Thursday, September 12, 2019

This Week in Stupidland

I swear people just keep getting more and more stupid all the time. Maybe it's time for another Bible flood or a good plague: "Giant crickets descended from the Heavens and ate everyone with a coexist bumper sticker... and it was good.

● Margaret Attwood, author of the feminist wannabe-victim porn Handmaiden's Tail, which inspired far-left elitist white women to come in costume to Senate hearings to show how little grasp they have on reality, now tells us that she thinks it's "empowering" for women to work at strip clubs. //scratches head Hmm. I'm confused. See, other feminists tell us that forcing women to work at places like that is meant to oppress women (and they're all "forced" by male pressure, btw). Wait, I get it... so the feminist position is that women should be allowed to work at strip clubs so long as men don't enjoy it. Got it. Phew. I'm glad we solved that one!

● Kamala Harris is worried about "segregationists." Seriously. So either she spent the week at a black power rally, or she got stuck in the wayback machine, or she's making that up to try to upset black people... or white women who drive Subarus. Who knows. Let's hope she finds the segregationists she's looking for.

● Biden is worried that Trump is changing the character of the country. Hmm. This is from the king of a group of idiots who want to import vast number of poor brown people who don't speak the language and have no Western tradition, decry every tradition known to man, try to use thought police to change the way people think, want to remove historical figures from history, believe that pledging allegiance to America is racist, want to disarm the military, set criminals free, eliminate meritocracy, ban cigarettes and soda and sugar, take away guns, eliminate the car, ban free speech that doesn't favor them, convert the press into a leftist attack dog, and neuter or omnipowerize the presidency depending on who has it or stack the court or eliminate the fillibuster. And you're worried about Trump? Heck, these idiots have even started swearing because they think it sounds tough. Beto sounds like he has Tourettes now.

● To tell you how absolutely nuts the internet left has gotten, they're furious that they could imagine the stitching in Melania's coat looking kind of like the outline of the body of an airplane, i.e. a tube, if you squint and kind of look at it just right and then do a whole lot of pretending. Clearly, Melania is a monster with some hidden message! Where was she when planes decided on their own to crash into the World Trade Center for no discernible reason? Oh, and Kobe's a monster too for not praising his daughter's team for losing a basketball game.

● The Harvey Weinstein thing keeps getting worse for the #metoo crowd. He just release a bunch of emails from a Netflix producer who claimed he raped her. In these emails, said rapee tells him that she loves him and she praises him profusely even after the rape rape. He also released some Gwenyth Paltrow stuff showing similar praise long after he supposedly assaulted her.

● The game of claiming to be raped or abused as a child or having strange diseases to get publicity/sympathy continues in Hollywood. If you need publicity, pretend to be a victim. Simple. Effective. Just make sure you step your way up. Don't reach for the best stuff at first. This week's "victims" are Demi Moore (rape at 15) and repeat offender Lea Michelle (disease).

● Huh, vaping is dangerous? Nobody could have seen that coming! Yay, Darwin.

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Critch said...

The Left is all over the place, they don't know what they want. I can't get over Robert O'Rourke saying he's coming for our he an idiot..(yes).

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