Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A Quick Post

A short one today.

● According to the latest from, by 2020, the world's coastal cities could be facing non-denominational-Biblical world-ending storms and other events every year. Of course, they could also be facing butt-probing alien invasions, floods of honey, and STD carrying robots every year too. Me thinks someone forgot to carry a one in that equation.

● The Democrats seems to be facing momentum on impeachment suddenly. I hope they do it. That could only end poorly.

● It looks like attempt number two at making Justice Kavanaugh into a rapist has failed and is dying miserably. That's the problem when your story is made up.

● It's funny how you can sense things about people. Do you remember "Thomas" from the Verizon ads? The guy rubbed me seriously wrong. He was a total snowflake virtue signaler who thought he was lovable because he faked being humble. You could see it was an act. And in fact, in one of the last ads, they had some people disagree with him and he was supposed to playfully be upset by this, but he flashed serious anger at not getting his way -- very snowflake. Well, now the guy has announced that he "saved his marriage" by telling his wife (who looks really unhappy) that they are going to have an open marriage and both are going to be able to see other people. Some marriage.

This reminds me of the real problem with the sexual liberation movement. Feminists thought it would liberate women from male oppression, but it really only made it acceptable for self males to abandon their mates. That's essentially what Thomas has done here. He's turned his wife into nothing more than a mistress and he's proud of that. Welcome to the snowflake generation... no sh*tty selfish deed is too much not to be proud of.

● Trump should not be fighting this Greta kid. He should just ignore her. As for what she says, I don't care. She's just the latest monkey on a stick -- a child programmed to be a self-operating prop by liberal parents. The parents should be ashamed.

● And speaking of ashamed, fresh from their massive carbon use to party at Caan, the celebrity world is blowing carbon to be at New York fashion week now. Don't lecture me about wealth or environmentalism aholes.

● I thought I had broken a tooth on Sunday, so I went to my dentist. Got in yesterday. I've now discovered why my summer has been so miserable! (Apart from kids lol). The tooth wasn't broken. I had a one inch by half inch piece of infected bone that had broken loose during the July surgery work its way up through the gum along the teeth. He pulled it out yesterday. Yay.


Anthony said...

1) Predictions of apocalypse are the way political types motivate themselves to action. As in this case they are usually risible.

2) Impeachment won't hurt Trump with his core supporters (very little could) but it is a good idea for the Democrats. Judging by recent history (nods towards ascension of Trump and Obama) the likelihood that at some point down the line being too anti-Trump will be a problem for a Democrat with aspirations to higher office is very, very, very low.

The interesting question is how much Ukraine hurts Biden. Probably not a lot but with progressives seemingly uniting behind Warren it wouldn't take a lot to cost Biden the nomination. For that reason Biden is probably eagerly awaiting the next Trump scandal. Given that Trump has scrubbed his cabinet of people who gainsay his whims, I doubt he will have to wait long.

3) Kavanaugh is safe for now, though if Democrats ever get the presidency and a supermajority (not likely in the near future) I expect he will be one of many conservatives justices they seek to scrub from the bench with impeachment.

4) Well before sixteen kids start having their own opinions about stuff so I wouldn't necessarily blame Greta's parents. That aside going after a kid won't damage Trump any. Politics has long sailed past the point where kids are off limits.

5) Its great you got that bone shard thing sorted out.

tryanmax said...

FWIW, supporters of Greta have made THIS CLIP the dominant visual of her stint in the US. If that isn't Trump ignoring her, I don't know what is. (Lefties used to be good at optics. What happened?)

I like Trump's comment about Greta: "She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!" LOL!

Critch said...

Ukraine is a problem for Biden with the Dims.....they want anyone but an old white guy...Biden and Sanders are out..I figure they will go for a Hail Mary and do a Warren/Harris ticket or a Warren/ never know with crazy people. Now, Hillary is starting to act like a candidate...if she somehow manager to run and ruin things for the socialists, well, they just won't vote...

Rustbelt said...

Andrew, did you get the email I sent you?

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