Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Another One Bites The Dust

More thoughts!

● The Democrats are starting to drop like flies. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper dropped out. He ran as the bland white male governor candidate. Washington Governor Jay Islee dropped out. He ran as the bland white male governor candidate. Now Kirstin Gillibrand has dropped out. She ran as the bland white female sexual harassment fighter. Bland and white is not popular this year. Either way, there are more to come. Some very soon as many aren't qualifying for the upcoming debate. We seem to be headed toward a Biden v. Bernie v. Warren v. Harris primary. Biden v. Neapolitan... red, white and black, I guess. I would not be surprised if they ended up Biden v. Harris. Dumber and dumber.

● Saw something interesting. I saw that lesbians are opposed to Mayor Pete. They would rather have a woman than a fellow gay. This doesn't really surprise me much because lesbians are pretty anti-male, including gays. They have never played well with the rest of the "movement."

● If you believe the polls, Trump is losing big. But I don't believe the polls. The latest thinking is that white women are turning against him. I don't think that's true. The white women who voted for him are conservative voters. They are not "women voters." They don't move back and forth.

● The Epstein thing is pretty stupid. The media seems intent on convicting anyone who ever went to one of his parties of basically joining him in group sex with a chain gang of sex slaves. That's ridiculous. Never believe that the media is at all reasonable.


Anthony said...

1. Given the top candidates are white, all but one are female and the very top candidate is male, I am not seeing what you are basing your claims of racial and gender animus on. Thus far according to every poll I have seen the most popular candidate among black (and white and female) primary voters is Biden.

Of course as the field narrows, so will the focus, so perhaps his gaffetastic nature will start doing him more damage.

2. I think Buttigieg is too narrow and weak a sample to draw broad conclusions from.

3. Trump is at the almost exactly the same place Obama was in the polls at this point in time. Not saying he's guaranteed to win, but he's certainly not doomed.

As with Obama, what some thought would be the start of a new political coalition has proven ephemeral, revolving entirely around the charisma and decisions of the one guy. Its something people can learn from (Trump has expanded executive authority among some of the same lines Obama did) but not a coherent philosophy that can be successfully campaigned upon.

If Trump wins next year it will be interesting to see how the coalition of people that drove him to power in 2020 differs from that of 2016.

4. Epstein hosted sex parties with kids on the menu. It would be crazy if government and the media wasn't taking a hard look at frequent attendees of Epstein parties.

Tennessee Jed said...

I was happy to see Hildebrand go. She really pissed me off during Kavanaugh hearings. Had to laugh at her lobbying for Veep though.

The fact we are discussing the lesbian voting block tendencies tells a lot about the state of politics today. There is a great video about Biden titled “I smelled a girl today and I liked it.”

My wife is one Republican who is turned off by Trump’s New York waiter riff. I am much more willing to look at issues. A government powerful enough to make everyone dependent upon it scares me.

I don’t believe polls but I expect it will be close. Without a credible Obama successor, I don’t see blacks churning out for Biden or Fauxahontas

tryanmax said...

● I know a joke should never be explained, but there's nothing bland about Creepy Uncle Joe, Crazy Comrade Bernie, or Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren. Kamala Harris may not be white, but she's certainly the most vanilla of the Democrat frontrunners.

● If domestic abuse stats are accurate, lesbians don't even care for other lesbians, even when they're sleeping with them.

● I saw a funny regarding the women's vote in the polls. Trump says he has "hidden" support from women that isn’t showing up in the polls. Greg Sargent (The Plum Line) retorted that he has a poll that shows otherwise. Talk about only hearing what you want to!

● "frequent attendees of Epstein parties" ≠ "anyone who ever went to one of his parties"

Epstein hosted many very public parties, most likely to discourage scrutiny of his many very private parties. Disinformation 101: produce lots and lots of witnesses who haven't seen anything. There is every reason to dismiss paparazzi photos of celebs with Epstein at gala events. They are still functioning as cover.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, We're in a 50/50 world right now and it's always going to be close. That's why elections right now are about turnout. That's also why lesbians matter. That will change though as demographics change and groups will gain or lose relevance.

On woman supporting Trump, there will always be some people who change positions, but I've seen no evidence of any genuine shift. Keep in mind too that it's a lot easier to oppose someone when the opposition isn't known yet. See how she feels once the Democratic opponent is known.

Also, I'm not sure this means much, but I know several women who voted against Trump who now support him. So I tend to think that there are gains and loses and they all probably balance out.

AndrewPrice said...

traynmax, I would say that they are boring, though not bland. The guys dropping out are bland. They all wanted to be the voice of the rational liberal, but no one wants that.

How dare you mention the facts, sir! Lesbians are pure.

Great point on Epstein. Right now, they are obsessing about anyone who showed up at these big, public, celebrity filled parties. They seem to be too journalistic lazy to look into those who may have been at more private parties. Right now it's just a game of guilt by association. And adding to that, something you've suggested, the reason they know the people they are attacking is because they were at the public parties... the parties where nothing bad was going to happen.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, There is zero "hard look" going on. No one in the media is doing more than smearing whatever famous name showed up at his very public parties.

Anthony said...


Admittedly, Epstein's suicide (or murder by Clinton's assassins if you take Trump's words as gospel) does make the investigations into people involved with him exponentially more unlikely to hit paydirt.

More than a year out from the election, anyone confidently predicting anything is nuts. Its not yet clear who his opponent will be and of course Trump will send out thousands of tweets between now and then :) .

Speaking of Trump opponents, Kamala Harris's fatal mistake was embracing reparations. Embracing reparations mean ceding the more moderate Democrats (including most blacks) to Biden and fighting with the other two dozen Dems for the hard left.

Tennessee Jed said...

Andrew - I probably gave a mis-impression regarding my wife. I think it more likely she would just not vote rather than vote for the opponent. I do think women are more put off by his personality.

Anthony - you may be right about Harris. I have always feared her because as a double identity politician, she might be best able to rally women and blacks for whom identity is a real issue. Reparations will piss off a lot of people. She has shown a willingness to flop and I imagine the media would be willing to cover her. More likely Faukahontas will win the nomination.

tryanmax said...

Jed, for every woman who is turned off by Trump's crassness, there is another woman who sees him as a "real man."

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