Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Hi everybody! Sorry for the lack of articles, but frankly, the news is disgusting right now. The MSM is on a genuine McCarthy-esque pogrom to destroy Kavanaugh and everyone related to him or who might support him, and is bending over so far backwards to sell his accuser's claims that their spines would snap, if they had any. It's so obnoxiously retarded that I'm sick of even turning on the internet.

Anyways, Thursday is the big day, I guess. They'll both testify and we'll see if this female prosecutor is any good. Hopefully she is and she provides enough that the weak-link Republicans vote for Kavanaugh. Then the whole thing is over. If not, then this ugly affair will drag on. We'll see. They're considered weak for a reason.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this. The drones on the left have lost their minds... tiny and useless though they always were. The perfect example of this comes from a new scandal involving Harry Potter. In the latest Harry Potter incarnation, Rowlings has hired a Korean woman to play a character from the 1920s who is cursed to turn into a snake. That snake will become Voldemort's pet and he hides part of his soul in it before the snake gets beheaded by Neville Longbottom.

Why has this hit my radar? Because the drones on the left have been programmed to see racism under every rock, and they see it here. Why? Because they hired a Korean woman to play this part!!! Isn't it obvious?!!! She's Korean!! I'm not kidding. They are doing some serious mental gymnastics to see this as racist. To get there, you first have to say, "Gee, white people were racist to Asians, so a white person hiring an Asian is racist" (note that liberals used to push for diversity). Then we add the "dragon lady" stereotype, which doesn't apply in any way shape or form here except that the drones are sure it does because white person hires Korean... duh! Then they add she is simultaneously the submissive Asian woman stereotype (good luck with that contradiction). How do we know she's submissive since she doesn't do anything in the trailer? Because she's Korean, duh! Plus, why else would a white person hire a Korean woman? (Mental note: whites may not hire Korea women). Even worse, she will become Voldemort's slave, thereby fulfilling the submissive woman fantasy. See?! See?! Add the fact that he injects part of his soul into her is somethingsomething even worse racism!! Finally, she gets killed by a white boy fulfilling the somethingsomething racism. Oh the horror!

This is what is wrong with the drones. They have been taught that the mixing of two races in some endeavor must be racists, so they keep spewing until they say enough tropes to form a racist theory. Then they act all smug about it on twitter (where idiots go to prove their idiocy, triggering other drones). Soon it's a festival of moron-induced hate and smugness. It's the same time with Kavanaugh. When men and women engage in some endeavor, the drones know that it's about sexism and they decry the racist, sexist male involved. Rape! Rape!

It's like an idiot computer stuck in a loop screaming 404 Error at the top of their lungs and mistaking this for wisdom. Honestly, we've hit a point where these people are just a menace.

As a final aside, the owner of the LA Times said something interesting about social media today. While calling it the cancer of our time, he noted that it wrongly teaches "people" (the drones) that popularity equals truth. Yeah, that just about sums up the modern left.


Stacy said...

I just turned on GMA and was surprised to see that them actually acknowledge the circus-like atmosphere surrounding today's proceedings. Of course, they also gave a voice to Dr. Ford's "long-time friend," who's carefully coached, carefully modulated voice (think Mr. Rogers' annoyingly bland I-have-always-wanted-to-live-in-a-neighborhood-with-you voice) grated on me as phony, condescending, smug. Whatever. I'm glad it's my day off so I can watch the proceedings and see just how far the left is willing to go to "win." On the whole, it doesn't seem like we've learned much since the days of the Salem witch trials.

tryanmax said...

The Democrats have long been against race-mixing. It's just that, where they used to blame the "darkies" for it, now they blame the whites.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm not going to watch. For one thing, the evidence is clear. She's a liar, so are the other accusers. For another, I will get too angry watching these smug leftist bastards do their smear and tell us how obvious it is that he's guilty. I really can't take that anymore or I might end up shooting up a CNN studio.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, It's the same people who did the witch trials, they've just swapped out their preferred witches.

Stacy said...

Good point.

AndrewPrice said...

Everyone should feel free to share any thoughts they have, by the way. What you thought of her, him, them, etc.

Anthony said...

I confess I've skipped the hearings. Had a much needed day off from work and used the opportunity to finish the excellent Spider-Man game (awesome gameplay, cool fights, gorgeous graphics and a better plot than any of the movies).

Judging by headlines Ford is very emotional in her detailed testimony (memories becoming more clear over time isn't how they generally work), some other guys have stepped forward claiming to be the guys who attacked her and Kavanaugh is claiming that as a hard drinking, hard partying athlete he was a virgin until years after college. The last two claims are surprises. Be interesting to see where all this goes.

As for the movie I don't think social media should be used as the metric for anything. Its dominated by the most hysterical people, which is why it is often unrepresentative of broader sentiment. The telling thing will be how the Harry Potter movie in question does when it hits theaters.

tryanmax said...

Maybe it's not the same for everyone, but I can tell you that I was well down the path of alcoholism before I got my first taste of fornication. I hold that every story you find implausible is someone else's biography.

Stacy said...

The format of this hearing has been tiring...jumping back and forth in 5-minute segments. The Dems "questioning" of Ford was non-existent. All they did was give little speeches describing her bravery in glowing terms...all were basically the same. Kavanaugh is giving his opening statement now and I find him far more believable and much of that is his own demeanor, but also because he has fact after fact backing him up. For a PhD Ford came across as unsure, not really knowing the answers to perhaps the answers weren't really hers. I didn't sense any real conviction in her speech. Kavanaugh is nothing but conviction, totally respectful of Ford even though disputing her, and more concerned about his friends and his children than himself. I hope he shreds the Dems when they start their questioning.

tryanmax said...

I don't know where the new Lindsay Graham came from, but I like it!

AndrewPrice said...

I haven't seen the hearings, but I am seeing a real dearth of victory articles on the left, so I'm thinking they haven't won.

tryanmax, Graham has been getting tough on this for some reason. Maybe for once he sees how wrong what's going on is.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, I'm not surprised they didn't question her. She can't give any good answers to questions, so it's best to give a speech, weep some crocodile tears for her, and go send out more fundraising mailers about how much Republicans hate women.

It really bothers me that this has come to this. What a disgrace.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Good call on taking time off.

AndrewPrice said...

You should see the unbiased picture Yahoo is using. The liar looks like shes just the simplest, sweetest old grandma in the world. Kavanaugh on the other hand is growling and looks like he just bit the head off a puppy. I'm surprised they didn't digitally add blood to his lips.

Rustbelt said...

Can't watch. Too much. Too much. A co-worker of mine was listening to the snowflake's testimony. He called it "all professor-y." -that she was talking about neurons and other science things. How it came together I have no idea. She also put on quite a performance. I'll be shocked if she isn't nominated for an Oscar.

Currently watching "Apocalypse Stalin" on AHC. Surprisingly, it's not as depressing.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, This is a pretty shameful moment for America. It's hard to watch any of it.

I've enjoyed "Apocalypse Stalin", though a lot of recent documentaries have started to annoy me with their leftist crap. This one seems to play it straight.

Rustbelt said...

Andrew, AHC has had a few decent series lately ("Evolution of Evil," Nazi Fugitives, "Apocalypse WWI," "Hitler," etc.). Too bad they're all about the bad guys of history.
(Though that quote by de Gaulle at the end of "Apocalypse Stalin" was epic.)

I miss the glory days of the History Channel. "Civil War Journal," "History's Mysteries" ("I'm Arthur Kent. Thanks for watching."), "Command Decisions," "Wild west Tech," etc.

As far as I'm concerned, HC's "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (1997) is the epitome of what makes a good documentary.

These days, they're so worried about PC they make incredible deviations form the facts. Take Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, for example. Today, in order to prove their "I'm not racist" credentials, she's often portrayed as equatorial African. This is wrong for two reasons. First, genealogists have determined that ancient Egyptians didn't have this skin tone. The sun in Egypt, though fierce, just doesn't create that pigmentation in humans. If anything, they were similar to modern-day Lebanese. But second, and even bigger, Cleopatra wasn't Egyptian by heritage. She was Macedonian. He dynasty was founded by General/Pharaoh Ptolemy. He succeeded Pharaoh Alexander (the Great), and received Egypt to rule after Alexander died in Babylon in 323 BC. After becoming pharaoh, Ptolemy adopted a classic pharaonic tradition: intermarriage within the family to keep the royal dynasty pure. In other words, all future royal couples were brother and sister. Not a drop of native Egyptian blood. (In fact, the Ptolemic dynasty rammed this home by their refusal to ever speak Egyptian. They only conversed in Greek.)

But today's historical filmmakers likely only see that Egypt is in Africa, so everyone must look equatorial African. That's what passes for research these days.

AndrewPrice said...


Apocalypse WWI annoys me. It uses hindsight as foresight and wrongly tries to create a sense of condescending irony. In other words, of all the tens of millions of people who were quite happy to go defend their countries, they cherrypick the letters from those who predicted doom, which they wrongly present as a common believe, and then they smear the politicians and generals for ignoring this common belief. No one thought that at the time. They also use the brown note (almost a gong) every time they make this point. " 'My dearest, I fear that 10.7 million people will die and our empire will collapse and lead to Nazism.' But the generals ignored this and knowingly fought on in their futile cause." DUUUUH DUMMMMM!!

Apocalypse WWII is much more honest, although their timeline is wrong and they are hypocritical about some of the stuff Hitler did.

The one that really pisses me off is America in Color. Here's a sample of how that one goes in episode after episode:

While American soldiers were beating the Nazis at the battle of ___, black Americans were being murdered by racists in the American South.

As the stock market soared, black Americans were being murdered by racists in the American South.

Alcohol was king, but Jim Crow was the law of the land in the South.

The Depression was on and millions were out of work, as the KKK killed blacks in the South.

President Roosevelt, a Republican, rounded up Japanese in Nazi-like prison camps, as black Americans were being murdered by racists in the American South.

It's super annoying.

Agreed on Egypt. I'm 100% convinced too that we did not evolve from Africa. We came from Indochina. But say that and you get branded racist even though the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. Some really good ones.

1. I love World War II (In Color) Great footage, fairly accurate.

2. War in the Pacific

3. Can't think of the name, but the reconstruction of Japan under MacArthur.

4. The World At War (Older, but amazing interviews)

5. Arial Africa (amazing landscape)

6. Evolution of Evil (you noted this one, very informative)

7. Apocalypse Stalin

8. There's one on the Russian Revolution too which is really impressive.

AndrewPrice said...

Couple more...

Ken Burns: Vietnam Fantastic! With amazing discussions from all sides.

Blue Planet II I have never seen images like this. Amazing.

AndrewPrice said...

Let me add, before some liberal visits and assumes I support Hitler... my issue is that documentaries are about trying to understand what happened and what it means. When a documentary puts something on Hitler, but it was actually started years before he took power (e.g. the deal to train troops in Russia which was signed in 1927 but is always attributed to Hitler), you get a false picture of what happened and a misunderstanding the motivations of the people involved. Knowing this doesn't make Hitler less evil, but it does make the German people more culpable.

tryanmax said...

" I'm 100% convinced too that we did not evolve from Africa. We came from Indochina. But say that and you get branded racist even though the evidence is pretty overwhelming."

I think your spiral theory is quite compelling. I've even noticed that out-of-Africa theorists feel it necessary to account for this, claiming that a population first moved to IndoChina and then experienced a population explosion. While I'm not an Occam's Razor purist, this plainly fails.

tryanmax said...

Given half the chance, I guarantee that lefties will credit Trump for things Obama did, just as Obama is trying to take credit for the current economy. You didn't build that, indeed. XD

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, To me, that's super compelling -- everything in the universe works that way.

Then add the fact that it would be an easy obvious bit of evolution to take people from Indochina, who have features of all races, and see them slowly "specialize" as they move out into blacks, whites and North-Asians.

By comparison, it would be much harder to go from strong-unique featured blacks to Indochina-mixed and then back to form other races.

Indian to Indian/kind-of-Arab to white.
Indian to Indian/kind-of-Asian
Indian to Indian/kind-of-Arab to black.
Indian to Indian-like aborigines.

That makes sense.

Black to Indian (with no strong black features), back to Arabs (who somehow got in the way between the black-to-Indian march), to whites and Asians is much harder to believe. It requires significant changes followed by changes of direction.

I'm not saying it can't be, but it certainly violates a lot of logical rules. You're basically going from specialized to general back to specialized.

What's more, they are now finding much older tools in places like China now that they are finally looking. Each time, the knee-jerk reaction is "Well, we must have left Africa earlier than we thought." An honest response would be, huh, maybe they were before the Africans?

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