Saturday, April 9, 2022

Will Smith and Wipsaw Liberalism

As you knew it would, sigh, the Will Smith bitchslap youtubed around the world has become a race issue. Indeed, if you look around at liberal and black twitter and the such, you will see that Will Smith's suspension is 100% about race. Is it really?

For anyone who doesn't know, Will Smith walked on stage at the Oscars and slapped (giggle giggle) Chris Rock because Rock just isn't that funny anymore. The joke that set Smith off was a really weak joke about Smith's wife shaving her head. It set Will off because she has a condition which causes her hair to fall out... join the club, lady. What's been interesting about that event, other than the speculation that the whole thing was staged (probably), is watching the liberal whipsaw at work.

First, the crowd applauded Smith for... ug, slapping... Rock. Dudes punch Will, they don't slap.

But then the liberal thought machine kicked in. First, the everything-must-follow-procedure section of liberalism and the nebulous-forces-are-always-to-blame section ("society did it!") screamed about the failure of the Academy to prevent this, to protect Rock, and to kick Will Smith out of the auditorium after he did this. The Academy lied and said it tried, and then issued a corporate apology, saying it would form a distraction committee to determine what course(s) of action to take.

But the ball had started rolling. Now that Chris Rock was identified as the victim, the liberal hags who bloviate on day time television declared this the outrage of the century. "You sir, are worse than Donald Trump, which is worse that being worse than Hitler!" And like that, liberal opinion shifted.

Encouraged by this, hoards of liberal celebrities exploited the event went on the air to make this about themselves to virtue signal to tell us that they were still "traumatized". Seriously? From watching one man slap another man from a great distance? Really? Sadly, that makes sense though as the current driving force of celebrity culture is claiming victimization no matter how fake or petty. Yup. To their collection of fake eating disorders, pretend bully experience, exaggerated mental health issues, fake phobias designed to make them seem not quite as arrogant and unlikable ("I've always felt ugly, which is why I rushed to become a model"), histories of being abused by spouses, dates and parents, they now proudly held their heads up high and declared that they were all the victims of one man's desire for unheard of savage, PTSD-inducing revenge. Booyah!

Liberals screamed that he should be fired from movies. His awards should be revoked. They demanded (and naturally then rejected) his public apology. CANCEL HIM!!!

Then the Academy decided to jump in and ride this wave. It banned Will Smith for career life! 10 years of not being allowed to come to the Oscars without an invite from another member. Damn that's harsh!!

That's racist!!! You only did that to Will because he's black! You would never ban a white man! And that's where we are now.

Here's what comes next, if liberal history is any judge: the same people who demanded that he be cancelled will rush to the other end of the spectrum and scream that it's only the white, racist Trump-lovers who run the Motion Picture Academy who punished him so harshly because they hate black people. In fact, punishing Will Smith at all is racist, you monsters! Then the Academy will relent, Will Smith will tearfully do the hag circuit talking about what it feels like to be a black man in racist America, and the same people who called for his head without trial will pat themselves on the back for being genuine civil rights heroes who saved Will Smith from the mob.

Does anybody remember Ray Rice? He was an NFL running back who knocked his girlfriend cold in an elevator (note: not slapped, Mr. Smith). The liberal sports media wrung their hands about violence against women, but talked about him being talented and suggested that he be traded to another team for a fresh start (in the NFL, you get as many second chances as you need as long as you have talent). Then a video appeared of him clocking her. The public reacted angrily. The same liberal sports machine writers raced to post articles and twits saying that Rice needed to be destroyed: kick him out of the NFL right now without giving him any chance to explain or justify himself. A crime like this deserves no process! So the NFL did. They banned him. Then someone screamed racism because another white player (a kicker) hadn't been kicked out for the same thing. And like some giant dying beast laying on its side in the burning sun, the sports liberal media machine turned 180 degrees on its other side and declared that "the NFL" was racist for kicking him out. You read that right: They literally were on both extreme ends of the same argument: "kill him without letting him speak!" and "how dare you ban this poor soul?" and they screamed that the NFL was racist for not doing whatever they were demanding at the time. Will Smith's situation is the same. Liberals are flip flopping from one extreme to the next and accusing everyone else of racism or sexism for not being with them at each turn.

The reality is that those pushing injustice in this instance, whatever that may actually be, are liberals. The Academy is run by liberals. The media is dominated by liberals. The hags are liberals. The exploitive celebrities are liberals. There isn't a conservative in the bunch, just like with the Ray Rice situation. This is what happen when you let liberal emotions make policy.

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