Friday, June 18, 2021

"We've Been Through The Wringer Together"

Oh F-you. This quote came from an article I saw today whining about how bad COVID was and being 'thankful' that things were finally getting back to normal: "we've been through the wringer together." WTF? Can anyone with a brain seriously think COVID was "the wringer"? Do you really think so? Did it take you to the brink? Could you almost take no more? Then you are a loser and you need perspective.

Do you know who has been through the wringer? Jews. Remember the Holocaust when Germans rounded them up throughout Europe, stealing all their property, and putting them in camps where they were starved, medically experimented on, had their filling removed, and were then murdered. That's going through the wringer. Did ANY of that happen to us over the past year? Nope. We worked from home and got free money from the government.

Africans. They've been through the wringer. Aside from killing each other for sport, country after country there has gone through starvation. Remember the starving kids of Ethiopia and Somalia? Sally Struthers. How about the Germans after WWII? They had no food at all until the American brought them some in their bombed out cities. How do you feel about unsealing basements day after day and finding asphyxiated neighbors? A little tougher than a slow internet, isn't it? How about the ten million Ukrainian peasants who starved while the food system 'upgraded' from serfdom to Soviet serfdom in the 1930s. Did ANY of that happen to us over the past year? Nope. They didn't even close the drive throughs.

But there was the terrible specter of disease. Really? How many people do you know who died? The black death killed around 60% of the population of Europe. Imagine two of three of everyone you know turning black and dying right in front of you. The black death might have killed as many as 200 million people, two-thirds of the entire population of the US today. Don't give me this crap about living in the shadow of death from COVID.

Anything else was self-inflicted. We made us stay home. We made us social distance. We made us wear masks. And lets put these "horrors" in perspective. In World War II, we bombed Europe flat. In China, they killed each other with pitchforks to the toon of 60 million people. In Rwanda, they macheted each other to death. In Saudi Arabia, they enforce social distancing every day, and veils. In China, they still use death camps. We have the term Martial Law because it's so common that every country goes through it: No public meetings. No leaving your home without papers. No radio. No television. No twitter. Not one person was rounded up in the US for being retard about COVID or speaking stupidly to power.

But neighbor turned on neighbor over vaccinations and social distancing and wearing masks. Gee, that almost sounds like the Civil War... if the Civil War had been fought with harsh language. Seriously, people demanded more social space, decided not to hang out with plague magnates, and told others to stop breathing on them and you think that's a horror? Hell, those are the principles of Libertarianism! Now, I will admit that the BLM stuff was a problem, but only for liberal cities who deserved the riots and fires and murder they got. That's called "consequences", and that is to be expected from being a fool. Getting what you deserve is not "going through the wringer," it's called "justice." Burn Minnesota, burn.

Ma rahts were violated though. Do you really think being told to step away from me and stop breathing your nasty a** breath on me violates your 'rahts'? You have no such rights. And even if you did, that's a joke compared to the secret police watching you 24/7 and taking you away and beating you whenver you aren't submissive enough. Or maybe you'd like to move to a land with no personal space like India? That's going through the wringer. Being told not to hump my leg is not.

Seriously, we went through nothing. We worked from home, got free money, demanded more personal space, and told people to stop breathing on us. If you think that was "going through the wringer" then you have no perspective whatsoever and I'll bet you're the kind of person who breaks down and cries when someone uses the wrong pronoun to address you.

Where's a good plague when we need one.


tryanmax said...

Andrew, there's nothing funny about killing someone with a pitchfork. Come to think of it, there's probably nothing musical about it, either.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm sure the Muppets could make it funny... and musical. Probably use Lionel Richie's "Stuck on You" as the theme music. :D

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