's one to watch!"

● The NFL is back and their ratings continue to climb as the whole anti-American thing gets further in the rear view mirror. Leftism doesn't sell.

● Interesting little scandal in Hollywood last week. Second rate sitcom actress Debra Messing declared that she wanted to out Trum supports in Hollywood so they could be blacklisted. This full-in McCarthyism was too much even for her friends, who clearly refer to silently blacklist. She also "liked" an image of a church sign that said that black support for Trump is "mental illness." As so often is the case, the left returns to its Nazi roots.

Capricorn One is on Amazon Prime again. I find that movie fascinating. In particular, I am amazed at the portrayal of the press as respectful, dedicated and hardworking... all things the media is not anymore.

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Monday, September 2, 2019

You Are The Problem

There's a new ad out for some interest group that has a nine year old girl retiring from soccer because she can't handle the pressure. She claims it wasn't what she expected when she joined the sport at age five. The punchline is "If 69% of girls quit one athletic sport before the age of 9, what are we doing wrong?" Well, let me explain it to you.

This one is an easy one, actually.

The number one reason is obvious: this wasn't what these girls wanted to do in the first place. Pure and simple. So rather than lament that something has gone wrong, be thankful that these girls had the good fortune to be able to quit. Isn't feminism supposed to be about choice after all? Or is it about forcing girls to do things feminists want for political reasons? Ok, I guess we know the answer to that.

In fact, I suspect that most of these girls were forced into sports against their will for political reasons, which was then affected with false promises to mothers about their girls becoming leaders and societal pressure pushing these girls through movies and advertisements... "all heroines excel at soccer." The thing is, it's all wrong. Feminists think that pushing girls into sports will somehow give them the same level of aggression that boys have, which feminists think is the basis for leadership. But that's not true. Aggression makes assholes. Confidence makes leaders. What's more, sports don't make boys aggressive. To the contrary, aggression comes naturally to boys and sports are a good way to tame or channel that aggression. So thinking that forcing a passive young girl into soccer will make her aggressive and, even further, a leader is simply wrong. All it will do is make her miserable.

So why are little girls dropping out? Because you forced them into something they didn't want and weren't built for. It's your fault feminists.

So my next question is this: what exactly is this group advocating?

They don't say, but taking the clues they give of too much pressure and parents being too in control and coaches demanding too much, it sounds like they are advocating the elimination of competition in sports. Don't set expectations... don't demand improvement... don't apply any pressure whatsoever. Maybe even eliminate scoring. That worked with the snowflakes, didn't it?

This is so typical of liberalism. To fix a problem that doesn't really exist, and is of their own making in any event, they are advocating the destruction of the thing they wanted or at least the aspects of the thing they wanted it to deliver. To save the village we must destroy the village. To get girls the benefits of playing in sports, we must restructure sports to take away the parts that give the benefits feminists want. Maybe we can just create athletic prowess and team spirit and personal discipline by executive fiat: you have learned discipline by the order of Congress!

I feel bad for girls. They are victims of so much liberal/feminist meddling. Indeed, liberal/feminists just aren't happy with girls and keep trying to re-engineer them into something that doesn't fit their natures, and I've seen the damage in generation after generation. Take the girls of the generation before mine who were told they needed careers and full-time housekeeper skills all the while accepting men as swingers. They ended up overworked, confused and abandoned. Then came my generation who were told to be like boys. They struggled with their femininity and never really became comfortable with it. The next generation was told to be single mothers like Murphy Brown, and those girls all ended up pregnant, single, poor and with out-of-control kids. Then came the snowflakes who were told they deserved CEO responsibilities on intern-level skills and are unemployed and unemployable... and still feel bad they can't play soccer. So now we're doing what to the current generation? Run girls, run.
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