Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More Trumped Up Thoughts

I've had some thoughts on Trump lately, and I thought I would share those.

● First, let me say that I'm seeing more and more people starting to support him as they look at his record. I find that interesting. Personally, I've seen a couple liberals become firm supporters and some libertarians who just like being different. Both groups have said that they really like the stuff he's done "if only he would stop tweeting!" I think this bodes well for him. Not only does this suggest that his support will grow (Obama's was shrinking at this time in his presidency and he would ultimately lose 6 million votes in his second run), but even more it puts the lie to the narrative that Trump hit bottom and kept falling. Trump may very well surprise people.

● Secondly, I think the media continues to be his best friend. Not only will they blow every scandal out of proportion, creating a sort of boy-who-cried-wolf teflon that has most people no longer listening, but the attacks they choose to promote are pathetic. The one that always makes me shake my head is Kelly Anne Conway's husband George Conway. George can be counted on to say something obnoxious every news cycle and the media repeats it like it matters. The thing is, George comes across as the kind of guy who's only worthy of news time if he gets caught jerking off behind a theater. So using him as a weapon against Trump is pathetic.

● Trump has also been lucky that his enemies keep imploding. The #metoo monster has devolved into mud wrestling. The Democrats have picked losers to run against him. The woman who just accused him of rape, not only is pimping a book, not only claims another powerful man raped her, not only kept the coat she was supposedly wearing when Trump did it... but now she's talked about how most people think of rape as "sexy." CNN actually cut off the interview to try to contain the damage, but it got out. She's a nut.

● The Iran thing has me thinking. I always thought Trump was kind of a moron, but his handling of Iran and North Korea both impress me. He's the first president and one of the few in Washington to understand what both countries actually want. Kim in North Korea wants to be able to enjoy his wealth overseas... to party on in cool cities. Trump offered him normal relations to let him do that. He even talked about developing luxury services in North Korea, which must have tickled Kim pink. The situation hasn't solved itself yet, but I actually think it will fairly soon.

Now Trump has said he wants to "Make Iran Great Again." This is actually exactly what Iran wants. Iran sees itself as the great Persian Empire and it wants influence in the Gulf. We've taken that away from it and that's really been the struggle between us. Other Presidents have offered money or vague promises of helping their economy, but that's not what they want. Again, Trump is the first to really understand what they want. What impresses me here is that Trump seems to understand both countries even as our establishment (left and right) remains clueless. I honestly didn't know he had it in him.

I've also come to understand his negotiation style. Step one, you freak the other side out by promising to do the one thing that scares them. Then you offer to negotiate. If things stall, he acts like he will pull the trigger or he may even pull the trigger. Then they back down and a deal is reached that is good for both sides. He's done this with immigration and foreign aid, tariffs and trade wars, sanctions, deportations, and now bombings. It's worked really well for the most part.

He's a good deal smarter than he seems.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

A Couple Thoughts

Ola! First, let me apologize. I've been working some long hours (around 15 hours a day for two weeks) and I lost track of the things I wasn't doing. I shall do more articles. Anyways, here are some thoughts.

● For having Trump in office... for having 20+ dwarves running for President... for us being on the verge of war with Iran... there just isn't much going on right now. Must be global warming.

● Roy Moore is the thing that will not die. He's back to keep Alabama blue. Seriously, dipsh*t, go away.

● It's looking more and more like Beto is done. His poll numbers keep shrinking and he's now outside the conversation in the sense that the media never mentions him when they talk about the candidates. Warren seems to be on the same track but is falling from a stronger position, so she'll last longer. But I'm thinking one or both might be out before the first primary vote.

● There's a new rape claim against Trump. Yawn. Don't believe it. Don't care even if it is true. This time Trump supposedly raped some half-famous would in a department store. Uh huh.

● Actor John Cusak, aka Lane Meyer, has been having a rough go of it lately. He's a hard core idiot leftist and he got caught at a Cubs game not standing for the National Anthem and then he put out an antisemitic cartoon. He claimed he was just slow standing up, but he was literally the only person sitting and everyone else had their hands over their hearts already -- he looked grumpy as hell too. On the antisemetic thing, he say he got tricked by a bot... which doesn't explain it. I bring this up because I like the fact that we are starting to see leftists held accountable in their daily lives and they simply don't know how to handle it. They tend to get outraged that they are being judges. I think that's hilarious.

● Mayor Butt, er Pete, made the claim that statistically we must already have had a gay president. That's false logic. First, gays are 2-3%. We've had 45ish Presidents. So there is no reason to think one of them was likely gay. Secondly, President isn't a general population thing, so statistics like this don't won't... it's a select population. It's the same way we don't expect 3% to be Asian or half to be females. So Pete's logic is BS. That said, we did have a gay one: Obama.

Anything else going on these days?
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Thursday, June 13, 2019

More Hypocrisy From Liberals

I really couldn't care less about women's soccer, but what happened in the game between the US women's lesbian national team and the Thailand women's soccer team at the women's World Cup has proven interesting... for the hoops liberals keep jumping through.

All right, a couple points of background. (1) No one watches women's soccer. (2) Hardly anyone in the US watches men's soccer period, but women's soccer is really the bottom of the barrel. It draws less than 1/10 of the audience of men's soccer, which draws less than almost any other sport. (3) That said, soccer is politically correct. It is politically correct because its followers see it as a thumb in the eye to America... because it's a socialist game in that it's considered a team game rather than an individual game... because lots of girls play it... because it's elitist.

So here's what happened. There are virtually no good women's teams around the world. Hence, the US dominates almost by forfeit. To make the World Cup seem more important (and make more money), FIFA has been trying to get different countries to create new teams. Thailand is one of those teams. They stink badly. But FIFA put them into the tournament because they need bodies. Well, Thailand had the bad fortune to play the US womyn. Those wonderful examples of American lesbianism beat the crap out of Thailand 13-0. Even worse, they celebrated every goal as if it were something incredible.

Lo and behold people reacted negatively.

Imagine that! Why would they react negatively, though? Don't they know this is the US women's team? This is a team full of open lesbians who make leftist political statements? Don't they know these women sued FIFA for not paying them as much as the men get? Good God, how can you criticize them?

Well... because people understand sportsmanship and they knew that burying an inferior opponent is not sportsmanship. They know that celebrating goals in a blowout is even worse sportsmanship. They know a lack of class when they see it. They know bullying when they see it.

The American women's soccer team is shocked. Liberal sports writers are horrified. They must defend these paragons of liberal virtue! So enter every liberal sportswriter in the world. These are the same people who can find nothing good in men's sports. These are the people who are first to scream about men's teams running up the score or excessive celebration... and they are ridiculously defending the US team:
First, they claim we wouldn't hear people complaining if it was the men's team! Actually, we would. Every sport has their scandal along these lines and the public is always outraged by teams that run up the score or rub it in with uncalled for celebrations. One boys football team was even disbanded after blowing out a weaker opponent.

Second, "these are the elite teams in the world, they should have put up a better defense." Huh. That's never been considered a valid defense before... why now? Secondly, Thailand is a cream puff, they didn't deserve to be here, and everyone knows that. Claiming otherwise is lying intentionally. And isn't that blaming the victim?

Third, "men are making this criticism! How dare they!" Ha, nope. That's bullship. You did the deed, you are to blame.

Fourth, FIFA is at fault for not spending money on developing teams in other countries. How does that prevent the US women from toning it down? It doesn't. You made the decision to pour it on, girls.

Fifth, "it would be an insult to have stepped it back. They would have been insulted." Actually, they were crying. I suspect they wouldn't have minded a little face saving.
What this tells us is that (1) the US women's soccer team is a bunch of bullies. They feel proud of themselves for beating weaker teams. That's pathetic. (2) Liberals will again lie and flip their deepest held convictions on their head to defend liberal things. That's even worse. (3) The charge of sexism is again a tool used disingenuously to deflect criticism. (4) Liberals have no sportsmanship. (5) These people have no idea how to win over the public. They live in a progressive little bubble of victimology and nobody likes that.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Surprise: Misbehavior Gets Punished

I've talked about the #metoo stuff before. As a general rule, #metoo achieved nothing. And now the backlash is clear.

By way of background, the #metoo thing was an attempt by a bunch of actresses who slept their way to the top to create a national movement as a front for clearing their names by screaming rape. It morphed into a bitch session for hypersensitive women, almost all of whom worked in television or film. Their goals were to (1) change society to create "guilt upon accusation" for "crimes" against women, (2) an end to due process, in particular the allowing of any sort of defense, (3) instituting a social death penalty for these crimes, including permanent unemployment, (4) lowering what constituted such a crime from rape-rape to "he seemed creepy" and (5) eliminating any sort of time limit so that women could now raise allegations decades later.

In the heady days of the beginning, it seemed that they would get these things. A handful of famous well-known bastards were accused, a couple resigned, a couple were forced out by their boards and several actors were brought down. Harvey Weistein was charged criminally for a dozen rapes. Attempts to defend these men were shrilly shot down. Even those claiming innocence pleaded how double-plus-good it was that they had been accused.

But then it all went wrong. People (particularly foreign actresses) called this stupid and defended these men. The automatic resignations stopped as did the automatic firings. Due process not only came back, it came back MUCH stronger than it has been in lieu of the college rape lowering of standards. At that point, the resignations and firings stopped. According to some studies less than 400 men were ever officially endangered and only a handful ever actually punished. Soon, it became clear that all the goals of #metoo failed. Even Harvey Weinstein looks like he's going to get off. In fact, the man who has been hit the hardest (apart from Matt Lauer who went down because he's an ass no one liked) is Kevin Spacey and his crime was preying on young gay men... not women. And even he's coming back.

Then the women running the movement were exposed in big bad ways. One was selling drugs. Another was caught doing the same harassing she was screaming about. Yet another is defending a son accused of rape. Soon they were all in-fighting and making claims and demands that flew in the face of this movement. Add the fact that it barely left Hollywood and this thing was not only DOA, it was counter-productive. Indeed, if anything this movement strengthened the defenses men could raise and increased societal doubt (a natural consequence of any movement going too far). Then they did things like defend Joe Biden using each of the defenses they claimed was invalid. Hypocrisy never plays well.

Now comes word of an even bigger backlash, one that should have been entirely expected, but shocks them nevertheless. A poll last month found that 60% of male manager are "nervous" about interacting with women in the workplace and won't engage in one-on-one meetings with them, won't socialize with them and won't mentor them. That's a rise from 32% before the #metoo movement. Surprise.

Now, as a general rule, you need to take polls with a grain of salt. It's easy to answer "yes" when you wouldn't really do that in the real world. But I think what we can take from this is that men are twice as likely now to be cautious around women in the work place that they think are likely to take advantage of this or women who are hypersensitive. In that end, that's good and bad. It's good if it weeds these women out and keeps them from becoming managers where they can mess things up for everyone. It's bad for other women who are not like these women and still will get caught in the blowback. Unfortunately, this is was group movements cause: they make people view the entire group with suspicion. And lest you think this means nothing, consider what Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks COO, said. She's a smart and insightful woman, and she worried:
"The vast majority of managers and senior leaders are men. If they are reluctant even to meet one-on-one with women, there’s no way women can get an equal shot at proving themselves. ... We’re in a bad place — no one’s ever gotten promoted without a one-on-one meeting, I feel confident in saying that. Senior men right now are nine times more hesitant to travel with a woman and six times more likely to hesitate to have a work dinner."
That's the legacy of #metoo: (1) a strengthening of due process for men, (2) an increase in societal doubt in harassment claims, and (3) a wedge between male managers and female employees. Nice work, ladies.
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