Thursday, January 30, 2020

Viruses, Dead Celebrities, Democrats

Random thoughts.... random thoughts... random thoughts.

● The left is desperate to get Trump no matter what, so they are pulling all their usual nonsense tactics out of their collective rear ends. The Atlantic is claiming that the GOP won't call witnesses because they are seeking to protect "white power." Just like The Atlantic avoids inconvenient articles to hide the fact its staff is into pedophilia. Ironically, my BS claim actually has a better chance of being right than The Atlantic's BS claim.

● So apparently the Coronavirus can be gotten from a toilet seat. For real. It can pass from contaminated surfaces.

● I saw an article at Yahoo last night basically suggesting that the left should blame Trump for the virus, or as they put it "make Trump the face of the virus." I guess they missed that this came from China and that everyone already knows that. Personally, I blame The Atlantic. In any event, think about how low that makes the Democrats that they would try to exploit something this potentially terrible to wrongly attack a political opponent. They truly have no shame, not even an ounce.

● I'm finding Kobe Bryant's death interesting in several ways.

First, there seem to be two type of celebrity deaths. On the one hand, you have people like David Bowie or Prince. When either of them died, the public was shocked. Everyone talked about it... everyone. It was everywhere, with people sharing why they had been important to them, and everybody was sad. Only then did the media seem to realize the importance of the story to the public and try to race to the front of the grieving bandwagon. Of course, they did it wrong. They obnoxiously stuck microphones in the faces of pointless celebrities and asked them how this has affected them: "'I was shocked. Darren Bowee meant the world to me,' responded Dumbass Waster, the 18 year old actor/oxygen thief."

Kobe's death has caused the other type of celebrity death: the exploitation. The moment his death hit the news, the celebrity world started shedding fake tears and trying to outbid each other on grief. The late night guys cried on their shows. Every actor virtue signaled how sad they were while very aggressively name-dropping how they "knew" him. See, I'm important! Then, within hours, the great corporate exploitation machine turned its jaded eye to this precious little morsel and started proclaiming tributes and promotions all in his name. Even the NFL, which has squat to do with Kobe, will now honor him at halftime of the Superbowl because that's great PR he meant so much to us. Nike announced they would stop selling (poorly selling) Kobe gear "out of respect for him"... until they can reissue it and make a real splash. I wonder if using the word "respect" caused anyone at Nike to burst into flames?

Anyways, there's another reason its interesting.

I don't know much about Kobe the man except that he wasn't really a pitchman, which makes me think the public didn't take to him (see e.g., Tom Brady, Steph Curry, George Clooney... media loves, public despises). One thing I do know is that this Jesus-like family man had "an affair" with a woman while he was still playing. Only, the woman claimed it was actually rape and Kobe did buy her silence. What really happened? Who knows. Not the point. The point is that the left tried to make it a thoughtcrime to mention this. It went so far that a female reporter for the Washington Post even got suspended for mentioning it in a tweet and is getting death threats. I find it interesting that in the supposed age of the #metoo movement, the people who claim fealty to the movement would try to crush this admitted fact which lies at the very heart of what their movement is supposedly about. What does that tell us about the #metoo movement? It tells us it's a fraud when even the people in it can ignore its principles whenever they want.

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Impeachment Failing

So impeachment is not going well.

First, we have this: viewership is lousy. The trial is drawing only 10.6 million viewers. That's pathetic. That only 3.2% of the US population. Heck, it's only 21% of the audience that watched any NFL game last weekend. Even more telling, it's two million fewer viewers than the number who watched the impeachment hearings. Considering that this is supposed to be the climax of this whole charade, that's bad for the Democrats that the numbers not only fell but fell by 17%.

Also bad for the Democrats is the performance of their team. While the leftist media has been pro forma fawning over them as oral geniuses and giving soothing assurances that this matter is already beyond proven, the Dems have in fact been rather unsuccessful. Note the lack of soundbites, the lack of "we have a dream" or "a date which shall live in infamy" unforgettable quotes -- heck, there hasn't even been a zinger that is making the rounds. Nothing memorable has happened. The media hasn't even tried to pretend something memorable occurred.

Even worse, they've pissed off the moderate GOP Senators so much that Susan Collins called out "not true" during Schiff's closing statement against Senate rules and the others groused to the media afterward that his allegations that they were being pressured not to convict were "insulting and demeaning." Every single moderate GOP Senator complained. Without them, this thing is dead on arrival. I guess no one told poor Adam that it's not a good idea to rely on a media report from an anonymous source of anti-Trump behavior, as it seems that almost all of those are wishful thinking. But that's the problem with living in a bubble world of lies and make believe... you start to believe your own fantasies.

Another impeachment manager stepped in it when he claimed that a vote against allowing witnesses would make senators "complicit in a cover-up." No, maybe the House should have done its job and called those witnesses itself? Accusing Senators of not fixing your own failure is a mistake, and again, the Democrats paid for it. When the Democrats raise the ire of GOP moderates, you know they've blown it.

Either way, this sounds like all she wrote for impeachment. Not that it was ever going to happen, but it seems the Democrats couldn't even make a good show of it. There has been no drama, no historical moments, and nothing to sway anyone. If you wanted Trump impeached before he was even elected, then you still do. If you aren't obsessed about Trump and you realize that the charges they have brought, even if true, are politics as usual and are just a pretext to bring impeachment, then you don't care. There aren't even any genuinely breathless articles about the end of the world even from the left or dramatic covers on liberal magazines showing a side-by-side of Trump with Richard "Our First Obsession" Nixon.

In fact, about as strong as it gets is speculation that the GOP might lose the Senate over this "because polls show that 51% of the public want Trump removed from office." Yeah, right. First of all, connecting that to turning out senators is a stretch -- one does not relate to the other. Secondly, that 51% has existed even as Trump won election, showing something to be wrong with the polls. How does a man whose support is 43% consistently win a national election if the polls are right? Third, popular vote doesn't matter because the Democrats lose so many millions of votes in California and New York, places that already vote straight Democratic. So I wouldn't worry about the Senate.

In the end, this is all just theater... sad, sad, poor written theater.

Thoughts? Are any of you watching?
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Monday, January 20, 2020


It's crazy on the left.

● I love Yahoo (with "love" used ironically). They are so deceptive. They now have a headline about how Trump has pushed Robert De Niro to "finally" get political in his SAG speech last night. Uh, De Niro has been foaming at the mouth since the Bush years. Of course, maybe Yahoo just caught on. After all, I doubt they keep up with the news.

● John Cusack says we have 10 years to save the world from capitalism. Ok, let's start by taking away John's money and property and assigning his lame ass a job in a factory making parts for the weapons we'll use to pry all the things capitalism provides away from the masses. Then we'll starve Africa, murder a hundred million Chinese, enslave the children of Vietnam and turn the East Coast into a slave labor gulag. This could be fun!!

● The New York Times has endorsed two Democrats, both losers. First, they endorsed Fauxcahontas as the progressive. What's funny about this is that she's not a genuine progressive... so say the progressives. She's a corporate hack hiding as a progressive. For moderates, they have surprisingly endorsed Amy Klobuchar, known for abusing her staff and little else. This is a slap in the face to Biden and a slap somewhere else to Buttboy. Actually, this is right on trend with liberal women deciding it is time to take over the Democratic party. It will be interesting to see if this works. Right now, the old people in the Democratic party are holding up Biden and Bernie, but the young people all want feminist white women.

● Along those same lines, there are increasing numbers of articles fretting that black enthusiasm is crashing. The articles seem to come up with all kinds of different possible reasons, but I think the obvious primary reason is that they are being pushed aside by the mean girls and they don't like that.

● Also along those lines, AOC has decided not to pay her dues to the Democrats because she thinks they've tried to keep people "like her" out. I love how they all think other progressives victimize them.

● Micheal Bloomberg has admitted to having white privilege. The funny thing is that according to the ads he's running out here, that means he was fired in mid-life. Some privilege. Either way, John Cusack should take that away.

● Finally, here's a total shocker. They studied the car accident rates in states that legalized marijuana and found a 6% increase in the number of car accidents. Imagine that. What could possibly have caused that? At the same time, another study was released which found that stoners who started young are far worse drivers even when sober. You mean I'm not imagining it when I meet stoners and I find them to be permanently damaged retards even when sober?

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Loving The Irony

The left is an angry, hateful place. A land of whiners and dipsh*ttery beyond belief. They are really in their elements right now too, tearing each other apart, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Get your popcorn ready!

● The big news comes from the debate. In the middle of the debate, Elizabeth Warren accused peniser Bernie Sanders of leaving the toilet seat up, an unforgivable crime among womanhood. There was shock and horror. Could peniser Bernie really have told Elizabeth Warren that he believed a woman could not win in this election cycle? All the gender-neutered boys on the left gasped and dropped their purses. Bernie denied this crime, but Warren had said it, so it was true whether it was or wasn't and all the young women gnashed their teeth and howled, "Believe women!"

This has turned into a nightmare on the left and Politico went out and interviewed a bunch of stupid, indecisive young women in Iowa to hear their views. OMG was it pathetic their views were interesting. To a one, they whined spoke about how this made their choice so much harder because they can't deal with conflict between their favorite candidates. Now they're all confused and upset. They want to support Bernie, but a woman has accused him of an incredible crime. The horror. What to do? Why would Bernie say such a thing? And why would he deny it when a woman had said it? And why would he let her turn this into a feud by accusing him of it?

● Thinking out loud, does "believe women" include transsexual women? I'm thinking no, actually.

● When Bernie denied this, the fake word "mansplaining" got trotted out. No doubt Bernie was manspreading too when he said it, because you can't have too much nonsense when idiots start feministspewing. So apparently, denying it when a woman lies about you on national television is now somehow an unacceptable masculine trait. Interesting. This brought on a round of talk about "structural sexism" and crap like that. Honestly, though, the reason these womyn are failures is not that they can't manspread or mansplain, it's because they lack manchievements that make people want to promote them and instead spend their time girlyspewing phrases like "structural sexism." Losers.

● Michael Moore then foolishly stepped into this debate, calling it exactly like it was. He lamented the fact that Elizabeth Warren broke whatever truce they had and "stabbed Bernie in the back." Objectively, this is entirely correct. She chose to attack him in a national debate, watched by almost no one, over something she claims he said in private two years ago. That's a sneak attack. That's strategic timing. That's a provocation. So Moore is correct. But oh the howls! You have to read these attacks to believe them: Idiots on Parade. This twitter thread (should be called a "twitter sh*tter") is PACKED with angry, angry women squealing all the #metoo jargon at Moore, accusing him of blaming the woman and being sexist and "structural sexism." It's glorious in its nonsense and hate. It's like watching mental patients fight it out over whose invisible alien is the real threat. Nice job ladies... and male ladies.

● But poor Michael Moore isn't the only one who has run afoul of his leftist allies. The odious Stephen King stepped in it this week too. He was talking about voting for the Oscars and he noted that he would not vote for "diversity." When it comes to art, he only votes for quality. Ouch. This brought on a torrent of hate. Leftists of all races and genderz gnashed their teeth, dug out their dictionaries (huh, does that rally start with dic?)... dug out their "word books" and competed to find the most powerful insulting words to describe King. Live by the retard, die by the retard Stephen.

So Michael Moore and Stephen King, two nasty leftists, are being smeared and torn apart by their supporters, followers and fellow travelers. Good. In fact, I have to say I'm enjoying the irony. Even better, Bernie and Fauxcahontas have sparked a civil war among the progressive hoards and they are ripping each other to shreds online. I'm enjoying that too.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Dumbsh*ts Of The Week

So many fools. But here are some that really stuck out this week.

● California Rep. Jackie Speier blames Trump for the Ukrainian plane going down. She blames "sabre rattling" by Trump. Apparently, sabre rattling causes mechanical failure. Not sure how. But frankly, I think the real blame lies with Speier for chicken rattling. Or would that be chicken shaking? Chicken choking? Either way, bad on you, dumbsh*t.

● Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who continues the long tradition of showing that Canada is, in fact, a joke, believes the Iranians shot down the airliner. He blames Iran for that... not Trump (must have missed a memo). What's more, he wants answers! And what's he going to do if he doesn't get them? Weep? Send a harshly written letter? Oh Canada... stay off the world stage, little one.

● Jillian Michaels has shocked and horrified the dumbsh*ts. She came out and said that being morbidly obese is not something to celebrate. The "body positive movement(a misnomer)" rolled to their keyboards and tapped out angry, weepy protests. How dare you, madame! Being fat is a lifestyle choice! Michaels didn't back down though, again causing weepy gnashing of teeth... around a burger. Of course, she's right. Being fat leads to diabetes and other problems such as heart attacks, joint destruction and early death. Diabetes leads to blindness, impotence, loss of limbs and a whole host of other problems. Sorry "body positive" people, but political correctness cannot overcome nature.

● Meghan and Harry have decided not to be royals. They're going to move to Canada. No biggie, right? Except these dumbsh*t snowflakes have apparently done this because they're upset that they didn't get everything they wanted when they were pandered to by Buckingham Palace -- they basically got everything they wanted, but somehow that wasn't enough. Even more obnoxiously, they expect to keep drawing money from the British taxpayer (while claiming to become financially independent), they plan to keep a mansion build for them by British taxpayers, and they want British taxpayers to pay for their security. I hope the Queen flips them the Royal bird. If you sh*t on your family and storm out, don't expect to keep getting an allowance.

Other nominees?
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Leftists Behaving Typically...

The left and the media, but I repeat myself, continue to make fools of themselves over this Iran thing. Some thoughts.

● First, the left continues hyperventilating over Iran. From hand-wringing about a non-existent return to the draft (as if the military wants fat, doped up snowflakes) to mourning the death of a terrorist to ignoring the Hitlerian traits of the Iranian regime to trying to cram all their pet peeves into their imagined apocalyptic war to come ("this war will cause the wage gap to increase!"), the left is in full tantrum.

Or are they?

Have you ever noticed that the left squeals whenever some conservative doesn't stop their lives to pay homage to some disaster or "injustice" or whatnot that the left thinks is of such importance that all must become somber about it? "How dare Donald Trump golf when a single person is dying in _____!" "How dare Ivanka post a happy picture of her family when Mexican children are being housed and fed by a US agency on the border!" "How dare the NRA exist when someone shot someone else!" That sort of thing. Well, despite this apocalyptic war, the left seems to be going about their lives quite happily. They had a big awards show for Hollywood (lots of private jets, drugs and weaponized smug). Celebrities are posting pictures of their winter getaways from all over the world ("just had to fly to Thailand to drink sustainable fruit juice"). The sexy little girls of #metoo are crocodile tearing it up at the Harvey Weinstein trial ("He didn't give me the career he promised when I threw myself at him!"). Michelle Williams is talking (again) about abortion for the first time. We're all worried about who went home with whom and which celebrity took off her shirt for attention (hint: it's usually Emily Ratasomethingski) or whether Bebe Rexha is too fat for designers to offer her free designer clothes. Democratic donors are filling wine caves.

How dare they enjoy themselves when the world is at war!

● I was sure last night that the conspiracy theorists would start whinnying about the Ukrainian passenger jet that crashed in Iran. No doubt, Donald Trump had it shot down to win re-election... or aliens. But then a strange thing happened. The Iranians (who actually probably shot it down by mistake) swore on a stack of Korans that it crashed because of mechanical failure (i.e. missile parts got stuck in the engine), and the media decided that Iran would never lie so they accepted that as gospel and are all but ignoring it like a shooting at a white church. Move along, nothing to see here. It's interesting how they accept the word of a regime that swears genocide against the Jews conservative oppressors and oppresses it's own people operates happiness camps, but doubt every utterance of our country.

● Iran's counter attack has Petered out. A few failed cyber hackings and some dud missile strikes that killed no one except Iranian pride proved pretty disappointing to the Democrats. They're encouraging them to try again today.

● I like how Iran had to warn us "you better not retaliate for our missile attacks." Yeah, ok.

● You know, speaking of Iranian terrorism, I've always heard (for decades) that Iran, unlike other third-world shitholes, has a highly developed intelligence network of spies and saboteurs all over the world who are ready to strike at vital targets all over the globe to spread chaos. They've even been blamed for things like killings in Britain and bombings of Jewish oppressor centers in South America. So, uh, where are they? Myth?

● As an aside, I find it bizarre how bad so many terrorists are at terrorism. If I wanted to be a terrorist, I could cause chaos and death on a pretty massive scale and all for under a $100 a day. So why can't regimes who have whole departments that plan terrorism do squat and need millions of dollars to make it happen? I guess it's a good thing that criminals are dumb and terrorists are full-blown retards.

● The Europeans and Iraqis are upset at us for killing Gen. Salami. "Hey, we were kowtowing to that guy! How dare you kill him. Now we need to find someone else to kowtow to! Wahhhh!" Don't worry, boys, there are lots of Iranians who will get off on slapping you around. And if you can't find one of those, you could submit to the Chinese like our leftist do... looking at you Lebron James, or you could always fellate Putin. He's always up for that. No pun intended.

● For the record, not a single Democrat or Hollywooder has moved to Iran to show their sympathy.
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Friday, January 3, 2020

The Left Has Become Tiring

Trump kills a few Iranian mass murders and the left howls. It's become tiring.

Step One: Psychotically hateful celebrities try to out bid each other in demonstrations of their disloyalty. People who whine about our country oppressing women because of an income gap and about us not giving terrorists their full rights, suddenly heap praise and Hallelujah's on a regime that oppresses women, murders political prisoners, supports terrorists that kill women and children all over the world, and which has sworn to destroy an entire country of people because they are Jewish. Attention whores like Lane Myer, little boy Legend, that metoo chick, and Ron "Opie" Howard spout off regardless of the what kind of monsters they end up supporting. These people would have formed human chains around concentration camps to keep US troops from interfering with Hitler's work if FDR had been a Republican. Honestly, if someone wants to savagely beat these people, I won't convict you.

Step Two: Without any shame about giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Democratic politicians automatically denounce -- uh, what was it we did again? Oh yeah, that. Total outrage.

Step Three: The media scaremongers. THIS COULD TRIGGER WORLD WAR III!! Iran might respond with terrorism? (They're already doing that, dumbass.) What about the poor Iranians in America? (What about them?) Foreigners won't respect us anymore! (I thought they were already laughing at us?) Rise of racism? Sexism? (Nope. We're already those things.) This could cause climate change. (Aren't we told that's inevitable already?) This will cause a spike in oil prices! (Aren't we supposed to be using less oil anyways?) Trump once sent a tweet criticizing Obama for threatening Iran! (Said the human embodiment of hypocrisy) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Iranians are hiding under your bed and they're going to kill you and it's all George Bush's Donald Trump's fault!

Step Four: Trot out all the leftist cliches they don't really believe. War is never the answer, except when we do it.

Step Five: Start spewing conspiracy theories. Did you know that McDonalds is in negotiations to put a restaurant in Tehran and the Iranians were resisting, so the CEO of McDonald's called Trump and suddenly... well, you figure it out. Did you know Iran spelled backward is the Masonic word for "illegitimate leader who wants to rule the world." Dude, there is no Iran.

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