Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Assorted Thoughts

Thought I would mention that I'm leaving Friday for the Caribbean. It's time for a break! I will be back after the 8th and there will be articles next week... I have not forgotten you! In the meantime, let's hit on a few things for this week.

● So Stormy Daniels was a bust... no pun intended.

● Several of the NFL kneelers (in particular the leaders) are discovering that no one wants to hire them. Imagine that! They disrespected the American anthem, the military, cops and the public. They accused us of racism. They accused their bosses of racism. They caused a ratings nightmare for their bosses and wouldn't stop. They stoked racial hate. And they swore they wouldn't stop until "somethingsomething everybody in the world does what I want." And now they are shocked and dismayed that no one wants to hire them. Ha ha. They've even said they will stop kneeling, and still no takers. Actions have consequences. Enjoy what you've sown, jerks.

● Every parent I know has the same story. Their kid invites X kids to a birthday party. No one RSVPs because, why do that? Then half or less of the kids show up and the rest never even call to say they aren't coming.

In my evil generation, if you got an invite, you went. Even if you didn't, you sent a present. And you sure as hell told people if you were coming or not. These kids don't. These are the kids who worry about bullying, and who think they're more morally evolved than the rest of us. They even have phones sewn to their hands which let them communicate in an instant. Yet, they don't bother. The papers are full of stories of kids who invited whole classes only to have nobody show up. You want to know why people become school shooters? We are made to suffer by the monsters we create.

● I still find the idea that Facebook "misused" data rather astounding. Apparently, these people never read the privacy statement which reads something like this: "Hit that agree button and we own your f*cking soul. We can impregnate your wife, sell your children, do medical experiments on your parents, and tattoo dirty limericks on your anus. We have the right to take anything you own for the rest of your life and do whatever we want with it and you can't say sh*t. Sign here ==>_______." Not exactly a lot of room to complain when they use your data to figure out what you are and use it against you.
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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Some Thougths On The Gun Rally

Allow me to respond...

● Your rally was D.O.A. The absence of anyone who wasn't anti-gun before the school shooting should have tipped you off.

● Want more proof? Even allies like Yahoo were running articles about teenagers and black people who are pro-gun. When Yahoo admits there's another side to an issue, the issue is a loser.

● Most of the signs I saw at the rally and most of the rhetoric was meant to be offensive. That's bad optics. In a Democracy (something Hogg knows nothing about) you need to win over more than just your side. You don't do that by attacking people. In fact, all you managed was to make me happy that you will fail. Smug, lazy and full of sh*t is no way to go through life, kids.

● If you want gun control the first thing you need to prove to me is that guns are the problem. See, I know better. In your simplistic mind, the gun is the problem. The gun, like a 16 oz drink, a condom, or a truck full of fertilizer is not a problem until it gets misused. It is the person who misuses it who is the problem... which means controlling them is the answer.

● In fact, if it really was guns and not people, then explain to me (1) why there are 250 million guns in the US, but there are less than 12,000 shootings a year. Why aren't the other 249.999 million guns causing violence too?, (2) why doesn't Switzerland have the same problem despite private ownership (hint: Swiss culture is less violent than ghetto culture), (3) Why does your side swear that a cigarette on screen can cause kids to smoke, but hours and hours of gun violence on film is harmless?, and (4) Why do you need to lie to make your case?

● If you want to take away one of my "hobbies," then which of your hobbies do I get to take away?

● David Hogg, who has been milking this shooting like a prize cow in a famine, really made an ass of himself. He spent the weekend whining that he's so "tired" after struggling so hard (for one whole month boo hoo hoo) to change the world without results. Then he called his parents' generation "assholes," said they "don't know how to use a fucking democracy," and he promised a revolution. Yawn. This was after calling for everyone to use "white privilege" to stop blacks from being shot. I wonder if he know that 93% of blacks shot are shot by other blacks... not whites (Politifact). Are you saying I should use my white power to control black people?

● Hoggs' little bald lesbian buddy claimed that the number one threat to teenagers is gun violence, only gun violence is actually in the 40's, after things like diarrhea, flu, falls, car accidents, and various illnesses. "We will not rest until that asshole generation does something about diarrhea! But do it within a month or I'll get bored."

● If you want to win people over, stop inviting celebrities. If I was on fire and George Clooney told me to put myself out, I would seriously need to overcome my dislike for him to do it. No one likes these smug hypocrites.

● The minute Stormy Daniels hits, your allies in the media will abandon you. You will become yesterday's news. As an aside, I believe Stormy Daniels... and I don't care.

● I can't wait to see next year's reunion march, when it's finally starting to sink in to these kids that they aren't getting anything they want.

● Have any of you geniuses ever asked what would happen if you did ban guns? Do you think these shooters would go away or do you think they would find other ways to do this... more destructive ways. Maybe letting them shoot a maximum of 20 people is better than forcing them to become creative and taking down a building?

● Why are you so opposed to trying other measures as well? Are you afraid they might work?

● Your threats to vote gun supporters out of Congress would be more effective if any of you lived in a district not already represented by a progressive Democrat.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How Times Change

Now we know what happens when you become a danger to the political class... as if we didn't before. What am I talking about? Facebook.

I mentioned some time back that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook was giving off signs that he intended to run for President. If he does run, I think he wins. What's more, I think he's going to prove to be similar to Trump in that he's beyond the control of the elites and he has an ideology they won't like. I suspect Zuckerberg's ideology is businessman economics mixed with libertarian social policy combined with hints of old-school social conscience. That makes him an enemy of the elite, who want socialist-lite business practices, identity politics, and a heavy police state, and use social issues to sow discord.

Up to the point that I noticed Zuckerberg laying the groundwork for his political future, Facebook had largely been protected by our political and media elite. There were few allegations against it that hit the news, and those that did were scornfully dismissed. Social media is bad for the public? No proof! Facebook is invasive of privacy? Not in the modern world. The Europeans say Facebook invades privacy? What do they know? Facebook is biased in favor of the Democrats/Republicans/fringe? No they're not; they're just a platform. They promote conspiracy theories and fake science, like anti-vaccine crap... blaming them is like blaming the power company that supplies the internet. Facebook was made of teflon and had a thousand defenders.

But then Zuckerberg drifted toward politics.

Almost overnight, things changed.

I think the elite started to realize just how powerful and independent Zuckerberg could be with his own platform to reach most of the country any time he wanted without an elite filter to control him. Suddenly, stories appeared that Facebook was used by the Russians to help Trump win. Soon enough, the verbiage on this switched to Facebook "let" the Russians (or even "helped" the Russians) interfere with our elections. "Why, they could have stopped it, but they didn't!" We were even told that Facebook could have saved us all, but they choose profit and disloyalty over the American way.

Then came the deluge: studies say social media is evil... Facebook is the worst. Get away from Facebook, it makes you unhappy and stupid and other bad things! Facebook profits from bad science... somehow. Fake news fake news fake news!!! Facebook wrongly collects data and uses if to control their users. Did you know the Europeans have been after Facebook for some time, that must mean something! They have a monopoly... evil! They buy companies and make them vanish... evil! They invade privacy... evil. Some Facebook employees actually called their users "stupid" for giving them their data! They got worked by a Trump firm who collected data and misused it... no they "worked with" a Trump firm to do this! Isn't there a sexual harasser on staff somewhere? And so on.

Zuckerberg has been personally smeared into being the evil genius pushing each of these issues. Moreover, he's "at war" with his neighbors in California. He wants to build a wall in Hawaii to block the view of the ocean. He's heartless. Hitler was his grandmother!

Ok, I made that last one up, but since it became obvious that he's running, politicians left, right and center have turned Facebook into some kind of monster among us, and they are trying to destroy Zuckerberg any way they can. Watch for this. And the next time someone badmouths Facebook or Zuckerberg as the cause of something, ask yourself if what they say is even credible or if this is just another smear job. Ask yourself if this is an attempt to destroy a man who might be a powerful independent President before he can take the job.

Bonus round: Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York. That is hilarious! Another brainless actor who thinks their sex drive qualifies them to run a state. Wait a minute, come to think of it, that's probably the perfect description of a New York governor!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

RIP Giant Old Woman

This may be in bad taste, but since there's no such thing anymore, I'm feeling pretty good about posting it. And if it offends you, then just remember that I could be black or gay or something and that means I'm beyond criticism. Anyways, here's the deal. Some Democratic Congress Critter just died and I ran across this article about her. I thought I'd spice it up with some inconvenient truths and some convenient non-truths.... Enjoy!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Veteran Congresswoman Rep. Louise Slaughter died Friday days after falling being pushed to the ground by Trump in her residence, her top aide said. The 88-year-old lawmaker had been the first woman to chair the House Rules Committee and was her party's top member on the panel when she died.

The New York Democrat died at George Washington University Hospital in Washington after a failed exorcism, said Liam Fitzsimmons, her chief of staff, a week after a fall Trump punched her in which she'd causing her to sustain a concussion.

Slaughter was serving her 16th term in the House, which caused her to lose touch with humanity, and her 31 years in the chamber of fools made her its third longest-serving woman, according to the official House website, which is unreliable. She chaired the rules committee from 2007 through 2010, during which time many an intern was buggered.

Slaughter had a degree in microbiology, meaning she could have served some useful purpose to humanity, and was originally from Harlan County, Kentucky, where meth is king! Her soft, twangy accent always seemed out of place for someone representing a district around Rochester, New York. Yeah, no sh*t. Carpetbagger. But she was repeatedly re-elected by a corrupt system—including a narrow victory in 2014 where both candidates had to squeeze through greased polls to cast their votes— and was the longest-serving member of Congress from New York when she died. Talk about a bitter clinger.

"Louise never forgot her roots as the daughter of a Kentucky blacksmith. She smelled like horse poop and could be heard blacksmithing in the House office buildings late into the night," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., babbled in a statement we've cleaned up to hide her dementia. "She brought the grace and grit of her Southern background (ed: I thought Bostonians were gritty, not southerners?) to her leadership in the Congress, building bridges to nowhere and breaking down barriers all with her beautiful accent... I can't actually name a single barrier she broke down, but her accent would have done it. That thing could cut stone. Louise could be fiercely debatin' gyratin' and Congressiatin' on the floor in the morning, and singing 'Baby Got Back' in harmony with her colleagues across the aisle in the evening and raping the public until dawn. Trump hates women. Ah! The elves are back... and they brought beer!"

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., called Slaughter "a giant in the people's House" because she was six foot nine and weighed eight hundred pounds. He said she was "unrelenting" in working for her 'ideals' and to rob her constituents. "Louise did not need a gavel to make a dent in history. She had a machete for that," Ryan said.

Slaughter was the chief force behind a 2012 law to ban insider stock trading based on congressional knowledge and require disclosure of market activities by lawmakers... snicker snicker wink wink. She also helped write the Violence Against Women Act, which stopped violence against women cold and prevented the need for a #MeToo movement, and a 2008 law designed to protect people with genetic predispositions to health conditions, like werewolfism, from facing discrimination from their employers or evil health insurance companies.

Her death creates a vacancy at the top of the Democratic side of the Rules panel, where she was only the fourth oldest Democrat in their leadership. Her death is It's likely to be filled followed by Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass, who is 108 and can belch Yankee Doodle Dandy while molesting two interns simultaneously. As is the Congressional custom, she will be buried in a massive tomb with her staff.

When Slaughter was first elected in 1986, women didn't exist and they certainly weren't allowed to vote... and rape was legal and sheep were scared! She ousted GOP Rep. Fred Eckert after running a sleazy campaign advertisement in which Peggy Say accused him of racism for refusing to "speak up" for her brother, kidnapped Associated Press reporter Terry Anderson.

Say and Anderson were both from the Rochester, New York, area. Anderson, the AP's Middle East bureau chief, had been captured the year before by Islamic militants peaceful, loving Muslims in Beirut, Lebanon, and was not released until 1991 after Slaughter dazzled his captors with the Macarena. Down with Israel!

Oh, almost forgot. Slaughter is likely the most left-wing representative from New York. At an abortion rally, she accused conservatives and pro-lifers of "trying to kill women." She wrote at Daily Kos, was a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, tried to ban free speech after Gabrielle Gifford's shooting, pushed for taxpayer funding of abortion, favored the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting, etc. etc.

Good riddance.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rex Tillerson Then And Now

The leftist internet is full of interesting articles suddenly about Rex Tillerson. I thought it might be fun to do a then and now sort of thing. "Then" is when Rex was appointed to lead the State Department and shortly after he took over. "Now" is starting within hours after he was fired. Each of the following is based on articles I saw then and articles I saw the last few days. I'm not making any of this up.

THEN: Rex Tillerson is an evil oil baron who wants to blanket the world in pollution. He's a biased dupe of Russia who does not care about humanity at all.

NOW: Rex Tillerson is a saint! I sat on a jury with him and he was dignified to the point of being Christlike. He took a divided jury and brought us together to hang the child molesting bastard on trial and save the life of a poor molested, abused little girl. He was so humble, he didn't even want to tell us what he did for a living. I was so ashamed to fret about my own minor problems having seen this giant of a man read a newspaper during our breaks. And when the trial was over, I asked St. Tillerson if he would donate money to the organization that helped protect the girl, and he did. The man is infallible. LINK

THEN: Rex Tillerson is a lying oil man who only wants to lead the State Department to enrich his corporate cronies.

NOW: Oh don't worry about cronyism or bias with Tillerson, this honest man signed an agreement worth a $187 million penalty to keep him honest and keep him from ever working for the oil industry again.

THEN: Rex Tillerson's appointment has the State Department in an uproar. This guy is an arrogant, biased, pro-Russian moron and every career deputy is retiring in protest. The Ambassadors openly call him a joke. He's mishandled everything. Everyone hates him. Even the secretaries hate him. If he's allowed to remain, the State Department will literally fall in upon itself from all the anguish.

NOW: The State Department is in an uproar over Trump's decision to fire the beloved and ultra-competent Rex Tillerson.

THEN: The hiring of Rex Tillerson tells the world that Russia owns the State Department now.

NOW: The firing of Rex Tillerson tells the world that Russia owns the State Department now.

This must tell us something about the left, but I just can't quite put my finger on what it could be. Something just seems wrong. Hmm. Thoughts?
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Another One On The Pile

So thousands of half-educated, hormonal morons are protesting gun violence today, as if the rest of us think gun violence is fun and dandy. What do they want? To get out of school, man. Of wait, I mean, somethingsomething guns so that no one ever kills anyone ever again. Ignore that fact that time would be better spent befriending the kids they bullied so no one would want to kill anyone else, but hey, that's like hard compared to "day off + somethingsomething guns."

Anyways, this makes me happy. Why? Because I will soon be able to update my list of idiot leftist "movements" that were stillborn:
Occupy Wall Street (Slogan: somethingsomething socialism + tents)

Black Lives Matter (Slogan: somethingsomething down with whitey)

Million Woman March (Slogan: somethingsomething Starbucks!)

#MeToo (Slogan: power to the hypersensitive, evading blame for rape abetters)
That's a lot of failure right there! And now we can add: Against School Shootings (ASS) (Slogan: Uh... like stuff.) Good times.

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Monday, March 12, 2018


A couple of fakers in the news.

o Michael Caine has joined a growing list of actors who are denouncing Woody Allen. Just as the #MeToo chicks are ignoring the fact that they let rapists prey on hundreds of other women so they could have careers, the actors denouncing Woody Allen are ignoring the fact that the things that supposedly shock them now were all over the news for years. Indeed, the Woody Allen story was a running battle being played out in the news as they worked with him. It was impossible for them to miss this. So all their claims to not knowing about it are pure-grade bullsh*t.

o Elizabeth "Fake Indian" Warren is now fighting the battle against those accusing her of faking her ancestry to advance her career. In the latest incident, someone suggested she take a DNA test to prove her heritage. Her response is just stunning. Apparently, she's so sure about her heritage that she's "not going to let someone take it away" with a DNA test. In other words, she's so sure she's an Indian that she's not going to risk proving it just in case it turns out she's full of crap. Wow. That's pretty much proof that she knows she's lying or at least has no idea if she's right. Maybe she should marry Rachel Dolenz, who claimed to be black because she felt black even though she was just white trash. Then any children they have through the miracle of gene splicing would be part fake-black and part fake-Indian... or fake-blindian.

o Trump accused Maxine Waters of having a low IQ. Hopefully somebody will explain to her what he meant. Then she can stop faking having a brain.
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quite The Weekend

Welcome to Monday, my sleepy friends.

● Daylight savings sucks.

● So Katy Perry killed a nun. She did it in court. She had sued to force the nuns to sell their convent to her. The nun had a heart attack and died. That's not good Karma. That's really not good Karma. Who the hell sues nuns anyways? Go kick a puppy... you'll spend less time in hell.

● Trump continues to exist and the left is beside themselves with rage about it.

● Bob Woodward actually said that a lot of journalists have become "emotionally deranged" over Trump. This should be no surprise for those who recall Bush Derangement Syndrome. Leftists are simply so incapable of tolerating disagreement that they will develop emotional (rage) problems when the public expresses a different view point. It's easy to see why they always end up building death camps, isn't it?

● So Trump is imposing tariffs on things like steel and cars. Of course, history and logic and theory state that the idea is horrible, but that's never stopped us before. The left has been pushing this idea since before I was born and hasn't stopped until Trump did it -- now they hate it. So why is Trump doing it? Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania. As the left tries to mock him for saying some steelworker's father is dead when he isn't, Trump is winning over union-whites in those three states in big numbers. Keep those states out of the Democratic column and the race is over. Up next... a tariff on foreign cheeses to win Wisconsin and banning sports gambling outside Nevada to win that state. Colorado is probably lost, but maybe the pot will keep a lot of leftists from remembering to vote.

● Whether you like Trump or not, you have to admit that his 2020 slogan is really pretty fantastic. It's "Keep America Great." First, it's simple, easy to remember and tugs at your patriotism -- it's bigger than the candidate. It has obvious (yet vague) meaning too (unlike "Forward."). So it's a great slogan in just a general sense. What makes it even better is that it's the logical follow up to "Make America Great," so it brings a sense of continuation which connects well with the human brain. It's the same reason that several people I know hated the film title "Now You See Me 2" because they felt it should have been "Now You Don't." We like the little sayings, and Trump's slogan feels like one. It also implies that Trump has made America great. I don't think I've ever seen a solid 1-2 punch like this before. Kudos to his marketing team.

● It looks like "bump stocks" are going to be banned and I'm fine with that. Bump stocks let you turn a semi-automatic into an automatic. (For those on that left, it lets you turn an "automatic" into an automatic.)

● We are now starting to see a rush of liars into the #MeToo "movement." Well, let me rephrase that... we are seeing the exposure of more and more liars. The latest is Kate Upton, a semi-famous model who claimed that she refused a huge campaign with Guess because their CEO harassed her. The truth, as told through emails from the time, appears to be that she didn't want to do the lingerie portion of the shoot and Guess fired her.

● California seems to have gone even crazier than usual. They are trying all kinds of stupid stuff. They are trying to interfere with ICE. They are pushing for single payer health care. Their progressives are trying to drive out any Democrat with rationality, like Diane Feinstein and the former mayor of Los Angeles who dared to support school choice once. This is a bit like Lenin killing Trotsky. At some point, we really may want to think about giving the place to Mexico... if they'll even take it.

● Bet on Virginia to take it all in the March Madness Tournament.
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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Commentarama Goes Left

Hey comrades. I've decided to switch to the left. To help me understand my new views on Trump, I've called upon our comrades at Yahoo. Please change your views accordingly...

Mike Pence thinks God talks to him. What a freak!
Oprah will only run for President if God tells her so. She’s so thoughtful.

Trump is a germaphobe. What a weirdo!
Jennifer Lawrence is a germaphobe and make sex partners take STD tests. How smart!

Do you know how many poor people the money from Melania’s dress could have fed?
OMG, aren’t Michelle Obama’s designer dresses amazing?
OMG, aren’t the dresses at the Oscars amazing?

Obama did everything he could to fix the economy, this is just the new normal.
The economy’s going to crash because of Trump.
The economy’s going to crash because of Trump.
The economy’s going to crash because of Trump.

Putin is a good guy and Hillary/Obama’s reset button is a great idea!
Trump is Putin’s puppet! Putin is evil!
Trump needs to stop messing with Putin or he’ll start a war!
Trump hasn’t done anything to stop Putin because he doesn’t care about dictators.

Trump needs to stop messing with North Korea or he’ll start a war!
Isn’t North Korea dreamy? Look at how nice they are at the Olympics. Mike Pence is such a meanie!
Why hasn’t Trump done anything to stop North Korea? Because he doesn’t care about dictators.


Trump has done nothing! His followers must hate him!
Trump is pushing through an evil agenda!

People will hate the Trump tax cuts!

Trump doesn’t care about Syria!
Trump’s going to embolden ISIS in Syria by letting the military fight.
Sure, ISIS is destroyed in Syria and Iraq and pretty much everywhere, but it wasn’t Trump’s doing.

Trump hates black people. He’s a racist.
Don’t applaud lowest black unemployment ever.

Trump is going to round up gays.
Trust me... it will happen...
... any second now...
... any second...
... it’s coming...

Trump won’t do anything to stop school shootings!
His proposals are... well... he’s such an ass. Ignore what he said!

Trump can’t fill his staff. His staffers are quitting. They’re all having affairs. They hate each other. Look at Melania’s clothes! She’s sending a secret signal. She’s blinking SOS! She won’t hold his hand! We found liars who accuse him of having an affair! Can you imagine a president having an affair in his past? The horror. Trump’s son is a traitor. He once talked to the Russians... said the prominent Democrats who made a career of flirting with America’s enemies. I once stayed at Trump Towers and someone had dropped a dirty towel in the elevator! Russian spies stay there! Trump hates women. Let’s mock Ivanka. I hear she’s stupid. Let’s get that bitch Hope Hicks! Some dude says Nikki Hailey is a slut! Oh my God, he takes advice from his family! No one’s ever done that... like the Clinton’s supposed co-Presidency. He eats at McDonalds!!! Like I do!! He golfs, like every other President! The bastard!

Why is everyone so happy that things are going well? What is wrong with all of you!!!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Steppin' In It

I love it when leftists implode. Here are a couple things from this week that will amuse you.

(1) From the Oscars... The Oscars were set up to be pure feminist propaganda. The hosts and winners yammered on about #MeToo and #TimeOut. Self-righteousness was everywhere. Down with men! All the drones wore buttons and ribbons declaring their adherence to the collective. And my God, women won everything! Uh... wait, scratch that. Sorry, apparently, penisers won everything that wasn't set aside for women (and we'll get those categories too once our transsexual army is in place!!!)

Here's the funny thing though. A rapist won an award. A wife beater won an award. A harasser won an award. A harasser worked the red carpet. //snicker snicker So much for making a point.

And then there was poor racist Emma Stone, who has starred in a movie for the evil Woody Allen. She got carried away with her womanhood and gurlpower introduced the category for Best Director by saying, "These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year." Buuuuuuuurnnnnn! She just put everyone with a penis in his/her place! But wait... weren't two of those men sacred cows? Indeed, they were. One of them was Guillermo Del Toro, a Mexican. Another was Jordan Peele, who is black. AND that makes them more victim than just a woman. Naturally, the left got this right away (except for all the white feminists applauding in the audience): Stone had diminished the triumphs of two men of color. She had done the "white feminism" thing that pissed off so many black sisters about the Women's March -- i.e. spoiled white women equating their fake suffering with the fake suffering of minorities. Bad Emma.

So the FeministOscars made a complete and utter fool of themselves... not to mention having the lowest ratings ever.

(2) Things continue to go horribly wrong at the University of Missouri. You might remember some militant black students taking over the admin building a couple years ago and screaming racism. And then the administration gave in to them, thinking this would be a good thing... white liberal guilt and all.

Well, shockingly, white students abandoned the school in droves. So did black students who bought into the whole "this place is racist" propaganda. The end result has been growing budget shortfalls as the number of applicants and students fell. Now they've hit a new low and they are $60 million below budget. Because of this, they will be killing 27 degree programs. Ha ha. This is getting close to a death spiral.


(3) A couple things to add...

Apparently, two of the womyn who are running the failed Women's March are fans of Louis Farrakhan. CNN's Jake Tapper is hounding them about that support because of Farrakhan's virulent antisemitism. So far, they've basically refused to denounce him though they've tried to claim they don't support his views. This sounds like a mess an lots of liberals are worried it will tar the left during the next election.

Also, I read an article this weekend about minority Millenials turning to violence to drive out rich white liberals who are trying to gentrify neighborhoods. This is apparently turning quite ugly. I'll update you on that later, but apparently white liberals aren't as in charge of their brown children as they think.

Finally, progressives are going to war against the Democratic Party for favoring non-progressives. That should help protect the GOP. At the same time, progressives are doing things like trying to toss out non-progressives like Diane Feinstein. Wow. Talk about self-destruction! And barely a word in the media...

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Monday, Monday

Some thoughts from the weekend.

● Poet laureate RuPaul said recently: “Drag is a big f-you to male dominated culture.”

Uh, wrong. LOL! Very, very wrong.

Drag is a mockery of femininity. It is a grotesque distortion of womanhood. It is a celebration of the intensely-exaggerated negative stereotypes gay men have of women, done with mockery and venom, and performed by males who have rejected women in favor of their own comfort with the male form. It is the female equivalent to black face. And the only reason it hasn’t been recognized as such yet is because homosexuals were considered an ally of the left. That has now changed and I think you will find drag soon becoming less acceptable.

● Fringe kiddie-lover and opportunist Roy Moore says he’s broke and wants money to pay his legal fees. I’m sure he’ll get it, sadly. If you intended to send him money, may I instead recommend setting the money you were going to send him on fire and then punching yourself in the throat.

● The NRA has had a 4900% rise in membership requests since the shooting in Florida. That doesn’t surprise me. It’s one thing to talk about reasonable ways to stop future shootings, it’s quite another to turn this shooting into an anti-GOP, anti-NRA rant as the left has done. Win to the NRA.

● Oscars tonight... or as it should be called “A gathering of leftist drones who hide their own crimes behind massive hypocrisy.” They should be wearing “Aiding & Abetting” ribbons. And the winner for best performance should be #MeToo. It's beautiful fiction.

● Salma Hayek declares “there are no sh*thole nations!” Au contrair. Let me point out that Salma is from a sh*thole – Mexico – but oddly now chooses to live in London (to avoid French taxes). I wonder why she doesn’t live in Mexico? Nor have I ever seen her vacation in Haiti, Somalia, or Venezuela, just to name a few. Gee, why is that? Also, it seems that the sh*tholes were very good at identifying themselves when the time came. And why is it that no one ever advertises for donations to clean up Germany, but they do for various sh*tholes? Sorry Salma, but when I look at Mexico, all I can think of is that contrary to what you think, your sh*tholes does stink.
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Destroying Hope

I don't know much about Hope Hicks. And under normal circumstance, I wouldn't care much either. Government hack. Whoopdi-doo. But I think something despicable has happened here that is worth pointing out.

For those who don't know, Hicks is a former model (as if that matters) who became a communications and public relations consultant who then became Trump's communications director. From the sound of it, she's actually quite talented and a bit of a Trump whisperer. She is also an enemy of the left because she's not one of their drones. So here's what happened.

The first time I really had any idea Hope existed was when she accompanied Melania Trump on a foreign visit. What caused me to notice Hope? Well, the leftist media's OBSESSION with whether or not she was more attractive that Melania (they called it "upstaging") and whether or not she dressed better. Basically, the left did what nasty teenage girls do to their enemies -- they smeared her for her looks and tried to paint her as a slut. So much for any legitimate claim that these assholes actually support women... but then, you knew they didn't.

After this, all bets were off and the MSM seemed to stalk this poor women. They used the excuse that she was pretty and that made her suspect. Article after article appeared talking about what she was wearing, how she looked and suggesting that her looks are what got her to where she was.

Then the #MeToo fraud happened and the ex-wife of her then-current boyfriend claimed he abused her. The left pounced and made this about Hicks, basically daring her to keep dating the guy. Think about that. How absolutely despicable can you be to think that you have the right to dictate to another person who they get to date? And even after the guy resigned, the Media continued to stalk her (a fair word) to embarrass her on this issue -- an issue that wasn't even her own. Can you imagine the outrage if the media had stalked, oh let's say, Johnny Depp's girlfriend and demanded to know why she hadn't dumped him yet because of allegations made by his ex-wife? I'm pretty sure the morbidly obese chicks at Yahoo would have been incensed. Instead, they were trying to drain the blood out of this woman.

Now the last few days, they've been performing a ghoulish death watch all hidden under a sexist veneer again about what she was wearing, how she looks, and how she once dated a man who is worse than Hitler so she had no right to date him. Tonight she resigned and I can't blame her.

What sick, despicable people populate the left.
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