Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Some Interesting Tidbits

Like pineapples chopped into tiny friends, that's what the news has become... because there isn't much happening at the moment except tidbits.

● North Korea and South Korea suddenly seem to be getting along. There have been a lot of seemingly impossible changes happening in the past few weeks. Believe it or not, Trump deserves the credit for this. He seems to have scared North Korea into trying to become respectable. If this ends the conflict, that would be amazing. Either way, once again, this shows the utter idiocy of liberal appeasement thinking.

● I'm not sure how much faith to put into this, but a recent poll showed that youngsters are souring on the Democrats. I think what this really means is that the Democrats simply peaked with their support in that group somewhere around the time of the nomination of Trump (or Obama) and have now started to slide because (1) youth is fickle, (2) the Democrats and Progressives are feuding, (3) Trump didn't turn out to be Satan, and (4) like politics sucks, man, and takes like forever. In the end, I would take this as a lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats. That won't mean much for the midterms, but it would put the Democrats at a disadvantage in 2020.

● The Florida kids are completely out of the news now. Imagine that. The MeToo stuff is all but gone too.

● The leftist war on leftist Starbucks continues. Ha ha. I'm really loving this. One manager in one store screws up and suddenly the whole chain is under fire. Even more interestingly, by the way, Starbucks will be closing one day in May to teach their racist baristas how to separate black criminals from black customers (frankly, I've never seen black people in Starbucks, so I don't doubt they have a problem with this). One of the groups who was to be teaching this powerful life lesson was the far-left Anti-Defamation League. Well, it turns out that certain racist, far-left, pro-Muslim blacks think the ADL is racist, so they've been screaming bloody racist murder about the ADL participating... and Starbucks caved in. The ADL is out. That is fantastic!

● My eldest daughter made two comments I need to pass along. First, she noted that "the NFL Draft is Comic-Con for jocks." LOL! Very insightful. Secondly, she noted that our youngest suffers from Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome. LOL!


AndrewPrice said...

Also, how is it May already???

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I've said it a number of times in a number of ways that Mueller had better hurry up and bring some indictments before Trump solves all the problems! LOL!

I agree that the Dem slide with the kids is mainly a loss of enthusiasm, mainly because the Republicans aren't reaping any benefit from it. That said, some quarters of the left are noting that the losses are mainly among white males accompanied by the usually sounds about racism! sexism! That's a good strategy for making those losses permanent.

Anthony said...

1) North Korea making nice after a series of tests/sanction tightening is par for the course. But if they follow through on their promise and denuclearize that will be unprecedented and Trump will deserve full credit.

2) Kids souring on Democrats doesn't shock me. I don't know who their face is at the moment.

3) The Florida kids are still in the news. I recently read about them taking shots at the NRA for holding a no guns allowed event for Pence or something. They are steadily fading though.

4) I thought it was business as usual at Starbucks but maybe I live in the wrong neighborhood (the Starbucks I always see is in front of the local Target).

5) Nothing to say about Comic-con or the draft, but on the geek front I am having a lot of fun with the new God of War game. It really nails not only action (which GoW has consistently done during the long history of the series) but exploration and even puzzle solving. The story and visuals are also really special.


Anthony said...

Random stuff.

1. Israel's detailed info about Iran's currently mothballed nuclear weapons program is interesting. I am unclear as to why Trump hasn't yet pulled the trigger on the Iran deal (he has never professed to being a fan) and maybe this will push him to do so.

2. The PC crowd is going after some teen for wearing an Asian prom dress. What rank idiocy.


“This isn’t ok,” wrote another Twitter user. “I wouldn’t wear traditional Korean, Japanese or any other traditional dress and I’m Asian. I wouldn’t wear traditional Irish or Swedish or Greek dress either. There’s a lot of history behind these clothes.”
Another wrote: “you just don’t wear it if ur not. chinese … it’s not something to play dress up with.”

3. Looks like a wealthy, long famous black celeb is running into serious PR trouble. Yes, I am talking about R. Kelly. A bunch of his staff has resigned and 'Me Too' is targeting him. Still, he's been an open pedophile for decades so I'm kinda skeptical that this will go anywhere. I would love to be wrong though.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Starbucks is the domain of bougie white women who love milkshakes disguised as coffee, so none of this matters. It is business as usual.

I'm going to talk about the dress things and cultural appropriation generally when I finish the article.

As for the Democrats, their leaders seems to be in their 90's: Biden, Jerry Brown, Pelosi, Clinton, Bernie. It's like a Soviet Politburo.

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