Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Crazy and Anti-Crazy

Crazy is as crazy does, and the left does a lot of crazy.

● Bernie won't tell us how he will pay for his medicare for all plan. Actually, let's make that how you will pay for his medicare for all plan. Why? Because it will take a 42% sale tax to do it. Are you ready for a $7 twelve-pack of coke? An extra $9,000 on a cheap car? Probably not.

● Facebook is getting rid of the eggplant and peach emojis because bad people are using them denote sex. We can't have anything that makes people think of sex online, after all. Nope. Oh but they are adding a blood splatter so people can emote a period because that's useful. Of course, they haven't yet realized that men will be sending this about women: "Wow, she must be on her (bloodsplatter)." Once Facebook's algorithms figure this out, I'll bet the period will vanish... and probably the period-period for good measure. Idiots

● Twitter erupts when Trump...

● Obsession for the orange one is the new black.

● Speaking of black, both Obamas are running around saying that white people are "afraid" of black people and there's "nothing you can do to fix that." Hmm. Why are they saying this? Here are some thoughts.
1. I think the Obama's are hoping to give an explanation for racism that (1) exculpates blacks for their own behavior and (2) will ensure it can never go way. Basically, racism is an instinct, which means racism will always be with us. Yay! That means all you honkies are racist whether you know it not... through no fault of your own... so stop pretending that racism is over and start handing over the racial reparations.

2. On the other hand, the Obamas may be playing the gay game. Gays always went with the idea that straights feared them (homophobia), with the idea being that once we straights learned that they were just like us and there was nothing to fear, all would be good. Based on this, Hollywood and the left set out to make gays seem normal and that worked. Forget the fact that gay men have hundreds of nameless partners. Forget the fact that lesbians hate men or that crossdressers seem to despise women even as they sort of emulate them. Forget the diseases and the ties to child-sex-advocates and the fact these people focus their lives around sex. Forget all of that... they're just like us! Yay. Anyways, it worked.

It won't work for blacks though. The main reason is that black culture (as pushed by rappers, athletes, actors, politicians and intellectuals) is not trying to convince whites that they are like whites. Black culture is trying to push hard the other way. It is trying to present itself as ultra-macho, entitled and separate. It is a culture that celebrates aggression, celebrates disloyalty to America, demands unearned privileges, determines right and wrong by race rather than action, and makes whites the boogeyman for all that is wrong. None of that is going to lead whites (or others) to say, yeah, they're just like us! Instead, it will continue to exacerbate the view that blacks, as a group, are dangerous. If this is the Obama's goal, then they need to change black culture to make this idea work, and that's not happening. If anything, in my lifetime, black culture has become increasingly hostile, angry and separatist even as more and more individual blacks seem to fitting in much more like everyone else.

3. Or they're repeating something they read.
I suspect the answer is No. 1, but I wouldn't rule out that this is the opening salvo on some new media strategy. I guess we'll see. Watch for evidence.

● Lastly, Herr Obama made an "attack" on "woke culture" yesterday. Roh roh. Apparently, he is seeing the danger of having a gaggle of self-righteous little Nazis trying to destroy all persons who are not sufficiently pure in their eyes. But I have no sympathy, Mr. Obama. These are your babies. You created them. You taught them outrage. You encouraged their tantrums and their intolerance. You fed them and still feed them. They will not go away now (unless you cut off their internet)... and they will eat you alive all in the name of tolerance. In fact, the reason they are such a danger to the left is because the left humors them. Our side writes them off as snowflakes and doesn't given a flying eggplant what they whine about. Your side stupidly gives them power. So, too bad. Live by the retard... die by the retard.
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Sunday, October 27, 2019

People Are Dumb

Ug, the news.

● They killed the leader of ISIS. Good. See you in hell, a-hole. Now kill all the rest. They don't deserve to live.

● Trump impeachment... don't care. Really don't care. This is the world of the deranged jerking themselves off into a frenzy and I honestly don't care. Unless they get him, it won't help them (won't change a single opinion), and I don't think they get him even with Mitt Romney leading the persecution. So this is all just pointless theater... bad losers tipping over the gameboard in a tantrum.

● We all know that feminism is everywhere, right? And all women are now feminists and most men and even some animals, right? Well, guess again. There's a fascinating recent poll about the scope of feminism. It asked 40,000 Europeans and it found that Sweden was ranked as the most feminist country. No surprise there. And yet, only 46% of Swedes consider themselves feminists. In Denmark, by comparison, 40% considered themselves "feminists." This is in Europe which has leaned left and been awash in political correctness for a long time, and yet only 4 in ten believe this... the same percentage of Democrats in the US. Based on this and all the other 40% support idiocy, it sounds like there is a cap on human stupidity and it's right around 40%.

Even more interestingly, wanna guess the percentage in the US? 20%. 23% of women, 16% of men. That's it. That's not even half of all Democrats. Interesting, isn't it? Apparently, feminism isn't as influential as it wants you to believe.

● A Democrat is resigning. Shocking. All she did was have group sex with her staffers and smoke pot through a bong covered in Nazis symbols. Perhaps she should have worn blackface, then she could have gotten off with a promise not to get caught doing it again.

● Speaking of Nazis, the left is now openly against free speech. The latest, but by no means the only, is the little Swedish troll kid. She wants Facebook to ban opinions she doesn't like. Several hundred dipsh*ts at Harvard also want the school newspaper somethingsomethingburnedatthestake because it committed the crime of asking ICE to comment on a hateful anti-ICE protest at the school. Apparently, the idea of letting ICE comment on something is a crime against humanity. Black uniforms are next.

● California is on fire. See ISIS above.

Terminator Dark Bait, or whatever it's called, is not "the Terminator film we've been waiting for." No one has been waiting for another Terminator film.
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Monday, October 14, 2019

Should We Pay College Athletes?

The year is 1919. Concerned with athletes being rife with corruption, the left swings into action and bans college athletes from being paid so that all the money men, bribes, and sponsors lose their influence. From this day forward, athletes will only be under the influence of their coaches and schools. Flash forward to 2019. Concerned that it's "not fair" that schools make money off of athletes and athletes don't, the left swings into action and decides that athletes should be allowed to earn money off their images... and sponsors... and possibly more. Flash forward to 2119.... rinse and repeat.

For those who don't know, the Democrats have jumped on the issue of letting athletes earn money through sponsorships and the such. After all, it isn't fair that colleges can make money on these athletes, but they get nothing. Let's debunk some of this, shall we?

1. Dirty capitalist exploiters. Actually... note that it is leftist colleges who are exploiting the "free labor" of student athletes. It's funny how often leftists are the bad guys in leftist passion plays.

2. There's no reason not to pay them though! Actually... note that the reason students were prevented from being able to get sponsors and sell their images was rampant corruption in college athletics in the 1920s. Banning the money helped. Will corruption come back? Well, Nike and Adidas already have been caught bribing athletes to steer them to specific programs. That will become commonplace now that we're going to put the money back in to fix "unfairness."

3. But it is unfair that athletes get nothing. Actually... note that student athletes actually get a lot. Between room and board from scholarships, athletes can get up to about $400,000 worth of benefits for playing. Note that they get special treatment on campus. Note that they get into schools they otherwise wouldn't and can claim to have those degrees which better qualified kids will never get because the athletes take their spots. Who's the real victim here?

4. But we all know that athletes are just waiting to turn pro, the education means nothing! Actually... note that only around 1% of college athletes have a chance of turning pro at any level, so the idea that this is a career track -- which underlies the thinking -- is false except for a handful of people. So the education is the real benefit and it is a HUGE benefit.

5. But why should colleges get the money... it's the athletes that draw people in. Actually... colleges build the stadiums and they build the brands that give the athletes the chance to exploit their images. Without the colleges, the athletes would have nothing. What's more, colleges use the money to improve student life, to pay for scholarships, to fund other sports and other programs. Are colleges well run? No, but that's a different issue that doesn't get solved by giving athletes more money.

6. Still, it's all about fairness. Oh, is it? Note that the only beneficiaries of this will be men's football and basketball with a smattering of other athletes around the nation. College runners, swimmers, gymnasts and volleyball players are nobodies... Olympians matter in those sports, college athletes don't. How do you think the left is going to respond when 95% of the money goes to young men and 95% of that goes to young men who will be millionaires a year or two after getting famous at college? Sports is the ultimate meritocracy and the public only cares about certain sports and only certain positions at that.

Ultimately, I don't care. Sports is sports. It's a business. It's corrupt. This is millionaires verses billionaires, so who cares. But don't kid yourself that this will make anything fair or will fix anything. Gobs of money corrupts, it does not purify. And the problems sports have and colleges have cannot be fixed be dividing a corrupt pie into more parts. If you want to fix this, rid the pie of corruption. Require transparency. Be honest about the debate. But that's not what the left does. It tries to fix complex problems with the easiest sounding solutions and then it struggles to fix all the problems its solution causes until enough time passes that the definition of fairness changes and they advocate what was once considered the bad guy side all over again. Then you repeat the play from that side. See you in 2049.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Have A Coke And A Smile and F* Off

You might recognize the Richard Pryor line. That's kind of the mood I'm in regarding corporations and Democrats.

● McDonalds and I are breaking up. The health reasons are part of it. I’m eating more healthy now. But truth be told, McDonalds hung in there despite that. What finally got me was that they just had another price increase, making McDonalds almost as expensive as a sit-down restaurant, and at the same time they switched to these plastic cups that just happened to be 2-3 ounces smaller than the paper cups. This angers me. I’m really sick of corporate America pulling this. Company after company is cutting the amount and quality of product they give you while increasing the price and they are all trying to sneak it past you. I’ve become very conscious of this and I’m dropping companies who do it. A dozen national chains are now on the boycott list and a large number of pre-packaged products. The funny thing is I don’t miss them like I thought I would when I dropped them. I don’t even feel nostalgic for them because once they’re gone, I quickly realize how little I actually liked them in the first place.

● Cost cutting is corporate America’s answer to wanting greater profits without winning an audience. It’s a fools choice, but that’s who runs corporate America – fools.

● So Bernie had a heart attack and the memes are fantastic:
I can’t see them running him anymore. Of course, I never could imagine them running a 108 year old in the first place. Oh wait, Biden is 107, Hillary is 666, and Fauxecohontas is a relatively youthful 104. Interesting how they have no younger people in their party. They should run Maxine Waters as VP... just for color.

● Friend of the site tryanmax predicted about a year ago that they Dems will go back to Hillary. He might be right. I thought she would be dead at this point, but somehow she lurches on. Has no one a stake or a handful of garlic?

● Speaking of corporate America, there is a war going on between BIG insurance and BIG doctor. I’m getting tons of ads on this dealing with “surprise billing.” The doctors claim there’s already a solution in place, except medical billing is so f**ed up that I often times get surprise bills 9-12 months after the fact... not that insurance is any better. But that’s not the point. The point is that this is the fruits of Obamacare and decades of liberals injecting the government into the healthcare system. This mess is the government’s doing and the proposed solutions of government intervention will only make it worse. The system is broken and that’s Congress’s fingerprints are all over the body.

● Oh no! Joker uses a song that’s played in every area but was written by a pedophile! The horror... the horror. How can anyone do such a thing?! Ban the film.
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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Some Evil Thoughts

More stuff...

● Allow me to play the cynic. This cop in Dallas? Amber Guyger. She shot and killed her neighbor (I think he was actually one floor lower if I remember correctly). The killing makes no sense and there seems to be no motive whatsoever -- the media is trying to find racism, but there is really no motive or reason available. So why would a police office go to the wrong floor in her building, somehow walk through a door that should have locked automatically, wander into an apartment that isn't hers, and shoot a man who, from the witness testimony, identified himself and didn't act aggressively at all. A real mystery right?

So anyways, she got convicted and sentenced to ten years. In her sentencing, the brother of the dead guy raced over and hugged her. The media is turning this hug into some sort of fantasy statement of forgiveness and human goodness, anti-racism, etc. etc. But here's the thing. Check out the hug online. This was not two people who didn't know each other hugging out forgiveness. This was two lovers hugging on the eve of disaster. This was the hug of someone who is afraid they will never see someone important to them again. It seems clear to me that they are lovers... and suddenly, it seems we have a motive. Wanna bet she and the brother were dating and somehow this all got folded into her a reason to kill the brother? I would bet good money that they end up marrying while she's in jail, or right after she gets out.

● Greta Thunberg, the monkey on a stick child getting lots of press about global warming, is going to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for "Aw, isn't that cut" -- that's what Obama got his for too. Her list of achievements includes make a stinkface at Trump and... well, that's about it. I actually like Putin on this. He's one of the few world leaders to point out that she's mistaken, that she's been programmed by the adults in her life, and that her philosophy would condemn the third world to staying backwards economically. Everybody is basking in the virtue signalling of letting her pretend to chastise them.

● Whatever happened to David Hogg? I guess his 15 minutes ran out.

● STDs are on the rise in the 65 and older category. How strange that 65 year olds are suddenly acting that way! What could possibly be causing that? Oh, that's right: baby boomers. This is supposed to be shocking news, but it's not. Just like divorce is a baby boomer specialty and very age category they entered suddenly saw a boom in divorce, VD is the same thing. Soon there will be a shocking headline about drug use in the over 65 crowd.
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