Monday, September 9, 2019

What A Week

Last week was a real head scratcher of a week.

● Joe Biden has "guaranteed" some loser leftist protestor that he will get rid of fossil fuels. Little does she know that his plan is to burn them all. He's going to ban dinosaurs too. Seriously though, what a genuinely retarded thing to ask for and to promise. He might as well promise to feed the world unicorn meat. Someone who could honestly make such a promise lacks the mental capacity to be put in charge of anything.

● I swear to you that Hillary Clinton's newspapers must be two years behind for some reason. Whatever issue she raises is always well past its due date... always. And it's usually a year or so out of date. Well, this week she issued a statement saying that she's "inspired" by Megan Markle. The only problem is that was conventional wisdom a year ago. Now she's seen as a social climbing leftist (though not leftist enough) elitist fame hound who flies on private jets to Hollywood parties and is generally a bad carbon-foot-printed human being. Watch for Hillary to endorse this Alexandria Ocasio Cortex person: "Hillary thinks she's one to watch!"

● The NFL is back and their ratings continue to climb as the whole anti-American thing gets further in the rear view mirror. Leftism doesn't sell.

● Interesting little scandal in Hollywood last week. Second rate sitcom actress Debra Messing declared that she wanted to out Trum supports in Hollywood so they could be blacklisted. This full-in McCarthyism was too much even for her friends, who clearly refer to silently blacklist. She also "liked" an image of a church sign that said that black support for Trump is "mental illness." As so often is the case, the left returns to its Nazi roots.

Capricorn One is on Amazon Prime again. I find that movie fascinating. In particular, I am amazed at the portrayal of the press as respectful, dedicated and hardworking... all things the media is not anymore.



tryanmax said...

Elizabeth Warren also wants to ban fossil fuels AND fracking, the latter being understood by most people as falling under the general heading of fossil fuels. I've narrowed it down to Liz or her supporters who don't know.

Tennessee Jed said...

I think Joe likes the idea of “being President” more than actually being president and all that entails. That loser never even got 1% of the primary vote when he was actually running. #theygonnaoutyallbackinchains.

I recently read where Ms. Markel private jetted to something and thought that like King Carbon Credit (aka Al Gore) wealthy VIP libs get a pass on their foot print. Maybe they don’t.

Hillary so lacked Billy’s touch as the king of all grifters. He was a master. She? “I was named for Sir Edmund Hillary”

I still can’t get into the NFL. It is boring

I have a question that is probably impossible to actually know what the answer is. Nevertheless, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Hollywood has been driven (run) by hard core leftists. Actors and other entertainers are not by definition hard core leftists but are forced to conform or see their careers dry up. If you agree with that premise, what percentage of the “talent” simply pretend to be leftists? I leave room fir the probability that when you work on a tuna boat long enough, you start to smell like tuna. In other words, by going along to get along, they gradually are converted

Tennessee Jed said...

oh, I forgot to mention the reason HRC’s news runs over two years behind. She prefers to see headlines where she was guaranteed a landslide win. She as going to be first woman POTUS, Khaleesi, breaker of glass ceilings and the first president to be added to Mt. Rushmore. She dreamed they would amend the constitution to permit her to serve for life. Well, maybe not, byt it would not surprise me.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jed, I don't think Joe has any idea why he wants to be president or what he would do except that it's a promotion and it sounds good to him. Right now though, there seems to be a push to replace him with Warren.

On Hollywood, I suspect that they are more likely to be leftists than other people because of the same impulses that drew them to Hollywood -- (1) a desire to be influential, (2) a disdain for "regular people", (3) short-sighted career goals and bad evaluation of options, and (4) a strong sense of entitlement when finally successful. That said, the hard core left are probably 5-7%, like the rest of the country. But another 45-55% lean left and say so comfortably because it fits their bubble, compared to 38% of the general public. It's the rest who pretend. Of the other roughly 45%, 10% are open libertarians (which is acceptable in Hollywood), 25% probably hide their views entirely claiming to be apolitical, and 10% pretend to be leftists. That's my guess.

Anthony said...

1. Making the fringe promises one doesn't intend to keep is par for the course nowadays. The only tricky part is avoiding scaring the mainstream with those promises.

2. I've never gotten the American obsession with the English royal family. I once hoped it would go away. I have abandoned that hope.

3. Players trying to focus on anything other than the game has never and will never end well. The second round of protestors should not have taken Trump's bait.

4. I couldn't pick Messing out of a line-up but it sounds to me like a disagreement over tactics rather than a scandal. Doesn't sound like she is on the outs or anything. A blacklist will inevitably come.

5. The only Amazon Prime show I've watched recently is The Boys. Good times. Their version of Superman is a rough dude.

6. Bolton being out is unsurprising, what is surprising is he lasted as long as he did.

7. Biden seems to be following the Hillary strategy of hoping that not being Trump 'aka making a habit of running and screaming your idiocy towards cameras' is enough to win. Clinton came pretty close and she collapsed and had that classified material scandal reemerge but like Clinton, Biden has a history and unfortunate tendencies so its not clear he will do as well let alone better. Time will tell.

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