Sunday, August 9, 2020

Leftist Disconnect

The Democrats don't seem to get it.

Trump did an executive order to expand some unemployment benefits and cut the employment tax after the Democrats wouldn't reach a deal with him. Politically, I think that was huge... Republican resistance notwithstanding. Joe Biden pounced like a Tigger, claiming that this was a dangerous assault on social security and he was going to shoot a gun through a closed door. Nancy Pelosi attacked that this didn't go far enough. So which one is lying? Was it too much or not far enough?

Joe is getting picked on for the demeaning way he's not picking a Vice Presidential running mate. Uh, this is how it's always been done. But apparently, the process needs to be more dignified when you're supposed to pick a black chick. I guess they are too delicate to be treated like everyone else. I'm actually thinking Joe might go with a WHITE woman... a honkette. There's going to be hell to pay if he does. Either way, white or black, this will help Trump hold white men and suburban women.

In Portland, we were told the animals only acted like animals because Trump sent in Federal agents to protect Federal property. Trump withdrew them and the animals promptly tried to burn a bunch of cops alive. The wussbag mayor whined that this was attempted murder. No sh*t?! Maybe someone should call the Police? Maybe we should let Portland burn as an example to the rest of the country?

The destruction of Ellen is almost complete. I told you this was coming right as it started a few months back, if you will recall. There's lot of vague talk now of how Ellen is disrespectful and mean etc. ... ephemeral allegations of de-self-esteeming. Her real crime though was shooting with a non-union crew during Covid. That's what this is all about. Interestingly, this means that pro-union trumps gay in Hollywood now, which tells you how far gays have fallen of the PC food chain. Everyone has known about her behavior for years, but with gay being protected, no one dared to speak. Now she's sinned, so they all want to destroy her and anyone who defends her.

A word on Russia and Beirut. I'm sure you all saw the nuclear-like explosion when a Russian ship carrying explosive chemicals went up the harbor. The debate is whether this was an accident or some terrorist action that blew up the ship for reasons unknown -- no one has claimed it, suggesting it was not terrorism. I think the most likely truth is that this was a Russian experiment. And now they know what will happen if they set something like this off in a major city. That's troubling, but watch for it to happen in the near future.

Interesting article on Covid the other day. After the steady stream of articles blasting the US for being the worst in the world on Covid, this article mentioned that South America has just passed Europe for having the most Covid deaths. Huh.  Notice that neither of those is the United States. In fact, US deaths are apparently about 40% the number in Europe and South America. And not a single American journalist connected those dots. Imagine that.

Finally, it looks like college football is about to end its season. I think baseball goes next. And I don't see the NFL making it through a season. Unless people are willing to accept the fact that Covid is now a fact of life, there will continue to be backlashes that shut everything down.



drjim said...

The Russian ship was long gone. It was the cargo that was in it, 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, that was stored in a warehouse for 6 year under less-than-ideal conditions, that went boom.

Along with who knows what else....

Tennessee Jed said...

I just received a text asking me to name which of Biden’s finalists for VP would I think would do the most to defeat Trump. Not who would be most qualified. I am thinking of responding and vote for who would be least helpful

Tennessee Jed said...

The list includes Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth, Fauxahontas, Val Demmings, Gretchen Witmer, Karen Bass, Susan Rice. My money is on Harris or Rice

Tennessee Jed said...

Ellen? Good riddance! As far as the Dems coming back to the table, they need to be seen S offering something and having R’s reject it. I will be pissed if we give them anything of great value though. Best case scenario? Trump,s exec. Order stands or they fight him on it. I would be willing to see both Portland and Seattle burn to the ground

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jim, Was it? I hadn't seen that. Everything I read implied that the ship was wasting away in the harbor. Interesting. It could always just be an accident -- not everything is a conspiracy, but this one kind of reeks to me.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, There was a letter today signed by a bunch of black celebs demanding that Biden pick a black woman. This is all a huge mistake. But we'll see. I'm really hoping he picks a white woman and the he gets wasted in the backlash.

Ellen being a jerk has been an open secret, which is why it's interesting that it "came out" now. This really all does relate back to the union issue, and I think that speaks volume!

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, the Big 10 is canceling the season. Others to follow... possibly the PAC 12 and the Big 12. The SEC apparently wants to go forward and the ACC is leaning that way, but I don't think they can if everyone else refuses to go forward.

drjim said...

Yes, the ship had numerous mechanical problems, and limped into Beriut. It sat for a while, then the owner went bankrupt, the cargo consignee lost interest in the cargo, and the port unloaded it into the warehouse, where it sat. The Port Authority was trying to get rid of it, citing it was not safe to keep it there, but nobody would listen to them.

Oh, well.....

Tennessee Jed said...

Andrew, it reeks of real fear on Biden’s part. He realizes if he does not get decent support from the usually reliable black vote, he gets killed. I was thinking of telling them I would prefer Michigan governor, lol

AndrewPrice said...

Ok, that actually makes a lot of sense. I'd only read that the ship was loaded with explosive chemicals. It docked. The owner abandoned it. And it sat that for months. That seemed like a strange story. This makes more sense. Maybe it was an accident.

Heck of an explosion! I have actually always thought the first terrorist to set off an atomic bomb in the modern world would do it with a ship in the harbor of some big city like LA, NY or Tokyo.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I think he has to pick a black woman because he's made race such a big deal that he won't get white men, so he needs black to turn out and he needs women to turn out. I think his problem is that (1) the math is dicey, (2) I'm not sure black will turn out regardless, and (3) white women and black women don't play well together. Not to mention, he's embracing a "movement" (of angry white leftist kids blowing things up in the name of blacks) which I don't see sitting well with white suburban women.

The election is going to be close, but Biden I think Biden screwed up by not picking a progressive white woman months ago, and then announcing some cabinet choices like a black female AG and a union Treasury Secretary.

AndrewPrice said...

Biden's a real dipsh*t though and really out of touch with the modern world. He seems like he's been hiding in a basement somewhere shooting off comments way too late and way too bumpersticker-like. I think he's a terrible candidate. The only thing keeping him in the race is that Trump angers so many people. But Trump makes a lot of right moves and his support is hard to measure because the left is so loud and violent. So I don't think anyone knows.

tryanmax said...

I keep saying, Biden is a meme version of Trump, which is crazy, because Trump is a meme.

Moreso than the Clintons, Biden checks every box that the Dems use to criticize Trump.

☑ Old
☑ White
☑ Male
☑ Liar
☑ Unserious
☑ Gaffe prone
☑ Picks stupid fights
☑ Handsy with women
☑ Racially insensitive
☑ Foreign puppet
☑ Possibly suffering dementia

I do seriously think that the only way Democrats have figured out how to understand how Trump won in 2016 is to conclude that all the things they see wrong with Trump are the things that Americans like.

Tennessee Jed said...

Kamela rhymes with Pamela. I forget, was she Medicare for all and defund the police? Or was that Joey. If little Joey somehow wins this, how long before the Obamas force him to step down. That is about the only way Harris would ever become President.

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