Friday, November 19, 2021


Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges. Hurray! That's justice, honestly. Let the lies about racism begin. Que Lebron James...


ArgentGale said...

And when you consider how blatant the intimidation attempts were, especially by the media/celebrity/Democrat complex, the fact that the jury did the right thing in spite of the pressure is one of the best examples of the American spirit there is. That display of strength is something right out of the old storybooks, I think. Between this and Virginia the Left's not having a good November, are they? Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

Rustbelt said...

I was trying to think of something insightful and/or witty to say, but I'm no wordsmith. I really have nothing to add. This whole thing was a show trial for people who think justice is meted out by talking heads, mobs, and Twitter.
The only thing worth commenting on is one story I spotted while scrolling through Brietbart's 'Rittenhouse Verdict' column. (Every other one was about every leftist screaming 'racism' or 'white supremacy' in a case where 2 bleach-blooded s***s- one a child rapist, the other a woman-beater- were gunned while trying to add to their rap sheets.) In this story, Jason Whitlock- one of those guys ESPN fired for the crime of having common sense- noted how race was being ironed onto everything. He sees it as part of the plan to push a Big Lie to call America 'irredeemably evil' and use that as justification to rewrite the Constitution. While I agree with him, I was shocked at how Whitlock only now seemed to be aware of the use of the 'Big Lie.'
All right, I don't like bringing him up because his surname into an argument is often the last resort of idiots and name-callers. Bit in his unholy tome, 'Mein Kampf,' Hitler went on and on about the necessity of the Big Lie and its effectiveness. ("Peopel are more likely to believe the Big Lie than a small one.") Ironically, this makes the Nazis both the most honest and most dishonest villains in history. Their strategy was laid bare. It's the details they lied about. Mainly, Hitler claimed to want greatness through peace when he was preparing for world war before gaining power. ("If the German people knew what I was planning, they would never have given me power." Hitler to an aide, 1934)
Funny, isn't it? As much as the Left claims to loathe fascism, it follows that philosophy's playbook in lockstep. Of course, fascism is, technically, the most successful strand of socialism in history, but I digress.

P.S. There was some comment about the film site in another thread. Andrew and I actually DID manage to post an article last month, though it didn't seem get around. Anyhoo, it's the last entry in the Universal Series. If you'd like a break from the madness of Biden's America, here's the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Rustbelt said...

OT: Speaking of Biden's America, I can't help but share something from last weekend:
Saturday was Light-Up Night here in Pittsburgh, the Steel City's unofficial start to the Christmas season. I went there looking forward to things, but couldn't help but notice what was missing:
No horse-drawn carriage rides; no real reindeer meet; almost all restaurants- McD's, Fifth Ave. Marketplace, Jimmy John's, etc.- closed; no display at the PPG Wintergarden; no lights lining the spires of One PGG Place bordering Market Square; no Santa's House in the holiday market in Market Sqaure; no ice sculpting demonstration near Stanwix Street; and all the tree lightings were moved early while most people in the city were across the river at Heinz for the Pitt game.
Is it just me, or were the city overlords begrudgingly allowing only a scaled-down to punch us Three Rivers denizens for not wanting to stay cooped up at home like obedient children?
But wait, there's more!
-After the fireworks, it took me 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage. Typical ticket timing issue with the crowd that required the attendants to manually let everyone through. Except...only one guy was on duty. On of the city's busiest nights of the year.
-Due to the restaurants and their restrooms being closed, I chose not eat from the carnival vendors and eat later. I went to usually, reliably, open-late Taco Bell in the suburbs. After 20 minutes, I made it to the speaker. After hearing nothing for 15 minutes, I got out and looked 'round the bend: no cars at all. (A sign in the window said they closed at 10.) I understand there have been manpower shortages, but couldn't they have turned off all their signage to let us know they weren't open?!
-Near midnight, I went to a Sheetz station that was littered with warning signs that they might be out of things due to the national supply shortage. I was about to complete an order when I learned another guy had been waiting for over an hour. I scampered out.
-Went to another Sheetz further down the road. Same scenario. Only I got my food in about 40 minutes. Not bad considering 2 guys were making MTO food for about 20 customers.
-Finally got home around 1:00 AM.

The point as this, as I told a family member, is this: labor shortages causing backups and short hours, supply shortages adding to the previous problem, businesses closing and causing problems for most people despite it being in "our best interest," and beloved traditions being canned for "our own good":

Welcome to Biden's America! (Didn't think I'd experience it so literally all in one day.)

But I don't want to end this on a down note. Not on Thanksgiving week. So, to spread the holiday mood to everyone here, here's how Light-Up is supposed to go:

The PPG Wintergarden at its Best
The Downtown Ice Rink
And this year's fireworks- which bucked the trend and were still great!

Critch said...

Buttnugget Baldwin is saying that he didn't pull the trigger on the gun he was holding on that movie set...I swear, the Left has blown past dumba$$ straight into stupid...

My super-lib-awoke cousin in Memphis said she had to take a day of rest when Rittenhouse was found not hurt her so much..this is a woman who has spent her entire career working in high paying jobs for Lloyds of London, never did a single thing to help someone else, but now that she's retired she is suddenly a big lib...she also has to call her brother to fix things in her house...but men are worthless otherwise..

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