Friday, June 21, 2019

A Couple Thoughts

Ola! First, let me apologize. I've been working some long hours (around 15 hours a day for two weeks) and I lost track of the things I wasn't doing. I shall do more articles. Anyways, here are some thoughts.

● For having Trump in office... for having 20+ dwarves running for President... for us being on the verge of war with Iran... there just isn't much going on right now. Must be global warming.

● Roy Moore is the thing that will not die. He's back to keep Alabama blue. Seriously, dipsh*t, go away.

● It's looking more and more like Beto is done. His poll numbers keep shrinking and he's now outside the conversation in the sense that the media never mentions him when they talk about the candidates. Warren seems to be on the same track but is falling from a stronger position, so she'll last longer. But I'm thinking one or both might be out before the first primary vote.

● There's a new rape claim against Trump. Yawn. Don't believe it. Don't care even if it is true. This time Trump supposedly raped some half-famous would in a department store. Uh huh.

● Actor John Cusak, aka Lane Meyer, has been having a rough go of it lately. He's a hard core idiot leftist and he got caught at a Cubs game not standing for the National Anthem and then he put out an antisemitic cartoon. He claimed he was just slow standing up, but he was literally the only person sitting and everyone else had their hands over their hearts already -- he looked grumpy as hell too. On the antisemetic thing, he say he got tricked by a bot... which doesn't explain it. I bring this up because I like the fact that we are starting to see leftists held accountable in their daily lives and they simply don't know how to handle it. They tend to get outraged that they are being judges. I think that's hilarious.

● Mayor Butt, er Pete, made the claim that statistically we must already have had a gay president. That's false logic. First, gays are 2-3%. We've had 45ish Presidents. So there is no reason to think one of them was likely gay. Secondly, President isn't a general population thing, so statistics like this don't won't... it's a select population. It's the same way we don't expect 3% to be Asian or half to be females. So Pete's logic is BS. That said, we did have a gay one: Obama.

Anything else going on these days?


ArgentGale said...

1. Can't really add to that, though I haven't been following the news much lately myself.

2. Of course his radioactive fringe ass would be coming back to do just that... Thankfully he has credible competition and hasn't drawn any serious endorsements yet so hopefully the Alabama GOP will blow him off in the primary. If not, well, there's a reason we Georgians make fun of our western neighbors.

3. Guess whatever bro marketing he had going for him just wasn't enough. That was an interesting thing to observe, Andrew, but I suppose I should save my thoughts on the marketing for another time.

4. If there was something serious to that I'm sure it would have come out a long, long time ago.

5. Don't you mean Oscar Meyer, Andrew? =P Just goes to show just how out of touch these celebrities are.

6. I suppose it's possible one in the past was closeted but considering how queer theory-fueled historians have been looking to fit more historical figures into their box I'm sure someone would have overanalyzed some president's personal life to make the case long before Mayor Pete did so he's probably talking out of his, know. That really is a name right out of South Park, isn't it, especially with him being Mayor of South Bend.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Daniel,

1. There isn't much happening right now, with summer starting.

2. Moore need to go away, but he never will. He's addicted to the attention.

3. Beto has always struck me a strange candidate. He's a media crush more than anything. And the problem with that is that the next crush bumps you from the spotlight.

4. At this point, I take it as a given that overdue rape allegations are political.

5. Cusack is such a turd. He's one of those jerks who disavows his film past too. He hates the fact he ever did comedy. Waaaah.

6. It's definitely possible there have been gay presidents, but even if it's true, it's an irrelevancy. If you don't even know about them being gay, then what did they really accomplish for gays? But yeah, they're awful. At this point, everyone in history was gay except Hitler. They don't want to claim him. But everyone else was. His name if awful! LOL!

Anthony said...

1. In the unlikely event that Trump is telling the truth about nobody in his national security team bothering to tell him the costs of the cancelled Iran strike before he asked ten minutes before launch is true he really, really needs a new team.

More likely he changed his mind at the last second. A wise decision politically. In international affairs the most important thing to the American public is American blood and that strike would have triggered retaliation which would have cost Trump support. Of course the situation of the US tightening sanctions and Iran escalating its provocations means that war is still a possibility.

2. I think Biden will win the nomination unless a charismatic new challenger emerges. Still not convinced he can beat Trump. Like Hillary Biden's strategy seems to be 'stay out of the headlines and let Trump beat himself'. That didn't work out too well for Hillary.

3. Abortion and gay/whatever rights seem to be becoming bigger issues. I think most of America is anti-abortion but I'm not sure how it will ultimately play out. America's abortion (and in fairness, birth) rate has been steadily decreasing but if anti-abortion types start throwing women in jail (which is the logical endgame) then the prospects of the pro-abortion side will brighten. Of course, the pro-abortion side will be just as totalitarian if they get their way. Saw this disturbing case in England.

4. That rape claim sounds real strange to me. Doesn't matter what I think. Decades old rape charges are impossible to prove.

5. The Democrats' focus on reparations is insane. Right now its just their fringe (including the fighting to survive Corey Booker) making the push and I doubt a majority of voters of any race support the notion. If that changes then their prospects of victory in 2020 go from dim to nonexistent.

AndrewPrice said...

So the woman accusing Trump of rape is getting less credible all the time...

(1) She makes the accusation in a book for which she needs publicity.

(2) She poses on a magazine cover in the same coat she wore when Trump attacked her. So she kept a souvenir?

(3) She's also accusing CBS's Les Moonves of sexually assaulting her in an elevator.

Wow. So she was raped by two ultra-famous and rich men and said nothing about it until she decided to write a book 20+ years later... and she kept a souvenir.

No sale.

AndrewPrice said...


Something tells me Biden doesn't win. He just doesn't seem competent enough. I'm not sure who wins instead, but I think Biden will start to fade.

On abortion, I think the public has decided. Somewhere around 80%, whether they call themselves pro-life or pro-choice was legal, but rare and well regulated. Any push in either direction away from that only result in a backlash. But this is one of those issues where the obsesses have just enough power to push for more from time to time.

Gays are passe, as Buttguy is discovering.

The focus on reparations will cost them some percentage of non-blacks and will kill them. That one pisses people off.

Critch said...

I can't believe that Trump is the only political/military leader to change his mind on something at the last happens..we've all done it, whether it's buying a big ticket item or making other big move on his part..BTW, the Dims would have tried using a military strike against, wait a minute they're using his not using a military strike,,,but it isn't getting anywhere.

I'm starting to think that there are more minority and gay voters for Trump than the Dims realize...

Trump needs the sue the crap out of that woman..let them know there are consequences to their actions.

Hardcore lefties never smile, they may grimace,,but they never's always forced...Cusack BTW is not a force of any kind that anyone is listening to.

The Left has lost a few high profile cases in SCOTUS this week,,,and my state has shut down the only abortion clinic in MIssouri..they're hopping mad in St. Louis and Columbia...

AndrewPrice said...


The issue doesn't hurt him anyways. First, is the argument really, "Hey, if you're going to kill someone, you better go through with it no matter what." That's ridiculous on its face. What's more, the left claims to hate the use of American might. How can they criticize him for NOT attacking Iran?

Secondly, in a week, they'll figure out what Trump has done. He's just made the Iranians crap their pants much more effectively than a threat to do something. "I'm gonna do it... I'm really gonna do it" is much less scary than "I stopped at the last second, this time."

What I've seen is that gays are drifting out of politics and some have changed sides. Hispanics are drifting toward Trump. Blacks are demanding more from the Democrats and aren't getting it.

Cusack is a loser. I just think it's funny that his life has come to this because of his pointless politics.

This has been a rough few years for the left all over the place.

tryanmax said...

Personally, I think anyone who believes Trump’s Iran story as told is a mark. It’s clearly a fish tale, meaning it’s truish, but heavily exaggerated. That said, the PR is great. Iran is left wondering what the madman will do next. Trump gets to be the magnanimous one who pulled back the stick. He also gets to be the reasonable one who believes in proportionality. And he signals that he can change his mind when given new information. Yeah, yeah, all of this can be twisted by opponents, but it starts as a pile of strong positives for Trump.

I still don’t think a signature in a yearbook proves rape, but Roy can go away now.

I’ve got nothing on Beto. Warren is trying to hock gay reparations now. So desperate.

Trump’s accuser doesn’t want to press charges out of respect for the women who are “being raped around the clock” in Dachau, TX. Real serious broad, she is.

Cusack is one of those celebrities who blocks almost everyone on Twitter. Real finger-on-the-pulse sort of guy.

Rutherford B. Hayes was the first gay president as well as the first black president. These are facts.

Anthony said...

Andrew and Tryanmax,

I doubt a near-military strike will scare Iran straight (they've been hit with actual strikes before and they keep playing the same games) and I suspect Trump's rep for flakiness makes a new, better Iran deal less likely rather than more likely.

Trump has torn up Obama's deal with Iran because it only lasted 15 years and only suspended Iran's nuke program. Trump correctly states that the deal only kicked the can down the road. Trump's position is that Iran needs to give up its nukes permanently. Fine and good. The three problems are A) His actions highlight that guarantees from presidents aren't binding on their successors and B) Trump is famously indecisive and tempermental, so he might violate his own promises if the mood strikes him and C) nukes are very attractive to relatively weak countries with a habit of pissing off bigger countries because they are the only sure guarantee against invasion/regime change.

So Trump is demanding a concession Iran is unwilling to make and steadily ratcheting up sanctions (which to one degree or another) which have been a fact of life between Iran and the US since 1979 to pressure them into conceding and Iran is stepping up the terror attacks that (to one degree or another) have been a fact of life between Iran and the US since 1979.

Trump not launching this particular military strike is fine and good but its kind of like two guys in a shoving matching almost getting into a real fistfight, but deciding against it and resuming shoving, only harder than before. The drama isn't over yet.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, Andrew,

I sincerely doubt that Trump's reputation in the US press is the same as his reputation among world leaders. If it is, then that makes Trump's charge of "enemy of the people" all the more fair, at least taken from his perspective.

I personally think it's a good thing for the world to be reminded that deals with US Presidents are not binding on their successors. Too much wheeling-and-dealing has been done on the opposite presumption. A little foreign skepticism can only serve to keep the US more honest in international and domestic affairs.

Trump's projected capriciousness is a feature, not a bug. It's part and parcel to the whole "master negotiator" image. The thing to understand is that, outwardly, a person who doesn't know what they want is indistinguishable from a person who knows what they want but won't tell you.

Nukes are always attractive to tin-pot dictators. That's been the root problem all along. Nothing stemming from it makes it any more so.

Obviously the drama has just begun. Trump has only so far established which character he intends to play.

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