Monday, September 2, 2019

You Are The Problem

There's a new ad out for some interest group that has a nine year old girl retiring from soccer because she can't handle the pressure. She claims it wasn't what she expected when she joined the sport at age five. The punchline is "If 69% of girls quit one athletic sport before the age of 9, what are we doing wrong?" Well, let me explain it to you.

This one is an easy one, actually.

The number one reason is obvious: this wasn't what these girls wanted to do in the first place. Pure and simple. So rather than lament that something has gone wrong, be thankful that these girls had the good fortune to be able to quit. Isn't feminism supposed to be about choice after all? Or is it about forcing girls to do things feminists want for political reasons? Ok, I guess we know the answer to that.

In fact, I suspect that most of these girls were forced into sports against their will for political reasons, which was then affected with false promises to mothers about their girls becoming leaders and societal pressure pushing these girls through movies and advertisements... "all heroines excel at soccer." The thing is, it's all wrong. Feminists think that pushing girls into sports will somehow give them the same level of aggression that boys have, which feminists think is the basis for leadership. But that's not true. Aggression makes assholes. Confidence makes leaders. What's more, sports don't make boys aggressive. To the contrary, aggression comes naturally to boys and sports are a good way to tame or channel that aggression. So thinking that forcing a passive young girl into soccer will make her aggressive and, even further, a leader is simply wrong. All it will do is make her miserable.

So why are little girls dropping out? Because you forced them into something they didn't want and weren't built for. It's your fault feminists.

So my next question is this: what exactly is this group advocating?

They don't say, but taking the clues they give of too much pressure and parents being too in control and coaches demanding too much, it sounds like they are advocating the elimination of competition in sports. Don't set expectations... don't demand improvement... don't apply any pressure whatsoever. Maybe even eliminate scoring. That worked with the snowflakes, didn't it?

This is so typical of liberalism. To fix a problem that doesn't really exist, and is of their own making in any event, they are advocating the destruction of the thing they wanted or at least the aspects of the thing they wanted it to deliver. To save the village we must destroy the village. To get girls the benefits of playing in sports, we must restructure sports to take away the parts that give the benefits feminists want. Maybe we can just create athletic prowess and team spirit and personal discipline by executive fiat: you have learned discipline by the order of Congress!

I feel bad for girls. They are victims of so much liberal/feminist meddling. Indeed, liberal/feminists just aren't happy with girls and keep trying to re-engineer them into something that doesn't fit their natures, and I've seen the damage in generation after generation. Take the girls of the generation before mine who were told they needed careers and full-time housekeeper skills all the while accepting men as swingers. They ended up overworked, confused and abandoned. Then came my generation who were told to be like boys. They struggled with their femininity and never really became comfortable with it. The next generation was told to be single mothers like Murphy Brown, and those girls all ended up pregnant, single, poor and with out-of-control kids. Then came the snowflakes who were told they deserved CEO responsibilities on intern-level skills and are unemployed and unemployable... and still feel bad they can't play soccer. So now we're doing what to the current generation? Run girls, run.


BevfromNYC said...

Hey all!
Do not get me started on all of this. It's same thing that happened to learning basic music in grade school or STEM programs. Some kids are "musical" and some are not or some are just not interested. So instead of making it fun and easy, they scrap music programs so the kids who aren't interested or not "musical" won't get their feelings hurt having to "compete" with Bobby Pavarotti and Sue the Flute-a-phone prodigy

Some girls like team sports! Some don't like getting hit in the face. Why can't that be okay?

BevfromNYC said...

One other comment - The "team sports" aspect was legit 50 years ago. Girls just weren't allowed to play team sports (unlike me) and just didn't know how to be on a team. Then girls who WANTED to play team sports got to and VOILA...better "team players". The key there is that they WANTED to play.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Bev, Glad to hear from you! I hope all is well!

I don't know why liberals work that way. If everyone can't do a thing, then no one should be allowed to do it. It's definitely a herd mentality twisted beyond all logical comprehension... but it fits so much of their thinking. I guess it's a form of spite masquerading as emotional protection.

As for girls, I feel sorry for them because they seem to be the target of this most often. I am very thankful that boys are usually left to fend for themselves. It seems to protect boys from the worst of it, but girls seem to be in season constantly for the attention of these idiots.

tryanmax said...

It all comes back to the feminist conception of boys as broken girls. When one asks, "If girls quit sports, what are we doing wrong?" what they're really asking is "What is wrong with boys that they like things that girls don't like."

This is reminiscent of things that have occurred lately in video games, comics, and sci-fi. The feminists notice that most people interested in X are men, decide that's a problem, and meddle with stuff in a way that doesn't interest more women but does disinterest men.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I don't entirely agree. Let me rephrase that, I do agree, but I think their motivation is to make girls more politically powerful. I don't think most of them worry about changing boys. Some do, but most don't care about boys.

I think what they see is that men hold power, women don't (not entirely true, but so be it). They think that by making women more like men, they can take power from men. That means changing the natural instincts women have to convert them into political things... dump children, get career goals, aim for power careers, become cutthroat, etc. All their efforts to reprogram girls have been about making them more like the masculine they perceive -- a kind of 1950's sleazo dinosaur version.

When asked about boys, they want to neuter them, but mainly I think to reduce competition, not because they see boys as "fixable," or they would be pushing harder on that angle. It's the same way the non-pacifist left is anti-war when Republicans wage it, but bloodthirsty when leftists wage it.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, this issue with this commercial is a classic step-two problem for liberals.

Step One: See a problem...impose stupid unworkable solution that sounds great on bumperstickers.

Step Two: Try to fix the problems caused by the "solution" in Step One...impose stupid unworkable solution that sounds great on bumperstickers.

Step Three: Repeat step two.

BevfromNYC said...

As anecdotal aside: As a HS "athlete" on the tennis team, I had a revelation just a year ago after talking to my other female friend from other parts of the country who played on their HS tennis teams. My particular team, the boys and girls practices and played against each in practice. After sharing memories of HS tennis team stuff, I was shocked to find out that my friends' team never played with the boys. Female coach led the female tennis team. Our coach never considered that we shouldn't play together and against each other. It made the girls harder hitters and more competitive. And boys learned a "finesse" game.

And as a side/side note: my coach was a football coach who was relegated to the tennis team bc he was also black, btw. The head of the athelic dept hated him (guess why) and thought he'd flame out or leave. But Coach Morton could coach any sport. The wonderful justice to all of this is that we had a state ranked team and players (not me), but the football team couldn't win a game to save their lives.

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, another "aside", the mandates that sports teams be gender neutral:
From Charles Kirk on Twitter:
A major Virginia school district is now mandating that:

All locker rooms & bathrooms from K-12 be gender neutral
All athletic uniforms be gender neutral
Students be allowed to join sports teams that "align with their gender identity"

What's interesting about this in sports is that one never reads about "trans-boys" wanting to play on the football team. It's only the "trans-girls" who want to play with the girls - tennis, track & field etc.

Do you still miss me??

Anthony said...

Kids dropping out of stuff their parents try to get them into (be it sports, programming or music) is an old phenomena which is steadily accelerating for a variety of reasons.

Its fine to make plans for your kids and try to nudge them down the path, but if my their teens the don't have a love of a hobby in them so strong they want to engage in it daily for hours then they aren't going to stick with the regimen most competitive organizations centered around the thing demand.

Given girls are less inclined towards sports than boys them dropping out of sports faster shouldn't surprise or horrify anyone. The number Andrew bandied about surprises me a bit since last I heard the cumulative dropout rate for kids (male and female) is 70% prior to HS.

Youth sports have long been seen as a right of passage in American childhood – from Little League baseball to Pop Warner football – but participation levels are dropping nationwide because kids say it's no longer fun for them.
The culprit? A pressure cooker environment created by overly invested parents, according to health professionals and many youth sports organizations.


"It ceases becoming fun and becomes a chore. And when it's a chore, you start to lose kids,' Paris said. "Sometimes parents forget they're little kids. I'm not sure I understand the motivation to fast-forward childhood."

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say welcome back Bev! It's good to hear from you again.

BevfromNYC said...

Thanks, GypsyTyger!

Rustbelt said...

Glad to see you're back, too, Bev!

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