Saturday, September 11, 2021

9/11 Unity...

Political token Kamala Harris has called for "unity" on this 9/11. George Marshmallow Bush Jr. has condemned extremism both abroad and right here at home. Biden sniffed some hair and wandered off. Unity is a great message, but let me retort... you first. See, I have a brain and my brain remembers the following:

Islamic monsters kill 3,000 Americans in the name of Islam. The world is unified for about three days. We are all Americans now! Then...

Democrats start condemning Americans for being racist. Scream that this had nothing to do with Islam despite Islamists doing it in the name of Islam to bring about an Islamic state and this being one of 80,000 similar attacks every single year by Islamists in the name of Islam. Nope, it's racist to find a motive.

Nancy Pelosi does a tour of the Middle East promising to stop the evil, hateful Marshmallow Bush from racistly harming poor Arabs to appease white boys with pickup trucks. Anyone remember her visiting with the Iranians to stop Bush from bombing them? That happened. And think of the Democrats in Congress opposing everything because it was all just racism.

The left loses. its. shit. They start protesting everywhere - award shows, street corners, on the job, attacking conservatives in the streets, screaming that Bush wants to invade the Middle East to get their oil and kill brown people. Marshmallow stupidly tries to appease them and gets torn to shreds. The left openly calls for civil disobedience. Hollywood goes into full-on hate mode, turns out movies with American soldiers a villains. Fahrenheit 911.

The official left worries about phantom "racists" attacks on innocent Muslims everywhere. Tries to hide or disclaim terrorist attacks but plays up white nutjob shooters.

The left spreads conspiracy theories about 9/11, claiming it was THE JEWS or the CIA or Marshmallow. It was a controlled explosion! You can't melt steel with extreme heat and pressure!! Yes, you can dumbshits.

The left savages Bush because ghetto blacks refused to leave New Orleans before Katrina hit and then looted, shot and raped each other before the authorities could get there and stop them. "George Bush hates black people."

Rape Sarah Palin the f*cking r*tard b*tch!!!! I hope her sl*t daughter gets raped by a black guy! Herman Cain is a house n*gger!!! Micheal Steel is a house n*gger!

Obama gets elected: "elections have consequences" ... "this is the first time I've ever been proud of this country."

Obama's policies are anti-white, anti-male, anti-South, anti-heterosexual, and anti-religions-other-than-Islam. Van Johnson talks about moving pollution creating industries into white neighborhoods. His justice department declares that civil rights laws are not meant to protect whites. It invents "rape culture" at colleges.

Obama doesn't visit natural disasters in red states.

Occupy Wall Street screams antisemetic hate... rapes and kills at their hate camps. Yet, Democrats instead attack Tea Party as racist extremists for laying out clear policy guidelines about spending. I heard someone yell "N*gger" from the crowd at John Lewis! Are you sure they weren't talking about Herman Caine?

Some Hispanic loser kills a black teen and whites are to blame. Black thugs get killed by cops after drawing weapons and whites are accused of hunting blacks. Even black cops are part of white supremacy. "WE DEMAND POLICE CAMERAS!" Whoops, the cameras show blacks are lying... "POLICE CAMERAS ARE RACIST!"

Trump is elected, the left admits: "We've been calling all Republicans racist for so long that word's lost its power when we find a real racist." Funny how Trump's schtick was cool when he was a Democrat.

The left calls for "resistance". Abdanons friends who support Trump.

Cancel culture goes into high gear.

Metoo tries to create guilty upon allegation without proof, logic or timelimits. Funny how all the predators were liberals.

BLM stokes race hate worse than the KKK ever did. We want reparations and no more cops!

Leftist tech firms ban conservatives they don't like. Make themselves arbiters of truth.

The left screams about packing the Supreme Court because that pesky constitution stands in the way of their plans.

The left tries to destroy every piece of history: the flag, pledge of allegiance, every confederate statute and street name, Abraham Lincoln is a racist, George Washington

Antifa takes over cities and creates murder/chaos zones - kills blacks and burns buildings, but the cops are the bad guys. Murders through the roof... all that blood is on the left's hands.

Sure, the antivaxers are retards, but the left has gone full Nazi on vaccines. You will join us or you will be persona non grata... a nonperson... an infidel.

And that's just off the top of my head. This is the problem with leftist calls for unity. When leftists call for tolerance, they really mean "you will bend to my will." And the tools they use to force that range from insulting language to full-on terrorism. They will burn your city, cancel you professionally, abandon you as a friend, and make you legally a non-person with no rights. That's bullshit. That's Nazism. So you'll pardon me, Kamala, if I tell you to stick that call for unity up your ass.


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, it looks like my suspicions were right - the ISIS terrorist "planner" they killed to avenge the 200 dead at the airport may not have been a terrorist after all. Imagine that. Failure from stem to stern.

ArgentGale said...

You said it all perfectly, Andrew. Nothing to add except how depressing it all is, especially since none of these feral creatures ever suffer any consequences for their savagery. At this point I'm just waiting for it all to burn down and am resigned to just being one more broken egg in one of those omelets that never seem to materialize.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Daniel. They do suffer consequences, but they're hard to see as a direct crime and punishment thing. Instead, they're life punishments.

Look at the fact that blacks, who play heavily in this game, suffer with paranoia, hate-filled lives, poverty and crime as a result of their misbeliefs. Look at the number of dead black children in Chicago because blacks buy into this shit. That's a sickening result, and it's something they bring on themselves.

Liberal women live in fear of their imagined world of horrors. They see themselves in a constant state of victimhood. And while I'm sure that has its reward in alleviating responsibility, it's hardly a healthy, happy, fulfilling life to see yourself as a victim of an -ism that lurks all around you, your prior relationships all being abusive in hindsight, and your inadequacies controlling your life. Most single women I know who fall for this are super miserable.

Moreover, as a group, they live in danger because liberals ideas like metoo, racism and cancelism usually fall on liberals (see e.g. Alec Baldwin). Any day, you could be the victim of your own pogrom. Moreover, all their heroes, everything they grew up on and believing gets turned into hate crimes by the next generation... Dr. Seuss anyone? It must be demoralizing from a soul-perspective to have to disavow everything you believed at every point in your life as the winds of fashion change. Where is your anchor to the world?

So I think there are consequences. But yes, that said, a lot of these people should be in jail and aren't.

Rustbelt said...

Well, that sums up the last 20 years. I knew I was getting old 2 or 3 three years ago when I saw the beginning of a Sunday Night NFL game on Veteran's Day weekend and couldn't recognize Bush '43 because he'd aged so much. (In fact, I couldn't tell it was him until I recognized Laura.)

But boy, it IS depressing, as AG said. For the last 20 years, we've been run by people who hate our country and everything about it- sans Trump- and are actively trying to destroy it from within. (i.e. doing the terrorists' work for them)
This year, I'm avoiding- as much as I can- any documentaries or specials on 9/11. The memories still hurt too much. And knowing how badly things have been run since then just makes me sick to my stomach.
Can you imagine if we had this same scenario in the 40's? We'd have politicians saying American racism caused Pearl Harbor. (Ignore Japan's wars of conquest and genocide.) "It's America's fault! And the only to cure for this is for white people to own their ignorance and bigotry and go to re-educatio- er, uh... sensitivity classes and all will be well. We'll be on good footing with Japan and the war will be solved!"


I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening watching funny stuff on Youtube. I desperately need a chuckle here and there.

In fact, here's one for you guys.

P.S. Andrew, did you get that email I sent you?

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Rustbelt,

I got the email. Am answering it now.

It is depressing that our country has been run by people who hate us. In fact, the more I see, the more disturbed I am about it. There really is a ruling class and they really do hate the country, what it stands for, and its people. Maybe, a little Cultural Revolution is not a bad thing from time to time?

Tennessee Jed said...

Sorry I just got to see this post. You are absolutely correct. There was no unity in 2016. The left sews disunity because it serves them politically. We have a group of people that so crave power they really have convinced themselves the end justifies the means

tryanmax said...

Hey, everyone. Nice to see so much activity in the comments, again. I wish I had something to add, but I think we're all feeling some fatigue over all the hypocritical, double-dealing, self-aggrandizing, moral-preening bullship from the left. It starts to feel like a tape on a loop, doesn't it?

Anyway, I heard that students at football games are chanting "Duck Show Pie Tin" whatever that means. Maybe it's a good sign?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, It does wear you down. It's frustrating that these people seem to keep sinking to new lows.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, It's amazing how the left demands unity while sowing disunity everywhere. It's utterly bizarre. In fact, Bill Maher finally seems to be getting it as he keeps calling out liberals for pushing race hate.

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