Tuesday, July 20, 2021

How Dare You Achieve, Sir!

I'm back. I went to Grenada the past two weeks. It was great to be in a land where people truly appreciate Ronald Reagan and what America stands for. Plus, it was a fantastic and well needed vacation. Anyways, a quick thought tonight on Jeff Bezos.

First, this is an exciting time for space science. For the first time in decades (since the first shuttle launch really) we are making giant strides forwards. This is how we get to the future - dreamers doing it themselves rather than relying on the government to get off its sclerotic rear.

Yet... the left is all up in arms. Apparently, Bezos is rich (as was Branson) and it's horrible that rich people get to do things "others" don't get to. Wah. Insert pro forma environmentalist and racist whine as well.

What a jealous, spiteful little group of sh*ts the left has become. So it isn't the achievement that matters to them... it must be the right person who achieves. And that person cannot be rich (unless we like them), and they better not be white and male and dating a woman in expensive clothes (uh why did this petty detail matter at all?) and anti-union. Oh no. Moreover, the achievement must be done in a "representative" way with all the right numbers of blacks and women and gays and God-knows-whats.

You know what? Go pound sand. The reason it was Bezos and not you, idiots, is because he's achieved things in life. You haven't. As you've whined into your keyboard about how unfair it is that other people have more things than you, he was remaking the world. When you were mis-educating yourselves, he was educating himself. When you were living on student loans and your parents, he was out there taking chances. As you've spent your days building awareness of lies and spewing malice, he's been helping millions build their futures. Have any of you ever produced anything? No. Have any of you ever hired anyone? Ha. Hardly. Have any of you ever sold millions of people the things they need at the best prices available? I didn't think so. And the reason he managed to do what he did -- what you could never do -- is that he hired good people who could pull this off rather than a rainbow of people like you whose only "skill" is being a pretend victim, and he dared to dream of the future. This was the future. You... you have no future.


drjim said...

Well said!

ambisinistral said...

The space program has always brought out those nincompoops who think money spent on space is wasted money that would be better spent elsewhere. There is still poverty in the world, injustice, etc., etc.

Apparently they think that the human race cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks drjim!

ambistinistral, It's very typical of the lower end of humanity to think that we all need to focus on the exact same thing at the same time. It also shows their shortsightedness that they don't seem to get that moving forward in one area can solve problems in other areas. Simpletons.

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