Thursday, July 23, 2020

Our First Racist President

Joe Biden claims that Trump is our "first racist President." Ha. First, let's be clear. Most of the originals actually were racists. Some were even involved in the slave trade. In fact, the reason smelly white liberal protestors are tearing down statues -- other than trying to exploit the issue of race to bolster their hopes of achieving socialism -- is ostensibly that they were all racists. I guess Joe hasn't been paying attention.

But let's look at recent history, because I'm sure that's what he meant. If the Democrats are being truthful, then Richard Nixon was racist. Ronald Reagan was racist. George Bush senior was racist. Bob Dole was racist. George Bush Jr. was racist. John McCain was racist. Mitt Romney was racist.

So what is Biden trying to say? Were they lying about the others? Do Democrats as a matter of course accuse Republicans of being racist because that's what turns out the black vote?


So how do we know this isn't just Biden lying about Trump?

"Women's" groups lied about him raping women to upset single, liberal white women.
Hispanic groups lied about him wanting to deport every Hispanic to upset leftist Hispanic voters.
Gay groups lied about him rounding up gays in death camps to upset gays.

So why should we believe this whopper?

In fact, let's be honest. The first openly racist President I recall is Barack Obama... and Joe Biden worked for him.


tryanmax said...

Gets hard to keep them lies straight after a while.

Tennessee Jed said...

They gonna put y’all back in chains

Tennessee Jed said...

Magically, I can comment again, albeit with my little TJ icon, lol. I really think Republicans have more chance in November than we realize. Why? Well Joe Biden is a total zero. He never cracked 1% in his prior presidential bids. He does not excite people, but was handed the nomination because the party knew Bernie would get hammered. By siding with lawlessness and going far left, I believe people near the center may not admit it, but will shun the Dems. They may wish Trump would shut up, but fear lawlessness and socialism more

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jed, Welcome back! Biden is definitely a loser. I don't know if it will be enough or not, but they honestly couldn't have picked a worse candidate.

What's funny right now is that he's been teasing picking a black woman as his VP choice to the point that blacks seems to be demanding it... and then word comes out that he's still thinking about Elizabeth Warren. Whoops.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I certainly is. Sadly, I don't think the left cares. They believe what they want to believe without consistency or principle

Tennessee Jed said...

Either way, I know a lot can happen between now and November, but honestly, the summer of rioting, non-law and order, and BLM appeasement makes me think Trump/Pence will pick up suburban voters in the battleground states. It really has made a stark contrast. No room for your father’s Democrats in the new left. That may be me convincing myself, I am hardly a political pro at calling races

Critch said...

I still haven't seen a single Biden for President sign anywhere in SwampEast, Missouri..however, one guy up the street has a Chris Cuomo for President...that's weird..I'm not hearing the usual chatter from the Dems that they are all that fired up for Biden like I did when Obama ran..I'm not sure they will turn out..

tryanmax said...

I don’t know quite how it rates as a sign for how November goes, but the left seems to be checking off bucket list items as fast as they can. I think it’s a Hail Mary to excite their base after decades of delivering nothing. Not sure how to read corporate participation. Maybe straightforward CYA.

AndrewPrice said...

The left as serious problems.

1. Biden seem to be hiding in some bunker and periodically issuing underwhelming statements. He has no momentum and is doing nothing to generate momentum.

2. White women do not feel safe under BLM. BLM is attacking white women too (in articles and the such). All of that drives soccer moms away from supporting the Democrats.

3. Biden foolishly toyed with picking a white woman and then a black woman and now is dragging it all out now that both groups expect their own "role model" to be chosen. If he chooses, black, it will anger white women without super charging blacks. If he choose Elizabeth Warren, then blacks won't turn out.

4. Trump supporters are going to turn out because they see the alternative as chaos and race baiting.

All of that suggests trouble for the Democrats. But who knows. We'll see.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, tryanmax, on that point, I have now seen several black leaders questions what Antifa is really after and what they're doing for blacks. Blacks are smearing white women in the hopes of shaming them.

The left is again ignoring white men. They are ignoring Hispanics. They've given up on games.

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